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Japanese Prefer Subs to Dubs – 49% vs 47%


Japanese polled as to whether they prefer subbing or dubbing in their games have by a narrow margin indicated a preference for subs.

The survey, running from 2007-2009 and taking in 6,656 participants, was run both online and in game packaging, quizzed gamers over their preferences for game localisation.

It emerged that 49% of the total preferred subs, whilst 47% opted for dubs of translated titles.

4% mysteriously picked “other” – just how they wanted titles localised is something of a mystery, pictographs are one possibility.

Different genres of games attracted results appropriate to their characteristics – FPS and action gamers preferred dubs to reading text in the heat of the action, whilst RPGs tended to be preferred in sub format.

Interestingly, PS3 gamers preferred dubs by a significant margin, whereas Xbox 360 gamers preferred subs by a similar margin.

In other media, both subs and dubs are common; however, the proportion of movies being shown in theatres subbed is apparently declining – young Japanese movie-goers, it is said, simply cannot read them properly any more.

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