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Man Charged with Assault for Picking Up Little Girl


A man has been arrested after he brutally assaulted a 10-year-old girl by patting her on the head and picking her up.

The man, a 51-year-old mid-ranking police functionary, was visiting the Chiba seaside when he approached a 10-year-old girl playing on the beach one afternoon, accompanied by 6 members of her family in a pleasant mid-winter beach excursion.

He asked the girl what year she was, patted her on the head, and suddenly picked her up from behind.

The girl did not take well to this brutal attack and ran to her mother; her 21-year-old brother reported the man to police for assaulting the child, charges he admits, saying “I was joking around with her.” He was arrested at the scene.

The girl was unharmed by her ordeal.

The man explained his sick motivations: “I wanted to play with the girl.”

The man’s employers at the police HQ issued a statement: “It is truly regrettable that our employee was arrested. We await the results of the Chiba police investigation, after which we would like to take appropriate action.”

Via Sankei.

Japanese men should by now be getting the message that any man so much as talking to a child in public is likely to find himself the subject of a manhunt, to say nothing of those criminal deviants who go so far as to try to help a lost child. Men experiencing more innocent urges may wish to join the teaching profession.

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  • His intentions may have been innocent, but picking her up rightfully aroused suspicion. If a stranger plucked one of my young relatives or children of friends, I don’t think I’d wait for the stranger to put the child back down lest he or she make a break for it.

  • Anonymous says:

    i feel sorry for the poor old man that got arrested for picking a little girl up. I bet he was just being grandfatherly. I can’t even imagine a pedophile being stupid enough to commit a crime in front of people. More likely the family saw an opportunity to try to sue the government for some money. Fuckheads.

    • But it’s NOT HIS KID. Would you have no problem with someone stealing your car and taking it out street racing as long as they return it undamaged when you need to use it and replaced any petrol they used? After all, it was “harmless”.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dude, if you’re going to relate it to anything like that, it would be more like the guy taking your car whilst you’re in the passenger seat. It’s not like he kidnapped the damn kid, he was playing with her in the appropriate manner, maybe the picking up part was a lil inappropriate for a child he doesn’t know, but excuse him for getting in touch with his child loving side. Some guys absolutely hate kids, so why does he get punished? It’s a crappy world we live in now where nice people are discouraged to this extremity…

  • This isn’t just a thing that would only happen in Japan. A strange man picking up someones child is generally not a socially acceptable action.

    And considering how the media breeds its fair share of paranoia daily to the masses, people are more scared than ever over this type of situation. It’s a shame that we as a society have brought ourselves down to this level of untrustfulness because there still is some genuinely kind people out there who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

    But alas, this is NOT a perfect world.

  • I can understand this, actually.
    A pat on the head, alright, no problem.
    But if you just pick up a kid that’s not yours without warning, the kid and the kid’s parents if they’re around are gonna flip the fuck out.

    I mean, imagine you’re a 10 year old, and some middle aged man just suddenly PICKS YOU UP. What the fuck, man?

    • He didn’t suddenly run up to her and pick her up from behind – I think the distinction is that by talking to her and patting her on the head the pair were “playing” together and hence the situation is rather different.

      I suppose it ultimately depends on the atmosphere and details at the beach, which we do not hear.

    • Just stay far away from anyTHING

      If we apply the whole pedophile logic to normal men, it means that if a man approaches a woman of whatever reason, he wants to rape her, period. Which is obviously a fail logic but people can’t seem to comprehend that. Of course the same applies to man-man encounter, the man who approaches is obviously gay and wants to rape the other guy. And, wtf, no one should ride a horse, cause we all know they’re into animals and will rape the horse the first chance they get. Plus, we all know the real reason those people at Animal Planet and NatGeo are filming animals, don’t we?

      Just don’t tell them that most pedophiles out there (like most normal guys that won’t be raping women left and right) will never commit any crime against kids, or we’re all going to jail just to be on the same side.

  • Sorry but that is just creepy, I would freak out if I was around 10 and some old man picked me up from behind, who picks up someone’s child they didn’t know? For all we know he might have had ill intentions. But calling the police is a bit much, could have just told him to go away.

  • next time i see a kid on the street, i will move away from him/her, make sure we are at least 5m apart at all times, no verbal or eye contact. putting my hand in the air so everyone can see it, no touching!

    • Anonymous says:

      In that case, I’m a total serial abuser. I mean, not even babies are safe around me. I help one today for a full 2 minutes, bouncing her up and down. She must have been traumatized by the experience. I can never forgive myself….

  • And the final word on why the Japanese are going extinct. In less than 15 years there will be a few exhibits at natural zoos around the world of the Japanese to see but they will all be males on display with no females of full bloodline left. Extinct in this century.

  • The heavy sarcasm in this article and the “WTF?” responses in this comment field appear to be completely ignorant of the fact that it’s NOT RIGHT for strange old men to suddenly grab little girls from behind. If he was a member of her family, like her grandfather, I’d consider this a ridiculous overreation, but he was a complete stranger. To be honest, it’s probably 50-50 odds that he WAS a pedophile just wanting to touch little girls.

  • When I was ten years old (40+ years ago), where I lived, it was implicit that adults in our neighborhood (U.S.A., out in the country 2.5 miles from the nearest town, a cluster of 22 houses) could spank anyone’s kid if that kid were doing something wrong.

    They’d have a chat with the kid’s parents, afterwards (“This is what happened, and this is what I did …”).

    There was a great deal of trust in that community; many people didn’t lock their house doors.

    But, if 10-years-old (5th-grade) me got grabbed by some adult I _didn’t _know, I’d freak the hell out, I’d be kicking and screaming as loud as I could, trying to get away.

    And, if I did get away, I’d run to the nearest house, and tell an adult there.

    That adult would make a quick phone call, and the “grabber” would quickly be surrounded by adults armed with shotguns, rifles, and random farm implements.

    That “grabber” had damned well better have had a GOOD explanation of what he was doing. “I just wanted to play with the kid” wouldn’t cut it.

    Call the cops? This was all pre-“911 centralized dispatch”. The city cops didn’t cover our area; the quickest the county or state police would get there would be 45 minutes, if it was a murder-in-progress. Anything less-serious could be hours or maybe the next day.

    • I must agree with you. A stranger patting the head of a 10 year old is fine. But picking up the 10 year old? That’s suspicious! Nobody should ever pick up a kid they do not know, and no kid will allow a complete stranger pick him up unless coerced.

      Though calling this ‘patting and pick up’ ‘brutal’ is a bit of an overreaction.

  • ahhh japan. 😀 i remember when i was there first time. i sooo wanted to taste real japanese sushi and asked nearest people where would be good sushi bar… oh well those persons happened to be girls. then one police happened to pass by and he suddenly came to me and started to ask all kinds of weird questions.. why are you here. why are you talking to these girls? are you pervert.. not to mention he didint speak english. so i tried to tell him that i was looking for sushi bar/shop and he was just like O_O called backup and allmost arrested me but then he’s pair did pop up and told him im lost and looking for sushi restaurant.
    then he did just laugh and say something and they did leave. i was like wtf just happened i just asked direction… T_T

    so my protip. never talk to girls at street in japan 😀

    • That’s already happening.

      “Thought crimes”

      They think you might someday commit a real crime against a child, so they make up laws to throw you in prison before you can.

      Most of the concern over making drawings illegal fall into this category.

      In this case, they assume he’s a pedophile, so want to throw him in jail and brand him for life as a priest.

      While he was stupid to pick up a child he didn’t know, his only crime was being stupid in front of stupid people.

  • seriously i think the family was right, i mean if some random stranger pat your child head(pat head is fine) but then GRAB THE KID and i didn t even know the guy i would be pissed and kick the shit of the guy and then call the police,

  • Okay, patting her on the head is all right. But picking (groping?) her up from behind(?) is questionable in my opinion, especially if the girl in question just wear a bathing suit or bikini (she was at the beach right?).

  • The guy was stupid obviously. But there’s one thing bugging me though.

    I mean, you’re at beach with your daughter (sister, niece), and some unknown guy picks her up. Would you really wait, until he let her go, and then you call police over incident? Or would you dash toward her, ready to beat the shit out of this unknown guy if he would try to do anything funny?

    • I won’t allow some stranger touch my kid. He is a stranger, and strangers do not carry other people’s kid for no good reason. Obviously, I’m going to confront the person about touching my kid without my consent.

    • Children don’t have personal space. If they do, they are spoiled little turds that get everything their way and never learn right from wrong. I have many friends that are parents that let their kids get away with everything. What kind of world do we live in where parents are afraid to touch their own children?

      I fear for the future where this little pieces of crap grow up knowing no boundaries and nothing of right or wrong or consequence for their actions.

      • Children don’t have personal space? Why not? If a total stranger touched you you’d have every right to tell them to stop. Why doesn’t that apply to kids?

        You seem to be hugely mistaken as to my actual point. All I’m saying is that he had no right to touch her without her permission. I fail to see how this applies to teaching children right from wrong or spoiling them. As for “what kind of world do we live in where parents are afraid to touch their kids?”, the guy wasn’t the girl’s parent so I have no idea where you’re getting that from.

      • Sorry, but even as someone who doesn’t see anything wrong with what the guy did, I have to disagree with your statement.

        I taught MY children (who are widely and almost UNIVERSALLY regarded as NOT spoiled) that NO ONE has the right to touch them in any fashion without their permission.
        I highly doubt also that you have friends who ‘let their children get away with everything’…. heard that bullshit before, and it ALWAYS, A L W A Y S turns out to be some conservative jackass thinking that “SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD…. BEAT THEM EVEN IF THEY HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING WRONG!”

        Sorry if that ‘incenses’ you, but it’s the bottom line blunt truth that I have seen.

        • The fact that you had to use caps when denying the fact that your children are not spoiled shows that you have, in fact, been accused of that very thing in the past. And are very butthurt about it.

          But I agree with the whole ‘Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child’ line of thinking. Except where the child is innocent of any wrongdoing. If you beat a child who is innocent, they will feel betrayed by the adults who they trust the most, and hold a grudge years down the road. And if you continue the practice, it’ll all come back to bite you in the ass later on.

        • Personally, I believe in the carrot and stick approach. And, well, the patting part is okay in my opinion. There’s nothing dangerous with a little pat in the head.

          But picking up? No way! I wouldn’t let a complete stranger pick up my kid (and I will carefully watch people I know who are picking up my kid just to be on the safe side). If I see someone I do not recognize pick up my kid, I expect my kid to flail around like a scared kitty and I’m going after that guy and ask him what he think he is doing, probably with a handphone with the police’s number already dialed and ready to be called.

  • Should they have waited until he ran off with her before they called the police? Seriously, who picks up a child at random like that? While he may have had the most innocent of intentions, the parents are well within their rights to be protective of their child.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    “Pedophile!” has become the new “Witch!”

    I’m not saying this to ‘defend’ it, but rather to highlight what I think is it’s sociological niche…

    The “Witch Hunt” is what a society uses to create enemies where there were none before so their controllers can pretend they rule effectively, when even the “The guys over the hill -evil/terrorists- are attacking us!” doesn’t work anymore. It was used frequently through the Dark Ages in Europe as plagues and periodic famines swept through the area.

    So there’s both a heightened sense of fear and then overreaction by the local police.

    And this is absurd. The guy was just trying to be kind to others.

    What really got the “Witch Hunts” running in the middle ages was when the rye rotted or the water got the same rot in it. Natural LSD (ergot) and with them all living in a fantasy world (their fake religion) placing a far more cruel “Otherworld” module over their already cruel, brutal world, when the ground started buckling beneath their feet they saw all kinds of monsters and conspiracies everywhere.

    • Yeah, you are right…. before pedosexuals it was homosexuals. Before that it was black men marrying white women. Before that it was heterosexuals period outside of marriage.

      It’s time to realize that this is sheer STUPIDITY, and it’s VERY apparent that nature expects us to be having sex from BIRTH since we are BORN WITH GENITALS, therefore there is nothing wrong with an adult having sex with a child.

      Now, an adult FORCING a child into sex? That is different.

  • The bloody criminal deserves the book thrown at him. I mean, how can anyone have the audacity to do what he did with the family right in front of him?? I hope he never sees the natural sun again. May he rot in jail, then burn in jail. I mean, seriously, picking up a 10 year old….

  • Poor guy, he couldn’t even enjoy playing with a loli.
    But that doesn’t mean he is a pedo or that he wanted to reap her or something.
    Can’t someone just like little cute girls ? What’s wrong to like children ? Not everyone who likes lolis is a pedo…

    If they fear so much why they even go out…the whole family should turn into hikikomoris then they won’t have such problems to interact with others. Such retards are only disgusting 🙁

    If loli nagato (like in the picture) robots would exist there wouldn’t be such “problems”.

  • Even if your intentions are good, you can’t just go around playing with other people’s kids these days unless they know you. It just invites misunderstandings and whatnot. This guy was pretty stupid to do this in the first place imo, even if it was harmless.

  • Ephemeral Style says:

    Why the hell would he pick her up? Do you guys really think there’s nothing creepy about picking up a random kid you don’t know?

    Charging him for assault is maybe going too far, but the guy is a creep/idiot.

    • Yes, I do think that there is nothing creepy about that. Hell, when I was young, people did that all the time with children and no one batted a damned eye about it or thought that it was creepy.

      It’s only since the anti-pedosexual bullshit has started happening that every single man who is not related to the child in question is looked upon as a potential child forcible rapists.

      • Was I the only child on this damned earth that LIKED being picked up and held in a high place? Was I really just crazy or something? (admitedly, I’m pretty crazy right now, but that’s besides the point)

        • mind answering if you liked being picked up and put down by people you hated in that moment?
          Did you love that also,because it’s totaly understandable with the people you trust and don’t hate them at the moment.

    • Actually, a man got arrested cuz a little girl and her mom walked past him, If I remember right…
      But then again, they just maaay have had a decent reason since he was sort of naked at the time….

      • He was naked at his own house. The mother thought that she could have a little peep, being a pervert that she is. Anyway she got caught by the guy, the guy said “What the fuck are you doing in my lawn”. Startled, she called the police and told them, “there is a guy flashing be in his window behind 10 foot tall hedges”. So the cops arrest the guy because they had to arrest somebody.

  • “her 21-year-old brother reported the man to police for assaulting the child”

    WOW just wow… For some reason I can’t escape the thuoght that the over-protective brother has either little sister complex or a hidden relationship with her.

    Any good brother first beat the shit out of smb who touches the precious sis! After that, you can file as much police reports as you want ^^

    • My point, if im sitting with my family at a beach and a man suddenly comes and picks up my little girl
      knowing all that pedo shit going around, I am muhammad aliing his ass like epic beard man. i dont fucking know you, could have ran off with her. some people see nothing wrong with that in-till your catching a bullet in your back, people do not play when it comes to kids and this pedo shit.

      • Please don’t be an idiot. Are you actually navie enough to think that there is some kind of giant pedo explosion? That there are more now than before? Whatever.

        There are no more crimes or criminals now than there were 50 years ago, the only difference is we hear about it more. I used to play in the streets all day, as did my friends. Now, I never even see a kid outside for any amount of time. They are too busy on the net talking to strangers.

      • well, he did let the child go that’s why he was able to tell her parents. so as far as it goe he was no kidnapper, if so then the child would nat have been able to tell anyone… so no harm, no foul?

        that just tells you something about the parents, leaving the child alone

      • A large bit of this “pedo shit”, however, is really just panic and witch hunts. I admit the guy went a little overboard picking the girl up, but reporting him for assault? It’s not like she smacked her across the back of the head….

  • “he ‘brutally‘ assaulted a 10-year-old girl by patting her on the head and picking her up.”

    Back in those days, in Asian countries, its fine to play with lolis, patting her/him on the head and picking him/her up. Now…

    • It just happens so must in the USA no one hear about it no more that all. stuff like this happen to me as well. i work at a day camp and this 12 yr old kid was pulling and holding on to my arm and did not stop or let do when i said too so i pull him off. end up getting fired and sue by his mom. got 50 hours of community service.

      • They’ve always been paranoid. Socially and culturally.

        There is also this trend amongst cultures of protecting the young or that the young are above all, including crime. It is only recently that harming children has been accepted amongst even gangsters.

      • They got paranoid because of all those organizations (like Save Children or something) who state they promote child abuse with manga, etc. Now they want to make sure that no child abuse goes unpunished in Japan and so we have some ridiculous cases like this one.
        It’s just like G. Carlin said in one of his shows:
        “You want to help children? Leave them the fuck alone!”

        • Anonymous says:

          @10:04 –

          Either someone else come and do assist, either the situation comes lethal and may not have if you’d assisted, and you’re screwed.

          Now frankly: the average person should know when it is unreasonable to move someone in need of assistance. If you can’t move that person, don’t even touch. Just call an ambulance, the police, secure the area the best you can, and never come any nearer to the victim than to talk. The victim’s life is at stake here.
          IF the victim really seems movable, would do a darn better to move, and can’t do it by herself, THEN I guess it’s better to move her first, in which case you might get arrested for assault. Then again, that won’t happen if there’s no witness. And if there are witnesses around, you’d better ask for and get help to move the victim. Who’d report you for assault then?

          Bottomline: do what common sense tells you and helping someone in need of assistance should not backfire. It is in other situations that this kind of paranoia can get you arrested.

        • @ Anon 09:02 –

          It might have turned out okay for you in that one incidence, but I was looking to go into the emergency medical field back when I was in college (had the necessary grades, but not enough financial backing). I can’t tell you on hand how many horror stories I’ve heard of people suing the EMTs and Police who, even though it was to save their lives, broke a bone or two in the act of trying to save some people.

          Those stories alone wouldn’t have stopped me from becoming an EMT, but they didn’t help. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, indeed.

        • As I’ve said before, this is where we are going with this anti-pedosexual NONSENSE. Some of these idiots need to realize that they are making FOOLS of themselves with things like this, and that everyone is realizing that this is NOT about protecting children anymore, but about keeping children celibate.

          I mean, come on……. last I heard there was NOTHING wrong with playing with a child on a beach, I do that all the time in Ocean City and no one even bats an eye about it!

        • as a nurse(male) and even if i don’t have a job as it currently is.It is my duty to help people with first aid.If i walk away when somebody needs first aid and somebody reports me by knowing that i am a nurse,im screwed and would probably never be allowed to work as a nurse again,or lose the school degree?

          Well i can still tell them to prove it that i was there,i mean why should we believe words.Unless somebody took pictures of me or recorded me.
          Anyway i worry that i could do a mistake,i know most of the stuff that is needed to be done,but who says i will always know to do it right even if it is my job,not every nurse works at such places where there needs to be dealth with such emergiences.
          Anyway i will be going on a course to become a massage therapist now,since they will pay all the costs for that course,because i am an apropiate candidate for that job 😀
          Oh btw i already helped someone with first aid and it was all okay.

        • You live in the US? I wonder how exactly it works there.

          Here in the UK, failing to take action (i.e attempting to save someone’s life) is not normally criminal unless you are under some kind of duty to act (it’s part of your job’s contract, you’re related to the person in danger, you created the dangerous situation…)

          I, as a member of the general public could therefore walk right past someone drowning in a canal without so much as even shouting for help, and I would be in no legal trouble at all.

        • The first thing they tought me at first aid training is that it’s my choice if I help somebody injured or not. You are legally allowed to walk away from somebody dying. But if you commit to helping them, you take on that responsibility, and you can be held responsible if you end up making it worse. So definitely be careful if you ever have to help someone!

        • So the optimal solution is to separate the children right after birth from everyone and keep them in an isolated cubicle until they get 18?

          I agree with you, those paranoid people don’t seem to understand that it gets very harmful if they trespass the limits of reason..

        • You’ll be arrested for helping a dying child, and be looked down upon for ignoring the child’s plight. So… damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

          Well, you *could* call an ambulance or the police to take care of it. Oh, wait…

    • i like pandas says:

      I can’t tell if it’s because I visit this site too much or that Japan actually has sunk so low that such precautions need to be taken.

      It probably doesn’t happen in the US because you’ll need to be the world’s strongest man to be able to lift up their children.

      • It doesnt happen in the US because he would have went to the hospital instead of the police station if he touched some strangers kid. Theres nothing socially acceptable about strangers picking up children, only creeps do that or highly senile old men.

        • being falsely accused and still being convicted,locked up and going through out all that time never proven innocent.And then never having chance to work and being treated so by people.
          Then why would they not try the crime they were falsely accused of if society already destroyed his life.

        • Statistically speaking it seems the average member of the public would still be at less risk of assault at the hands of a random registered sex offender than at the hands of an acquaintance, even if the offender has a higher chance of recidivism?

          Additionally, the significant number of convicted sex offenders who are neither violent nor rapists further skews things.

          Recall that there are sex offenders whose only crime is sex with a person a year their junior, or ones who were falsely accused or convicted of some notionally victimless obscenity related charge.

          In fact, restricting the employment and recovery options of sex offenders by vigorously persecuting them beyond the term of their sentence in the name of child safety may only increase the chances of them reoffending.

        • Sex offenders not likely to recommit an offense or being “less likely” to commit an offense than normal people is the stupidest fucking shit Ive ever heard. It sounds like youre trying to defend yourself as a sex offender by ignoring statistics and fact.

        • So banks should hire ex-criminals charged with emblezzement and let them handle hundreds of millions? Hey, according to your logic, they’ve been caught before, so they aren’t gonna do it again.

        • Because the citizens of the entire world are so up in arms about pedophiles, they sort of expect every man to be one simply because the media more-or-less tells them that. It’s generally creepy.

          I actually had a short discussion about this with a woman today. She was talking about how years ago, people weren’t so over-protective of children because they didn’t know about the dangerous pedophiles everywhere. She mentioned something about 3 registered sex offenders living in the small town I live in. I didn’t bother to bring up the numerous holes in that:

          – If they’ve been caught, they’re being watched, and they aren’t going to do it again in a hurry.
          – Pedophiles are put on the sex offender’s register for any fucking reaso these days.
          – They’re still humans, they have standards and morals, they aren’t fucking lust-driven beasts, unlike a lot of men.

          People are way too cautious. Pedophiles who would actually do anything horrible to a child are few and far between. Not to mention… doing shit like this won’t have any effect. It’s not like they’re one-trick fucking ponies. It’s incredibly easy to break straight through any defense a parent has if you have any scrap of intelligence. I swear, trust is really easy to gain if you’re trying for it. Just takes time and careful planning.

          Being so insanely overprotective is doing nothing but harming children in the long run.

      • Considering it happend with the family right besides them that was neither assault nor some attemped kidnapping. Just some dumb bantering. He might deserve some assorted words or maybe a kick in the ass, but calling police over this is crazy.

        Now had that happened some distance away, the girl alone with the guy, I’d go there and break something. Alas what happened there is harmless. A surprised little girl running to her mother who happens to stand there is a perfectly normal reaction that sure doesn’t warrant such shit.