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“I Run a Delivery Health Company, Any Questions?”


The proprietor of a chain of “delivery health” shops has granted 2ch an interesting interview, reproduced below.

For those lucky souls with no background in Japanese prostitution, “delivery health” services constitute a popular form of quasi-legal prostitution where girls are dispatched to the client’s choice of venue (usually a love hotel) for an intimate encounter – something similar to what might be called an “escort” or “callgirl” service in the English speaking world.

Most legal prostitution enterprises carefully skirt anti-prostitution laws by pretending that no full sex occurs, as the law does not recognize most other sexual acts as constituting full prostitution. Police are normally well aware of the operations of such ventures and only take action when they feel things get out of hand.

The “I am a <interesting profession>; any questions?” series of 2ch VIP threads actually has a long history – the pattern is usually that a professional will create a thread so-titled, and then answer any questions posed in semi-real-time for as long as interest persists. Everyone from game developers to pimps (see below) have participated.

I’m a man, but can you give me a job?

You can work as a driver, on the phones, or as a shop manager.

How are profits?

Well, that depends on the trade. Good months can see us with 10,000,000 left over.

You with a gang or the yakuza?

I was an amateur to start with. I just liked call delivery girls over.

You feeling the recession?

Absolutely. We’re ok but the trade as a whole is hit hard.

What’s your spec?

Graduated from middle school only. 34. I wasn’t a delinquent or anything. This work is the most dodgy thing I’ve done. I’m average.

Tell us your career history and how you got your capital.

Middle school > Painter >Deliveryman > Plumber > Delivery Health Owner. The financing was of course from “sarakin” (loan sharks/consumer loans).

How much capital do you need?

At first about ¥2,000,000. With two shops, ¥5,000,000. If you wanted to completely avoid any chance of failure ¥10,000,000 would be best. Varies with the region I think.

Tell us the top 3 motivations of the girls.

Money. Money. Money.

Well, just why they need the money varies. There are surprisingly few who are in debt. Usually they just don’t have any work. We often interview students.

So it’s mostly girls after money to play around with?

For young girls who leave high school they can’t even get dispatch work. They have no work except for the sex trade.

What do you do with troublesome customers? What have you done to them?

All we do for NG customers is not to deal with them again.

Your advertising and operating costs.

A site is about ¥15,000-100,000, we use about 10. Sometimes magazines. All in all about ¥2,000,000 a month.

It seems shops are moving over to delivery health only.

This varies with the region, but most new outfits are delivery health. Getting permission for shops is an issue. You just need to report your operation with a delivery health service, so there’s still not much pressure.

You give the new girls ero-training?

For those we think it necessary for we do.

What about STDs, do you do checks? How often?

Monthly. Lately you can do them by post. Send some urine and blood and you get the results back.

How much does the most popular princess work? How much do they earn?

The most popular works 20 days a month and takes home about ¥1,000,000-1,500,000.

How much do you make?

I take home about ¥5,000,000 monthly I think. I don’t have that much use for it though so I only use 500,000 of that.

Tell us your work hours and holidays. Depending on your answer I may change profession.

Usually 9AM-7PM. Late shift is 7PM to 5AM.

There is overtime sometimes. One day off a week. Wages are 250,000 to 1,500,000 depending on ability.

I’m a man but what could I do?

Phones, driving, scouting, interviews, HP updates, photography, videos, training, advertising, etc.

Where can I find this kind of work?

Magazines, job ads, homepages, that secret place. Try phoning them straight up and you may get an interview. I don’t really recommend this kind of work though.

We put some ads up, got a lot of interest but mostly they failed to show for the interview, some were late, etc…

Blonde hair and brown hair are out. “Yankees” [gang types] are out. People who can’t use keigo are out. Uglies are out. People who can’t greet properly are out. People with badly written CVs are out. People late to interviews are out. Not really many you can employ.

I heard speeding customers or yaks are bad news. You get those types?

Been doing this 5 years, never had a customer like that. If there was we’d call the cops.

You sample the goods in the interviews?

No way.

Why not? Seems natural.

In the interview you’re supposed to put them at ease and get them working for you. If you start with a fellataview or whatever they’d run out on you. If you’re doing training you tempt the girls to come to you for it.


More things like time management than sexual technique.

Get lots of cute young girls at the interviews?

Everything from minors to 50-year-old women. Mostly 20-35.

You pay money to 893-san? [893 = ya-ku-za]

Not really, No contacts with them.

Can you go all the way?

No. They’re sacked if they’re caught. Of course they’re alone with a guy at a hotel. Who knows what they do.

You all paying taxes on that income of yours?

We get some trouble from the taxman, but there’s all kinds of knowhow involved so it’s quite safe.

What do you tell your folks?

That I’m self-employed, a little bit of realty, some eateries… Mom and dad, I’m sorry.

I think when I graduate from uni I’ll hire a girl and lose my virginity. You get annoying customers like that?

There are ones who tell us they’re virgins. Hearing that I can’t send them a funny girl.

You don’t let homely girls work for you?

The world’s not full of beautiful girls you know. There are some plain ones who get a lot of repeat custom. The really bad ones we drop at interview though.

I had a girl in Osaka for 40 minutes and she spent 30 minutes chatting and 5 fellating. Get on with it!

We do get those kind of complaints – those kind of girls are sacked. But not many customers complain for us like that…

Japanese are like that. Put up with the thing and bitch about it online.

Right. Hearing bad things about ourselves on 2ch and then having someone investiagate our own girls secretly has happened.

What’s your shop’s theme?

We have 10 shops so there are all sorts, from normal to maniac.

Do you employ a scary onii-san? Tell us about your weirder episodes with customers.

We do employ a scary onii-san, but don’t use him much. Strange customers… There was one who asked to made to eat excrement, another had already soiled his diaper. We always get interesting ones dressed as ladies.

You have special relationships with cops? Do you pay them any “special fares”?

Not me, no. Just occasional encounters around… “You’re not messing around are you now?” I never even considered any special fees. Doing that sort of thing in Japan is more dangerous than not.

You get stalkers?

If you leave them alone they get bored and go off somewhere, usually. The bad ones you can get angry at and threaten a bit. For real bad ones you can get the police in.

How much does delivery health cost?

The market rate is about 10-20,000 for an hour, depending on the play content. Hotels cost extra. Expensive isn’t it? At these prices I couldn’t swindle our customers.

I get the impression the girl quality hierarchy goes from Cabaret Club > Soapland > Delivery Health > Pink Salon?

The soft service shops naturally get the prettiest girls, though maybe that is just because of the relative numbers looking to get in to each. Everyone tries to get into the cabaret club, but they only take the prettiest, so the rest have to interview down at delivery health…

Some urgent business has come up so I have to be off – thanks for joining me!

Although supposedly 2ch’s anonymous nature can help promote uninhibited disclosure, his words do of course need to be taken in the context of a man publically admitting to being involved in a semi-criminal enterprise, promoting his trade, and most probably trying to create a favourable image conducive to his continued good business.

His complete denial of yakuza involvement stands out in this respect, as does his weaseling about whether delivery health girls have sex with patrons.

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