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Save the Children: “Ban Loli Manga!”


Top children’s charity Save the Children has explicitly called for a ban on loli manga in order to “protect sexual norms and morals.”

An excerpt from Save the Children Japan’s recently published memorandum on Japanese laws relating to child pornography and prostitution:

4. Regarding materials featuring non-existent children, considering the point of view that “sexual norms and sexual morality must be protected” and that “a healthy environment for youth to grow up in should be preserved,” we should think that a ban must be put in place.

A statement notable for not even bothering to pretend such a ban is intended to reduce crimes against children – it is instead merely based on the notion that some forms of sexual expression are morally wrong and must be banned.

Although generally perceived as a secular organisation campaigning for child welfare, Save the Children’s English founder Eglantyne Jebb was a zealous Christian who claimed Christ personally spoke to her on a number of occasions; her mental illness is usually forgotten in deference to her contribution to the creation of the modern extended childhood.

The group’s Japanese chapter appears to be aligned with a number of openly Christian or feminist “child advocacy” groups.

Their statement also cites a publication by an EU alliance of children’s charities, eNASCO, which outlines their support for criminalising art they object to morally, which they call “pseudo-imagery” in an attempt to conflate fantasy with actual photographs of illegal acts:

For example, there are many child abuse images which are realistic images of a nonexisting child engaged in sexual conduct, or ‘pseudo images’.

These include non-photographic visual depictions of child sexual abuse (i.e. computer generated images (CGIs), drawings, animation) as well as ‘pseudo-photos’ or videos.

In our experience this type of material has clear risks insofar as it can form part of a subculture of sexual abuse material and if it is not criminalised the police are not able to seize the materials or disrupt the network of traders.

eNACSO consider that the existence of such materials allows offenders to deny and minimise the impact of sexual abuse and encourages distorted thinking about sexual crimes against children.

Furthermore, there is evidence to support the fact that photographs of children engaged in sexual activity are used for grooming children into child pornography, and that pseudo-photographs will also be used for this purpose.

However, possession, production and distribution of pseudo images is not yet illegal in many Member States.

RECOMMENDATION: All states should ensure that pseudo-images are made illegal.

It would appear the rights of fictional children now supplant those of real adults.

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  • Ironically, there’s evidence that indirectly suggests that Japan’s lax stance on loli manga & doujins may actually be PROTECTING children more than it’s harming them.

    Long story short, last I saw it mentioned, Japan actually had one of the lowest child molestation rates in the world. Considering that Japan is more-or-less the home of the lolita & shota complexes, this implies that Japanese pedophiles are keeping themselves busy with fake children instead of going after real ones.

  • Anonymous says:

    Incidently even Black & White line drawing loli manga is Art…

    The product of gifted talented skilled Artists..

    Don’t believe me? Just select a hunfred people at random off the street & as them to right before you draw an installment for LO anthology monthly loli magazine.

    99+ out of a 100 couldn’t do it.


  • Anonymous says:

    Oh Come on

    All Manga is just thoughts emenating from the mind of man (or sometimes women) put to paper as communicative brush or pencil strokes – Art.

    The property of men, a part of their being – their thoughts, freedom of thought… & freedom of speech (of their thoughts/ideas) if mass communicated & published to others.

    Other outsider cartoon characters or flesh & blood women & girls don’t exist in this matter.

  • Anonymous says:

    Good luck with banning fetishes
    Hey guys let’s start a riot
    If they ban diaper fetish or infantilism I’m going to start a resistance group and kick some probably hypocritical people’s ass straight into hell
    They forgot that god loves us for who we are no matter what we like or do he still likes us for who we truly are. The catholic church has forgotten these very words and are more than likely brainwashing are new generation with things like homosexuals and non normal sex life people are bad.
    The only church that I know accepts people no matter who or what they are is the presbyterian church. They are the ones to follow not the catholic church

  • Anonymous says:

    Truth is, the Bible is full of holes, first of all, if God is truly good, how can he create anything evil like Satan or even us humans?

    Some say that good is the void of evil, but how God can be complete if he doesn’t know evil?

    Also, christians have an strange view of things, like in Brazil where a girl who was raped by her foster dad should be banned from society, while the rapist should just seek God and be forgiven (Die you temptress :p).

    What those “elevens” (yeah, Code Geass) should realize is that the Catholic church hates us.

  • These people are probably the one that makes todays American Cartoon look like bullshit compare to american cartoon of the 80's and early 90's. They censored so much action and kids these days have to watch spongebob instead of thundercats.

  • Here’s what we do if they ever take away our loli pantsu:

    We all claim to be ex-lolicons turned paedophiles, and now that we’ve lost our lolis we must be paedophiles and go around raping kids.

    Of course this causes mass hysteria within derpy officials and they give us our lolis back without anyone actually getting hurt.

    Or we could read it illegally.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ok first off I am a Christian and these folks fail on soo many levels. Just hang in there with me for a second but how the hell are children being harmed when people look a pencil lead on paper? Last I checked children aren’t 2d. I say we make a win win senerio out of this and just kill off the republican party. We allknow this is some bs they wrote. I’m tired of them doing crap like this. Common sence ftw!

  • aaa…put ban on loli manga don’t solve anything!! geesh!! just banned the internet and every problem is solve!!i should say that most of the loli manga that i have came from there, translated!! and free too!~~~~~~~!!!!(*.8 )

    • Yep…. and the fact is that most ‘crimes against children’ are ‘statutory rape’…. which shouldn’t even be a crime in the first place. Nor should child pornography.

      The ONLY thing they should be going after is when people force children and even TEENAGERS AND ADULTS into sexual situations against their will….. which 99.9 times out of 100, is not what is going on.

  • Anyone else see the statement that they use: to protect societal norms….. uh, if we protected that, heterosexuality outside of marriage wouldn’t be looked upon as fine, homosexuality wouldn’t be looked upon as fine, marrying other race people wouldn’t be looked upon as fine, etc. etc. etc.

    The real issue here is that these IDIOTS know that if people see child pornography and lolicon mangas (not the same thing) they will realize that there is NOTHING WRONG with pedosexuality and it WILL be legalized.

  • useless effort since most of the problems do not come from loli manga, it is from long-held beliefs in countries… especially the myth of raping a child to purify one’s self (which was common even in European countries and not just African countries).

  • The loli manga drawers should just make all the lil lolis into catgirls. That way if they start to make progress in saying they are a good as real ppl, we can make the argument that they are not ppl, they are cat people …. wait, then we might get animal activists involved. Scratch that idea, back to killing all of them I guess.

  • I can’t wait until people that were raised during my generation get to be the ones making decisions for this country … these fucking old feminazis just don’t fucking get it at all. Not to mention we are talking about a drawn image here … if the day comes when a fictional child has more rights than me, i’m fucking gone from here. WTF is wrong with these people anyways … really.

  • Brainless SOBs Manga is harmless.
    Why doesn’t save the children do something that actually save children for once.
    Such as saving kids from sweat shops ran by Nike or from pedos at bible camp and brainless ZT policies at schools?

  • Hmm, I’m a relitivist, and a moral nihilst, so I don’t feel that there’s anything particularly wrong with child sex.

    I think that only oral sex should be performed, however. On females, that is. It would hurt them otherwise.

    Of course, these views could be completely due to visiting sankaku complex altogether too much. 😉

  • For example, there are many child abuse images which are realistic images of a nonexisting child engaged in sexual conduct, or ‘pseudo images’.

    Since when did manga become real? Did they develope technology to bring drawings to life?

    I want one!! 😀

  • for as much bitching and moaning about the situation that goes on in these types of threads, not one of you is gonna actually do anything except bitch and moan. This(save the children etc) the “Handley” case, if you want to fight it you don’t have to say anything about loli(so you won’t be villainized), just fight it under the guise of being anti-censorship which is true.
    censorship and laws that strip away rights need to be fought.

  • slayer545_sama says:

    You all go fuck yourselves and die! Pedo freaks! For I am Slayer545-sama for thee Lord Enki and thee Lord spoke to me that all these loli lovers must die for they do not do it for his daughter Inanna but for their own sexual pleasure. Surely this is wrong and must be condemned with capital punishment as soon as her majesty Inanna comes to earth…..I will personally make sure to kill each of you fuckers to death! For your dicks are soiled and not pure. For your minds are dirty and must be purged eternally! I am slayer545-sama for thee Lord Enki..ruler of this Universe and supreme creator of your race!


    Another BS group trying to ban something with retarded non factional or scientific facts. And you wonder why the world is retarded.

    Then S&M will have to go. That thing can go really far and mess up someone’s mind for life.

    • True. I so loev these Western groups (unfortunately, from my country) that go off on moralfaggotry screeds while subscribing to Western ways of thinking about sex. As I’ve said in another story, the West sees sex as something dirty and vulgar outside of marriage (and “compatible parts”), while most of Asia has a less taboo look @ sex (Philippines = see Sharia Law & Japan via Shintoism = for the LULZ). Also, I haet that they hide behind religion so damn much (I’m a Christian, but I have lots of restraint on the zeal, which is why I’m here). It’s all moral for them, but they don’t get the fact that there’s a limit to how much ppl can take.

      Also, morals aren’t supposed to rely on scientific data.

  • people don’t seem to understand that things like this and other pornography actually LOWERS sexual crimes. its just like violent video games. there is actually a visible trend in the amount of violent crimes dropping to the violence in video games going up. people NEED an outlet. no outlet = they find one on their own. if you ban it all it’ll do is make people WANT it more and it’ll even draw more people into it.

      • You know the saying that playing too much can cause one to lose sight of what is real and what is not…

        I think it’s pretty much the other way around. People not doing the thing much or at all don’t really understand whats going on and make assumptions on their feelings. I think it’s pretty much the same with loli manga, as it to following:

        Schoolshooters and others don’t come from these games, they come from varies of things that might lead to gaming, NOT NECESSARILY tough. You can pretty much get the idea with airplane simulators and 9/11. They didn’t run into tower becouse they tought it’d fun to do as they did on the simulator. It’s for other reasons. Airplane simulator is not the one to blame.

  • This is plainly sad. Time after time I read these articles and wonder this “pedo-panic” has stricken people so deeply. Pedos were always around. They’re not new, so why is everyone suddenly so tasked to burn the forest down to get a few wolves. It’s scary to think that we have a modern age “witch hunt” going on right in front of our faces….and logic won’t permit (the majority) to even realize it.

  • the_pragmatist says:

    Any time someone uses words such as "morals" and "right" and "norms" the first thing a healthy critical-thinking-enabled mind will produce is questions such as: "WHOSE morals? Who decides what is right? WHOSE norms? What makes your norms or morals more 'right' than mine or his or hers?"

    Morality and judgment of what is right and wrong is entirely a personal and wholly subjective set of decisions. To say that one person's or one group's choices are the "norm' is an outright lie, especially with the permeation of the Internet into most aspects of the lives of nearly every person in the world. The notions of what is "normal" or the classic Miller test bullet-point of "community standards" or even the Constitution's mention of a "trial by a jury of one's peers" no longer apply geographically or even within an individual country thanks to the Internet.

    My "community" and "peers" are…well, people on the Internet, participating in sites like Sankaku Complex, Hongfire, 4chan, and other anime-oriented corners of the Web. Most of the people in close physical proximity don't know me or anything about me, and I choose to engage in whatever the minimum of interaction with them is. Thus, if I were to be tried for wrongdoing, a jury of people who are of the same race, financial class, age, etc. would most likely NOT be a representative jury of MY peers. Trial by Sankaku Complex would be much more appropriate than trial by physical neighbor.

    Back to the original point: morality and everything that goes with it is a PERSONAL CHOICE, often a RELIGIOUS CHOICE. Law should not be based on a moral code, it should be based on preventing the physical, financial, mental, or similar injury of one person by another, and if those laws happen to fall within the scope of someone's personally chosen moral code, so much the better.

    tl;dr: nothing should be illegal unless it hurts other non-consenting people, morals should have nothing to do with law, and it's interesting how people who wish to force their morals on others never identify WHOSE morals they're trying to force upon those others.

    • Ah, but the PROBLEM is that ‘mental injury’ is in the eye of the beholder, and most of the TRUE mental injury that children have after sex with adults comes from contact with the police and psychologists where they are brainwashed into thinking that someone harmed them and have stress because of that.

      The only ‘mental harm’ (and it isn’t) in cases where people DIDN’T have that contact is a more liberal sexual morality, where having sex outside of marriage or with numerous people is okay…. which is not really harm except in the minds of the sexual conservatives.

  • murraymints999 says:

    All these “save the children” groups need to stop bitching so much, if they spent the time they use whining about thought crimes to actually save real kids, hell, pedophilia might even cease to exist.

    But no, they cry and throw their toys about, I just don’t see how anyone at all will take them seriously in the future. It’s the same with feminists, they started out with great intentions and fighting the good fight, but now they’re just a jokeand everyone treats them asuch.

  • Charity organisations such as UNICEF and Save The Children were created to give aid to help children in poor countries.

    REAL, flesh-and-blood 3D children, not artificially drawn 2D ones!

    Since when 2D shotas and lolis that were drawn on paper and in Manga and/or made in Anime and computer programmes REAL!?

  • Not this shit again…

    It seems like every three seconds there’s another ignorant mother fucker or group of them trying to ban anything and everything all the time for being “morally wrong”. Fuck them. There’s probably no chance of them succeeding anyway for a time at least… Though in the future as the populace becomes more ignorant and more likely to ignore logic and reason in favor of jumping on anything the media tells them to by the way of knee-jerk reactions it might actually happen. Though fortunately at this point some of the luckier nations have rights which aren’t being over-ruled by mobs of retards screaming about their need to be the ultimate authority of all that is right and just in the world, but that might not always be the case.

  • what i really don’t like about all this potential censorship bullshit are these moronic groups with their lackadaisical copy writing. they are spreading disinformation, i would say, by using all this ambiguous jargon that everyone is going to interpret differently. it’s cowardly as fuck what they are doing with the language, setting everything in the broadest terms.

  • HA! Where were you assholes when a number of poor girls were sentences to beatings in the middle east because they were raped? Or the protest of all those prosecutors to protest the trail against one of their own for the MURDER of a child? And they’re worried about this?! FUCK THEM.

  • If you care about this, start arming however you best can under the laws of your country. The day will come when we will have to tell those who would take away our rights that we aren’t giving them up without a fight. Make sure you are ready.

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    “Furthermore, there is evidence to support the fact that photographs of children engaged in sexual activity are used for grooming children into child pornography, and that pseudo-photographs will also be used for this purpose.”

    Isn’t this some kind of contradiction? How can there be evidence of something that “will also be used”, as in the future?

    I guess there might be evidence of me gutting some stupid, uneducated fucks sometime down the line, too.

    lol lrn2write, twisted feminist Christian moralfags!!

  • Not me really am enthusiastic the loli, but because of that heavy to imagine that this would be the largest child protection trouble on the world. Big the starvation, the poverty, a lot in third country in the world the children may not allow the childhood to themselves though, they would starve to death together with their family otherwise.

    But everybody alike may not be a back.

  • [b]Fact is banning lolicon will certainly lead to more child abuse.[/b]

    Japan -> tons of lolicon -> few child abuse

    South Africa -> few lolicon -> tons of child abuse

    [b]Parents should learn the truth. Those fem nazis sure won’t tell them.[/b]

  • Do not come with this nonsense again!
    The theme is already more than debated and the answer is simple, “not to interfere where you is not called,” just pointing out that if the law is implemented the market for anime, manga, etc… would lose much of their titles by having “Suspicious Child Porn”. Yes that’s right, about 90% of anime/manga has characters 2 or 3 lolis.

  • No matter what you idiots say or do, there’s nothing civil you can possibly do that will convince them otherwise. Send them letters all you want, try to be diplomatic all you want, anything less than a disruption of their websites and communication servers (IE: A DDoS or a hack attack) is going to stop them.

  • For a late comment, I must say I enjoy the unholy alliance going on here.

    Christian fundamentalists and hardcore feminists, two groups that usually revile each other.

    Unless of course they’re those neo-con pseudo-feminists – the ones I’ve heard presenting themselves as, among other things, “pro-life feminists”. Now that’s an oxymoron.

  • I can tell most of you are young and unable to see the big picture here. Just because you are not negatively affected by loli doesn’t mean most people wouldn’t be. If kids are exposed to loli from a young age a lot of them will have a warp sense of right and wrong. Most people that kill and say TV made me do it are not faking. People as a whole are unstable and need to be kept in line, hence religion and laws. Making loli a crime is wrong I do understand that, but there are other ways to keep this kind of thing out of the reach of kids and people that can not handle this kind of entertainment.

    • name one kid when they are young (under 9) when they actually have seen a loli-ish item? You can’t. You want to know why it has something to do with them not often being allowed on computers without filters. Parents are not stupid feminazi’s are.

    • Even if other people are offended by lolicon manga, doesn’t mean they should be banned. Same goes for when someone watches a violent movie and goes on a murderous rampage afterward. if you can’t handle it, don’t watch it, simple as that. But leave others alone if they do like it and aren’t effected by it.

      People need to kept in line, that’s true. But the worst way to do so is using religion, because the way you interpret its teachings can vary from mine and we’ve all seen what THAT can lead to: Catholic priests raping little boys, Muslim terrorists flying planes into buildings or blowing innocent people up, racism (the KKK is a Christian terrorist group) and more. Religion preach peace and respect, but plenty of people use it for violent means and most of them get away with it without any sort of punishment.

      And it’s often a religious motivation that helps create anti-loli laws. “Save the children” is a reason born from the religious idea that all children are pure and innocent and need to be protected. And now, it’s being abused to ban anything another group disapproves of, regardless of whether it’s harmful to a person/child or not.

      Also, plenty of laws don’t serve much of a purpose. Either because they’re based off a false premise (like Australia banning depictions of female ejaculations, because they claim it’s just women pissing; or that women with flat chests help create pedophiles) or because they can’t be enforced (like digital ‘piracy’). In most cases, it’s a combination of both.

      Better is to have people decide for themselves what they like and don’t like and not let their opinion speak for the rest of the nation, or even the whole world. If the world is to become more peaceful, the first thing humans should learn is to have more respect for another’s opinion and tastes, regardless of whether that person agrees with it or not.

    • yes as a parent you must keep your children in line.Remember this that age restrictions exists with a reason,who ever breaks that age restriction is responsible for what he sees and the parents job is to educate his children of what is right and wrong and how he should accept such media.
      Never act it out like that.

  • there is lots of Loli images that isn’t CP. there is a difference in Loli and CP, Loli is small girls DFC with the physical appearance of a child, CP is easily seen as a child, Wearing backpack, going to school, wearing diaper, pretty much any of this makes Loli into CP. simply having the physical appearance of a child means nothing if the artist doesn’t make it apparent that she is in fact a child.

    these images are not real and have no age, the only way to figure out the age is if the artist says the age or obviously makes the character a child. simply being DFC Loli does not make it CP, Loli lovers and Pedo’s have different mental disorders that these people need to know. the world needs to open their eyes and doctors need to start examining people to prove Loli lovers are not Pedophiles. being obviously underage has a huge part in why Pedophiles like children, they want a little kid not because of the small body but because of the way they act.

    calling me a child molesting Pedophile because of my mental disorder of liking Loli is just wrong and depressing. do i deserve to be considered a sexual predator when i do not like CP? its unjust to prosecute me based on your religious or moral views, everyone needs to be aware that strange fetishes are required, take it away and the crime rate will rise.

    a Crazy man who’s only comfort is a doll will smile and hold the doll calmly until he dies, you take that doll away and that crazy man will no longer be calm and is capable of unthinkable things. i can add more but you get the idea.

  • I’m sure they’d push to ban homosexuality too, virtual and otherwise, but loli et al. is an easier target atm.

    Their approach reflects a failure to recognize fundamental variability in human nature. Some people feel certain pulls, emotionally, and others don’t. One size does not fit all.

    Like say… first person shooter games do nothing for me, personally, and of course I’d hate to see people going Grand Theft Auto out here in reality. But does that mean I want to “BAN ALL FPS GAMES!” No way. Let people get their fix in virtual space. I’ll actually feel much safer that way than if the basic human cravings so many people feel went unanswered.

    Suppression is not the answer. >_<

  • Loli manga is not made for children you should have realised that in the first place before flaming it. If you can’t handle your children buying loli manga what kind of a parent you are? This is a stupid topic to even talk about…

  • “There is evidence…”

    No, there’s not. This is the same tactic as “some say…” If there was a real source, they’d be able to cite it. Instead, whoever is making that assertion wishes to remain anonymous because they know it ranges from questionable to utter bullshit.

  • Well, I am not used to commenting something however this one needs it. Banning fictional images of children abuse – if we assume all girls with A cup are underaged like Australians think – is against all logic. If we think in that way we will have to ban EVERTYHING from our mass culture which is somehow connected to any kind of crime.
    What do I mean: They assume that by viewing loli manga nad being a guy I am encuraged to become a pedophile so in the same way of thinking every person who does have a knife and wathed a movie in which someone getts stabbed is encouraged to do the same.
    Movies which contain violence are commonly considered as a non-violent way to relieave your anger without harming others by simply watching some violent actions (someone getting burned with flamethrower or slashed with katana 50 times). On the other hand lolis are somehow encouraging us to do this in real in the same way? I have watched many violent movies and I rarely hear about some guy murdering 70 people in 1 day and the truth is in Japan there are far less pedophiles than in USA or Europe. Therefore we should assume that by filfuling their desires with loli manga pedophiles won’t harm real children.
    I also suggest that they should start not by banning loli mangas but by jailing all those child molesting priests.

    PS. And I also agree that the best way to solve this problem is to kill them all. What about impaling? Or boiling them in oil? Ahh… those were times weren’t they?

  • while that,at equality now:
    “yes,first small breasted women…now drawing…we’re getting closer to our goal,my friend…

    let us get back our mone–…i mean men from these dfc!”

    …..feel like i’m missing the point..somehow..>.>

  • >”distorted thinking”
    Banning thoughts… whoa. I’m all for saving the children but trampling over basic freedoms like freedom of thought (how can you mess with that!?), never.
    Save the Children is run by morons or what? They want to turn the USA into an islamic country, where the government says what you can and can’t draw?(Muhammad)
    Now they ban this, what comes next?
    Putting people in jail for “encouraging distorted thinking”… that is not a free country anymore.

  • The REAL reason these zealots and feminazis are calling for bans is that want to TAKE OVER Japan!

    Japan is an OPEN and predominantly Shintô country and THEY, the 1% of Japanese that is Christian, wants to CHANGE THAT!!

    Most of them are Catholic, like the priests who have their wicked ways with little Altar boys and Anges Chan!

  • An obvious answer from me: “WE WILL NOT BAN LOLI MANGA!” or rather, “JUST BAN THE PEOPLE WHO ARE INTERESTED IN REAL LOLI INSTEAD OF THE 2D ONES FROM YOUR COUNTRY!” That is one-real-way to save the children, but it’s irritating me that BOYS are ignored because they don’t said “SHOTA”. Damn, I can see the future will be filled with the opposite force, SHOTA-CONs!

    • Shotas are probably not mentioned, because women are supposedly always victims of violent sexual crime, never perpetrator. To them (as well as a lot of regular people), there is no such thing as a woman raping a man and as a result, a woman is almost always seen as a victim, even when she’s actually the instigator. A man getting a hard-on is always said to be proof that he wanted whatever the woman did to him, despite biology stating that other factors can also trigger an erection and that it’s not always sex-related.

      From the way I see it, women like these are selfish hypocrites, who don’t care what their male counterparts want and are solely out to suppress men to pay them back for whatever men did to them long ago, all the while having all the pleasures of shotas and male porn to themselves.

  • Anyone that tells you they are re-born christian mean they done lots of immoral bad things. So if a re-born christian tells you to ban manga loli is because they had done the maxinum bad deed with child. They are convicts hippocrates and like addicts they will never change as such well repeat again. They always do. These moral extremist are like re-born christians just like the christian crusade that went around raping and murdering people they were trying to morally force feed their immoral values.

  • Hurray time for my 2 cents ^^

    OK i see it as if the loli style manga and anime are made illegal lets go to our local art galleries and start burning half the art in there, hell lets hit the churches last i checked Cheriubs are naked babies with wings and the law will state changing the “race”
    to make it not illegal isn’t going to help so let arrest all the preists and Curriators of museums and are galleries cause they are publically showing “child porn”. if they want to start this we can end it.

    • ifijifiji says:

      Well, that would probably be an effective solution, given that in the absence of cute children, most pedophiles would probably eventually come to the conclusion that life is not worth living. But is it really worth it to eradicate children as a means of protecting them? I tell you this, every child the state murders is a child who won’t ever have to live through the trauma of sexual abuse. And so long as attractive children exist, there will be people attracted to them. So we either annihilate the human race, or come to terms with the fact that some people are sexually attracted to children. I leave the decision to you.

    • If it’s like that, they are welcome to my continent or my country or my district or my village or my home or my room! Wait, if my they’ll be in my house, they won’t fit. I would welcome them as friend, but if they ARE my taste of cuteness.

  • this comment i found is just too rich:
    And with your viewpoint, regarding adults seeking out this material, I think we should ban the sale of all religious materials. After all, you put the Bible or the Quran in front of a mentally unstable individual and suddenly we get holy killing sprees.
    Incase anyone wants to mention people with mental problems.

    • Good point. I agree.

      A lot of these psychos actually cite these books, as the reason, for their actions.

      I don’t recall many (any?) “pedos” citing “Loli Anime/Manga”, as the reason, for their behaviour. It’s always “loud-mouth” interest groups that say they did it because of “Loli Anime/Manga”.


  • As Tex_Arcana said, if they were really interested in saving kiddies from perverts, they would be campaigning against the Catholic Church!

    Imagine the outcry if they campaigned to have CSI or NCIS banned. People (especially in the US) would laugh at them and call them moronic nut-jobs.

    Their real agenda is banning everything, except their 2000 year old handbook. They are just targeting media, that they think no-one will defend.

    That’s why they say “Loli Anime/Manga” is kiddie porn and if you don’t support a ban, you’re a “pedo”.


    • Azure Xuchilbara says:

      Their ‘just cause’ is twisted and self-righteous…

      They are far worse than the real-life women/child

      abusers…At least the latter is honest with their

      actions when committing acts of evil…

      EN is just hiding in the closet…

      • Again, need I point out that it’s only YOU saying that adults having sex with children are doing an ‘act of evil’.

        I had sex with adults as a child, and I have to say that IT IS NOT EVIL IN THE SLIGHTEST! It is only sex haters who wish to think that children are less able to make their own decisions than adults that see it as evil.

  • Save 2D lolis ! I mean if you love 2D lolis you should give them some rights too, or not ? 🙂
    Wouldn’t it be freaky when 2D characters would have rights too ? – then otakus could request a marriage with a 2D girl 🙂 They only need a Love++ game where the girl can say “yes” to “will you marry him ?”

    • but how will they get money then?
      Not like parents are gonna give it to them,or that they can actually work already and get that much money.The problem is the small effort it takes them to sell themselfs and how much money they get from it.There are almost no serious consequnces if a girl gets caught selling herself,becouse she can easily continue when they release her in a few hours,the adult will be the only one in trouble.Either there exist some proper punisment so they won’t sell themselfs,or society somehow should stop worthying sex with $$$$$$$$$$$$$ so much so they will have to do something else.Well it would be better if there existed some jobs that young people could work for and get payed for if they want money.Also giving some money to children who help alot with chores.

  • Don’t these fuckwads ever give up?

    I can understand the reason why you’d want to ban real child porn, but Heaven forbid you fapping to fictional ones of which the age is often not only dubious, but also a case of Older Than They Look or of which loli is merely a disguise.

    And what ‘proof’ do they have that:
    1. Loli porn leads to child porn.
    2. That child porn is used to lure kids into sexual activity (didn’t they once made this claim about adult porn as well?)

    And what about those priests in the Vatican who seem to love little boys more than they should, yet get a pat on the head by the Pope himself under the guise of: “They admitted they were wrong, so I forgive them.”

    I frankly think a world without loli porn would be a much dangerous one. Then real kids will REALLY be in danger. Of course, none of these cults want to admit that when that happens., they’ll be too busy stuffing their pockets with money from the ignorant people they tricked by exploiting their emotions.

    • well from what i read,this is what happens when you ignore male sexuality to normal grown women or don’t masturbate or if you demonize men for heterosexuality and unrespect men when they deserve to be respected for caring for people and women.
      What else can they do then abuse children if they ignore their sexuality,it’s wrong,since it’s dysfunctional and doesn’t have a real purpose and it’s damaging to the children,but many children could be saved if adults had some adult sexual therapies to help them and wouldn’t be so ignorant about their sexuality.
      Guess religion and society is unknowilingly producing child molestors.

  • This is beyond epic fail. This is GODLIKE FAIL at its best!

    People, groups or organizations like these are just cowardly using kids as a morality shield or excuse to take away another people’s freedoms, liberties or expressions.

    ::double facepalm::


  • I don’t think the manga loli is problem, its the actual child pornography that depict children engaging sex with the adult or other child is the problem. There are still existing website and pirated dvd disc(available in my country) that is the root cause of evil.

    • Actually, no, it isn’t a problem……… that is not the root cause of evil UNLESS you fall into the fallacy that there is something ‘evil’ about an adult having sex with a child, which I do not believe.

      Really, if we wanted to prevent children from being FORCED into sex, we would legalize pedosexuality, bring it out into the open, and allow children to be sexually propositioned OUT IN PUBLIC, with the people who harassed the pedosexuals being put into prison just like people who harass black and whites having sex together are today.

    • Problem with that is, all we do now is target the consumers of CP. While they’re certainly not innocent, the people who buy the DVDs aren’t really committing crimes on the scale of the people producing them.

      Murder is illegal everywhere, but we don’t go after the people who collect crime scene photos. It’s a weird hobby, sure, but nowhere near as bad as participating in the crime.

      • You can argue about which is the big crime and which is the small crime all you want. Fact is production, distribution and possession of child pornography are all punishable by the law.

        It’s precisely because of the revolting and twisted appetite of those who support the industry that we have people all too willing to supply child pornography.

        Ever seen any elephant shit porn? No? Why not? Maybe it’s because there’s no demand for it?

        • Furthermore, the argument goes both ways.

          CP is illegal, yet people are still making it, either because they enjoy flaunting their immunity to the laws, or because it can be extremely profitable in the monopoly that is the black market.

          when legal porn is losing money precipitously, and illegal porn is not, it’s time to examine if current tactics are effective.

        • Who defines that taste as “revolting and twisted”? You?

          Not that I support CP in any way (in fact it rather disgusts me) but I’d like people to think for a minute about WHO defines it as “morally wrong”.

  • And the congregation sent thither twelve thousand men of the valiantest, and commanded them, saying, Go and smite the inhabitants of Jabeshgilead with the edge of the sword, with the women and the children.
    And this is the thing that ye shall do, Ye shall utterly destroy every male, and every woman that hath lain by man.
    And they found among the inhabitants of Jabeshgilead four hundred young virgins, that had known no man by lying with any male: and they brought them unto the camp to Shiloh, which is in the land of Canaan.
    -Judges 21:10-12
    And the whole congregation sent some to speak to the children of Benjamin that were in the rock Rimmon, and to call peaceably unto them.
    And Benjamin came again at that time; and they gave them wives which they had saved alive of the women of Jabeshgilead: and yet so they sufficed them not.
    -Judges 21:13-14
    And they warred against the Midianites, as the LORD commanded Moses; and they slew all the males.
    And they slew the kings of Midian, beside the rest of them that were slain; namely, Evi, and Rekem, and Zur, and Hur, and Reba, five kings of Midian: Balaam also the son of Beor they slew with the sword.
    And the children of Israel took all the women of Midian captives, and their little ones, and took the spoil of all their cattle, and all their flocks, and all their goods.
    -Numbers 31:7
    And Moses said unto them, Have ye saved all the women alive?
    Behold, these caused the children of Israel, through the counsel of Balaam, to commit trespass against the LORD in the matter of Peor, and there was a plague among the congregation of the LORD.
    Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.
    But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.
    -Numbers 31:15-18

  • oh nice,another organization who wants to get attention and donation money to further their agenda,without proper proof.
    Here is a message for you.
    If people find this out it could reduce your donations and respect,like it did for equality now.Save real children,there are no children in such fiction,since they can be only called drawn characters

  • I never had a thing for lolis before I started reading loli mangas and browsing site like this so they might have a point.

    HOWEVER, it’s all about responsibility. Anyone with half a brain would know that committing these in RL would destroy their lives. Not only by the system, but the people, especially inmates in prison who really, really don’t like pedos.

    • Actually, that’s a lie…. the fact is that most people in prison have no problem with pedosexuals. I’ve talked with a bunch of prisoners, and the fact is that when I told them that I was a pedosexual, they were like “Whatever!”

      The only ones who are so ‘up in arms’ about pedosexuals in prison are usually child forcible rapists themselves or closet pedosexuals who have never had sex with a child.

  • There’s something about marriage that turns logical thinking adults into “Burn the loli manga!” activists in parent groups.

    You may protest against these Save the Children groups now, but you’ll change your tune and join them eventually.

    Well, except the hikikomori that never go out and get laid. But who cares about a bunch of basement dwellers who have turned their backs to society.

    • took the words out of my mouth, quick to the bomb shelter, it’s only a matter of time before one of these idiots get into a higher position of power and plunge the world into another dark age through the use of unconventional weapons and or purges like in the first dark age (if it indeed was the first >.>)

      *CoreFlood goes to check the prices on missile silo homes with room enough for basic living necessities to last his lifetime and his anime related collection*

  • I remember something Penn Jillette said when people first found out about Rapeplay (or is it Rapelay? I don’t know).

    “My mother loves reading murder mysteries. Does that make my mother a Murderer? No. Does it make her any more likely to commit murder? No.”

    A person is never the immediate product of their hobbies or intrests. Someone who is aroused by loli-Manga is satisfying himself on an IMMAGINARY GIRL!!!!!! I say much better that than raping an inocent little girl, and shattering that child’s world and mind for the rest of it’s life. There are plenty of people who like loli-Manga but are not at all interested in fucking a flesh and blood 10 year old girl. Just like there are plenty of people who like GTA but don’t feel the need to do drive by shootings or people who like Kung Fu movies but don’t feel the need to physicaly assault random people. There is a very big difference between reality and fiction, and if you’re gonna go against loli-Manga, at least make it fair and go against Sexuality AND Violence in Movies, TV, Video Games and all media.

    Also, for those who do have urges to fuck around with 10 year olds, wouldn’t you think that having loli-Manga around would make it easier to get some of those urges out? Instead of huddling it all in, and it’s unleashed all at once on some undeserving REAL LIFE little kid?

    • Dear, VillianousHanacha,

      As a lolicon, I am constantly dismayed that even intelligent and logical people are pushing out the idea that, “it’s better they jerk off to fictional children, then hurt a real child.”

      You see, that is entirely absurd. While I can’t speak for everyone, I am not sexually attracted to children. I like lolicon, and have no guilt, because it is fantasy. The whole reason it is appealing is because it can not happen in reality. The same reason I enjoy futanari, and many other fetishes that the wonderful Japanese have brought us.

      There is no correlation between fictional crime and real crime.

    • actually, there’s a loophole in that example used

      in most of the murder mysteries, the viewpoint is often from either the victims or the detective or his little Watson, not the culprit himself/herself.
      however in most if not all rape eroges you are playing the role of the culprit, not the heroic saviour, so there’s a difference in the perspective.

      not to mention there’s nearly no characterisation to the rapist themselves other than the basic cliche ones.

      that being said, some people are still being too conservative and often ignorant of the fact that the people that does the crime often are not the ones that read those materials, and people reading those materials has the same, if not lower, probability of committing those crimes.

    • Also, for those who do have urges to fuck around with 10 year olds, wouldn’t you think that having loli-Manga around would make it easier to get some of those urges out? Instead of huddling it all in, and it’s unleashed all at once on some undeserving REAL LIFE little kid?

      ↑ THIS

    • my thoughts exactly! a 2d loli is WORLDS apart from an actual child.
      unfortunately, I don’t think there is a light at the end of the tunnel for 2dloli media. The world is putting more and more pressure on it as it becomes more popular and well known.

      • If only it were more popular, then some sort of defensive movement could be mounted. But no. While it may be a common topic here, most people have not the slightest bit of interest in the stuff, so the instant some group yells, “ban CP!”, they’re on the boat with them.

  • before protect fictional childs Christian rights(that don`t exist)why they don`t care about REAL CHILDRENS, like in this old case ( “protect sexual norms and morals” of FICTION, why don`t they care about the moral of the politicians(….

  • You know what they should really make illegal to get rid of child pornography entirely? Children. Did you know, 100% of child pornography uses children? They are the leading cause of it, in fact. They need to be outlawed, for the good of the children.

  • It seems that any moral and well-informed person just can’t support any children’s charity nowadays. This hysteria is so widespread, there’s always going to be the risk that your money will suddenly be used to fight for oppression (of children and adults!)

  • Well, these Save The Children folks would indeed know all about child sexual abuse since they can get first hand opinions from the Christian priests.

    “Ooooh, you naughty naughty altar boy… Come ‘ere, Christ demands it!”

    • Actually, that isn’t what happens. I talked with a person who was ‘abused’ by a priest, and they said that the priest usually just asked them if they could touch them, not saying jack shit about ‘god’, and they let the priest do that, out of curiosity.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    And what’ll be next is a person facing comparable charges to a carjacking/manslaughter/robbery spree for playing “Grand Theft Auto” for that same logic can be applied elsewise if accepted…

    But I say “Thought Crime is NOT crime!”

      • Barbarian of Gor says:

        Like they don’t have this idea already?

        They are just starting with the Pedophiles because they are socially the most reviled. Even other groups that faced vicious prejudice in the past, notably Homosexuals usually can be rallied to help against them.

        And, IMO, the motives have very little to do with “Helping Children”.

        Depends on what country you are in. From reading about them, from here, their website and other places, the group most talked about here; “Equality Now” I think is composed of what the “Great One” warned about; “Modern Women who seek to Destroy Men”… They simply have an anti-male agenda, so are starting at the edges and working inwards to make every male feel and be treated like a brutal potential rapist and continue empowering women but also encouraging them to use their ‘rights’ to bring men down.

        The other part, the “End the sex trade” maniacs, in AmeriKKKa and EurAsia… That’s a “Combo” team of both the “Feminist” groups like I mentioned above along with the “Nucking Futz Fundiez”. They don’t care about “The Children” exploited, they are mainly fighting caucasian men going to Asia for cheap sex and worse, cheaply obtained cute, demure brides. The Man Haters can’t have men for a few years then divorce him to live off his labors and live in sin with a “Scumbag” on her terms if the man she wishes to exploit just gets disgusted talking to her, goes to Asia and comes back with a cutie. And it’s hard preaching “All Men are Scum” to try to get her to hate/hurt her husband to a lady who actually comes from a country where she’s a “Worthless Female” and men treated her like a punching bag or worse. The Nucking Futz Fundies, the other half of the equation are religious and/or racially bigoted “Good Christians” who just fear EurAsian and AmeriKKKan culture “Polluted” by this flux. Too many white men grabbing “Cute lil brown girls” and bringing them home to marry, the “Pure White Christian Race” will get polluted not just with “Darkies” but be influenced by other cultures, other cultures that they find inferior because of how poor they are, not counting the rape and exploitation of the British and AmeriKKKan empires.

        But none of these groups care about “The Children” they just use them to try to get to their goals, blocking of AmeriKKKan and EurAsian men from going to Asian countries and having sex/bringing back Asian brides. Once they close that door, they’ll split to leave people to starve or be in dire poverty. The “Modern Women who seek to Destroy Men” hate them as competition. The “Nucking Futz Fundies” will just toss a few “Chick Tracts” and leave, hoping they’ll burn in H-ll forever because they hate non-whites very much.

        The final part of the equation is the “Officials” who help with these nonsense and draconian laws. The reason is that the charge of “Pedophile!” has replaced that of “Witch!”. In failing states, officials often look for “negative stereotypes” to blame for current crises, and their own corruption/failures. “Witch!”, “Jew!”, “Faggot!”, “Communist!” all have been so used up. No one believes #1 anymore, though briefly in the 80s it almost re surged, Jews got too much power after WWII guilt tripping and two generations of media brainwash saying hating them is bad, Queers are mainstream and lots of people now want “Socialist” measures given the world recession and wealthy elite flaunting their latest Yacht despite it. But “Pedophile!!!” nobody wants to be near ’em or will dare defend them for fear of being accused as one, just as ye old medieval “Witch!” accusation was.

    • I’m pretty sure things like that already happen.
      Think about all the times a shooting/robbery/etc as been linked to:
      a) violent games
      b) violent music
      c) violent movies
      Even if you’re not convicted on that link alone, the fact that it may be used, with relative ease, to provide a picture of propensity to violence in which the crimes themselves are amplified is almost as bad.

      • The link between actual criminal violence and media violence doesn’t exist. Most of the criminals who have violent tendencies already have them throughout their whole life, it depends on their own mentality.

        The only reason why these scientists attempted to link crimes to media violence like video games, is to simply find a scapegoat to avoid blaming parent, society, etc. If the link to video games were true, then why were there murders occurring way before electricity was harnessed? Jack the Ripper, Vlad the Impaler, Genghis Khan, etc. They sought to commit violence, do they have an explanation for these individuals?

        Furthermore, there would be a lot more murders occurring if their claims were true, to the point where cities are covered in nothing but blood, because everyone is exposed to violent media every single day.

        • Plus, there is the fact that they are automatically assuming that people having sex with children are holding them down and forcing them into sex…. from my experiences having sex as a child with adults, I didn’t see that IN THE SLIGHTEST!

          Never saw that, except for 4 encounters, which, in 2, I was assaulted by people MY OWN AGE AND YOUNGER! In the other 2, I am merely assuming something happened from physical discomfort after waking up!

          I find it hard to believe, from the statements of other adults who had sex with adults as children and children themselves, that these ‘forced encounters’ are actually happening, except for when someone is grabbed off the street and raped.

      • Incorrect.

        We are actually at a very lowpoint of crime since video games came out. Instead of people going out committing crimes, we have more staying at home playing games.

        The biggest factor to violence isn’t games, but simply being male.

      • well she does have a mental ilness.So she is certainly not in position to say something like that,becouse she also can’t difference from fiction and reality as it seems.Maybe she needs to ban the books from herself XD
        And isn’t it funny they want to call us mentally ill and then use people who actually are mentally ill against us.

        • It’s funny how the world is built entirely on the unrealistic expectations of these religious fanatics, even though not everyone follows their religion. Religion seems to be the root of all evil nowadays, instead of uniting people, they create an even bigger division, and becomes the root of all conflicts.

          Remember, Evil didn’t exist until Religion was invented.

  • Christians telling that child abuse is the worst?, oh the hypocrisy… Why not ban religious twats that abuse real life kids?, or better, ban the bible, it says that selling your sister is an act of “wisdom” and that changing your kids for goat is one hell of a deal.

    • All I have to say is… if the world made sense would we have conflict like we do today?

      To me this whole issue of “morals” is another way of saying: “I think what you’re doing is wrong therefore you don’t have the right to freely express yourself.”

      … Something to that extent anyway, oddly enough if you think about it, it’s because of their freedom to express themselves that they get to spout this crap.

      If they seriously concede to these demands I wonder what they’d attack next. I swear it’s people like these that caused the dark ages to begin with.

      • Morals do not exist in any innate sense, thus there is no ultimate morality. Morality is simply developed by societies and is necessary in order for them to function and survive. Not to say everything is moral relativism, as in no society would senselessly murdering one another be of benefit to the group as a whole. Religions simply took the morals of their societies at the time, added in a few things about praising their deity, and sold that as the ultimate morality that ALL humans must follow, and hence people led to believe such try to push it on others because they’re convinced that they’re correct.

      • To quote the famous Carlin:

        -Children are not our future. And I can prove it with my flawless logic:
        Children CAN’T be our future because when the future arrives they won’t be children anymore so BLOW ME!

        R.I.P. Carlin, you who had such great sense of logic.

    • ^THIS

      Also, why don’t they get action movies and TV shows banned too? They portray violence and rape and killing and sex and are allowed to throw it at kids 24/7. What is the difference between that and loli manga?

      TV’s and movies are actually WORSE because they’re videos and pictures of REAL people. Manga and anime are drawn so they still have that line between fiction and reality.

      • Violence,Sex,and Rap In Movies=Sheer Brilliance
        Violence,sex,and rap in games and comics=A big no no

        -_- god these people are iggnorant there are worse things out there like I dunno real kids getting raped by people not influenced by Loli manga.I fear the worse equality now and them will merge to become one giant bitch of a company.

      • gotta agree with this,i find real porn sicker becouse it needs people and how they sometimes show it,lets not forget that it’s possible to get stds and other infections and problems when real people make porn.
        And what about drawings,no matter how they are drawn,they are still less disgusting then people,becouse it doesn’t need anyone then lines connected with a drawing,technicly they are only objects and can’t be called people.

        • Oh, what boring lives theirs must be without the access to imagination that the rest of us take for granted.
          I bet their idea of sexual arousal is releasing inane statements to the public and watching what ensues in orgasmic delight.

          Which is actually quite ironic when you consider that the children they’re – supposedly – protecting basically have nothing more than imagination to get by in the world.

          PS: Now this was a waste of perfectly good, articulate discourse (if I do say so myself). All these scum should get is a big fat “Go F*@# Yourselves!”.

      • don’t buy mass effect for your kids, it has a sex! get them MW2, cause you can slaughter 100s of civilians for the lulz.

        alternatively, a manga called “lolipop” thats about lolis. or violent dragonball and naruto

        worst case scenario;
        sex influence = rape or STD(pregnant)
        violent influence = (mass)murder or suicide

  • I would be laughing if it wasn’t for the fact that I know that those maniacs are serious about this. Elsewhere they trying to ban video games with violence in it for the same reason. What a bunch of hopeless idiots. Can’t prevent real crime, so they do this kind of shit to save face.

    • Hit the nail on the head. That is partially what this is about: they cannot prevent real crime, so they harp on this.

      The other part is that they know that if they leave lolicon alone, people will start to see that pedosexuality is no worse or better than heterosexuality (inside or outside marriage), homosexuality, etc. and will start telling them “LEAVE THE CHILDREN ALONE! If they are truly being forced into sexual situations against their will, they WILL come and tell you! That they AREN’T and that you have to THREATEN THEM (sometimes with threats of killing them) into reporting these people shows that they are enjoying these things, or are neutral towards them at worst!”

      • No, kill them with logic. Kinda like in Fallout 3 when you explained to the computer that it was useless and was merely using circular logic to justify it’s actions.

        There was a lesson to be learned in Fallout 3, may it be realized and applied here….

        Ah what the hell

        /me passes around pitchforks, clubs, and lanters.

        I love a good mob.. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

        In all seriousness, all of these accusations about certain types of works, such as loli manga, DO have some sense to them. It’s just any group that acts on it gets smoke blown up their ass and attempts to launch a crusade against all that’s unholy. It’s not and won’t ever be you read/watch therefore you are is the first thing. But secondly, while these asinine circle jerkers continue attacking fictional works, real children and teens continue to be exploited, raped, etc etc etc. Whatever happened to focusing on the mess at hand BEFORE even attempting to future proof something. Cart before the horse

        -.- Fuckers. All a bunch of hypocrites

        • correlation does not imply causation.

          then again, that’s the basis for a logical argument, and these people do not argue logically.

          It’s kinda like arguing with an 8 year old, or a retard, or an 8 year old retard.

          The thing that doesn’t help is manga fans, loli manga or not, tend to be, well, fanatical, and that doesn’t help the cause at all.

        • The “catharsis” argument that loli manga serves as an outlet for lolicon who might otherwise be drawn to real children is deeply flawed and you should not propagate it.

          If you are making this argument, you have just conceded that lolicon fans are actual potential child rapists and the only thing stopping them from attacking children and fulfilling their disgusting lusts is a supply of vile pornography. All this suggests is that they should be locked up to prevent them committing crimes when they run out of manga. It singles them out as immoral perverts.

          Similar arguments for violent games are never used. Playing violent games or watching violent media do not, it is said, predispose people to violence, nor do do they prevent violence by those who might otherwise do so.

          “GTA helps prevent murder by keeping killers off the streets and letting them sim-kill at home” – I think not.

          You should stick to similar arguments to those used in similar debates, based on freedom of expression and there being no demonstrable causal link between media usage and behaviour. Otherwise you are simply propagating a harmful fallacy which only harms the people you are clumsily attempting to defend.

        • @ Schrobby:

          I don’t know, that might solve too many problems in the world at once…

          Fem-nazis (Thats who you’re after), overpopulation (There are a lot of them from what I hear), censorship on everything (except maybe violence, considering that without, possibly even with government approved crusades on them everyone will say violence in the media caused this)

          Do you really wanna deal with all that goodness at once?

        • i dunno, maybe loli manga should come with a notice saying ´´child abuse r teh bad´´, sorta like cigarettes come with a ´´smoke kills´´ lable attached.

          that way everyone wins, the feminazis feel like they accomplished something and we get to keep the delicious cake.

        • of course they ignore logic(actually they don’t have good logic as men do),bring up bogus information,limit freedom of speech and break the first amendment when you say something bad about them,but if anyone else says something against them or if that someone is a man he would be suddenly called misogyn and his comments and scientific data will be deleted and he will probably lose his job(well it all depends where he is),but they can say all the words and hate speech they want without being limited and also the false information.

          I think one boy was disciplined at a school for saying they should kill hookers to keep the money,reffering to the gta game.

          Man speech opressed,they say it take it like a man,which means pussy.Men need to stand up and get their balls back and have a spine

          Women hate speech and misogyn comment and violence against men supported by your society.It’s all justifayable becouse of the past -_-.
          Double standart for women is the sickness of society becouse they let women to that to them,if only they knew how to be fair.

        • [b]You can’t get those fem nazis with logic. They just ignore it.[/b]

          Just look at the fact that Japan is one of the savest countries in the world for children and women, despite the abundance of pornography, real and/or drawn, of just about every imaginable “perversion”.

          Now look at South Africa. Rape is common there. Just about every girl got raped at least once. Guys get raped, too. Children and babies get raped all the time.
          Alas, they have very few porn. Loli doujin at every corner? Nope, not there. What a surprise.

          [b]Considering all that you have to conclude that masses of fetish porn reduce sexual crime.[/b] Only retards and deluded phantasts won’t come to this conclusion.

          [b]No, Fem nazis ignore each information working against them. They ignore logic. They manipulate statistics. They lie. They decieve. That is how they work.[/b]

          There is only one solution.

          The fem nazis need to be killed. All over the world. I sure hope the killing starts soon. They did enough damage already.

        • As I said before, morality depends on what the education system of a country does. Teach them what is morally right and chances are they will ignore loli manga and porn altogether.

          don’t blame the poor lolis for your country’s immorality, we like lolis a lot, but we don’t go around fucking innocent kids, coz we know better the difference between fantasy and reality.

          these people who call out to ban loli to save children are nothing more than hypos and assholes. Solve hunger and security first before trying to make lolis homeless you faggots.

          on that note stop the HULK from fucking blossom, buttercup and bubbles first before you pick on asian lolis you hypocrite charity you. all you want is a position in society to wipe your asses at. bastards

    • It is not encouraging child anything. The real world and the fictional world are two different things.

      Funny how these groups never mention how most of the people who like this art only like 2d not 3d (real life girls). But adding that fact will shot down their argument.

      In your mind then all violent and sexual movies/ video games should be banned because that encourages violence and the spread of aids.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree truth be told i used to look a real cp but after I found loli I backed out of it, luckly before i turned 18. These people never seem to understand that a pedo is a pedo no matter what and loli provides a fantasy to vent that fetish to. So if u remove that fantasy guess what happens.