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Men Risk Health & Bad Sex by Shirking Small Condoms


Men who wear condoms which are too large for them risk poor sex and STD infection, a study has found.

Sexological research conducted by the Kinsey Institute found 45% of men questioned had recently had sex whilst using an ill-fitting condom, and the risk of experiencing condom failure, whether by breaking or slippage, was doubled for these men.

Such men also often had trouble reaching orgasm, along with their partners, and once again faced twice the chance of having problems with their erection. These problems also contributed to early removal of condoms.

Problems with condom fit naturally also increase the risk of accidental conception or infection.

The study concluded by endorsing efforts to improve condom fit:

”Men and their female sex partners may benefit from public health efforts designed to promote the improved fit of condoms.”

Condom manufacturers might benefit from taking a leaf out of NASA’s book – the designer of certain Apollo spacesuit toilet facilities reportedly had trouble offering astronauts condom-like fittings which came in “Small,” “Medium” and “Large” sizes, as they would naturally all require “Large” fittings in line with their manly test-pilot status.

An engineer with spacesuit life-support system manufacturers Hamilton Standard came up with the solution – the sizes for the urine collection assembly attachments were renamed “Large,” “Gigantic” and “Humungous.”

A similar approach might work wonders for ordinary terrestrial condoms…

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