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Dance in the Vampire Bund Shafted


Loli vampire fans and TV station executives alike are exasperated to learn that Dance in the Vampire Bund has been Shafted in much the same way as Bakemonogatari, with the 8th episode being postponed one week, along with all subsequent broadcasts, due to production issues.

Speculation as to the immediate reason (the long-term reason appears to be producing 3 series with enough staff for 1) centres on the likely prioritisation of the Bakemonogatari episode 14 special over lesser anime such as Hidamari Sketch or Dance in the Loli Bund.

Considering the sales of a single Bakemonogatari disc (60,000+) could possibly exceed those of an entire second-tier series (5-10,000 per disc),  the decision to shaft the lesser anime may be commercially wise, but with the resounding success of Bakemonogatari, just what excuse Shaft has for failing to actually hire more production staff in advance this time is quite the mystery.

Opinions seem divided between those who praise Shaft for not merely broadcasting an incomplete episode (though in fact Shaft did this quite brazenly all the time during the broadcast of Bakemonogatari), and those who roundly condemn them as a bunch of tight-fisted jokers whose refusal to hire enough animators to fulfill their obligations to stations or fans is a shameful embarrassment.

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