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Sea Shepherd Boards Japanese Ship to “Arrest Captain”


Sea Shepherd’s latest brazen act of piracy involved the illegal boarding of a Japanese whaling vessel, with the captain being presented with an order to surrender to Sea Shepherd to face trial for attempted murder and to pay the group millions in restitution for supposedly sinking the Ady Gil.


The former skipper of the Ady Gil apparently approached the whalers on a jet-ski, hacked his way through safety netting and then clambered aboard the ship, intent on presenting the ship’s captain with a $3,000,000 bill for sinking his last ship, and demanding that the ship surrender to Sea Shepherd to face impartial Australian justice for the attempted murder of 6 Sea Shepherd pirates.

The Japanese ignored these theatrics and detained the intruder.

The boring Japanese version of events:

The Captain of the Shonan Maru No.2, a vessel in the Japanese Antarctic Research Program (JARPA II), gave notice today to the skipper of the former Ady Gil, Mr Peter Bethune, a New Zealand national, that in line with the Japanese Mariners Act he was taking necessary measures and restrained Mr Bethune.

Mr Bethune illegally boarded the Shonan Maru No.2 at 09:00 JST February 15 after using a knife to cut the vessel’s protection net. At that time, Mr Bethune cut his left thumb and has since received medical treatment from the Japanese crew. The Ady Gil skipper told the crew that, after boarding the Shonan Maru No.2, he had thrown the knife into the sea.

Mr Bethune is being held in custody on board the Shonan Maru No. 2. Besides the protective net tearing there is no damage to the Japanese vessel nor are there any injuries to the crew.

Doubtless Sea Shepherd’s version will include the hapless skipper being plucked from water by wicked whalers, injuring his thumb as he dodged a harpoon, only to be captured and forced to eat mercury laced whale meat by a gloating Japanese captain.

The ICR states in its Japanese press releases that it “cannot deny that we or another government agency may undertake legal measures in response to this illegal boarding of a Japanese ship,” however its English press release states only that the intruder is “in custody” aboard the vessel.

The Japanese foreign ministry issued the usual spineless platitudes, saying the incident was “regrettable”:

“We yet have not clarified his intention. Once we confirm the fact and nationality of the ship he belongs to, we would post strong protest and urge them to take an appropriate action.”

In previous incidents intruders were simply handed back to Sea Shepherd to continue raiding, so it seems they simply intend to ask Sea Shepherd to “take action” against one of their own.

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  • All I can say is the illegal Japanese Whaling fleet better pray I never win the lottery…..I’ll buy the Sea Shepherds a nuclear destroyer! Two if I can afford it!!
    By the way, to say the Sea Shepherds are racist is just plain stupid! They don’t care what country you come from as long as you leave the whales alone. If they are biased against anyone it’s stupid people that can’t see the simple value of a life….that, incidentally, has a brain the size of a Volkswagon! Wake up people!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Japan over-fishes and over-whales. Maybe they should take a hint. You may think this guy’s a nut case, but I respect him. He’s trying to make a difference. I don’t see Japan taking any definitive measures towards limiting the fishing and whaling quotas.

    One way or another, this is going to escalate. If six people have already died because of this, things need to be settled at the table post-haste.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yep And the whalers are just Doing it for Reserch Ya Right!

    Go Sea Shepherd!

    Lucky Whalers They get to use Real Ammo were the Shepherd crew uses only NON-Lethal stuff I Think the Sea Shepherd Crew should buy themselfs some Paitball Guns and use the pepper balls on them wankers.

  • Whatever the theories or opinion someone may have… we should go back to the original problem. Peter Bethune illegally boarded another countries vessel. That is considered PIRACY. When he goes to trial, he will be charged for it. His reasons because of his protest on commercial whaling is ‘moot’.

    Other countries ships would have shot him for piracy and legally it is their right. Imagine you are on you own ship and someone does not agree with your opinions and in the middle of the night they came on board to confront you?

    They claim themselves to be vigilantes, let them be treated the same way!

  • Yo, buddy.

    #1) the minke whale is NOT endangered and legal to fish and Study. for Science. And Tastebuds.

    I am not defending the Kiwi who purposely let himself get caught to launch the drama into the international court theatre. I mah let you finish, but I have to correct some stuff here.

    While Minke whales are not endangered, they are not legal to be fished commercially. The 1982 IWC moratorium banned commercial whaling from 1986 onwards and the ban have not been lifted since.

    The Japanese government could withdraw from the IWC, thus not subjecting themselves from the ban, but they choose not to. Instead, they let the whaling companies whale under the pretense of conducting scientific research.

    The scientific research is a sham, scientists everywhere have denouced it and criticized it for failing to meet the minimum standards for credible science.

    Also, if you like Japan and the Japanese people, you should not encourage whaling and especially the consumption of whale meat because the meat contains dangerously high level of mercury. They've tried to sell the meat in schools too, so if you love your lolis, then you should protect them.

  • exactly – ths is the same reason Equality now will protect 2d girl’s rights but forget there are attrocities like honor killings of unvirgin islam girls or general sexism in half the world. Cause if they went to Iran and mouthed off they would be arrested and stoned to death.

    same here – the japanese wont shoot back. I like the “Kick him in the water” idea – his friends weren’t around to save him he was on a jetski so yeah. Freezing in water would be a “GREAT idea”

  • The Faeroese islanders take more whales each year than the Japanese, and and make no bones about the fact that they do it to eat them. The Chinese take almost as many. The reason the Sea Sheep don’t go after those people is because they’d get their asses shot off. The Japanese are an easy target, unfortunately, because they won’t open up on them with a .50cal, which is sure as hell what I’d do if someone was fucking with my ship in the most dangerous ocean in the world.
    Whales like the Minke are not even remotely endangered. The only reason people snivel about them is because they are “charismatic megafauna.” However, even 100 years after major whaling stopped, we probably need to be cautious with the larger species like the bowhead, sperm, right, and blue.
    (I had whale meat in Japan a few years ago. It was delicious.)

  • LOL – LEGAL actions

    #1) the minke whale is NOT endangered and legal to fish and Study. for Science. And Tastebuds.

    #2) Purposfully interfferring with a business like a store is illegal. You can’t throw stink bombs into a Walmart because you Hate Walmart and want to stop people from shopping where they CHOOSE.

    #3) cutting the protective net is unwonton destruction of private property. Tresspassing is also a crime. As is attacking with CHEMICAL WEAPONS deemed illegal by the Treaty of Versaille, France.

    #4) the Douchebag law – GTFO my SHIP *kick into ice water – and tell his Whale Fucker friends – “OH he lost his grip and fell overboard. Gomennasai, Sayonara, Sayonara ^_^

  • The Sea Shepherds had better knock off the escalation. At some point, someone is going to be killed because of their antics, and if the SS are unlucky and the victim is Japanese, there will be harsh measures imposed against the group. Any SS casualties will just show the dangers of attempting to invade private property.

    Also, trying board a ship that does not want to be boarded is best done with helicopters, MP5 submachineguns, tactical armor, and a destroyer on standby. If the Japanese had been serious, they could have use water hoses to flush the miscreants from their deck, as well as having bringing out various tools used in the engine room (As well as the actually whaling.) to stop them cold.

    I predict the Sea Shepherds – who are stupid enough to try to get oil tankers and liquidified natural gas carriers (i.e. floating bombs.) to beach themselves around ports, will eventually and mistakenly mess with a French vessel, at which time the Japanese can let the French take care of business.

    • Let the FRENCH take care of it??? Are you flipping kidding me??? Since when have the French taken care of ANYTHING but a bottle of wine! They depend on the US to take care of their dirty business! If it wasn’t for the US, the French would be speaking German now.
      Grow a brain and use it for something besides a hat rack!
      God Bless The Sea Shepards for doing something to stop an attrocity!

    • If you mean the captain of the Ady Gil wrecked his boat intentionally, then I agree with you. Google “ady gil video destroyed” its a nice video taken from the SS’s “BoB Barker”.

      Imo, there is no way though that it proves deliberate action by either vessel, yes the whaler was turning towards them, but its on the smaller vessel to keep out of their way. The fact that no attempt at avoidance was made suggests both sides are guilty.

      2x540hp in a boat of that type says they had more than enough accelation potential to outmanuver any attempts at ramming by the whalling vessel. The fact they lost it just makes them incompetent, it doesn’t make the whalers “more guilty” than they are.

      Comments posted above are my opinion and are far from an expert view, I do have reasonable experience piloting a few smaller ocean going vessels, so I’d at least like to think I have a fair idea of whats happening.

  • Again a counter argument to the original article with respect to the whole illegal entry aspect.

    “However, Donald Rothwell, a professor of international and maritime law at the Australian National University, said Bethune’s boarding was not illegal under international law, unless he planned to do harm to the crew or imperil the safety of the Shonan Maru 2. Merely making a demand or presenting a letter and a bill did not constitute terrorism or piracy.”


    • not illegal?

      you cut people safety net and boarded their ship them without autorisation is not illegal? Impersonating autority of australian and serving them a order is not illegal?

      What the different with breaking down others door to enter people house.

      and do that Professor, does he even know what does safety nets do? breaking people safety nets to what? endanger their safety.

  • making an example of him is what should be done i would just strap him to the front of the boat for all to see this is going to get out of had if nothing is done about those mercs(because that is the only reason they are there).

  • Who are the morons giving Sea Shepherd money to continue these dangerous stunts? They aren’t really saving whales. They are just a bunch of attention whores out to get money, so they can buy some multi-million dollar speedboat to get rammed by a slow ass fishing vessel. There are 5 ships in the whale fishing fleet and all Sea Shepherd had done is harass just one bloody ship.

    Even Equality Now got much better results kicking the balls of eroge game companies without throwing away multi-million dollar equipment. Goes to show women are the ones with brains.

  • And yet Japan continues to hunt whales illegally in Australian waters and against the wishes of the IWC….how can you be concerned with a man boarding a ship when you country continues to undertake illegal activities.

    • As people have said, the boundary for territorial waters is shady at best. The only people I have heard claim the whalers are actually fishing in Australian waters, not just passing through is Sea Shepherd.

      I have no proof of this, so your just gonna have to take my word (if someone finds the media report, please post it): A while ago the Australian navy was “convinced” (read activist/media influence) into scouting out the whalers for suspected illegal fishing in our waters. After a number of survailence flights over a fair period their report found no evidence that the vessel had been conducting any sort of fishing activity in our territorial waters, all whaling was carried out in international waters.

      The reason they found nothing might be that the whalers knew and purposefully didn’t fish for a while, but both sides have accused each other of chartering tourist flights to keep an eye on each other’s ships, so i doubt the occasional flyby would cause too much suspicion. Besides, you’d expect the navy to be capable of at least a base level of subtlty

      • Yeah, that must be it. The whaling fleet is so clever that they’ll know when the Australian navy will come checking. It’s like, they’re psychic, man.

        There’s no way the whaling fleet could actually be innocent of illegal fishing. Even if nothing is found or proven, the whaling fleet is still guilty, because they are evil men killing whales!

        Now I know why Australia is run by retards.

        • Anonymous says:

          holy FUCK what a bunch of sensationalist bullshit in this entire thread. The bottom line is that they are killing whales ILLEGALLY, I cant believe how many of you are supporting this.

          Fuck them! the SSC are heroes and this thread (along with the story) are making them out to be some kind of crazy terrorists.

        • I’m guessing your not an Aussie, there was an absolute media storm before and during the operation (going off the dates posted on the SS site). The point is, there is a very small chance the whalers didn’t know about it while it was happening… In case the point was a tad too complex for you, I was making points from bother sides of the arguement.

          I never said they’re completely innocent, i’m just saying there has been no proof that they’re illegally fishing on a large sca…

          Wait a sec: “because they are evil men killing whales”… *facepalm*
          Thankyou for discrediting everything you said for me with your blatant generalisation.

          As for Australia being run by retards, i couldnt agree more, just in the future don’t make the mistake of thinking those running this country represent the majority of people living in it. There’s a reason we hide them away in Canbera.

  • While SS probably means well, their methods of proving that aren’t exactly worth of all the praise they seem to be getting from a lot of people (generally speaking). If you have to damage, destroy or otherwise attack an ‘enemy’ vessel (sometimes even at the cost of your own), I think you’re not much less of a criminal than you accuse your enemy of being.

    Worst part is that these bozos are heavily sponsored and could live a life of extreme luxury with all the donations they seem to be getting. I mean, a high-tech speedboat just for the sake of having it? And then complain or even sue when you ram it against a giant trawler and wreck it?

      • The Sea Shepherds has a history of intentionally ramming people’s ship for the following results:

        1. Attempt to sink the target vessel.
        2. If their own ship is sinking instead, request for help to board the target vessel, then proceed to attack the crewmen severely and damage their ship’s controls. (Sea Shepherds have done this before to the crew of the Maru, which is why they wouldn’t rescue the Ady Gil crew when they requested for it.)
        3. Attempt to file lawsuits in order to bankrupt the vessel’s company.

        If you look at the video of the Ady Gil closely, you can easily spot the engines revving some bubbles behind them in order to move the ship forward a bit more when the Japanese ship was turning away from them. They intentionally wanted the vessel to ram them, and they have stated right on their own website before that they were planning on this attack.

      • It doesn’t matter, law and common sense obliges the smaller, more manuverable party (ss’s million dollar toy) to keep a safe distance away from larger vessels surrounding. If they’re close enough for there to be a possibility of an accident they’ve already breached that duty. Ofc the fact that it occured far enough out for the juristicion to be more than a little cloudy ensures that no-one’s gonna be able to hold them accountable, and considering anyone shouting “save the whales” has got the media by the balls, they aren’t gonna do it.

        As a final note though, the comment about them being heavily sponsored is unfortunately true. Everyone’s rushing to have various “flavour of the month” groups endorse them, leaving SS with a truck load more money than they know how to make sensible use of

    • Too be honest, yes I would laugh.

      These sea shepherd guys have gotten too addicted to being in the media spotlight that they have forgotten that the best way to get a message across is to talk to those that are involved.

      My solution, save that money that they would spend on their boats, and pay for advertisments in timeslots that are most watched by the demographic that is the largest consumer of whale meat, and make said ad something that they can relate to.

      As the wildaid campaign says; “when the buying stops, the killing can too”.

  • Sea Shepherd is nothing but a group of media-whores with delusions of grandeur. But, since they have upped the ante from protesting to actual piracy (yes, their actions do meet the legal criteria), they should be treated as pirates and be eliminated by whatever means, militarily or legally, deemed necessary.

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind if someone sent a destroyer and blew the mofos out of the water.

      • Mabey, Mabey not… At any rate, there is no doubt that some of their past actions have borders dangerously close to piracy. Poorly defined territory boundaries ftw, if it was easier to confirm where all these incidents took place maybey we’d at least see some extraditions, who’s getting extradited and on what charges… guess we’re all gonna have to wait and see

  • This is really going too far. I definitly am for conservation, and I believe that animals should only be killed for the purpose of eating them, but the Sea Shepherd are acting like idiots. The only way the conservation movement works is if you build sympathy amongst the masses. Spraying a ship’s crewmen with acid, or boarding their ship illegally is not only wrong on just a concept of common human decency, but it shatter’s your good public image. And a conservation group with a bad public image is a declining or non-existant conservation group.

    And the Japanese Government may be acting in typical pussy fashion now, but even the gentlest people will retaliate eventually. And Sea Shepherd should fear that day, because it’s the gentle people who strike back the fiercest, hardest, and the most violently when finally pushed over the edge.

    On the other hand, Sea Shepherd will probably welcome that day, because anyone who gets jailed (in an actual jail), beaten, tortured, or even killed, will be instantly made into a martyr, and it will be their new podium to show the “evils of the whaling industry”. So maybe the Japanese Government is holding back any decisive/violent action because they know the Sea Shepherd will take that responce, shove it right back in their faces, and become stronger because of it.

    A case of indecisive pacifism or holding back your true strength? What do you think? (I feel it’s the former)

    • “This is really going too far. I definitly am for conservation, and I believe that animals should only be killed for the purpose of eating them”

      You mean research, don’t you? Eating them is the reason why they’re catching them in such large numbers in the first place.

    • Azure Xuchilbara says:

      Reminds me of that f*cktard a couple of days ago that kept throwing incendiary grenades on the entire team when I was playing the “Lost Planet 2” demo because I stole that Plasma Rifle on the 2nd ledge just at the beginning of on Area 2…

  • This is idiocy.

    The Sea Shepherds rely, on the most part, on the goodwill of the people they protest against in not killing them. Note that I don’t use the word murder here, since murder is a crime.

    International waters mean that the subject of crime is largely a moot point. Which is why the Sea Shepherds get away with stuff like launching mild acids at sailors or boarding a ship in the first place.

    If they keep this up, someone is going to get fed up and a member of the Sea Shepherds is going to die when the whalers retaliate. They’re essentially sitting right next to the biggest kid on the playground, holding their hands right next to his face, and yelling “I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you!”

    They are going out of their way to piss people off in a setting where the only fallout is political, not criminal. If someone gets seriously injured, they’re going to cry foul, just like with the Ady Gil.

    • Boozedimpulsegundam says:

      hey bad things happen at sea all the time. If those dumb assholes die, because they tried to ram a speedboat into the side of a whaling ship. I am ok with it. If I were the whalers i would sink ’em because they are flying pirate colors.

  • I don’t know what’s more amusing. That these pirate wannabe morons are actually getting tolerated by the Japanese and getting offered first aid when they pull off stupid shit like that or the fact that they’d get thrown overboard or worse if they tried that against a USA or European ship for example.

    • He received aid because international law basically states you have to give aid to a prisoner. Oh, and also because the crew of these whaling vessels are not terrible blood lusting monsters but rather normal people. The US gives full care to their foreign captives, including medical treatment that would not normally be available in their country (it is an argument about national medical coverage that detained foreign terrorists receive better medical care and for free than American citizens).

      Also, if you read the latest Japanese news it’s quite apparent they intend to bring this wannabe pirate douche bag back to Japan for sentencing. I’d guess at this point he’ll get several years hard labor. Since he committed crimes against the Japanese and the proceeded to illegally board their ship (an illegal act by international maritime law which he can be tried for separately by an international maritime court) he will be tried for crimes of Japanese law in Japan.

      Just some additional points some may not be aware of or have forgotten:
      *This guy was the captain of the ship which collided with the Japanese vessel; after reviewing the video footage the experts agree the Japanese vessel could not have avoided the collision and the Ady Gil captain (this guy) was at fault.
      *Lethal weapons (metal arrows) were found in the wreckage of his ship.
      *He was captured on video the day before using a compressed gas cannon to fire bottles onto the deck of a Japanese ship; the same incident which lightly injured 3 Japanese crew.

      And at this point how these issues will be handled is entirely up to the Japanese courts unless New Zeland strikes a deal to get him back… which is not likely to happen as even the New Zealand foreign minister condemned the mans actions and in an indirect fashion requested Japan deal with him as they feel appropriate.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Here’s the other side of the story.

    And, like I said, the SeaShepherd is being real nice. The only ‘damage’ they do is exposing their blatant illegal, excessive and grotesque harvesting of ocean life.

    Like, off the Galapagos they filmed some people laying a long fishing line and then the people panicked, dumped their equipment and ran. Even though they caught them just laying the line, it already had killed many creatures including those that wouldn’t be edible and just thrown away. (bycatch is the word) They were able to rescue some animals at least. Note that they aren’t sabotaging, this is an incident where they caught illegal fishing, including where “Ghost nets” just float killing things, but nobody claims ownership.

    • And doing so they used just how many gallons of fuel, polluting our oceans and atmosphere?

      You “eco-activists” should seriously shut the fuck up, because you’re doing as much as the bigwigs flying around in their private jets to attend eco summits which have, up to this point, never done any real good.

      • Barbarian of Gor says:

        You guys are just rabid “Japanophiles”…

        They could have a TV festival celebrating the “Rape of Nanking” and you’d cheer them on and if I offered a differing opinion you’d insult me.

        • Barbarian of Gor says:

          “Godwin’s Law” supposedly is just for “Hitler/Nazis”.

          And, it’s invoked by the right wing every morning on “Talk” radio where they accuse the “Left” of “Repeating a lie so often as to become a truth” then rave about Global Warming being a Myth and Obama being a non-us citizen out to do some horrible and possibly satanist thing to all of us, starting with pulling the plug on Grandma…

          So it’s already invoked in bizarre, wretched excess…

          Also, I remember there’s every few years some “Nanking” scandal that swings both ways. Sometimes, it’s a manga artist who makes a Manga that “Exposes” it and then the publisher cancels it amidst protests. Other times he either is “Revisionist” or, alternatively at least is honest and revels in the slaughter and rape… Then it’s China screaming at the Japanese Prime Minister who is begging the publisher to cancel it… But, mainly cause China wouldn’t likely print the Mangas, the PVC cute action figures and print the DVDs, these things don’t reach AmeriKKKa…

        • That’s like saying you should read the pro-aryan website to get the ‘real views’ of why the lolocaust wasn’t bad.

          Don’t be an idiot, because you’re surely sounding like one.

          You do not go to a propoganda sight of a bunch of sensationalists hoping to get any kind of truth. The entire purpose of such sites is to contaminate and twist the truth to make their efforts seem in the best of lights.

          Frankly, if they want to play pirate, they should all be shot, just like pirates. I’m sick and tired of people doing illegal things in the name of nature or some other obscure shit, just to be let off because people can’t cuntpunt hippies without getting negative press.

    • so you’re one of those stupid people that feels it’s o.k. to kill thousands and thousands of people but gets angry if whales get killed?

      i don’t agree to either, and nukes not only kill people, fool

    • It looks like the highest concentration of treehuggers is in America, so we should nuke it with neutron bombs (bombs designed to emit a lot of radiation, but a comaparatively small blast – kills people, but leaves most of the infrastructure intact). Also, drop a few of those bombs on forests – to kill the animals the treehuggers wanted to protect.

      That will show the rest of the treehuggers to shut up or get their country nuked too.

    • I know. But I know that North America and Europe should deserved to get nuked, clearly they need a wakeup call.

      As for the those guys at sea shepherd, I am surprised they weren’t just fed to the whales or executed (slit throat with knife style) >:)

  • that captain of the sea shepherd must be feeling like an ass now.

    boarding an enemy ship illegally to serve a notice -> cutting his thumb -> getting treated on the enemy ship -> detained by the crew -> highlighted all over international news

  • Of course the foreign ministry would give a spineless response. Its an open secret that whatever research gained from studying the stomachs of whales is about equivalent to a pile of shit. Almost unanimous agreement says that studying whales this way doesn’t provide any useful information, and considering the dearth of actual findings from the Japanese science ministry, its clear that the only reason for these whale hunts is to give the stodgy old Japanese power brokers some delicious whale meat.

    As for this guy in the article, I would have tossed him overboard. Fucking dumbass.

    • Not to mention the criminal Japanese govt shamelessly ignoring the smuggling and sale of whale meat on the blackmarket in the heavily tax payer funded industry. Then charging two innocent Japanese whistleblowers and in the process contravening both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to whitewash the whole scandal.

    • I doubt a whaler would get killed. Such activists are usually very timid about taking any extreme measure. A member of Sea Shepherd is more likely to be killed first.

      Am I the only one who opposes the whaling that’s done? I mean, if they’re only hunting whales that have stable populations, it’s ok, but I can’t stand the disingenuous audacity of claiming they’re doing it for “research”. Research into what? More efficient canning methods?

      • “1986: S.S. activists ordered to leave Faroese waters during whale harvest. Ignoring the order, Faroese police try to board the S.S. S.S. crew fires a line rifle and throw signal flares at police dingy. Petrol was poured into the water around the dingies and flares were used in what was preceived by the police to be an attempt to set the petrol on fire.”
        “2002: Arrest warrent issued in Costa Rica for Paul Watson for attempted murder and destruction or property resulting from an altercation with a Costa Rican fishing vessel.”
        “2002: “We should never feel like we’re going too far in breaking the law” – Paul Watson, Animal Rights convention 2002″

        Add to that all of the attempted and successful sinkings of marine vessels by the Sea Shepherds, it doesn’t seem unlikely that they will eventually draw first blood.

        • They are using rpg’s, maybey not your stock standard terrorist variant, but there a numberous pictures showing it, most posted by them, and their site even admits to “firing (acid) rockets” at the whaling ships.

          High explosive, or just a small detonator, the fact is they’re propelling an explosive/high pressure charge towards another vessel, it might be an irritant as opposed to harmfull, but so is taking a boat load of hostages… if everyone co-operates.

          All that said, no-one’s gonna bring either or them to justice, SS, with their media stints have turned it into 2 kids slapping each other in a playground. Best thing to do if thats happening: sit back and laugh as they humiliate themselves

        • I’ve never heard of them actually sinking a ship. And I would still call what they do timid. The “acid” they use is the chemical that is used in stink bait – bait used for catching catfish and some other fish. Lemon juice would burn you worse. It’s not like they’re using AK-47s and RPGs; they’re making the boat smell bad.

          As for media whoring, yes, that much seems plausible. I just wonder if TV spots and ads would actually do anything. Sea Shepherd doesn’t really engender sympathy though.

          P.S. I wouldn’t call myself clueless, I might be the only one of you that’s actually watched an episode of Whale Wars.

      • i also don’t agree to whaling endagered species for “research”, but they’re just wasting the supporters money and everyone else time. Juust like what rockbottom said good old fashion tv propaganda would work much better than looking like a stupid attention whore in the middle of the freezing ocean…

      • “timid about taking extreeme measures”

        A grenade/rpg doesnt change its nature just because someone replaces the explosive charge with a small detonator and fills it with an “environmentally friendly” acid.

        Neither do i consider trying to play dodgems with a however-many tonne whaling ship “timid” or sane for that matter.

        Whether u agree with whaling or not, the point of most of these comments is that the only thing sea douchecake’s methods are achieving is giving the media a tvgasm.

      • No, but you’re probably the only clueless one here. Lots of people here oppose the whaling. We just can’t take seriously the joke that the Sea Shepherds have become. If they sold their damn boat and bought some ad time on Japanese TV it would be much more sensible and effective. These guys just want fame and could care less about the whales.

        • the truth is unless your are one of those weirdos you don’t understand the harm we are doing to our planet, but also these fishermen have families they need to feed, of course its not impossible for them to get other jobs but people resist change and thats the way its gonna stay

        • Because nobody cares about the environment!

          You might – me for this, but it’s the truth. Only those weirdos at studying humanities like anthropology or something like that actually do.

          If anything, environmentalists just need a better approach. Like… making a movie…oh wait.

          Wow we are screwed.

        • wtf are you talking about , buy time on japanese TV talk show to get attention . No one gives a fuck unless you go to extreme measures . Environmentalists were screaming for past 30 years and no one was listening .