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Top 10 Most Embarrassing Things Your Boyfriend Does


Japanese women asked to rate the most unseemly and embarrassing conduct they felt a boyfriend could get up to provide a list which might lend some insight into just how best to avoid looking an utter fool in the eyes of the fairer sex.

The ranking:

1. He has bad table manners.

2. He gets angry at shop assistants who make mistakes.

3. He pretends to know things he doesn’t.

4. He brags about past evil deeds.

5. He tries to get you to kiss him when other people are around.

6. He dashes for empty seats on trains or buses.

7. He speaks in an accent other than his own. [i.e. uses Kansai-ben despite not being from Kansai]

8. He asks things like “Do you love me?” when other people are around.

9. He asks how much you think his clothes cost.

10. He blows his hair about.

Narrowly missing the top 10 were “doing his hair using his reflection in a window” and “unconsciously using old-fashioned language.”

The list for embarrassing girlfriends.

Not unreasonably, it seems good manners and civil behaviour are considered crucial by both genders…


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