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Square Enix Fakes Final Fantasy XIII Comparison Shots



Square Enix has been caught passing off faked comparison screenshots of the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of top tunnel crawler Final Fantasy XIII as evidence there is no difference between the two versions.

Square Enix gave “official comparison shots” of the two versions to a site gullible enough to post such a thing; even casual observation revealed some images to be completely identical, whilst others merely had the button graphics switched around:


Even were the versions graphically identical, there would be noticeable differences in the file properties and details such as lighting and resolution.

The Xbox 360 port has already been singled out by eye-witnesses as being inferior to the PS3 original (and Square already admits the version will have lower quality pre-rendered cutscenes), so these images appear doubly deceptive.

Square Enix later issued a statement claiming the insertion of Photoshopped fakes was “obviously not intentional”:

“We are looking into how the FFXIII altered screens ended up in our presskit & will update asap. This was obviously not intentional…”

Just how did they get there?

In any case, the subject of port differences in a major title like this is probably far too sensitive for any truthful response to expected from Square Enix, a company which does not in any case have the best reputation for media relations.

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