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Sora no Woto Otaku Makes Pilgrimage from Japan to Spain



A 2ch otaku has seemingly undergone one of the more devout sacrifices possible by the breed by making a pilgrimage from Japan to the historic city of Cuenca, Spain to pay homage to scenery of the town used as reference material for the sublime Sora no Woto.

The otaku originally made a post on 2ch, linking to his barebones homepage which details the time of his photoshoot (Feb. 9’s afternoon) and a brief description of the 3D scene backdrop ‘s relationship to certain scenes from the anime.

As is usually the case with such things online (especially with something from 2ch), there must be an element of doubt involved, but the amount of effort involved with acquiring such anime-accurate photographs of the ancient town, creating a webpage, and accurately modifying the EXIF data does suggest our otaku friend is telling the truth…

Here is his introduction at the top of his site:

Afternoon of Feb. 09, 2010.

There’s 413 (total images.) They’re all pretty rough. I would’ve liked to have made comparison images, but I forgot to bring the source material, so this was the best I could do. I don’t take photos very often, so I’m not too used to this.  Please forgive the pictures for being somewhat crude.

Here are all but one of the photos he has posted at his site, along with the best comparison images from the show we could find right underneath the pertinent 3D photos:



The above images of the red bridge come from Episode 01.



This impressive comparison comes from Episode 04, when Noel and Kanata went out to the town for some shopping.



“I sort of felt reminded of Ep. 1’s ‘Move Forward!’ moment, but I’m not sure.”

The anime scene above comes from the scene the photographer refers to in the above quote.

It does take a bit of imagination to match the images up…


This comes from the show’s ED, and is again an impressively close match-up.



Again, this comes from the ED.

It is not hard at all the make the comparison in this one, another excellent shot.



“This is from when Kanata seemed she was about to fall.”

This last comparison involves another scene from Episode 01, just after Kanata had taken her bath and ran to the balcony to gaze at the scenery outdoors.

Truly, if the otaku-photographer is telling the truth here (something which might be confirmed if he uploads the rest of his photos), his otaku power level would indeed be something of legend…

The photos can be viewed in their full sized glory at the original webpage.

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