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“I’ll Do You If You Do My Homework For Me”


A student who offered to have sex with anyone kind enough to complete her programming assignment has been at the centre of a scandal after her boyfriend found out about the affair and exposed her to students and faculty.

The girl, a student at Bejing’s prestigious Tsinghua University, was set a programming assignment in C, but apparently computers were not her strong-point and she found herself unable or unwilling to complete the assignment.

Instead she made an offer to male students: in exchange for completing the assignment she would spend a night with the helpful man in question. She was soon able to submit her completed assignment.

However, her boyfriend found out about the matter and was furious. In proper vengeful boyfriend style he posted all his pictures of her, along with her personal details, up on the university forums.


Fortunately for her, it seems these were non-erotic in nature.

Students were outraged at the affair, denouncing her comport as “shameful” and “not the correct way to do homework.”

2ch for its part was more interested in code examples.

It is not clear what grade she received for the sex-traded homework or whether she faces official sanction.

In recent years there have been an increasing number of scandals involving sex surfacing at Chinese universities, although it seems the usual pattern is the more direct and traditional approach of a female student having sex with a professor in exchange for elevated grades.

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