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Sea Shepherd Fires Acid Rockets at Japanese, Injures Three



Sea Shepherd’s terrorist attacks on Japanese ships have for the first time drawn blood after the group fired rockets filled with acid onto the deck of a whaler, injuring three crewmen.

Several of Sea Shepherd’s ships approached a Japanese whaling vessel in Antarctic waters, and began a lengthy series of attacks.


The Japanese ship filmed Sea Shepherd as they launched a number of acid containing “rockets” at their ship, landing on the deck and spraying three crewmen with butyric acid.

The crewmen complained of pain and swelling to their faces and eyes, and received first aid onboard; it is the first time the group has directly injured crewmen with its attacks.

Sea Shepherd claims the acid to be a “non-lethal weapon,” although it appears this could describe any acid used in this fashion, and there have been claims the acid is contained in glass vessels which break on impact.

Wikipedia describes the acid as “corrosive to skin and mucous membranes, and hazardous to marine life.”

The Sea Shepherd ships reportedly also attempted to foul the propellers of the Japanese ship, and used “high powered lasers” to disrupt their operations.

Cameras on both the whaling vessel and the Sea Shepherd ships recorded the incident; a source with the Japanese explains that “they’re doing it for the cameras – one of these days soon there should be a large scale attack.”

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary condemned the attacks: “This is outrageous. Fortunately nobody was severely injured, but this affair is most unfortunate.”

The Institute of Cetacean Research claims to be pursuing international legal action to “stop their violent acts and unmask the perpetrators,” but the government itself has still yet to do anything in defence of its ships save lament how “unfortunate” and “regrettable” it all is.

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  • In my humble opinion, the Sea Sheperds are taking quite some desperate meassures to make their objectives.
    But that is because they have been pushed to do so.
    What those Japanese whaling ships are doing has none other name than senseless slaughtering, and somehow they have to be put to a stop. And if a person is not willing to listen, then some force must be used to get him/her to it.
    If you disagree on this, then please suggest me another solution.
    But if that solution is to let the whalers be, then I really pity you.
    Oh, by the way, the whalers have also used firearms against the Sea Sheperds, as an extra fact

  • I don’t get the Japanese. They say they’re whaling for scientific research but last I checked scientists didn’t eat what they killed. Also, if we can take accurate measurements on and of other planets why can’t they do the same with whales?

  • While I don’t agree with their methods, I do think that this supposed “research” whaling needs to stop.

    Not only is this whaling an outright perversion of international law the meat of many whales contains dangerous levels of mercury. Everyone is being harmed by this.

    What needs to happen is there needs to be an international agreement not to hunt Whales. We need to come to this agreement diplomatically. Then we won’t need these extreme environmentalists.

  • Look, lots of acids are harmful in concentration. Even acetic acids (from vinegars) are dangerous to aquatic life.

    Lactic acids (from milk) sounds damn dangerous in its concentrated form too.

    But really, how would marine life come into direct contact with the acid when it's going to be diluted by the sea water and especially when rancid butter only contains 3%-4% butyric acid concentration. The foam caused by the ships should be pretty strong to dissipate the solution too.

    To the "sea shepherd are murderers" guy, I don't see that list extending to the events in the discussion. In fact, the list disappointingly ended at 1993. In court, or in any logical discussion histories don't change current facts.

    To the fake ship conspiracy guy, wow, sorry to disappoint you, but have a look at the picture below to see what Shonan maru 2 actually looks like.

    Those whaling ships look alike. They have top deck & lower deck. and the top deck have white railings. Please take your own advice and study your materials more thoroughly first before trying to prove that they've used an old footage for the purpose. (nice try though)

    Lastly, to the "LOL Wikipedia" guy, looks like you didn't actually go to the link I provided, because it's actually a link to the reference used by the Wikipedia article which is a legitimate letter that came from the site below.
    Can you explain how any of those data you mention would require the killing of the whales?

    Also, I don't think those sea shepherd guys would want to sell any of those whales' meat to anyone, because it contains dangerously high level of mercury. They're unsafe for consumption. Actually, by trying to stop whaling, the sea shepherds are actually protecting the Japanese public. They're heroes to the Japanese.

    BTW, thanks for the link. I see that you seem to group whales together with sharks. It made me chuckle. Thank you for being such a funny troll.

    • Obviously you’re continuing to be an ignorant troll because you don’t understand the reason for the sharks article. It is showing that sharks are even killed for the sole purpose of their form of research, and it relates entirely in technique. Thank you for proving that you’re nothing but an ecoterrorist trying to manipulate the media.

      So you’re somehow telling me that you are capable of collecting data from internal organs of whales without actually going inside them? Bravo, where’s this amazing technology that you have? Why haven’t I seen it’s use in any research?

      That letter you provided as evidence is coming from the WWF, so it’s obvious they’ll try to make that type of claim. Have this group actually conduct the actual types of test or data collection from whales in international waters? Do you actually see direct evidence of their research other than statistical data?

      And what have you been smoking? “Heroes to the Japanese”? Most Japanese don’t even eat whale meat, so what are they being saved from? In reality the whaling ships are barely making any money from the whale meat in Japan, because most Japanese are not even interested in consuming the whale meat. Only a select few of mostly seniors are buying this meat out of nostalgia. Since there are a lot of families who have relatives working in the fishing industry, they are actually extremely repulsed by these Sea Shepherds because they don’t know who will be the next victims for these ecoterrorists.

      Since you love the Sea Shepherds so much, you should go join up with their ranks and hopefully some day you’ll realize how stupid you have been for supporting these fanatics. Judging from your comments above, I sincerely doubt that would ever happen, so I’m not going to bother making an effort to make another response to you ever again.

  • Go sea sheperd, most people complain about the Sea Shepard guys not taking the correct action against these whalers but they dont do anything about it, at least the sea shepard guys do something about it and if you dont like it? then prove them wrong and do better than them.

    Besides both sides will try and manipulate the media to their favor so you cant really trust any of their videos.

    • They did injure themselves. Pretty embarrassing spraying yourself in the face with pepper spray, then try to pass it off as a battle wound, even more shameful.

      I nearly feel sorry for them, if it wasn’t so comical.

  • You people are fucking retarded. who is the bigger problem the people destroying –>”OUR”<– Eco system or the people stopping them. you guys are just Japanese Dick riders cause you think it's cool.

  • Anonymous said:
    Nah, the Japanese aren't going to respond with force – they know that's what the Shepherd is after.

    An alternative would be to to rig up a waterproof radio beacon with a nuclear battery – rig it to the underside of the Shepherd next time it makes port (or using a diver from a naval ship).

    Easy to do, and you can let the fisheries know what frequency to watch for. If no-one tells the Shepherd it could be years before they find it, which makes it an easy way to reduce the danger.

    Then it's the same as giving the sea shepherds their victory because if the plan is not to approach the sea shepherds, they can just hang out near the whales' gathering spot and the whalers won't approach them. Job done.

    And if the whalers are going to resort to hunting stragglers, then they won't be getting enough to sustain their industry and they will eventually collapse. Thank you for the great idea.

    • What victory? It’s just further proving that the Sea Shepherds are nothing but a bunch of violent thugs that are even willing to commit murder to justify their beliefs, as seen in the link below collected from numerous credible sources and factual events in news:

      The group are nothing but a bunch of ecoterrorists, they’re not heroes, even to people who wants to protect the whales. For you to claim victory from this statement is entirely pathetic on your part.

  • Damn, this is the 3rd time I have to post this. Why won't my post appear?

    Wow, Sankaku, isn't it pretty shameless to manipulate these weaboos over here with your fake stories regurgitated from a poorly researched Japanese article.

    Also, you guys might want to check your links again, because the Japanese wikipedia link provided is non-existent.

    While I'm here, let me straighten a few facts.

    1. The type of butyric acid they use is derived from rancid butter. It's nowhere near as corrosive as it's believed or made out to be in this article. It's even used as fish bait additive, for god's sake. You can read about it in the "working" url below.

    The following link does state that it can indeed cause some harm when in concentration.
    But the same goes for vinegar, which contains acetic acid.
    The thing is, butyric acid only make up 3% – 4% of butter.
    This video here further illustrates how much less acidic butyric acid from butter is.

    Also, it's water soluble and organic, thus it will dissipate soon, like a wet fart in the sea.

    2. The whalers shot themselves in the face with pepper spray.
    (watch the wind blowing the pepper spray into the guy at the right side of the screen)

    3. In 1982 commercial whaling for 1986 onwards is completely banned.

    4. It is possible to conduct "research" using only tissue samples of the whales. There is no need to kill any of the whales at all.
    Also, Japan's "research" program fails to meet minimum standards for credible science.

    5. Packaged whale meat contains dangerous amount of mercury.

    6. Japan could withdraw their membership from ICW and declare themselves not bound by it. It's perfectly legal, yet they still conduct fake scientific whaling. That, makes the government a hypocrite. Saying one thing to the IWC while letting the corrupt whaling industry do its thing backdoor.

    • BTW, you’re an even bigger fool to believe that video with the Sea Shepherd’s claim that the Japanese shot themselves in the face.

      That ship is the Yuushin Maru 3 seen from this video of the attack a few weeks ago:

      The ship they’re claiming in the video is from the Shonan Maru 2 they attacked recently with the acid. That ship is seen here in this video:

      If you look at the “evidence” that the Sea Shepherds provided as the Shonan Maru 2, you can clearly see the difference in the height of the railings and the colour of the ship, seen in the video you provided, is for a fact the Yuushin Maru 3:

      Once again, you didn’t do squat as a researcher.

    • LOL You’re using Wikipedia as reference for “facts” about whaling in Japan? Your entire rant is now negated as nonsense.

      You should learn that Wikipedia is constantly manipulated by people to suit their needs. Whaling is one of the main topics that ecoterrorists will use to manipulate the populous.

      Furthermore, there are ACTUAL data that scientists need to collect from killing aquatic animals, such as breeding habits, if the animal is spawning normally, is there any environmental factors that’s causing harm to these creatures (Such as damage in various brain, organs, tissue, bone, muscular, etc.), proper food consumption, etc. These are the types of data you can’t collect just by poking them externally.

      Sure they’re selling it for consumption as well, but if they had thrown it away as trash, then these Sea Shepherds will start to complain that they’re wasting the whale meat once again.

      Even recently in Canada, it has been stated that the seafood ban could disrupt a large number of research directly involving the above listed factors seen below:

      For someone who is attempting to point out these so called “facts”, you seem to have entirely negated to do any research on what these scientists have been researching on the first place.

  • They’re asking for trouble.

    Sorry, but they just caused actual injury by attacking a ship in international waters. If they want to hide behind shit like “It’s not illegal because there’s no law”, don’t be surprised if the Japanese companies start hiring real pirates with real guns to really hurt them.

    It works both ways. They’ve started a fight they really don’t have the balls or ordnance to win. I mean, fuck.. If they attack a big enough ship with acid, that ship will ram them and we’ll have a repeat of them sobbing about how they didn’t deserve it.

    Fuck that. They knew what they were getting into.

  • Sea Shepherd is obviously going too far, but whales has to be defended. Japanese whaling is a criminal industry itself.
    Japan should stop this cruel killing of whales, many species they hunt are endangered species already.
    Whales are intelligent mammals, not fish.

  • This is so awesome. I hope Sea Shepherd kills these whalers at some point. Who gives a shit if a few people die . . . Well, their families and the authorities. The retaliation would be so grand. It’d be like real pirate wars after that. And, perhaps best of all, the sea shepherd crew would be killed.

    Ah, sweet, sweet drama.

  • I am actually with the Sea Shepherd on this one, the sooner the Australian’s, Kiwis, South Africans, Argentinians, UK send in warships the better.

    The whole Whaling industry in Japan is based on corruption, the reason the government subsidizes it is because of some old conservative types that believe that Japan gets pushed around too much by the International community and it is using this issue to show that Japan does not have to abide by the rules that everyone else plays by. (Japan gets away with it by buying seats in the IWC for poor ass countries who members don’t even know what a whale is or what one looks like)

    Japans research excuse is laughable, I have read recently that they have only produced a handful of research papers, and only like 1 required a lethal sample, this paper was based on something ridiculous like what would happen if you injected a Minki whale egg with Sperm whale sperm.

    The man reason from a Japanese standpoint to stop whaling is that barely anyone in Japan buys whale meat and it is a massive drain to the economy to the tune of $150 million annually. It is highly toxic and the levels of mercury found in Whale meat are thousands of times higher than the Japanese legal limit and that they are passing whale meat off as other meats, like you go buy some sort of fish and what you are actually getting is whale meat.

    Dumb industry is dumb, stop it Japan, Norway any other Whaling countries, you are being stupid as hell and everyone hates you for it.

  • Japan is being a bunch of faggots by allowing this whaling to take place under the guise of “research”. That’s bullshit. It wouldn’t even be as bad if they just came out and admitted they hunt whales because they are tasty.

    At least Sea Shepherd is standing up for what they believe in, unlike most eco-groups that just sit around with signs and writing letters.

  • Hahahh, am i only one who’s thinking how much does Yakuza pay for Sankaku to publish this anti-sea shepherd crap? And yes, im SS sympathizer, id even sink those japanese boats than see whales dying. I guess this has been said before, but Jap’s started this war and are going lower and lower in their financial-tablets(or what are those even called)

    And dont get me wrong, i have nothign against japanese anime industry/people/etc, just the fishing and whaling policy sucks because its majorly run by corrupt politics and of course our lovely Yakuza who’s been losing huge amounts of cash due SS actions. Oh, and Butyric Acid is toxin and corrosion free, even beer’s worse for your skin than butyric acid(

    Alright, better to hide before 3,6 million whale-eating hikikomori’s catch me

  • The whales aren’t doing too badly. Sea Shepherd would do more good trying to put pressure on the tuna fleets. Japan doesn’t seem to have the will to fish sustainably for the species they need to survive.

  • “You wanna fuck with me? Okay. You little cockroaches… come on. You wanna play games? Okay, I play with you; come on. Okay. You wanna play rough? Okay. Say hello to my little friend!”

    That guy with the launcher is clearly evil.

  • ICR, I used to hate you guys until I realized you mostly caught minkes, which are no where near endangered.

    Here’s what to do in international waters if they don’t stand down:
    1. EMP and radio jamming.
    2. Shoot to kill. This is a known ecoterrorist group who routinely endangers the lives of your crews. They will kill you if you don’t react, and they ignore active denial systems to the point of colliding with your crafts.
    3. Confiscate recording and relay equipment, sink the bodies and set the boat adrift.

  • OK those are signal rockets, they are not filled with acid. Though the group did also launch bottles filled with Butyric acid, a toxic substance, fro ma pneumatic tube. 2 or 3 crew members got sprayed in the face and eyes and resulted in strong discomfort to the skin.

  • Can someone answer me?

    Has a “sticky” bomb been invented yet? Because if yes, why can’t the Japanese government hire/deploy “marines” underwater, carry explosive charge, stick to Sea Shepherd ship, detonate it and claim that the ship “self destructed”?

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Here’s some news:

    Our “Fliends” the Jappy-Knees whalers shot THEMSELVES with pepper spray. They even got a photo of it.

    The pepper spray’s probably not half as hot as pure Wasabi on Tuna and they get to take the day off, maybe get paid good money by the company to show up on TV and cry about being injured. And, they probably have less to do with the Sea Sheppard messing with their fishing, and are all afraid of getting laid off anyways…

    What noble sacrifice, worthy of Samurai heroes of old. Fake an injury, help the company preserve their endless “Leasealch” to verify that Whale Penis and Whale Anus makes good Sushi!

      • Barbarian of Gor says:

        Making Flun uf Engrish isn’t “Racist”, and just ’cause I’m perhaps “Leftist” does NOT mean I’m “Politically Correct”. Check out things like Corben and R. Crumb comics, mmmkay?

        And, really, look at the video. The Sea Shepherd site de-bunks their claims soundly. “Acid Missiles!?” They had this nice pepper spray, but they clearly weren’t aiming it at the nice “terrorists” they were shooting it so as to get a facefull of pepper mist. Like I said, they probably do worse with Wasabi + tuna + rice and what-not so they can take it. I like Wasabi too, though in mild doses with plenty of rice handy!

        The fishermen are really the losers here. They were also doing illegal whaling at the time of this incident, harvesting where they weren’t allowed to, so no “Resealch” excuse this time.

        Let’s face facts; The whales, the tuna, the dolphins, the sharks… They are all being harvested at far more than natural capacity to replenish. The pictures are on the F*cking wall at the Japanese tuna markets… Every decade you go back you get bigger and bigger tuna to buffalo size. Nowadays, they are smaller than mature salmon and aren’t sexually mature, meaning they haven’t reproduced yet. Mankind, especially the Japanese, is fishing it’s oceans to collapse.

        Maybe this site is for “Japanophiles” so there’s some bias here. But, really, if they cry how expensive fish are now in Tokyo, imagine when the supply just collapses?

        I’m not going on some “Vegan” rant, I’m all for reasonable hunting, fishing, sporting. Few things get your natural juices pumping like “Hunter/gatherer” behavior. But I’m for preserving things so this can be sustained.

        Just cut back the massive harvesting, strictly for 20 years, then reasonably thereafter. This will make prices go up, making “Aquaculture” financially feasible. No fishing regs matter if you have your own meshed off area floating in the ocean full of Tuna or whatever else you want to raise. The trouble actual regulation will cause is NOTHING versus the cost of a “Crash” of the marine ecosystem.

        Really, I should be just ‘sitting back and smiling’. I do plan a ‘seasteading’ operation. I should hope for a collapse. My aquaculture project alone would generate millions then, as would floating gardens. My “Jellyfish Vacuum” and processor design would guarantee me the Nobel Prize. The starvation this collapse would trigger, and the financial aftershocks would keep most of the major threats out of our hair until we got big enough to force our way into ‘nation’ status… Yet here I am futilely arguing to the worst fools to just cut back a little to prevent this from happening…

        • you started to make some reasonable concessions and validate your points with something other than spit-filled pompousness…
          and then you started talking about how you’ll get your own nation and deserve the Nobel.

          I just can’t take you seriously.

    • Fake an injury? You mean like dashing out in front of a massive fucking ship that’s trying to repel you with an LRAD and water hose, that can’t stop on a dime, getting your ass mowed in half, and then claiming that THEY tried to kill YOU? Sea Shepherd’s site has no credibility. They’re just an ignorant clique of whiny victim-complex ecoterrorists.

      • Barbarian of Gor says:

        Look at the picture.

        As I mentioned upthread, these big companies will do anything lousy to protect themselves and get an extra buck. And they have plenty of “Toady” employees ready to take a fall for them, hoping to get ahead.

        They tried to depict all Earth First! as terrorists who’d kill loggers because one logger got injured by a “Spike”, that is a metal or ceramic impurity put into a tree to make it unsafe to cut down. Well, the company that planned on cutting the woods cut down them anyways, but removed all the warnings the group placed on the trees and didn’t tell the lumber mill workers about it, for fear of trouble with the union, at least more wages asked, people taking it slow and demanding safety shields next to the saws… And a worker got horribly injured when a saw shattered.

        Later, a guy who ran a very polluting company under attack from environmentalists tried to frame a young girl for attempted murder of himself, but that was thrown out as “blatant entrapment” by the judge.

        So, yes, I do believe that they’d spray pepper spray in their faces. Wasabi’s hotter and they probably eat it all day. Get the day off, get a bonus from the boss, maybe 15 minutes of fame on a talk show/game show next time back in port -and- the big company gets to scream for the Japanese navy (perhaps AmeriKKKaz) to go after the Sea Sheppard.

  • Rather than making a bad reputation of themselves(sea shepeards). They should equip lazers on the whales and let them do the task. Hey, who can blame the whales for attacking japanese when they are being killed.

  • The acid is “hazardous to marine life”?

    This clearly shows that Sea Shepherd are just a bunch of anti-japanese terrorists and don’t give a shit about the ocean, or they wouldn’t be using weapons that are harmful to what they are trying to protect.

  • If I were in a Japanese fishing boat I’d be giddily expecting these idiots with a nice rifle or a couple of grenades, all of which are quite cheap compared to a boat or crewmen.

    Once attacked with whatever, I would shoot and kill every single one of them, and take their flag. And it would all be perfectly legal.

  • There was a Greenpeace guy in my local town center today campaigning for donations. He asked me if I was interested in saving the endangered species of this planet. I replied “Sure, but not by supporting terrorist scum like the people you represent, ramming ships and then crying like babies to the world in a pathetic attempt to gain sympathisers”. He immediately knew what I was on about and turned to let me on my way, knowing that he wouldn’t get any donations out of me.

    • You have proven, once and for all, that you are not a ‘do good to feel better about yourself’ person and you are not one to gobble up anything the media feeds you. Great attitude, you deserve a medal!

  • Hate to be a dick to all these white people above who swear their japanese…under a UN environmental charter loophole there are acually allowed to “up hold” the law…this is a paraphrase “in the event where nations fail to uphold the mandated charter private organizations may step in enforce the standard.” long story short, illegal whale meat such as blue have been seen harvested by these japanese companies…illegal as in “against the law” there is, however no statue of limitations on the force those who enforce it arre allowed. thus leagally there is no standard for the sea sheppard…do i agree with it? well they have the balls to enforce the law…so yeah…do i like it…no, i hate green-thumb tree hugging faggots! but i also hate people who opennly break UN law and pretend to be victims….

  • The only reason these assholes are still alive is because it’s a japanese ship.
    Almost any other nation would have put their ship on the botton of the ocean by now.

    Bunch of fucktards.
    This is like going to a coal mine and throwing acid on the workers. The people on those ships not only works their asses off on the worst types of jobs probably because they have no other option, now they also have to deal with morons like the ones on Sea Shepherd.

    Hopefully, there will be criminal charges and these guys will be arrested.

  • It would seem that Sea Shepherd is begging for retaliation and will continue to up the ante until they get it. I believe part of their plan is to make themselves martyrs and demonize the whalers in the process. I also believe the whalers are smart enough to keep their hands clean and hire mercenaries to do their dirty work. So I will make this prediction: If Sea Shepherd continues to escalate this war, it won’t be long before their ship and crew are lost at sea, without any evidence to link the incident with the whalers…

  • If you did any additional research on the topic, you would have found that it was harmless. The acid was from rancid butter, which was commonly used in the 60’s (for its powerful stench, not for the acidity; the pH is only around 4-5, which is nothing.)

  • Just sink the Whale hunter and the Whale hunter’s hunter. Easy come, easy gone …
    I don’t know what is Sea Shepherd gonna say about this. Afterall, this post or any other kind of post, is just one-side. Sea Shepherd’s Captain ate a bullet last time but he didnt die thx to the armor he was wearing.
    Why the post name is ‘Sea Shepherd Fires Acid Rockets at Japanese, Injures Three’ but is no one doing sth ab it? It’s because ‘Sea Shepherd Fires Acid Rockets at illegal whale hunters who hunt whales and spill blood on the sea just for money, which happens to be Japanese’.
    I’m siding with the whales, not the hunter or the hunter’s hunter. Sea Shepherd is NOT terrorist either.

  • these terrarists are so dum. tey forgot 2 even wear theyre turbans. how do they expect ppl to realize that theyre terrorists if theyer not even dressed like em. and also, wat da hell are arabs even doing attackign japanese boats??? fukin stupid sand niggers. stay on the sand.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Yeah, they call rotten butter an acid…right.
    Anything, ANYTHING to make it a ‘terrorist’ attack.

    People like this might be noisy and go for property damage, but go to great lenghts not to injure people. The time a lumberjack was injured by a spiked tree; “Earth First!” had placed plenty of warning about their spikes and the company bosses removed the warnings, figuring the cost of a few saw blades was worth it, then a guy got horribly injured. Another time, a company head tried to get an activist framed for plotting his own “Attempted Murder”, but the judge threw it out as grossly blatant entrapment.

    It’d be SO much easier to just have remote controlled subs attach limpet mines. No need to kill the crew, just blow big holes in the ship so they start to sink and they need a rescue. Then all that fish gets eaten by other fish and goes back into ocean biomass while the ships help new coral reef form, as most will be trying desperately to get as near land as possible before they sink. Serious- budget of one of those speedboats + technical minded idealist = a hazard to shipping that rivals a superpower’s ability during a war. And the ‘wealthy benefactors’ behind these operations could simply “Sell short” the company stocks to make up the money so they don’t need a TV show.

    That’s a job I’d like to do for a year or so-

    I’d pretend to be “Nevaue Riche” from like a music album, and just drift around in a medium yacht and obtain some cute ladies from the area for fun. And my equipment would be disguised as ‘prospecting for deep sea oil reserves that upcoming ‘peak oil’ will make profitable to extract. Or just “generic global warming research” which I could also do for real JIC I did get inspected… “Admiral! Let me show you the startling deep sea readings that prove Global warming is real…here’s page 972… ” – Admiral: “Y’all just continue savin th planet ya freaky rich spoile neo Hippie, my men got to go shore leave to see the brothels and Ah gots a boil ta lance!” and they avoid me like the plague:-)

    Then the subs attach limpet mines to whaling/tuna trawlers and a few days or weeks or months later, Ka-BOOM! I could even disguise the communication waves to the subs as background noise and whale sounds. And the ladies wouldn’t just be for fun, I’d find some with technical ability so they could help me on the electronics/research. I’m nice to ladies in RL, and I bet they’d have a lot of fun blowing up Japanese ships.

  • “The Institute of Cetacean Research claims to be pursuing international legal action”

    In other words, nothing will happen.

    “Oh, wow, a summons from the World Court at the Hague! Honey, will you please frame this and put it on the wall with all the others. Ha-ha-ha-ha!”

    Why would the ICR bother with this? Posturing. “Look at me, I’m a big scary cat with my back arched and my fur all standing up! You better back off, buster!”

  • They just pick on the weak. They know the Japs will do nothing but apologize and sulk in a corner. I bet if they tried their shit on a Russian whaling ship, their puny failboat would have been blown out of the water by the Queen Alexandra’s navy.

  • You know, usually…. I am for turning the other cheek, but in this case, they should have open fire and SUNK this other ship that was throwing the acid at them.

    These people fit the DEFINITION of terrorists, and they know the risks and know that they WILL be attacked if they attack, so it’s time to do that attacking!

  • #1) Butyric Acid is CORROSIVE to the skin and Dangerous to MARINE LIFE – the kind of fucking animals they are trying to protect. One misfired rocket and the poor whale gets acid burned.

    #2) It is 100% not legal to throw Acid or boiling Coffee or Soup in someones face on Land – it should also be Illegal on water.

    #3) If this is truly international waters – then technically there are no laws. I’d start shooting these Mother Fucking seaweed saviors.

    • Agree totally…. usually, I am not for attacking someone, but this is a case where they have attacked you first and you HAVE TO DO SOMETHING TO STOP THEM!

      Fire an RPG at their asses, they know the risks…. it’s not like the innocent civilians on the ground in Iraq or Afghanistan.

  • Tuna’s different, but why would anyone sympathize with a group of people harpooning whales (sometimes mother and baby) and pulling them onto their ship so that they can die an agonizing death?
    All for profit.
    They got what they deserved.

    • They got what they deserved for trying to feed their families.

      Japanese kid: “Daddy, why is your face all red and puffy?”

      Dad: “Don’t worry, I just had an accident at work. Just work hard on studying so you can become a respectable member of society one day.”

      I guess you wouldn’t understand since you were born into a WHITE RICH family. You had everything handed down to you and your dad’s a doctor or lawyer.

      Racist white people… *sigh* as expected of a nation of convicts.

      • Dude, Aussie was the convicts. US was the religious psychos – Pilgrims didn’t think religion was strict enough, which is why hilarious landgrabbing and jealousy was called Salem Witch Trials.

        Otherwise, we got more businessmen/entrepeneurs who thought tobacco selling was awesome, and got Europe addicted to tobacco. Convicts were less common, though we did have a few. And keep in mind, those convicts were European to begin with, so you’re not perfect either.

        We do have a culture. It’s just pretty sketchy…

      • So you’re assuming I’m white and say that I’m also white and have a doctor for a father, and that I’m also American on top of it and probably a convict, but then call me a racist.

        Yeah, you’re not a fucking hypocritical racist yourself.

    • @ Anon 06:57

      Why do you say “they” (the ship crews, who make relatively little money compared to the corporate executives) “got what they deserved?

      Many countries’ laws have harsher penalties for people who commission/order murder than they do for the people who actually do the deed (i.e., “Mr. Big” vs “Joe Hitman”).

      Why do you have no critcism for the executives who “give the orders” to the whaling ships?

      Why does Sea Shepherd not target the executives, instead?

      Answer: Both your and Sea Shepherd’s motives do not have “saving the whales” as their first priority — you and they have some other agenda.

      Attention whoring?

      Marching orders (contributions buy influence) from other companies and/or governments?

  • I honestly don’t understand Sea Shepherd at all. Using acid that is harmful to marine life to save the whales…. Right. Seriously it’s all just a publicity stunt now, they should have never be given a show.

    But on another note I love how they only focus on Japanese whaling when there are plenty of other places in the world still practicing whaling. For instance the Faroe Islands practice large scale whaling. Every year the entire community gets together and herds passing whales into the harbor where men wade into the water with hooks and slash and gouge the whales while pulling them up onto shore to bleed to death. When it’s all said and done the entire beach and bay are bathed in a lovely shade of red.

    But of course since they are European no one gives two shits or a fuck about them whaling. People only give a shit about what people of a different skin color do. God damn racists.

  • And what does that have to do with my hentais?

    Why do we care about it? Put on some gallery or highlight a post to the channel, anything is better than that.

    And WTF is up with the pro-whaling here? These guys invade the waters of other countries and run to no man’s waters as soon as they are spotted, they deserve all that’s coming their way.

    They should be using torpedoes, really, you don’t have to kill all whalers, just scare the shit out of them, whalers are coward, failed pirates, otherwise they wouldn’t be hunting helpless animals on the way to extinction.

    • Yes, the failed cowards trying to feed their families.

      You speak as if whaling is some sort of luxury job and people do it for fun. Really? Who wants to be out at sea for weeks, eating crappy ass food, fishing up smelly seafood and cutting/clean them up?

      It’s shitty ass job but some people don’t have alternatives to support their families. Or would you rather the thousands of Japanese families starve to death for your precious whales? You think they deserve getting harassed by RICH WHITE PEOPLE with nothing better to do than spend millions of dollars buying ships and weaponry? You must be white.

      I bet you’d rather feed a stray dog than give a dollar to a starving malnourished African kid.

      If you hate being human so much, just go jump off a cliff and hope you get reincarnated as a fucking whale.

      • You know what? I would feed the stray dog to a starving malnourished African kid. That’s one stray off the streets and one African kid with a full stomach for a day. Two short-term solutions at once.

      • “You speak as if whaling is some sort of luxury job and people do it for fun.”

        You know why the whale industry exists in Japan? Because the boys club known as the Japanese Government gives it money to keep their friends in jobs. These whalers make jack shit all money, but the guys running the ‘research’ are living large because their mates pay for all this bullshit.

      • For the record I’m not white, I’m living in a third rate country with shitsome unemployment rate and I still don’t aproove of whaleing , there are plenty alternative ways to feed your family, these people are whalers because it’s a well paid job.

        And since it’s illegal almost everywhere I bet your country does well without whaleing too.

        Meanwhile whalers are giving the finger to all generations to come.

        BTW giving a dollar… or a thousand dollars to a malnourished African kid only increases the amount of misery in the world because he will use them to live till he’s 16, rape-thus-marry his victim and have more helpless girls to circumcise and boys to beg for more money.

        Not that I can expect anything more than a myopic knee-jerk reaction from you.

        I don’t hate being human, but I do hate breaking it to you but there is no reincarnation, heaven nor hell.

      • “I bet you’d rather feed a stray dog than give a dollar to a starving malnourished African kid.”

        i hate dogs , but i’d feed the dog before the bloody kafir because the dog is capable of gratitude whereas the fookin’ kafir would stab me when my back was turned…

    • Nooo!Anti-Whaler are Eco terrorist just like all of you pro Nature-tree hugger Assholes.So what if the whales goes extinc,remember Darwin,you dimwit?Only the strong survive in Nature.The whales are stupid slow….and are multiplying waaaay more faster than you think despite being hunt down. So stop protecting the whales.They dont deserve it ever!!

  • So how many years can the entire crew of that saeshepherd get for deadly conduct at sea? That would be at least a 1 billion dollar lawsuit if someone did that to a neighbor in the USA, contestable win.

  • Fucking environmentalists. They are the marxists of the 21st century.

    As long as it’s international waters or Japanese territorial waters, the Japanese government should deploy the JDF to protect their vessels by all means necessary.

    It’s not about the whales themselves, I don’t think the Japanese need to fish them and as far as I’m concerned they should stop fishing them.

    It’s about being assertive with tree-huggers. You let them today win against Japanes whalers and tomorrow you are paying four times for the energy you consume and the goods/services that need energy to be produced. And the day after tomorrow we are forced to live in self-sufficient green communes -I’ve read in a German magazine that a few communities of that sort already exist in some places like Sweden-

  • Not sure what to think of all this. To be honest ACID is a bit much to use on people. I tend to think teargas is more than enough. As far as whether the government will take any action, it depends. If what the whaling vessels are doing is -illegal-, then the government can’t defend them. If what they’re doing is legal, then their government are being pussies, afraid of going against an “eco group”.

    • U can’t call it a religion of peace when your also holding a weapon in hand. if i where the Japanese government i’d sink there ship and then blame it on pirates. kinda like how china blamed the hacking Chinese hackers that the busted a few months back lol

  • Japanese should just hire Blackwat…er…XE Services LLC…after the first time someone tried to attack a ship with some of their people on board, I somehow doubt they would try again. Remember these dudes probably wouldn’t have any issues overrating to perceived threats. 😉

    Probably a few people with carbines and a couple people with .50 BMG rifles would be sufficient to deter SS from trying to do anything. .50 BMG is pretty good at sinking piddly little rafts…

        • I’m surprised how clueless some posters are about basic chemistry.

          The seawater would neutralized that weak organic acid which would have no over all contribution to the environment.

          I don’t agree with some of Sea Shepard’s methods just filming a few whales kills may be enough to destroy the whaler’s image.
          But they could be doing much worse things.
          At least they are not using giant can opener Captain Nemo style yet which could get explained away as the whaling ship hit an iceberg.
          Even a ship designed as an ice breaker could sink if it hit an iceberg at full speed.

      • doubt that. If Japan, or someone else on Japan’s behalf bit back, odds are good Dea Shepherd would crawl off tail between legs.
        They’re too cowardly to attack any other targets – they’re just picking on Japan because Japan doesn’t push back. If fishing/whaling boats armed themselves, and made it a naval engagement at every instance, Sea Shepherd would realise it lacks the funding and power to fight. Hopefully they’d choose then try something nonviolent and use diplomacy.
        Then again, they’ve damaged their credibility with shit like this – I mean, using acids explicitly harmful to marine life? Who are they kidding?

  • Well they are crossing the line. Do they honestly think they will get away with this shit.

    I cant wait till these idiots get shot to death, since it will all be captured on cam for our enjoyment.

      • Nah, the Japanese aren’t going to respond with force – they know that’s what the Shepherd is after.

        An alternative would be to to rig up a waterproof radio beacon with a nuclear battery – rig it to the underside of the Shepherd next time it makes port (or using a diver from a naval ship).

        Easy to do, and you can let the fisheries know what frequency to watch for. If no-one tells the Shepherd it could be years before they find it, which makes it an easy way to reduce the danger.

      • Japan was at fault at first too as they drag this on without any resolution… but what they did just now… i used to sympathize them for stoping creatures been harmed, now i just think they took it too far as they actually would harm humans when they would protect other life forms…

        • Anonymous says:

          Erm.. I don’t believe a little glass of butyric accid can harm any marine life in the ocean(unless it actually hits the fish/mamal) because it would get “mixed out” in all the sea water. Correct me if I’m wrong.

          Bathing/submerging yourself in butryic accid is a complete other thing..
          Also, I believe the clothing the fishermen are wearing protects most of their body against the butryic accid (their clothes ARE waterproof, aren’t they?), although it could come in contact with their face and hands.

          And to have it said, I’m nether on the fishermen or on Sea Shepard’s “side”. I do believe fishing whale where they aren’t allowed to is a bad thing (and isn’t it illegal?). And that the Japanese fishermen/companies should limit their “whalefishing”. And I think it’s good that someone is willing to fight for this. Although, I do not like all the methods being used.

        • Are you just trying to make any possible pathetic excuse to defend these ecoterrorists? If’s not harmful, why don’t you try concocting a bucketful and completely coating your entire body with this butyric acid?

          Somehow you’re able to know that it’s not harmful to marine life, are you able to speak to these creatures to find out directly what’s harmful to them or not?

          Seriously, stop trying to make up an excuse for these ecoterrorists, they’re hypocrites and you should learn to face that reality. If you seriously think the acid’s not harmful, go and post a youtube video of yourself making this acid all the way to the point where you douse your entire body, head, face, eyes, torso, arms, genitals, everything in this butyric acid. If I don’t see you screaming in pain for 1 hour while you’re completely coated, then I’ll consider about believing your imaginary claim.

        • I don’t think they were interested in protecting other life forms in the first place. They’re nothing but a bunch of thugs.

          Think about it, how is it protecting other life forms when they’re using acid that can even harm marine life? Not to mention the acid is encased in glass that shatters on contact, where do you think those broken shards of glass disappear to? Glass are not biodegradable either.

      • All of you assholes that cheered for sea sheperd are in the same league with terrorist symphatizers.Yes,It means you’re in bed fucking osama bin laden while shooting acid at japanese hostages!!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          It was not of terrorism. An act of terrorism is when a small percentage of people commit to a thought or ideal to cause feelings of stress, fear, worry, or insecurity through their actions. A revolution is when a country (regardless if the nation has recently receded from a larger one) wishes to obtain its own sovereignty. The latter being decided by the leaders of the nation regardless of prestige, title, or method of obtaining title. Sea Shepherd has no land to stake claim, or official orders from their own respecting nations, so it would clearly be terrorism.

        • Indeed, just think of all the rapes and beheadings the Sea Shepherd must have committed. How many ships have they bombed and hit with rockets by now? Tens? Hundreds?

          Anyways, just do you guys know, lemon juice is more corrosive than this butyric acid. I’m assuming the “mild irritation” was that the sailors had an itch on their face at the moment or their nose got tired from crinkling up at the smell.

    • I doubt they’re dumb enough to up the ante all the way to automatic firearms when they’re basically showering fishermen with vomit at this point.

      We should bring back privateering as an anti-piracy measure (which is ironic, I know. But you know what they say: fight fire with fire). It’ll make the high seas a lot more exciting while making sure maritime terrorists learn to find more peaceful methods of protesting.

    • you know what….. I was once a sea shepherd sympathizers…. but now i hate their guts..

      make me sick to be honest… their action of to stop evil they become evil itself is jus screwed up.

      I for one hope they burn in hell!

      • Anonymous says:

        You’ve never seen Code Geass?
        In order to make the evil world a better place, Lelouch becomes evil himself, making the world hate him …and so on.

        Anyways.. I don’t know that much about the Sea Shepards, I’ve only seen some of the episodes at DC. So I don’t have much to say about the case..

        My personal opinion from what I’ve seen though, is that both the Sea Shepards and the Japanese fishermen use whatever they can to protect their catch/protect the whale. And that their methods can be agressive, on both sides.

        It’s good to see someone fighting for their beliefs though :]

        • Actually we can grow things in jars.

          Organs, skin, etc.

          Heard of ‘test tube babies’?

          They don’t need to put the fertilized egg within a female, they can grow the baby outwith of one.

          Problem is people think it’s morally incorrect so they don’t do this.

        • 20:26

          >They’re mammals like you and me…. They’re also intelligent sentient beings…. Which hunting them and eating them or turning them to soap is as disgusting as shit….

          Yeah, so its disgusting to eat pig meat, cow meat, goat meat, sheep meat, and deer meet because they’re intelligent sentient beings. Seriously, QFT.

        • 20:01

          Whales ain’t fishes dude…. They’re mammals like you and me…. They’re also intelligent sentient beings…. Which hunting them and eating them or turning them to soap is as disgusting as shit….

          But still, ACID? That’s downright bad!

        • I don’t think that referring to Wiki as a be all end all reference source is a good idea. Kind of like how there is a warning on given on GPS and the like to double check with real maps.

          Potential Health Effects
          Eye: Causes eye burns.
          Skin: Harmful if absorbed through the skin. Causes skin burns.
          Ingestion: May cause severe and permanent damage to the digestive tract. Causes gastrointestinal tract burns. May be harmful if swallowed.
          Inhalation: May cause severe irritation of the upper respiratory tract with pain, burns, and inflammation. Causes chemical burns to the respiratory tract.
          Chronic: No information found.

          The substance is harmful to aquatic organisms.

        • I do not condone what either side is doing (but the Sea Shepherd should be considered pirates and be sunk) but the media is still pushing you buttons to get you going.

          It is not pepper spray vs “ACID”… Oh bad stuff. It is pepper spray vs Butyric acid. For those of you that can’t or are to dumb to look up what it is.

 = Butyric acid (from Greek βούτυρος = butter), also known under the systematic name butanoic acid, is a carboxylic acid with the structural formula CH3CH2CH2-COOH. Salts and esters of butyric acid are known as butyrates or butanoates. Butyric acid is found in rancid butter, parmesan cheese, vomit, and body odor and has an unpleasant smell and acrid taste, with a sweetish aftertaste (similar to ether). It can be detected by mammals with good scent detection abilities (such as dogs) at 10 ppb, whereas humans can detect it in concentrations above 10 ppm.

          And it is also used as fishing bait so when op said “Wikipedia describes the acid as “corrosive to skin and mucous membranes, and hazardous to marine life.”” that is wrong to.


          Butyric acid is used in the preparation of various butanoate esters. Low-molecular-weight esters of butyric acid, such as methyl butanoate, have mostly pleasant aromas or tastes. As a consequence, they find use as food and perfume additives.

          It is also used as a non-lethal weapon by anti-whaling activists; “Sea Shepherd responded by throwing bottles filled with toxic and foul-smelling butyric acid on the Japanese” . [4]

          Due to the powerful odor it has also been used as a successful fishing bait additive.

          have fun getting worked up over nothing

        • 「The video taken by Sea Shepherd provides irrefutable evidence that the three Japanese crewmembers were overcome with pepper spray that they had sprayed into the wind in their attempt to fire the chemical irritant at Sea Shepherd crew in an inflatable boat」

        • They should just have a real war with real weapons. The whalers know the risks and the shepherd people know the risks, neither parties have any innocent people so they should just fight for real. Theyre in international waters so they can do whatever they want. Its clear Japan doesnt fully support the whaling industry and just puts up with it as much as they can, so military action would never happen, they dont want to do anything that might get Australia involved anyways.

        • It’s because they can get diplomatic safety from being a foreigner and sympathy for being ‘eco-idiots’. It’s like the reporters who got captured IN North Korea. They purposely knew what they were doing was not condoned and even opposed by on both sides of the North Korean border.

          These people are busy wasting money on ships instead of saving their fellow man from starvation and debt. IE Acceptable Terrorism…

        • Somebody should pwn these enviro-terrorists.
          Yeah, fire some acid rockets at them.

          And Japan should do something… this is the same as those feminazis. Them bastards can’t whine and bitch at home, so the decide to pick on someone else.

        • That’s what you gain for being noble and righteous; Japanese people nowdays beleive in negotiation and peace and right now that shit just doesn’t work. Why do they attact Japanese ships? because they are FAGGOTS. If they were attaking ships from France or GB a counter attack would happen within SECONDS and would be as twice as hard (ie: using real bullets against that “ECO”-nazis).

        • u can see the bald guy holding the launcher is grinning and getting a kick out of it, hes enjoying what hes doing. injuring ppl, its okay that netgeo shows the crabbing industry… but how about the negative effects of all that crabbing, theres gotta be a negative effect somewhere…

          man can only harm nature and disrupt its balance. its a double standard but hey whatever you tell yourself to get yourself through the night right?

  • I almost stopped reading when the article said: “High-powered lasers.”

    I was laughing.

    Then again, it’ll be more laughs when I hear JSDF starts to get serious and decides to blow some holes to these “sea terrorists.”

    …. Or maybe if the US Navy decides to do anything it’ll be interesting as well.