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Final Fantasy XIII: From $90 to $40 in 2 Months


Top marathon simulator Final Fantasy XIII is now being sold at bargain prices online and in Akiba stores thanks to plummeting sales and mountains of excess inventory, with the price having dropped from an admittedly outrageous ¥9,240 to ¥3,980 in the few months since its much heralded release.


Previously the game was available second-hand and in promotional sales at rockbottom prices, but not in regular retail.

The game is fast dropping out of Japanese game charts, now selling a few thousand copies a week.

Even Play-Asia is apparently having trouble shifting the game, with a $40 discount adding insult to injury.

Although thankfully for Square Enix initial sales were healthy, with this performance it now seems unlikely the game will be able to achieve long-seller status – compare to Guns of the Patriots, which with 5 million copies sold, 650,000 in 2009, is now the best selling PS3 exclusive.

Whether all this is down to word spreading of the game’s questionable design or some other factor is an interesting question.

In any case it appears Square Enix has long since mastered the art of buying favourable reviews, so international retail success seems possible all the same.

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