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Teacher’s Harem Rumbled by Schoolboy


A teacher who began a schoolgirl harem after “feeling the cuteness” of girls who came to him for advice has been dismissed after being denounced by a disgusted schoolboy.

The Gunma prefectural education board reports that a 36-year-old trainee teaching assistant at one of their high schools began a series of sexual relationships with students over a more than a year.

His first series of encounters was with a 16-year-old pupil, whom he had intimate relations with in his car and at love hotels a total of 10 times.

She introduced him to a 17-year-old friend at another school, whom he touched indecently in his car. He also became sexually acquainted with another 16-year-old pupil at his school.

He apparently accomplished all this by offering them “personal advice” on unspecified topics.

His harem building activities came crashing down however, as a dissatisfied schoolboy wrote on the back of his career plan “Just what kind of school is it where a teacher has his hands on his female pupils?”, prompting an investigation.

The teaching assistant explains his actions:

“When they came to me for advice I really felt their cuteness. Before I knew it I was touching their bodies and things started escalating.”

The educational board’s decision was to issue a disciplinary dismissal. It appears he will not be facing criminal charges.

Via Sponichi.

2ch remarks that “It serves him right, he really underestimated that little virgin.”

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