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Yui Hirasawa Tops Character Rankings


A recent Animedia character combined male-female poll has awarded the moesome Yui Hirasawa of K-ON! the top spot at #1, surprisingly beating out even her illustrious partners Mio and Azusa, although this would not be the first time we have seen such a result


The small text under Yui simply tells us of her rise to #1 from the previous poll’s #3 spot, likewise for Mio from #7 to #5, and an impressive leap upwards by Azunyan from #21 all the way up to  #12.

The rest of the Keion-bu is also present on the poll, finishing further down the list:


Tsumugi is at #26, a ranking shared by Ritsu directly below her as the result of a two-way tie.

A few of the other most notables filling this part of the list are: Kobato Hanato tied for #22 with two others, Tieria Erde from Gundam 00 at #28, and Gundam Seed’s enduringly popular Kira Yamato taking #30.

Tsumugi’s distance in ranking from the top 3 K-ON! girls is perhaps surprising, but at least one never changing thing about these polls is that, despite tying with Tsumugi, Ritsu had to take her usual place underneath all of the rest of the Keion-bu.

Poor Ritsu…

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