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Top 10 Ways of Chatting People Up on a First Date


Japanese surveyed on how they thought it best to get a good conversation going with the opposite sex yield up some at first glance very sensible sounding advice.

The ranking:

1. Balance “aizuchi” (making encouraging utterances like “I see,” “mmm,” and “ah” to keep conversation moving and affirm that you are listening) with actual conversation.

2. Express an interest in their hobbies.

3. Be sure to adopt a sympathetic posture.

4. Search for shared experiences to talk about.

5. Try to engender an “at home” atmosphere.

6. Incorporate stuff about their home town into the conversation.

7. Praise their dress or possessions.

8. Follow through on any self-deprecatory comments.

9. Always ask questions at the end of a conversation.

10. Lightly ask for advice on something.

At the very bottom of approaches favoured was “play games together on your phones,” a perhaps understandably shunned pastime.

Strong agreement was present amongst those surveyed on the first few items, reducing significantly further down the list.

When the results were split by gender, the first items were also ranked all but identically, not entirely surprisingly suggesting there may well be some common perceptions of how to get a good conversation going between the sexes.

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