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Final Fantasy XIII Sells for $20, Sales Now a Damp Squib


Troubled blockbuster corridor marathon Final Fantasy XIII is now the subject of humiliating ¥1,980 sales, whilst its sales figures have dropped to record lows.

The sale in question, for new copies of the game:


Presumably the store in question found itself completely unable to shift its stock.

Second-hand, as reported the game is now being bought by stores for ¥1,500-2,500, although some stores are apparently no longer willing to buy. Second-hand stores are routinely offering the game for as little as ¥3,500.

More ominously, the sales figures for Final Fantasy XIII, whilst initially healthy enough, have plummeted to levels far lower than previous titles in the series.

(Columns: weeks 1-8, total sales, percentage of sales concentrated in week 1)


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  • Anonymous says:

    The reviews world wide are a likely contribution to the lackluster sales, assuming this information is accurate. Reviewers nowadays have this convoluted philosophy that video games, regardless of genre must be open-ended and explorative, which may not be a necessity. Final Fantasy X is a prime example of an immensely popular, yet remarkably linear game. The release of Mass Effect 2, and Dragon Age, both of which are the WRPG creme de la creme may have further factored into the scoring. Nonetheless the game appears intriguing and with similarities to my favorite game in the series (FFX) I am certainly going to allot Square the opportunity to impress me. I do concede since FFX, Square has not produced stellar titles, granted your opinion may vary.

  • For what they’ve done to this game, I hope it does bad. Only because I want Toriyama and Watanabe to never team up and touch a main numbered Final Fantasy game again. They’re destroying the Final Fantasy name.

  • I did play FFXIII and didn’t like it at all. T_T
    Many ears ago I was made fan of FF by FFVII.
    FF13 is very bad game play, not RPG really, not what I expect FF must be. The girls are pretty but everything else is bad.
    Replay value is zero, don’t want to keep it that is why.
    SE fail.

  • Cool, I can’t wait to buy it and play it. I love people listening to fucking mouth breathers that do nothing but complain on the internet, it’s like the people that call Modern Warfare 2 or Bioshock horrible games. The fact is, they’re excellent games to a large majority of people that play them and this will be no exception.

    Seriously, complaining about linearity in a JRPG? LOL

  • I really hope that everyone talking shit on it never plays it. Ever. Not, wait until it’s $20 then play it and admit a year later that you’re wrong after you’ve already tried your hardest to ruin the game for everyone. No, just don’t fucking play it.

    I haven’t been back to this site for 2 months, and I sure as hell don’t miss it when I see bullshit like this. Fucking corridor simulator my ass.

    FFXIII is amazing, and if you don’t want to play it, then do everyone here a favor and shut the fuck up about it, and don’t buy it, ever, for any price. If someone you know is playing it, then get up and leave the room. You don’t deserve to see anything in this amazing game.

    Fuck you haters. I hope that something you love is trashed by a hoard of ignorant, hateful idiots, until it dies.

  • Im glad the sales are dropping, this will teach SE to think twice before they slack off and still want to milk fans like a cash cow.

    Glad to see a lot of die hard fans with sensible mind too

    • Yeah, because working on a game for 5 years is slacking off. Because charging $60 for a 60 hour (very low estimate) game is milking the fans like a cash cow. Because making extra additions and tweaks in the English version costs us extra money.


      • Time spent does not equal time WELL spent. Look at how long Daikatana and Prey took to make. Look how long Duke Nukem Forever was worked on, only to produce nothing.

        The proof’s in the pudding.

        • And 5 years does not mean they have been working on the game, they were prob, well like what the poster said, slacking off.

          The whole 60hours of this game has been an infinite pressing ‘x’ button without the need of my single brain cell.

        • Personally, I could never compare this game to Daikatana lol.

          Time well spent is another matter, as this was their first game on a notoriously difficult system to develop for, and they started development of it on PS2. I’m pretty sure it was a good investment if they can use their knowledge of PS3 architecture and the Crystal Tools set to release games much faster now.

          Either way, I think it’s safe to say they weren’t “slacking off.” It’s pretty much the best looking game on PS3, with almost no load times.

          The bottom line is that if this wasn’t called Final Fantasy, and was some new game released by Atlus instead, everyone would just say it’s the best shit they’ve ever seen, with zero complaints. FFXIII is amazing, and the people who can’t see it are liars, to themselves and everyone else. If it was a new Shin Megami Tensei spinoff or something, none of them would have even a single complaint. That is called unjustified bias.

          Not to mention, the absurdity of the tone of every single story on the matter. You would think that people would at least try to hide the fact that their entire opinion is nothing but silly putty shaped by the media, but I guess not. Most seem to be proud of their inability to think for themselves.

  • Great marketing strategy from SE for choosing to release the JP version first instead of releasing both the JP and international versions at the same time. Now SE can expect stellar sales from their international version release in March thanks to the intial overwhelming great reception and reviews from Japanese fans!

        • They’re tweaking some stuff for the international version. It was in that interview a while back where they said the international version was finally completed. I would expect some tweaks to crafting, the crystarium grid, and summons, and the ability to make money, personally.

          I guess “adding a lot” was a bad choice of words, but I thought they pretty much did this with every FF game. Release, listen to feedback, tweak it a bit, then add more and tweak it again for the international version. Either way it’s an improvement for free. Only now I’d be shocked if we don’t get all the additional international version stuff too in the form of DLC too.

          They pretty much went out of their way to tell everyone to hang on to their copies because DLC was on the way. They said that one day before the Japanese release of the game.

  • This is pathetic. Only 5,500 copies sold last week? So what’s your excuse now, FF13 fanboys? If this is your idea of “greatest FF in history with superb graphics/music, amazing story, great characters and innovative battle system”, why is it even selling so piss poorly?

    Oh yeah, it couldn’t sell more because having 1/3rd of the installed base buying it is considered an achievement already. Nevermind the fact that everyone in the console business knows that software is supposed to move hardware. I guess this means the PS3 still has a crappy selection of games, hahaha.

  • Those figures for resale of anything that has sold that many copies is not surprising. Local gamestops have there buy back price set for FF13 at $30 and the game isn’t even out yet here. ¥2500 is only $2 shy of $30. Why so surprising?

  • It’s not so bad compared to other FF. This site likes to exaggerate every little news. I would have loved to see even worse figures, because it’d be a clear warning to developers that we won’t buy shit, even under a renown brand.

  • Yeah cause 1.8 million copies sold on a platform with approx 4.7 million units in circulation is bad. >.>

    All this FFXIII trolling is getting ridiculous. Why is it that no one seems to think of the fact that this is the first FF title released on PS3 and thus has a much smaller audience to appeal to than previous titles? Comparing them is unfair. From those numbers you can also see a drop in sales with FFX as compared to FFIX too. Same deal though the PS2 market share went up much faster than the PS3 has.

    • The PS2 install base at the time FFX was released was about the same as the PS3 install base when FF13 was released.

      When FFX was released in Japan, the PS2 install base is about 5.2m. FFX sold about 2.1m during its first month. That works out to be 40% installed base buying FFX.

      Both PS2 and PS3 had about the same start. Saying it has a much smaller audience is patently false.

        • Install base has absolutely nothing to do with how many games sell. it’s a complete bullshit excuse. If the game is good and people want it, they will buy the console and the game. Just look at what Halo did for XBOX sales.

        • What’s with all the freakin algebra?

          It doesn’t really matter how many COPIES they sell. If it gets shit reception, they can always lower the price. AS SHOWN. Therefore, they keep around the same number of copies sold, but the cash flow has slowed to a slow trickle.

          Just because they’re buying the game, doesn’t mean they’re fans. Nor does it mean they LIKE the game.


        • @23:37

          So you telling me 2.42 million is a bad number to be sold? you’ve got to be kidding me if you call that a shit number.

          So now the worth of the game we are talking millions as in dollars

          FFXII 2 DOLLARS
          FFX 3 DOLLARS

        • ppl aren’t making excuses, they’re using their brains.
          a small install base means the game is going to literally have to push consoles to sell a greater amount.

          an actually rare feat that gets greatly exaggerated in importance (there’s rarely one system seller. even FF7 didn’t technically sell the PS1 single-handedly even though ppl like to dub it as having done such).

          does a larger install base mean that a game is going to proportionately automatically sell higher? no, thus your FFXII example

          does a smaller install base mean that sales potential will be proportionately compressed? yes, thus FFXIII example.

          when you’re only hitting 10% of the install base (FFXII), you’re pretty free of any effects of base compression.
          but when you need to hit 50% or higher of the base to meet a certain goal (FFXIII), you ARE going to start seeing the effects of that smaller base.

          they ARE completely different situations. at least for people who’re willing to think a little deeper at the economics than making excuses to justify believing the game was a failure.

          that’s not excuses, that’s having some brains and knowing market economics.

        • Let me guess you don’t want to mention the one game that sold 2 million copy’s because Square Enix doesn’t want to admit defeat by the hands of some dirty foreign game company that made a good game right?

          According to Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie for (DS) so happens be made by Square Enix manage to be second in the charts which is not bad.

        • They planned to release it for US all along, and as far as I remember, someone mentioned that it was due to targeting the western audience more that it’s more linear. No idea whether that’s true or not, but let’s face it, most non-JRPG players either want a completely open-ended world, or the ‘no-nonsense’ style gameplay with no ridiculous other quests. Not sure why they went that route if that’s even part of the reason…

          Either way, we’ll see just how much it appeals to the graphics whores. All this negativity about it makes me want it just because I know shallow, stupid people judge things without thinking about it, and based on their expectations rather than what is reality. If people expected cities and are pissed, then they’re not judging the game by what it is, but what they wanted it to be, which is wrong. Play a game for what it is.

        • Final Fantasy 13 wasn’t release in the US Market yet. If it doesn’t sell well in Japan then it looks like Square Enix isn’t going to sell FF13 in the US any time soon for some reason.

          I wanted them to bring Front Mission 5 that was cancel due to lack of sales.

        • 81% of FF13’s sale was in the first week when it was shiny and new. After that word of mouth got around.

          I wonder what the asterisk are. I am curious on the reason for low third weeks sale of the previous three titles.

        • Stop being so hung up on install base to give excuses for FF13.

          Let’s look at FF12. When FF12 was released in March 2006, there were over 20m PS2 sold in Japan. In comparison, when FFX was released in July 2001, there were only 5.2m PS2 sold.

          Saleswise, FF12 sold 2.42m copies in Japan by its 10th week. FFX sold 3.02m copies in Japan by its 10th week.

          Why doesn’t FF12 sell much better than FFX, since there were so much more people to sell it to? Maybe it’s because FF12 just isn’t a good Final Fantasy? If a game is good, it’ll sell, install base be damned.

        • 0.7 million is a large portion when considering that the difference between the monthly sales was only 0.3 million. Also percentage wise it is not insignificant for these sales.

          Also the original post was suggesting in a general sense that most FFs have had a larger audience to appeal to. FFX is the exception where it was the first featured on the console much like the situation now and only had a slightly larger audience to appeal to. Every other game up there had a much better chance of doing well due to the consoles popularity it was featured on and the fact that FFs golden age was in the late nineties.

          I’m a fan of the series and am more than willing to admit that its popularity has obviously decreased however this drop in popularity is by no means creating bad sales for the game. 1.8 million in the first 7 weeks is more than most games can ever dream of. Especially in a territory like Japan. (and yes I am aware many games do achieve this, however lots more do not get close even worldwide) It shits me that people make it out as the antichrist of gaming for that.

        • Did you miss the part on “about the same”? The difference between 4.5m and 5.2m is not significant. To use that difference as an excuse for “much smaller audience to appeal to than previous titles” is simply grasping for straws.