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Magazine Calls Aya Hirano “Deko-Bitch”


Fans of hard pressed bikini idol Aya Hirano are aghast at a magazine’s decision to brand her “deko-bitch,” “deko” meaning forehead.


From her profile:

Nicknames: “Aaya,” “Deko-bitch.” It seems she has a complex about her forehead.

This “nickname” is actually popular amongst the seiyuu’s detractors, making the rag’s use of the term a rather stinging blow.

Also covered is her apparent T-back exposure.

The rest of the feature is equally unsparing, delving a little into her Photoshop dependence, less than stellar record where bikinis are concerned, and various photographic mishaps:


Her TV shota breast groping.



Her bikini disaster, Photoshop/makeup usage, and her hot sixpack and self-proclaimed ability to manipulate a TV-remote using her feet, are also mentioned:


About the only revelation the rag left out is the recent pubic hair slip.

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