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Haruhi Disappearance Debut Goods Do Not Disappoint


A bonanza of Haruhi limited-edition goods have been made available at cinemas screening the Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu movie, and one Kyoto theatre has given advance notice by way of a dazzlingly long sales page on its website…

The practice of selling movie-related goods at Japanese theaters was briefly touched upon in our piece on the Nanoha movie premiere, and the selection of Haruhi goods shown below is another good example of this despite being quite a bit larger than what is normally offered for sale at such events:


This top portion reminds us that the movie goods can still be purchased by those without tickets for a given day’s airings of the film, something that should explain the line formed outside of the Kyoto Cinema before daylight even though today’s tickets have been sold out for some time now.


Here are most of the headliner goods, including a ¥1000 (about $11 USD) Nagato pamphlet in the top left, with a pair of cute Haruhi-chan and usagi-mimi Nagato plushies directly underneath.

Especially of note is the ¥3800 (over $40 USD!) B2-sized tapestry of Nagato from the movie’s main promotional poster in the bottom right. There’s also a knapsack version of the serene image of Yuuki available, and even a sensu (folding fan) version…

Most of the other items should be easy to identify besides the odd rectangle listed for ¥1050 – those are “SOS-Dan Book Covers.”


As should be expected for an anime movie, a good selection of the series’ soundtrack CDs makes an appearance here, focusing mainly on newer releases that have come out in the last year.

Some of the goods listed only by text are: Phone straps for each of the leading girls (¥840), the “Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan” manga (¥585), a Nagato & Mikuru cell phone cleaner (¥680), and every single one of the Haruhi light novels released so far.


This bottom part deals with goods that are also available at the KyoAni Shop, which means all of the merchandise here isn’t new, although the Haruhi & Loli-Haruhi mousepad in the very bottom-right is fairly recent.


This last image comes courtesy of a 2-channel otaku’s phone camera…

These posters aren’t listed for sale at Kyoto Cinema’s site, but look likely to be sold at the Osaka Burg 7 theatre where they were spotted overnight in the cinema’s lobby.

As always, these sort of limited edition goodies will either be difficult or expensive to get a hold of for someone not present at the theatres to buy them in person; an auction site such as Yahoo Japan should be the best method of acquiring some of the most notable items – especially the lovely B2 Nagato tapestry!

The Kyoto Cinema’s Haruhi Sales page is viewable here.

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