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Father “Buried Daughter Alive for Talking to Boys”


The father and grandfather of a 16-year-old girl face murder charges for burying the girl alive, as they objected to her associating with boys and decided to slay her in a so-called “honour killing.”

Police in south-eastern Turkey received a tip-off that a family council was behind the disappearance of a local girl, and found her body buried in a 2m deep hole under a chicken enclosure, sitting with her hands tied. She had been missing since December.

Autopsy reports say the girl was alive when she was committed to the earth, as she was found to have significant amounts of soil in her lungs and stomach, and stress that she was fully conscious:

“The autopsy result is blood-curdling. According to our findings, the girl – who had no bruises on her body and no sign of narcotics or poison in her blood – was alive and fully conscious when she was buried.”

Police arrested both father and grandfather on suspicion of murder.

The father told police he was unhappy that his daughter had male friends. The girl had previously complained to police that her grandfather had beat her for just this reason.

“Honour killings,” usually male relatives murdering daughters or sisters for what they consider to be improper dress, marriage or sexual behaviour, are common in many Islamic nations and amongst some Islamic immigrant populations elsewhere.

Via the Hurriyet Daily News.

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  • Man people sure are dumb. I’m not talking about the two men, but the people who post comments here.

    Religion doesn’t teach this. Christians, Jews, Hindus, Budhists, they all do this (honor killing) too. Just go visit the arab countries or the indian subcontinent.

    It’s not religion, it’ culture that teaches this.

    • I’ve never heard of a Buddhist or Christian in modern times doing this. Just admit it, Islam is a hateful intollerant religion that refuses to intergrate. You can’t have religious equality, if one religion doesn’t see other human beings as their equals.

      The reason why you can’t lump Islam, into the same category as other religions. Is that Muslims are taught to believe that the Quran is perfect and that peaceful verses that contradict the violent ones, are not relevant. If a religions main teachings are to take the holy text completely literally, there is going to be extremism, this is why Islam as a religion is extreme.

      Islam only has one prophet aswell, giving him free reign to demand a specific way in which to follow Islam.

      • Musashi75 says:

        again a anonymous dumbass who knows shit. dumb people are not muslims, that cant be (like expelling from religion)
        the teaching is, kill one innocent life, you kill the whole mankind” but those murderer family does not know. still turkey has laws against this. and when they die, they burn in hellfire (from religious view). life is not that simple.
        Simple to kill somebody, yes, but hard to face the prosecution

      • No, it is NOT a hateful intolerant religion, at least no more than Christianity, Judaism, etc. are….. and yes, I HAVE heard of Christian fathers killing their daughters for this over here in the United States…. it’s not well publicized since it puts the old ‘black light’ on the whole of Christianity and exposes what IDIOTS they are and they don’t want nor allow that.

  • i like how all of you faggots like to give a label for everything like “religion” is the cause of ignorant people everywhere. or how so-and-so is the cause of whatever.

    look lets keep it real, and simple.

    humanity as an entirety whether good or bad is neither remarkable or astonishing. for everything good there is something just as terrible. with the shit i have gone on to read in this article, it only affirms to me that if something where to destroy this shitty blue speck of dust in this endless sea of void, i would not miss it. and if the entire world were in a dire situation, i would laugh at the cries of suffering and torment as doom lay upon us all.

    you all get emotional when hearing about the unusual death of an individual, scrambling to shit out your opinion like some kind of festering pig with a stomach parasite, before stopping to realize that no matter how you die, it does not matter what you do in life, you will all end the same way. whether you’re some piss soaked homeless man who has not had a home for 20 years, a rich fat slob who could care less about the world, or perhaps one who cares and readily assists the needy at any moment. in the end it all amounts to nothing, because no hard work or suffering matters at the hands of death, you will experience the exact same thing as anyone else.

    that being said, above all i really want to believe in humanity. because i know for everything atrocious we can commit, we all have the potential to do something just as miraculous.

  • Islam blah blah honour killings blah blah Islam blah blah eroge blah blah etc etc

    Last post I was curious, but now I’m dying to know – Is it for extra hits? Or is it because the comments sections for these articles are so much longer and more involved than ones about… *scrolls down Recent News for some example names* …Haruhi and Miku?

    There must be something deeper going on, not just because the subject matter almost always seems to read like a synopsis for the average hentai?

    I wouldn’t go so far as to look for an alternative site to serve my idol needs, but I’m beginning to just bookmark the galleries (chubby idol gallery’s my favourite) so as to skip past these pretend ‘news’ articles which really just ruin the mood.

    I’d love it if it all turned out to be one big sociological experiment – how responses to certain topics (i.e. naughty Islam stuff) alter when said topics are sandwiched between ero-thingummies and idol galleries – but something tells me that’s not the case.

    Either that or it’s just because the news posts on here centre around sex and rape, and all that happens in the Muslim world today is rape and forced marriages (and now burying kids alive), depending on who you listen to. If so, then I guess that’s just fine!

    But I do think a name change is in order – Shikaku Complex, perhaps?

    Back on topic:

    Sorry, I’ve got nothing. Down with Turks, perhaps? No? Muslims are shit?

    Back to the chubby idol gallery, then…

    • Is it really so hard to comprehend a site offering multi-dimensional coverage to suit the multi-dimensional tastes of its users?

      If you’re only interested in tawdry idols then by all means ignore anything else. Plenty ignore the idols – I do myself. Others just want bizarre news, or acerbic game coverage. But this site is aimed at a broader audience than any single subset of users. Bleating about it just affirms your lack of understanding of the site.

      • Multi-dimensional coverage? Hardly. Mention the ongoing genocide of the Hmong people in Laos and Vietnam, if you think you’re so multi-dimensional. Mention the nuanced racism that’s steadily increasing in today’s American automobile industry and how it’s reflecting the same xenophobic attitudes of the early 80s recession, if you’re so multi-dimensional.

        Every fifth “article” here is about how Person A maltreated Person B, and how that figures into Islam being shit. No, I don’t think “multi-dimensional” is the right word here.

        At least have the humility to admit that “pandering to a common bias” is a more apt description of what you’re doing.

        • Nobody cares about those things. Honestly they sound like some tedious leftist cause celebre you dug out because you regard any critical discussion of Islam as somehow being an expression of racism.

          People care about China and Islam, they are the two great threads of (not unjustified) paranoia felt in the western world. It is only natural people would want to read about them, and only natural we would respond to that.

          And if people are biased against cultures which oversee the murder and mutilation of relatively innocent girls, it is with good reason.

  • I'm sick of the ole 'you can't prove there is not god' line of thinking (and I actually use the word thinking in that statement under protest).

    Carl Sagan said it best, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Prove there IS a god, or shut the fuck up about your imaginary beings.

    If I said I had a dragon in my garage, and 1 million people stood up and said it's true, we 'believe' he has a dragon in his garage, guess what, if I am unwilling to prove it, those 1 million people prove nothing with their dumb ass belief.

    The sky IS blue, to a human eye, and I don't need to 'believe it' I can back it up.

    And until you PROVE there is a god, it's a fucking stupid unproven idea, and I don't care how many idiots believe in him and for how long they've been stupidly doing so.

    And every last culture that supports the notion, is a culture based on weak minded unthinking idiots.

      • Actually, yes, we HAVE already proven (by debunking with evidence the LIES of the Bible) that ‘god’ does not exist except in the DELUDED minds of those who are stupid enough to believe in them.

        Now, very powerful beings with ‘godlike’ powers? Yep, those might exist…. but I’ve never met one and even if I did, I would NOT call them a ‘god’ but simply a very powerful person who is no better nor worse than I am when it comes down to it.

  • ”COMMON in many Islamic nations and amongst some Islamic immigrant populations elsewhere”

    Man…the nerve to flat out lie and think people will buy it. Not that it’s not working. There are tons of idiots on the interwebz that would happily believe this. And Artefact loves touching himself at night while knowing this.

  • Why am I not surprised to read more idiots’ comments here.

    Turkey is not an Islamic country. It is a secular country with the non Muslims in power. The women are not allowed to wear the hijab in any government buildings or schools.

    Islamic country would be one that rules by the Islamic law (shariah), which there are none. There are some who claim to but they do not. If Turkey was one then these men would get the death penalty for murder, there are no stupid jail sentences in Islam, you get the punishment right away (and it’s usually the same as your crime…).

  • That’s it, who here says muslims are as normal as everyone esle? Yes, some are, but the sheer density of madness amongst them pretty much proves that as a nation, it’s a fucked up mess of stupidity, unbelivable moronistic dubshitness and out of this world retarded thinking.

    If I’m wrong, than this article is a bullshit lie, which I think it’s not.

    At least cops actually arrested them, that’s something to look up to. Man, wish I lived there and had a parents like that. They would regret they brought me to this world.

  • I’m a person who enjoys black humor, but this… What a horrible, horrible way to go. Buried alive, in a slow and painful death. Good job you crazy religious douchebags, next time do the world a favor and let someone else bury you along.

  • this is why religion is poisonous. comes priority to other human rights and all.

    Well, catholic did these kinda things to in the medieval age too.

    fuck, can’t believe there are so many people who still believe in purity of religions without political concerns.

  • Really now, could it not be he simply wanted to kill someone who could not fight back, and blame it all on his upbringing and religion?

    Its only fitting if he is buried alive himself, to accompany his daughter.

    But it still does not solve the problem: rotten hearts of people.

  • islam a religion supposedly of peace…

    thousand year old scriptures that dictate how one lives one’ life… the original texts may not have intended the such interpretation…

    but such is a work of literature, and it will be interpreted regardless….

    women getting killed for honor may or may not have been originally in those ancient scriptures…but so long as it is something that can be interepreted then it’s intent, purpose and meaning can be corrupted and twisted in any form the interpreter deem correct…

    if there is no absolute word that such scriptures should be regarded in a certain way, even if one interprets that killing your daughter for honor is incorrect, well your interpretation is just part of the countless other interpretations that are deemed correct buy their interpretors…

    if the scriptures didn’t exist there wouldn’t be a misinterpretation of it’s text and thus no reason for that girl to suffer and die horribly..

  • As if honour killings weren’t bad enough already, now they have to murder their daughters in the most gruesome fashion possible for the most absurdly trivial of reasons.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Islam should be wiped out. I don’t give a fuck about the moderates and innocents; any religion that can inspire these monsters needs to be destroyed. Now.

    • I agree, medieval traditions should be erased from todays societies.

      They go on about abortion being wrong yet they do nothing about these “honour killings”.

      The leaders of these religions don’t even condemn them, makes you think that even these leaders are just as bad.

  • I was surprised and have WHAT THE FUCK LOOK ON MY FACE when i read this article, but when I clicked on the link and read on i then notice ISLAM….then I was like …..”ooh” >_>….nothing new here, just a bunch of fucked up Islams doing their fucked up thing, because according to their fucked up religion all this fucked up shits is the way to go. and by doing all these crap when they die they will get 72 virgins in when they reach their Islam’s heaven.

  • I like how again I didnt even need to read much more than the first lines just till the “honorkilling” to know it was related to some muslim family and how again the apologist claim over and over its not caused by the Islam and the habits it causes.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    I don’t agree with this, I’d more suggest a “Shotgun Wedding” for any foolin-

    In AmeriKKKa, back when it was “America”, esp. in the “Western” parts they had semi-arranged marriages and this would also include the “Encouraged” wedding. When they saw kids who were growin had the hots for each other, their parents would talk and usually arrange something, or if they were sure it wouldn’t work out, strongly discourage it by moving one of them away. The thing they were really afraid of was having a “Bastard” in the family, a child born out of wedlock, so that led to quick weddings of the name. It’d be a private scandal on how soon after a couple was married the lady dropped her kid, but no real shame, versus the “Bastard” label that made someone untouchable and did hurt their family.

    There was a popular circuit judge who did weddings and had a character later judges tried to imitate for years. He’d have a wedding and he’d get paid as often is whisky as money, and he’d go “Ok… I now pronounce you Man and Wife and may God Almighty have mercy on your eternal souls!”

    Anyways, though these “Islam is sexist!” posts here are amusing, I’m worried there’s too much on Islam, which suggests some kind of bias or hate mongering. The “Good Christians” do plenty in this day and age also. How about the “Lil brown collection from Hati?” Where they are trying to smuggle kids to ‘resuce’ them but as more and more comes out, something else might be going on… Or the Christians who used a speedboat to deliver solar powered electronic bibles right after the quake? (no food or medicine, they filled it with talking bibles, I guess to turn them from Voodoo and their “Pact with Satan” according to Robertson…) And almost every year there’s a neurotic “Carrie” wanna-be that has a baby then thinks it’s “Lucifer” and burns it in the oven…

  • It appears that the killers wanted her to be a yuri. *joke*

    Seriously, I think the problem is stupidity and/or laziness, in that the murderers never questioned what they were told, or what they read.

    I don’t mean questioned as in, “I won’t believe in God/Allah unless you can prove to me He exists.”

    I mean questioned as in, “Does this seem reasonable? Does it seem fair? If not, I won’t go along with it.”

    When I was a child, my grandfather told me he had thirteen fingers, and could “count” them in a way which would result in this total, but I didn’t believe him. (He was straight-facedly joking with me.)

    The Weekly World News reports Elvis’ ghost having hot gray-man alien sex, or whatever, but I don’t believe that either.

    Stupid and lazy people just don’t question.

    Or, these murderers might simply be Evil Bastards(TM) on a power trip, using the Qu’ran as an excuse.

  • Well, I think it too easy to confound Islam acts and the mentality of some peoples dictate by their ancestors. I’m a Turkish guy and I can tell you that it is really nothing about Islam.

    In Turkey, a girl talking to a guy is seen as, in some areas, a bad comportment because they believe (and their ancestor too) that a girl must not talking to the opposite for some reasons I don’t know (I know it IS stupid to think like that). Their mentality is focused to “A girl must marry to a guy by the way of arranged wedding”.

    BUT if the parents surprised their girls talking with a guy, there are generally two-three solutions :

    1) Both of them are scolded
    2) A wedding arrangement is planned

    ( 3) Extreme “punishment”)

    Now, this kind of situations only occurred in some little villages and some not evolved town. Some town, like Istanbul for example, guys and girls can speak to each other freely ! So please, before categorize an act as Islamic or whatever try to understand the mentality of the country where this kind of accident occur.

    Finally, I don’t say this kind of “honor killing” is acceptable ! I think too that it is unforgettable and not easy to understand but every country has their own culture (seeing Equality Now criticize Eroge and Japan is quite a big example I think)

    (Sorry for my bad english and long post)

  • I’m from turkey and I can say this isn’t about religion. Our religion’s one of the biggest sin is taking innocent lives. This type of murders cause beaceuse lack of education. Any other culture or religion or whatever doesn’t approve such thing as Islam forbid acts like this.

    And please don’t think all of turkish people do such things. Some of idiots think If they kill an innocent girl they can make everything allright. But as I said earlier this acts not related to a religion or culture, only lack of education.

    We respect our ancestors and family but this act is nothing about honor. I can’t see any honor in killing innocents.

  • That’s what you get for being a whore. I’m glad the father had enough pride to get rid of that bitch.

    It’s sad though that he has to face charges because he did something natural and good. Fucking feminism and western mentality, disgusting.

  • I wish to make it plain (not sure why, but I guess I feel it's important all these anons know it), that while I'm fine for heaping hate on the Muslims currently for these particular instance of barbarity, I am in no way a friend of Christianity.
    The Muslims hack off heads of people they don't like and stone to death women they find offensive (which I suppose would be any with brains or a desire to be treated as equals), but I don't recall them labeling women as witches and burning them alive (that's a Christian preference).
    And to those wishing to say that it isn't always a religious basis, but 'tradition' fuck off and stop pretending I am that dumb to accept that line of drivel. The 'tradition' loving bastards are all quite religious in their manner.
    I like traditions too, but you won't find me burying women alive for the crime of talking to males. And I would be happy to tell anyone wishing to espouse such a tradition, to immediately drop dead of their own accord.

        • Pol Pot did many sick things, and what he did against against the religious was not the ugliest ones.

          Stalin? He never cited his religious for anything.

          You know what the difference is? Well, this man killed his daughter because of religion. The other two killed because they were assholes.

          BTW, what 11 million? Pol Pot is responsible for <3 and Stalin for well over 20.

        • Wait, wait, wait.

          So when a Muslim murders his daughter for looking at men, it’s because all religion is sexist.

          But when an Atheist has 11 million executed in the name of culling weakness from the gene pool, it’s because of his personal convictions?

  • These idiot Turks does not represent Islam, so does middle east.. This is their culture.
    Heck, Turkey was never a true Islam nation since Anthartuk era

    This bullshit honour killing is not ISLAN..
    Thank you internet and idiot middle east in tarnishing ISLAM

    • They aren’t? Because I’m fairly sure that in my history books it says that the Turks of the Ottoman empire did everything in their power to convert the Christian society that they enslaved to Islam.

  • This is not ISLAM..
    ISLAM or any other religion does not have such ‘honour killing’ bullshit..

    I’d say its the culture from their ancestors, who made the descendants thinks/believe ‘honour killing’ is COOL and respectful.

  • motherf.king useless, brainless, ignorant idiots! i shame of my country just because of these ignorants! one day, one day there will be no people like these idiots and then my country will be in peace and prosperity…
    i hope these ignorant idiots rot and die in little dark cells.

  • Is everyone on Sankaku Complex retarded?



    Since we’re apparently making stupid generalizations, I would just like to say that Swedes are all racist pigs.

    Good day.

    • i would agree if it were not for several factors:

      1- i know for a fact that there are passages in the qur’ran that specifically tell them to kill non-believers (go look that up if you will)

      2- other ‘peaceful’ believers dont openly reject these things: if such a thing were to be done by…say a christian or a buddhist….they would be rejected openly and publically by the rest of the believers

      3- cartoon example – even the more ‘pacifist’ muslim will go to arms under humour

      • No, all the Islamic people I know go around constantly rejecting these extremist practices. The thing about Catholics and Buddhists, and that they have a leader who can reject those extremist practices and speak for everyone. However, Islam does not have a single leader.

        I feel bad for my Muslim friends. They’re good people, and they have to deal from the blind hate of others.

  • islam is strictly against this crap, so are other religions

    your association of this news with islam (or any religion) is really ridiculous. if you’re trying very hard to demonstrate how cool sankaku can be by bashing religions, i’d say you’ve lost your sense of what is right and wrong

    but i don’t blame you cuz this is sadly the new trend : bash religions and you’re socially acceptable, or somehow cooler

    just don’t blame religions for a couple of deranged men’s actions

    • They’re all pretty much the same Gods under different names. Muslims just translate “God” as “Allah”, so in a way you’re swearing pretty much everyones God.

      But then again, it’s none of my business, i just wanted to let you know a fact.

  • that’s why i hate stupid beliefs,they’re no worse than a lowly animal don you think?

    and for some reason,after getting attached to science,im also starting to hate religions,basically it divides people and bring them to fight/war,and after learning the truth behind the “creation”,but the good thing i like in our church(christian church),they’re raising money to help those who were unfortunate like in haiti earthquake

  • Thats it i’ve had it, once and for all, any thing that results in the death or deaths of animals and humans of any type – retarted – male – female – hair color – eye color – skin color – and sends warriors out to kill above ‘topics of death’ is not now nor will ever be considered a religion or a family tradition.


    as you were return to duties

  • I'm against death penalty, however… in this kind of situations i'd see positively public torture.
    Beaten your daughter so she'll learn to be more respectful (you, traditions)? Meh, not really a good thing, but understandable. Maybe a fine to pay if you get caught.
    Vengeance? That can be understood, too.

    But to bury alive (and with no drugs or whatever, even a strong hit on the head would've been better) your own daughter just because she wanted to socialize. No really, they shouldn't lock them up, they should delete them. No more birth certificate, invalidating the marriage… no more trace of their existence, except for records of what happened and what was the punishment.
    Still it's a good ting they did recognize that there was a crime.

    Anyway religion isn't the issue. The issue is that religion is the most simple and effective way to brainwash people into something. And then you end up with crusades, suicide bombers, parents that let their daughter die because God would've healed her, parents that bury alive a chatterbox…. yeah. As long as you brainwash people into "don't steal" "don't kill" and so on it's not really bad 😐

      • Judging from the down-voting your comment received, this site is either full of users who simply completely misunderstood what you were trying to say or who agree that daughters should be beaten into submission when they’re disrespectful to their owners or their owners’ traditions. If it’s the latter, I wonder where all this hate for Islam around here is coming from. One would think this site’s userbase should be celebrating the father and grandfather as heroes instead…

  • I’m more surprised about the fact that she died alive.

    Dying without oxygen is the most cruel way to die, I think. Just imagine, trying to breathe and unable to do so, yet inhaling things like soil…

    Must’ve hurt like hell.

  • How is this news, this sort of stuff is like an everyday ritual for those filthy rag heads anyways…if its not shit like this, it’s threatening to blow themselves up for petty reasons, if not that, then it’s kissing allah’s ass.

  • As an occasional vacationer because of family stuff since I was 5 in Turkey I beg you guys to understand THIS IS NOT HOW THE COUNTRY IN GENERAL IS.

    The people in these news are living in extreme ignorance, whereas the 80% of the citizens are living under perfectly normal circumstances and are just like any of you.

    There’s a huge instability (both mentally and culturally) between the east and west sides of the entire country.

    Nearly all of these news are either from eastern sides or eastern people who just immigrated to west.

    Needless to say, these ignorant people are VERY EASYLY manipulated by people who wants to control them with the only thing they have in far-away villages; religion. Eventually, some lose it like this and it is blamed on the entire country or religion.

    Please pay attention to this before judging the ENTIRE society.

    I don’t know about many other Islam countries but there’s a HUGE difference between Turkey and the others. Whoever I talked, everyone agreed It’s the most modern Islamic country in the world and these news are no different than the ones we see all over the world. So please, stop blaming the religion there, for it is mostly irrevelant.

    • That is unfortunate.

      The whole subject of religion IS irrelevant as this has nothing to do with it, but rather a failed personal relationship/understanding with their (grand)daughter. And, of course, it isn’t an entire society; it’s just two sick and twisted family members who, as you say, comprise the “20%” of the population.

      Unfortunately, for those unwilling to think outside of religion-bashing, there isn’t a readily available solution to deal with psychotic individuals who feel it is their personal right to take another’s life, before they perform the act. If someone feels obligated to kill someone, they will kill someone, no matter what their personal beliefs are, none or otherwise.

      The comments just show how there are still narrow-minded people in the world, including those advocating its polar opposite.

    • Sure, Turkey is more secular than their nutjob neighbors. But they still embrace a religion that’s built into its very foundation a strong hatred of women. Each time you get on your knees to pray and some ignorant fool watches you they will do the same and fail to draw the line with what’s moral and what’s ethical.

      Religion is outdated. The written text has not changed in thousands of years yet the very worshipers now are much different from those 50 years ago, who were much different from those 100 years ago, who were then very different from those 1000 years ago. Without a doubt your very own ancestors would call you heretics. So who’s right?

      Religion is absurd. Whatever advances Turkey has made has not been because of religion. Look at your more faithful neighbors and you can see what it has done for them.

      • Um…. you read the bible recently? Or the Talmud?

        ALL religions (save Wicca) have at their core a STRONG HATRED of women for the ‘Original Sin’.

        Stupidity, since there was no such thing, and the Garden of Eden never existed, but hey….. you cannot reason with religious nutjobs of ANY sect.

        • @12:24
          That’s the views of the Greek society at the time. Do not confuse it with the religious views which had nothing to do with it.
          I’ve read all the entire compiled mythology cover to cover numbering thousands of pages and I’m fairly certain there is no woman bashing and male supremacy the way the bible does it.

          Sure, they have Pandora, and Io and Hera (bitch!), but for every one of them, there is one Narcissus or Zeus (dick!) or Paris.
          But they also had some of the coolest female gods ever (Athena!), and their priests were all female.

        • Women weren’t allowed into the Olympic games. A Greek man could have his wife killed because he was bored.

          Women were not only allowed into early Christian worship services, but had a fairly prominent role in the spread of early Christianity.

        • Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Shintoism, the Olympian religion, and probably a whole lot more I’ve never heard of don’t treat women as inherently inferior like Judo-Christianity and Islam does.

    • We know its a minority of the people and not everybody on that area is like that. But that doesnt changes the fact that every week there is something new, and everytime worst about that 20% of people.
      20% is too much.and they compensate being minority by doing more and more medieval murders.
      Also i find it funny how there is always a “not everybody is like that” comment but its pretty obvious those who are not like that still do nothing about it.

      • I’m pretty sure there are many people trying to do something but fighting something of this level must be pretty damn impossible. How can you tell a man, with the mentality of “bury daughter if talks to a male” that this is beyond evil and inhuman? Do you honestly think this guy or the ones like him would be educated by talk?

        I’m very against death penalty but with news like this from where ever in the worls, some things should be reconsidered.

        Sometimes these people do what they do because they’re not scared enough from the laws.

        And I loved Sankaku much, much more when it wasn’t dealing with world news this much just to get more clicks and get people to discuss and spend more time in the site. Sorry.

      • Actually, calling these things ‘medieval murders’ is giving the medieval times a bad name…. this wouldn’t have been acceptable back then and would have had your head on a pike right quick.

        • Having your ‘head on a pike’ IS a medieval murder. The era was harsh, nasty, and unenlightened. Like someone who would have their child buried alive in the name of mis-placed ‘honor’.

  • Sick sick

    I hate this people honor killing MY ASS

    we must save people from blind religous “sicknes”

    “Im swiss (anti Minarett XD)”

    the cristians maybe are intollerant but this conservative islamic guys are simple ill

    • Cuz we’re talking about … … … you know. Islam fags. xD Though I know kind turks I can’t help but want to get rid of stupid traditions and religions. It’s as stupid as it can get. Whoever is a religion fag can go shove his religion up his ass. Traditions or not killing people for stupid reasons ain’t an excuse.

  • FWIW, please remember that this act is heavily condemned in Islam in Quran in two different verses.
    Though, this was common in the Arabian regions before Islam, 1430 years ago.
    It’s a sad fact that many Muslims and non-Muslims alike confuse pre-islamic acts as islamic ones.

    For the interested, this what the Quran says in one of the verses:
    081.008 When the female (infant), buried alive, is questioned –
    081.009 For what crime she was killed;

    081.014 (Then) shall each soul know what it has put forward.


    • Anon @ 06:35 06/02/2010

      Problem: this assumes there’s no crime, that the girl is innocent. These men believed she had committed a crime, that she was not innocent. They punished her for something that really is not wrong at all. But in their twisted view, what she did was so bad it deserved the death penalty. Unfortunately, the verse you cited says nothing about that. And that is why they could do what they did without feeling bad about it.

      Their faith let them be free to commit great evil. Their faith community encouraged and reinforced their faith.

      Without the faith that they were doing the right thing by brutally murdering a child, do you think they would have done it? I don’t think so.

      • I see a commonality between Christianity and Islam:

        Each of their holy books was written in a way which *requires* interpretation into current-day languages.

        And, of course, each person interprets these holy books the way *they* wish to.

        So, basically, every person is making it up themselves, or accepting someone else’s way of making it up.

  • “Honour killings,” usually male relatives murdering daughters or sisters for what they consider to be improper dress, marriage or sexual behaviour”

    Marriage? seriously? wtf is wrong with people? what is this, the stone age?

    • Thus why I keep on saying over and over people need to use Science and facts!! Not what you think is right. Just look at Unicef on Lolis, Australia making flat chest illegal (I know adults with flat chests), and so on.

      Wake up people. Use science and facts instead of what you believe is right.

    • Mikage-sama says:

      <.< 06:21 Anon: Youre an ignorant for saying that. Its not just Islam, those kinds of religions, when in danger or in full power, tend to harm because of their ideas of right and wrong.
      I cant believe ppl approved of your comment.

    • I can add to the comment of “the right way of life.”
      Sweden, a few years back; a group of muslims wanted to start a muslim court, following muslim laws. They were denied, thankfully.

      “Swedish laws? Meh. We want our own in your country! We have the right way of life!”

  • Juuuuuust another fine example of why religion is hardly something to be tolerant of.

    Sorry, but no, I would be happy to squash out religion if it was possible but I realize it isn't. Don't wait for me to talk nice about it though, that's asking for too much.

    Fucking stone age barbarians. Honour killing my ass. Fucking primitives nothing more. I'd be 'honoured' to delete them from the human race.

    • I’m not any form belief system. I’m not atheist or agnostic either. I’m a person, a person who doesn’t want to be placed in group with a label and a stereotype. I don’t say there is a god, I don’t say there isn’t, it isn’t my place to say. As humans are knowledge is always limited, no one actually knows. I don’t like religious people because they are stuck in a way of thinking never changing. Unwilling to accept knew ideas. The worst is when they try to push the beliefs on you. However atheists are the same way, always saying “you’re wrong, I’m right” always bashing and pushing atheism. I once asked an atheist if a giant hand came from the sky, picked you up and and a booming voice said I AM GOD, would you believe in god? They said no. WTF? Thats just being stubborn. Of course I’m sure a religious person would be like that if the question was against their belief. What I’m trying to say is the world would be far better off if people kept their beliefs to themselves and didn’t bash or push beliefs.

      • “And this is why I hate atheists.
        Fucking arrogant bastards, thinking they’re so superior to everyone else.”

        And this is why I hate believers.
        Fucking hypocrite bastards, thinking they’re so good to everyone else.

        as far as i know (i was raised christian), most religions boast being morally perfect, tolerant and pure good to the world
        tell me where that warmth hides in “Fucking arrogant bastards” or any of the above?
        tell me what ultimate good can be found in jihad, crusades or plain “witch” burning

        • Oh wow. Talk about hypocritical. You’re talking about not generalizing, then you go on to say you hate all religion.

          By the way, I was making fun of the way Sukunai was generalizing by saying people who have a religion are automatically stone age barbarians. I don’t actually hate atheists, as long as they don’t say stuff like above. You people seem to not understand that. Oh well.

          And whether you want to believe it or not, atheists murder too.

        • Well, it’s definitely a start of building a society where freedom of speech and thought are banned and where only the opinion of either the elite or the vast majority counts.

          George Orwell was probably a few decades too early with ‘1984’, but it definitely seems to be heading that way. And as long as the majority of the public remain ignorant fucks due to religious people clouding their minds and stamping their own dubious morals onto them, nothing will change.

          That’s right, people. Just keep on reading that the whole world is filled with ugly, fat men who want to rape your little girl at the first chance they get, keep on believing that banning porn can make it better, but most of all, keep believing that (a) god will care enough about you to make your afterlife true paradise or send you to Hell if you disobeyed him too much. And by all means, keep killing your children for disobeying you. Those 72 virgins you believe to get after death are probably not what you take them for and will definitely not help in your bloodline to carry on to the next generation.

        • Hitler and Stalin? What did they do in the name of atheism? As far as I’m aware, Hitler believed in a bunch of pseudo science and occultism bullshit. Stalin on the other hand was just a power hungry bastard.
          Neither of them was motivated by atheism to do what they did.

          No, you have Otto Hahn to thank for starting Armageddon. I ain’t seen any angels or gods yet through, so it’s probably not over yet.

        • All religions have their ups and downs….. Ours during the middle age…. Theirs is in modern times…. but we don’t bury kids right? Yes sir, children are the treasure of Christianity. For Muslims and Islams? It’s their pure white horse and 1000 virgins to fuck in the Islamic heaven….

          And Equality Now brands otakus as creepy-pedo perverts…. and protects 2-D children….

          My God! Is this the start of Armageddon???

        • good, now lets name some prominent holy murderers
          pope Benedict IX – called a demon by fellow priests
          pope Innocent III – ordered a crusade against fellow christian Albigenses because they didnt obey him

        • hahaha, good one
          thats the Hitler thing again, right?
          Hitler was a creepy christian-born heathen-misdirected nut
          he most of all worshipped his own germanic legend-based pseudo-science and was not atheist
          if you want to make atheism look bad, at least pick Stalin

    • If one could stamp out religion one would need to stamp out ignorance. Religion cannot exist without ignorance. The slightly less ignorant would reinvent religion to lead the truly ignorant by the nose.
      Nuke them all!

        • @05:16
          You claim to be agnostic, and yet you put “my religion” in the same sentence? I sure hope this is just misinterpretation caused by the lack of intonation from written text.

          “…However, Jesus would have been horrified at what was being done in his name…”
          Or maybe it was not a misunderstanding.
          Wait, did you actually say you know what someone who may or may not have lived 2000+ years ago would think? Man, half the time I don’t know what the people across me think. You should totally teach me how to do that!
          Seriously through, the only writings we have of Christ come from devote Christians and are far from objective. And then there’s the fact that the bible have been rewritten several times (you mentioned one).
          And god is even more ambiguous since Christian the main sects tend to prescribe him all kind of weird characteristics that don’t really make sense to us mere mortals.

          On to the main point. You claim that I shouldn’t generalize religion? Fine, let’s talk about the effects it had on our civilization… ugh, bad, bad topic. Let’s not.
          Instead, let’s talk about the adoption of Christianity in the Roman empire that directly lead to the dark ages, since you saw fit to mention it. I find this to be the perfect example of just how susceptible people are to the influence of religious based propaganda.
          It has worked for thousands of years, and it still does. There have been several attempts to use alternative means to appeal to people (cult of personality and nationalism come to mind), but they have so far not stood up to the test of time. What gives you the confidence to claim that people can change, when we have seen time after time after time that narrow minded religious fundamentalism has always found it’s way into the hands of power hungry maniacs and idealistic fundamentalists, and often, people with all the traits combined.
          Education certainly doesn’t seem to work, since we’ve seen American professors try to push frigging creationism in science classes. Mass media obviously doesn’t work either, but it tends to make things worse, somehow. Rising quality of life has also failed to rid us of fundamentalists. Needless to say that waging war hasn’t been working either.
          What does it take to change those people, and how can we be certain that they will not revert back as soon as a generation or two dies?
          Nobody knows the answer to that. What we know, however, is that fundamentalism has it’s way to live on despite how much we advance forward, and it also has the means to slow down our progress, reagrdless of how “civilized” and “free” we’ve become (Stem Cell research springs to mind).

          Humans are highly prone to existentialism, which makes the common masses really easy to manipulate by individuals who have interest in such things. According to psychologists, we haven’t been getting any more individualistic lately (in fact, the opposite holds true), which is all the proof I ever need to be convinced that religion will remain the tool that is used to weed out the unwanted aspects of society. The internet is a living proof that ignorant idiots just won’t go away, and that there are quite a bit of them around.
          Such is my case. Prove me that even if we can somehow weed out the fundamentalism, they are not going to pop right back like mushrooms after rain. While you are at it, try considering all the “alternative” churches we have (ie Co$, New age…) that seem to come out of nowhere and instantly gain significant following and thus power.

        • @ 9:00

          Fine, I will discuss this with you.

          The problem here is that you continually say “Religion” as though that applies to every religion out there. Unfortunately, that invalidates your argument, because I can easily find examples to prove your statements to be false, especially since the religions that come to mind from your examples are primarily old monotheistic ones. Unitarian Universalism, for example, is a very flexible religion, probably one of my favorites, that encourages people to define their faith for themselves. All they really ask of their followers is that they accept others and other people’s beliefs.
          Also, I would just like to clarify a little about the Dark Ages. Before that time, Christianity was actually a religion that applied Greek philosophy and debated within itself to perfect its theology and develop the Bible, which is why it was such a success. It is thanks to future Christians, such as Saint Augustine, that ignorance became so widely spread in the Dark Ages. He believed that knowledge was a waste of time that you could have been devoting to God, and he also developed the idea of original sin that we have today, where it is thanks to eating from the tree of knowledge that we are doomed to suffer. This man also spread the “evil woman” idea. His ideas resulted in a lot of the stupidity in Christianity, as he caused the religion to go backwards in time and lead to an age of ignorance. Also, many of the rules within it that we find restricting today were created because of the absence of law and order in that time. Rather than creating unnecessary and narrow-minded laws, it was the only thing keeping people from deteriorating into lawlessness. The real problem with Catholicism today is that the organized Church refuses to acknowledge that, and is not adapting itself quickly enough for our modern situation. However, most of the Catholics I know think the same way I do about it.
          Religious wars are just sad excuses for justification, they usually really have nothing to do with the religions they are associated with. For example, the Crusades were done in the name of God and Jesus. However, Jesus would have been horrified at what was being done in his name, as he preached tolerance. The Pope wanted to have a war because he wanted money. Religion was just his cover up.

          As a disclaimer, I myself am agnostic, so I am by no means defending my religion here. I’ve taken courses on religion, and I just think it’s foolish and close-minded to think that religion is evil. By saying religion is evil, you aren’t any better than the religious fanatics who claim that atheists are evil.

        • @16:23
          After hundreds of years of oppressing any belief or knowledge of evolution and teaching their followers that evolution does not exist. They sure are supportive of scientific advancement, aren’t they?

          And there are still way too many Christians who reject evolution (some 70% of Americans for example). And Christianity is not the only religion out there, in case you’ve forgotten.

        • “Take evolution, for example, largely rejected by just about every major religion.”

          That’s actually very much so wrong. Catholicism accepted evolution as being in line with the bible.

          Get with current times please. No more stone age assumptions.

        • Then there are the fanatical atheists whose intolerance is the same as that of the religious fanatics, and it springs from the same source . . . They are creatures who can’t hear the music of the spheres. (The Expanded Quotable Einstein, Princeton University Press, 2000 p. 214)

          In the view of such harmony in the cosmos which I, with my limited human mind, am able to recognise, there are yet people who say there is no God. But what makes me really angry is that they quote me for support for such views. (The Expanded Quotable Einstein, Princeton University Press, p. 214)

          What separates me from most so-called atheists is a feeling of utter humility toward the unattainable secrets of the harmony of the cosmos. (Albert Einstein to Joseph Lewis, Apr. 18, 1953)

        • Damn, I am a diehard agnostic-atheist (I mainly just don’t give a shit whether if there’s a god or not) but these comments are absolute piles of bullshit.

          I think religion is absolutely stupid, but I’m not fat-headed enough to deny that a very large portion of charity work is done because of religion that wouldn’t have been done otherwise. Most religion promote helping others, and they promise passage to heaven if you do so. Sure, it could all be complete lies, but you cannot deny that it motivates humans to help each other. I know a bunch of christians, and they’re very moderate; they even have their own questions about the religion. However, they are some of the nicest people I know. A large majority of people one earth believe in one god or another, but not every one of them are fanatical, frothing terrorists that believe that their religion is everything. Many buddhists and christians I know believe in and support evolution, genetics, etc. too. It’s not as though once you believe you are automatically brainwashed and immediately think that all technology is evil.

        • religions are subjects to evolution as well
          based on Richard Dawkins’ brilliant idea, ideas can be handled as genes – “memes”
          yes, memes arent just youtube videos
          whole philosophies are sets of memes – gene-like information not bound to DNA, but to our brains, or books
          thus religions have been designed by hundreds of years of natural selection to battle ideas which threaten their existence
          religions constantly branch into ghastly dangerous cults and extreme ideas
          religions need to be purged because even today rather harmless religions like christianity can turn into madness like islamic extremism

        • hell no @ rockbottom

          Too many religions are based on complete control. Yet they preach, “peace, fairness, happiness”, but its bullshit all they want to do spread a narrow minded and ignorant few on the world. Think what if the Roman Empire never fell and the Dark Ages never happened. In theory our level of technology would be much higher then what is now. Advancement in the world is kept under lock and key because of old bastards that “think” we are getting to close to “god” just because we want to cure and prevent illness. Shoot Yet its so bad that religion allow people to be vain and perverted but when it comes down to doing some real good it just seems so wrong and the world must suffer.

        • I suppose if that’s the case, it’s fine. I just hate seeing terms like ‘religion’ used to imply a certain religious denomination based on @9:00 examples, rather than using the religion’s name; it just gives more credibility that way.

          Oh well~

        • When major religions share major features, then it’s perfectly fine to use blanket terms. Take evolution, for example, largely rejected by just about every major religion.

          Scientists have “evolved” bacteria to produce insulin which is considerably cheaper than using live pigs. They’ve “evolved” rice to grow in pest and flood prone areas in India, one of the most significant advances in science that have saved millions of lives from starvation. If the scientific community was run by organized religion do you think the leaders would even allow such “heretic” research to go on?

        • Try not to use religion as a blanket term. Specify which sect/denomination you’re referring to, instead of generalizations or stereotypes; it makes for a poor argument.

          And please use examples that are not online sources…please? ^^

        • This ‘ought to be good. Come on, give me your best shot. I’ll give you Sankore Madrasah as a bonus. What else?

          And since you asked so nicely:
          Religion encourages people in a narrow minded view in which they do not tolerate new ideas that directly and indirectly challenge their views of reality. The period known as “dark ages” is the most prominent example.
          There have been countless accounts of destroying knowledge (ie burning books) and destroying foreign cultures (like the Ottoman empire of 12th-19th century).
          Religious people have been known to be less tolerant and accepting of others.
          Religion has been known to oppose highly beneficial advancements in society (from abortion and condoms, all the way to free speech).
          Religion has been known to be the 2nd biggest reason to ignite wars (greed being the 1st).

        • Communism and fascism essentially substituted ideology and the state for god, resembling religion in many respects, so it might be more correct to condemn unconditional belief in authority.

          However, this appears to be an integral part of the human condition unlikely to go anywhere soon…

        • Why do you silly atheists like to blame all the worlds problems on religion?

          Ignorance is bliss huh?

          Let’s see … When Stalin murdered 30,000,000+ of his citizens for no other reason than they disagreed with his policies where was religion? Oh yeah it was illegal at the time.

          When Mao slaughtered millions of his citizens and caused roughly 30,000,000 of them to starve to death in the name of his “great leap forward” where was religion? Oh yeah it was illegal there to … so let’s see that’s 60,000,000+ people killed by atheists.

          If you took every single person killed in the history of the world in name of religion it would not equal the death toll caused by just these two atheists.

          Am I saying that atheism is the root of all human evil? No. The point is that people will always find a reason to kill each other.

        • As much as I like making bad jokes on the Relgion.One Anonymous pointed out It wasn’t there Relgion It was their culture that cause the murder of the girl.

          Thank you Turkish guy who posted a good point as he said in his post.

          “In Turkey, a girl talking to a guy is seen as, in some areas, a bad comportment because they believe (and their ancestor too) that a girl must not talking to the opposite for some reasons I don’t know (I know it IS stupid to think like that). Their mentality is focused to “A girl must marry to a guy by the way of arranged wedding”.”

          He also pointed out about in detail.

          “Now, this kind of situations only occurred in some little villages and some not evolved town. Some town, like Istanbul for example, guys and girls can speak to each other freely ! So please, before categorize an act as Islamic or whatever try to understand the mentality of the country where this kind of accident occur.

          Finally, I don’t say this kind of “honor killing” is acceptable ! I think too that it is unforgettable and not easy to understand but every country has their own culture (seeing Equality Now criticize Eroge and Japan is quite a big example I think)

          (Sorry for my bad english and long post)”

          I can understand what you mean, It was clear enough your right.

        • “We christians, we muslims, we jews”
          Hell!, stop with the hive mind, each person is responsible for his own actions independently of his beliefs. In every society and religion we’ll find lots of crimes (punished and unpunished.) Blaming a group for an individual action it retarded.

        • I guess your right, but It won’t them stop them from believeing that Prophet Muhammad makes better fried chicken then Colonel Harland Sanders.

          Its funny how that turned out when they wanted to burn down KFC.

        • You can’t ignore 6000 years of history either.

          Both good and bad sides to religion exist, just as there are good and bad people. Someone will be hard-pressed to find a religion that hasn’t been called upon in the name of “something”, but you will also be hard-pressed to not find good/charitable acts done for religions’ sake; yes, even scientific progress.

          That’s simply picking and choosing.

        • @07:49
          You don’t get to ignore 6000 years of history, just because most of you Christians have been somewhat behaving lately.
          Religion has been a thorn to the evolution of human society for as long as history exists. I’m sure I don’t need to go over every crime against nature/humanity that was committed in the name of god.

          And it’s not “some” Muslims. It’s more like a fairly large number of Muslims who just refuse to adapt to the modern world.

          *insert some Christian bashing for good measure*

        • You are extremely ignorant. You are no better than the obnoxious people who tout their religions.
          If people live with their religion, which they practice in their private lives (not being in anyone’s faces about it), why the fuck should you care if they believe in a god or not?
          Grow up.

        • Some Parents in diffrent cultures can be strick on their children. Its sad enough that one child has to die just because she was seeing boys.

          I guess grounding her in the room wasn’t enough because its a Christian idea that Muslims dislike.

        • Their is nothing ‘Islamic’ about burying people alive!! Neither is it a Christian thing.
          please don’t confuse this behaviour to what islam is about when you clearly don’t know about it. It is true there are fucked up Muslims who do this barbaric shit but there is nothing in Islam that allows this shit. Even though I’m Christian, it just pains me to see these ‘false’ images about religions just because someone did something bad.
          But damn….this parent and grandfather need an ass whooping…and get buried alive…i mean what the hell…just for seeing ‘male’ friends???
          what is wrong with this world?

        • Musashi75 says:

          i would say crimes commited by so called “muslims” descendants who know shit and take laws in their own hands and not holy islam.
          like i would blame the church (for burning “witches” , for having red hairs, for making medicine by skilled women and get them killed)
          also, they dont fuck little children like members of the “holy catholic church”, but take lolis in some states (where stone age still lingers)
          PLEASE GET RID OF STEREOTYPING WHEN KNOWING SHIT ! >:( islam islam islam is bad please, wake up in this 21 century. or attend the army to join in Afghanistan and iraq to make the world a better place

        • Yep and there have been several honor killings in the US committed by Muslims … as was said before this is Islam .. heck even you try to argue that it is the “extremists” well I hate to break it to you, but the extremists Muslim population is estimated to be at about 10% of all Muslims …

          That’s about 160,000,000 people (with some estimates as high as 300,000,00) who believe they will be blessed by God if they kill you and your family for being infidels – and their numbers are increasing each year.

    • That is simply sick.

      Couldn’t those idiots bury themselves if they couldn’t take the “shame” of their (grand)daughter being a normal, healthy girl?

      Also, I just noticed that for some reason it’s pretty much always the girls who die and never the men. Does that mean it’s okay for boys to have female friends then? If so, something is seriously wrong…

        • Anonymous says:

          this is called double standards.
          even men who fuck men are not recognized as Gay, the passive one is in charge.
          well i am not a member of FUCKING TURKGAy anymore (since the ottomans lost, the country became gay, people became dumb, women are killed)

        • All this gravity thing/debate left me with this. Just as Yucchi tried to “ask”.

          Why gravity?… ehm… we can’t ask that.

          Why are we here then(I mean all the things in this universe)?… ehm… that’s impossible to answer.

          What Yucchi was asking was basically a recursion. Enough said.

        • @Yuuchi

          Gravity isn’t a force. It’s believed to be an EFFECT due to the curvature of space-time around masses these days. Also, it’s not what happens at “atomic level”. Rather, isn’t it part of quantum physics?

          @…one of the anons who said “Gravity isn’t just a theory, it’s a LAW.”

          Umm, no. The theory of gravity is a theory. You’re thinking of Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation which really isn’t the same thing. One’s a theory rooted in Einstein’s ideas of spacetime, whereas the other is a convenient equation to deal with what would seem like a “force of gravity”.

          Anyway, all this random gravity crap aside, this article made me sick. As do most articles about honour-killing. God these people are fucking backwards. They’re all going to hell.

        • @12:12 Anon

          1-Atheism fueled Nazi? Hitler and ALL of the Nazi are CATHOLICS! Where the hell you learned they are atheists?

          2-The other deaths mentioned never had the “religious inspiration” from the radical Islam, except if you consider making a God of yourself like Stalin is a religion.

          3-I should also note that although atheist, I can live with religion, the problem with atheists in my opinion is that they are focusing on the fact that many brainless people are already that way and religion is just their excuse, however I must ask why all countries where their constitutions works better stand on the grounds that religion should not be together with the law, while never has been a case where a country has their laws mixed with religion working really great or actually quite horribly?

        • Gravity isn’t just a theory, it’s a LAW. It isn’t unproven either, it’s not fully understood. I’m sure that’s what you meant because otherwise your just whining over comments that weren’t false at all.

        • How did you ever get to gravity…. *ahem*

          Gravity is not unproven. Gravity is an observable local effect to the solar system. It’s a basic knowledge which we apply much in the same way as axioms in mathematics.
          We’ve observed it for so long that we can confidently say that gravity remains a constant, and is unaffected by any process we know of.
          Knowledge has to start somewhere. The only way we can understand things is by assuming, testing and correcting it.

          If we were wrong about gravity, then we wouldn’t be able to put up jumbo jets in the air, let alone satellites and people into orbit or even the moon.

          Now, the fundamental forces behind gravity is what is unproven. We are literally in the dark about it because we have no way to measure and detect what’s going on. And thus some scientists saw fit to invent dark matter which is probably one of the most ridiculous things modern physics.

          But despite all, gravity exists and it’s experimentally proven. We know it exists, and we know it holds true for as far as we can observe it, which is at least as far as our solar system goes.
          Now, this proof obviously applies to small scale systems in similar condition like ours, and this is not fundamental law. For our purposes, the laws of gravity we have are true and they are accurate.

          If you want to go and argue that our laws are not fundamental, then you better have some kind of proof. The fact that a unifying theory is missing does not necessary make it false and does not invalidate all the evidence we have.

        • *sigh*
          Gravity is the best theory for the attraction of mass to other mass. Its not proven.

          Light? Well, we see it, but we don’t now what it is. We have theories, but they don’t explain it properly.

          Because, at the root of it all, you cannot prove anything.

        • Well I am not sure why this has become a debate about gravity, but the correct answer is ….

          gravity is still an unproven theory. Why? Well because of the “why” obviously. The theory of gravity attempts to explain WHY a certain effect takes place (i.e. rock falling to earth, light being bent, etc …). This explanation is still unprovable. All we have been able to do is prove that an effect we describe as gravity takes place … we have no clue why it does.

          Therefore it is a theory. It is very likely that sometime in the next 1000 years the next Newton will come around and prove that our “theory of gravity” was well off base.

          Seriously why don’t you kids take some actual theoretical physics classes before you get your panties in a twist about something you know nothing about??

          And by the way, Einstein is nice, but if you want to get a real education about the universe you should really start with Newton … as one of my esteemed physics profs pointed out … Einsteins come around every 100 years, but Newtons only pop up every 1000 years or so … oh yeah and Newton as well as Einstein both concluded that there was probably a Creator of some sort before they died … just some food for though …

        • @NoobsDeSroobs

          My own faith aside, You are aware that you Can’t prove a Negative right?
          Really Faith is a personal thing that people need to stop forcing on others. As long as a person can think rationally and are objective about what other people tell them they’ll probably do alright for themselves. Extremes on either side of an argument aren’t usually good.

        • @NoobsDeSroobs

          Atheists are wrong because they cannot prove “god” doesn’t exist? Unfortunately it is not our duty to prove that the fabrication of a sick mind is just that – a fabrication, but rather your duty to prove that these things are real.

          You make as much sense as if I said that I believe in a fluffy mini pink elephant hovering above my left shoulder and that I see and talk to it daily. Prove that my imaginary friend doesn’t exist. Oh wait, you can’t… Except if I actually believed in that I’d be a lunatic case fresh for the looney bin, while religion is tolerated as something “divine”. If one person believes in something imaginary, he’s a batshit crazy nutjob – if many people belive in something imaginary, it’s called a religion. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

        • Islam teachings prohibit such actions … before Islam came to the ignorance arabs , the arabs were burying their daughters alive as they see daughters as bad-luck …

          when Islam came, such actions was fought against..

          theres no such thing as honour killing in islam, even suicide is prohibited ..

          the only killing allowed is for self-defense.

        • @TehBoringOne

          My wording probably confused a lot of people, and yeah, “unproven” was probably the wrong word choice. ^^;

          Anyways, what I meant was, although the behavior of gravity can be explained through quantitative and qualitative analysis, there still isn’t a whole lot discovered about “why” it behaves the way it does on the atomic level; unless I missed some big breakthrough, or something (it has been a while).

          So, of course, gravity exists as it is one of the fundamental forces in the universe. But for why it exists in the “form” it exists in, that’s definitely my question. So yes, the origin of gravity.

          Ha ha~ *laughs*

          Geh, I’m familiar with it, though I might have to review it again. Not being a Physics major, even if it’s my strong point, really hampers that. It’s purely a hobby~ ^^

        • On the whole gravity thing… Mass bends space. This curvature causes more mass to fall towards the object that made the original ‘dimple’. There is no actual gravitational ‘force’… Read some Einstein some time.

          And yes, it is PROVEN that mass has this effect, and was proven. The effect mass has on space creates a phenomenon known as Gravitational Lensing, which causes light to bend around an object… Was observed during an eclipse in 1919 in order to prove Einstein’s theory.

        • TehBoringOne says:

          Yucchi: Explain first what your basis is for thinking that. Still, your wording is inaccurate. Gravity’s origin is not fully explained. There are theories about its origin, but “unproven” is incorrect. It’s there because we perceive it and can even measure it.

        • TehBoringOne says:

          Oh, and regarding light… Maxwell’s laws of Electromagnetism accurately describe what light does and why it behaves that way.

          Thanks to that understanding, you have things like that fucking computer in front of your eyes and the internet doing things for you.

          Since it is so complicated to explain, I’d advise you to actually READ about it somewhere… But I’m sure you won’t… Most likely, you believe it is an act of magic or simply some idiot god’s will…

        • @7:08 and 7:32

          Yes, because the Atheism-fueled Nazi holocaust’s 11-17 million deaths are so favorable.

          Or the 20 million deaths caused by the Atheism-fueled Soviet Communist regime

          Or the 65 million deaths Atheism-fueled Communist China.

          Blaming all of religion for the actions of radical Islam is like blaming all of Europe for the French.

        • yup
          anyone who either doubts gravity or compares gravity to religion is to be sent to elementary school
          in case this is your second time in elementary school and you still leave stupid like that, you should be shot
          no matter what gravity is, its here
          you can read what physicists write about it, test it, you will be forced to acknowledge it
          on the contrary, many things written in the bible/koran, the source of our knowledge concerning god, have been disproven and they often contradict themselves

        • *In case comment was eaten*

          Please don’t speak as if you’re an expert. If you take the most basic of physics classes, gravity is taken for granted, but the “why” gravity works the way it does…I’m pretty sure no one has completely explained that yet.

          Unfortunately, it’s pretty clear how knowledgeable you are about physics if that’s the best you can come up with.

        • To Yucchi:

          “Gravity is unproven. Unless, you can explicitly describe what “it” is. >_>”

          Gravity is the perceptible effect by either visual observation or tactile of a large aglomeration of mass in space. What does this mean? Mass, chunking on inside a region of space, causes more mass to fall towards the center of said aglomeration. That’s why you “don’t fall off the planet”, that’s why the fucking galaxy has the shape it has, despite traveling at a huge speed through the space and that’s why black holes suck up everything. Learn a minimum of physics, you ignorant. You live in a world governed by those laws.

        • NoobsDeSroobs says:

          Not really. eathists are just as bad. They say that there is no god. Like they are sure of it. That is also wrong. They must remember that it defies our current logic, but we have never proven it for a fact that there is no god. I do not say thet there is no god, I say that there probably is no god. The chance is close to 1/inf, but it is NOT 0%. If a god would exist, then he would have non problems hiding himself or being an asshole. (look at the current world to see why he is an asshole.)

        • Proof that they still live in the stone age. I mean, vikings are gone, barbarians are gone, Mongolians raiders are gone even the american indians evolved into civilized folks but still follows some traditions.

          Seriously who are they calling themselves “pure” and “righteous” when their actions speaks for themselves.

        • Wait wait wait, did someone just say gravity is unproven? Lets try an experiment. Please go to the third floor, open a window, place computer out of window, and let go. When you get a new computer let me know how that went for you. And about light… so I am guessing you are using a braille keyboard right now. Light exists, the theory is whether it extends in all directions and only one direction is viewable by human eyes. The IDEA of light is not a theory.

        • Oh yes, because ALL religions encourage people to do stuff like this. *sarcasm*

          Honestly, this sounds to be more of a cultural thing than a religious one. I don’t think that the religion itself is the cause.
          And let me just remind everyone that EVERY culture has some fucked up tradition, some may just have fallen out of practice. I don’t think this is commonplace in Turkey these days, this family is probably just some random nutjobs who still run things the old way, and you’ll find people like that in every country.

        • >But for the most part, it’s not the religion that’s the
          >problem, it’s usually people interpreting a peaceful
          >religion in a way that somehow justifies whatever evil
          >they’re doing.

          I think any religion that can be interpreted in such a way is worth bullshit. And to prevent misunderstandings I will make myself clear; Christianity is bullshit, buddhism is bullshit, hinduism is bullshit, jewry is bullshit and the fucking islam is bullshit too.

          People don’t need religions to be good to each other, people need a good upbringing to be good to each other. Sex isn’t something people should enjoy with only one other human, but are free to do so anyway. And violence shouldn’t even be a “last resort” or crap like that. Educate people in morals, not in making profit or looking good in front of some made-up god.

        • @ExtrovertedOtaku

          Religions have existed to kill people since religion even began to exist.

          But for the most part, it’s not the religion that’s the problem, it’s usually people interpreting a peaceful religion in a way that somehow justifies whatever evil they’re doing.

          For example, the peaceful religion of Islam being convulted in such a way as to start an entire war, killing thousands of innocent people in the name of “God.”

          Sheep are sheep, and they will believe anything their shepherds tell them, and therefore, do anything their sheperds want them to.

        • Hahaha, nice comment, Anon. Seriously it is a bit sick though, the thought of being slowly burried alive while being completely conscious, and then slowly chocking while eating dirt doing so… must have been a horrible death.