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Nippon Ichi Quality: Last Rebellion Sells 3,300 Copies



Nippon Ichi’s Worst Game of 2010 nominee Last Rebellion has sold a staggering 3 thousand copies in Japan.

Excerpts from the January 25-31 top 50, selected new releases only:

1. Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie (DS – 909,000)

2. End of Eternity (PS3 – 125,800)

4. Ar Tonelico 3 (PS3 – 85,700)

8. End of Eternity (PS3 – 29,100)

11. MAG (PS3 – 14,800)

44. Last Rebellion (PS3 – 3,300)

Nippon Ichi is said to have developed the game exclusively for a western audience, suggesting it might harbour a rather unflatteringly low opinion of what is needed to secure sales in these markets.

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