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“Are Women Who Date Otaku Worthless?”


A woman reporting how she was all but driven to tears upon learning that her lovely young boyfriend was actually an otaku asks whether otaku-dating women are indeed the same lower form life as their paramours.

The woman, describing herself as extremely shy and about 30, relates that she recently began dating a man for the first time:

“He’s 4 years younger than me, he’s boy-faced and really cute, takes care of his hair and clothes – he’s stylish.

He would talk about music, movies, the latest trends, and knew all about them; he was captivating so it was a natural choice to date him. With a younger boyfriend who’s really cute, every day was full of happiness for me.

After 3 months, his true self emerged. He’s an otaku.

Like the sort you’d see at Akihabara. He doesn’t look it, but he’s into anime and cosplay. I think he even goes to their events.

And on his desktop wallpaper he has gross anime pictures – pink and purple haired miko.

When I saw this, I was so shocked, I thought I’d cry!

He’s stylish and was introduced to me by a friend, but after finding out his true nature I’m really afraid people might think I’m the same. I wish he’d told me at the start he was an otaku.

I don’t have much experience of romance, I feel anxious about these things. And I have been wondering about marriage lately too.

My boyfriend is kind, I love him. But if my friends found out about him I get the impression I’d lose worth in their eyes.

Are women dating otaku worth less?”

Naturally this sort of enquiry generated a storm of controversy in response:

“Otaku or whatever, there’s no way anyone loses worth just by dating someone with a particular hobby. In fact, I think a woman who judges a man like that is a person of low worth in the first place.”

“Worth? What is this worth you keep going on about? Is a woman dating a doctor worth a lot more, perhaps? A pilot? A celebrity? I’ve never heard of anyone being worth more because of dating someone like this. So how could anyone be worth less?”

“You’re talking about your worth with a stylish boyfriend 4 years your junior? You’re shy and in your thirties. The one who should be picky is your boyfriend.”

“There’s no such thing as a perfect man. How long are you going to be a little girl dreaming of one? That’s why you never had a boyfriend up until now. If you break up with him you’d be doing him a favour – you’re a very cheap woman.”

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  • Men are so annoying. That go on and on about how women hate “nice guys” (ugh) Yet, this women is with one, yet SHE is the problem now?! WTF. Say what you want about feminism… but we need it…

    • Anonymous says:

      Lul you even said “nice guys (ugh)”, see you even feel disgust over these desperate supposed “nice guys”. Can you really say they’re wrong with a straight face? I’m just laughing at the feminist government in sweden as it imports islamic men by the thousands who want to chain women to their house and marry 12 year olds so they can “consummate their marriage” and if for some reason they would need to leave the house they make them leave with a black blanket on, sometimes not even with a hole for their eyes! Sharia law now, you racist bigot! xD

  • IceColdEskimo says:

    Asking the internet these questions will get you a lot of answers but unless your getting replies from your friends it’s not gonna remedy any anxieties. I think people should build the courage to ask the people there worried about these questions if they really want to get an answer they can use.

    …Just to add though, I don’t think it make her worthless

  • Anonymous says:

    “You’re talking about your worth with a stylish boyfriend 4 years your junior? You’re shy and in your thirties. The one who should be picky is your boyfriend.”


  • There are toms of things I’d like to say to her…
    1) You are dating someone who is CUTE AND YOUNGER THAN YOU.
    2) He is NICE enough to date an old hag like you. He does not care about your age! It’s really, REALLY hard to find such nice people!
    3) He takes care of himself! That is a good thing!

    So you discover that a brilliant,cute,nice,young and awesome guy who was dating you likes to watch anime and you CRY? you C-R-Y? WTF’s wrong with you woman?

    Are you implying that:
    1) People who dyed their hair are GROSS?
    2) People who make/watch anime are not worth it?

    I hope you break up. For the sake of that man, please break up! Hope he gets someone more suitable.
    You are worthless person for judging a person’s worth. Your friends stink or you stink. I won’t look at my friend differently based on who he dates. If you were my friend, I’d start ignoring you if I discovered how disgusting of a personality you have.

  • Gantz_Playboy said:
    How about an Otaku sugar-daddy?….when you're 18! (lol).
    I miss London. I usually stay at the Hilton across from Hyde park. Your bath tubs are weirdly deep. I always laugh when I notice your newstands have daily (or weekend) papers with topless chicks on the cover right out in the open.
    I miss Spearmint Rhino and the Garrick Arms tavern. Even the Guiness is better in London.

    ah the so called 'Page 3 girls' haha, which are found in the newspaper The Sun. I want to go to London again, I've only ever been once which was when I was really small, it was to go see the London Zoo. I'll be counting the days until I'm 18 then haha, joking. How old do you think I am?

  • Gantz_Playboy says:

    UKiss said:
    what's wrong with dating an otaku boyfriend?, in fact I want one.

    How about an Otaku sugar-daddy?….when you're 18! (lol).

    I miss London. I usually stay at the Hilton across from Hyde park. Your bath tubs are weirdly deep. I always laugh when I notice your newstands have daily (or weekend) papers with topless chicks on the cover right out in the open.

    I miss Spearmint Rhino and the Garrick Arms tavern. Even the Guiness is better in London.

  • Man what a shallow bitch.
    She needs to get over herself and realize that just because her boyfriend has a hobby associated with one of the lesser subcultures in the country, he seems to not succumb to any of the detrimental trappings of it.

    • such a sad, but true statement. it makes you wonder how people like her look at themselves in the mirror and not cry at what they see. i know plenty of otakus, most are very nice and good people. This guy doesn’t sound so bad, he takes care of himself, hes not a shut-in, hes nice..whats to bitch about? He sounds like a rare catch these days. I also don’t believe she knows what love really is, also explains why shes in her 30’s and not married. If she loved him, none of that would be an issue, its what makes him, him. By the logic she used to determine “worth”, since otaku’s are worthless cause they like anime and manga, i guess people who are shoppaholics are worthless cause they like shopping, or people who eat are worthless cause they like to eat. If she keeps her mindset like this she wont be getting married anytime soon. We can only hope people like her get thinned out due to lack of breeding, only then the world might have a little peace.

  • It’s the girl’s loss if she chooses to break-up with him, not anyone else’, unless he truly wants her.

    If her narrow-mindedness persists and she chooses to break-up, well, good riddance. He wouldn’t deserve her at that.

    Whatever happened to accepting [i]who[/i], not [i]what[/i], one is?

  • thats so wrong i mean so the guy likes cartoons an having fun whats the big deal? honestly that’s just messed up that she would think any woman who dates a guy like him could be “worthless” just for having a hobby

  • Ryoma_Saegami says:

    She should totally leave him! Otaku are disgusting, an there are many other kind attractive men out there. If you would consider yourself an otaku then you’re disgusting too. It’s fine to watch the occasional show, but if you live to buy little plastic girls and beat it to fuckin computer games then you’re repulsive. find a real hobby, get a life and stop trying to stand up for a lifestyle that has an affixation for little girls!

  • “There’s no such thing as a perfect man.”

    He’s young, boy-faced, really cute, takes care of his hair and clothes, is stylish, and happens to like some of the most entertaining, worthwhile stuff in the world?!

    Hell, if he also was an arcade goer he wouldn’t be just “perfect”, he’d be a fucking superhero!!

    I could almost turn gay for a guy like that… or better yet, become his BFF. 😀

  • The woman should dump his ass and get someone whose hobby doesn’t involve talking to fictional figurines, playing erotic computer games and jerking off to wallpapers. The people who created these manga involving big breasted girls, pre-pubescent girls and lolitas are using FOOLS(otakus) to fill their wallets. They know that your lack of social skills will only limit you to talking to girls that do not really exist in real life. Best Advice: THERE IS A BIG WORLD OUTSIDE YOUR ROOMS SO COME OUT YOU FUCKING LOSERS AND GROW UP.

  • “Otaku or whatever, there’s no way anyone loses worth just by dating someone with a particular hobby. In fact, I think a woman who judges a man like that is a person of low worth in the first place.”
    “You’re talking about your worth with a stylish boyfriend 4 years your junior? You’re shy and in your thirties. The one who should be picky is your boyfriend.”


  • gamingikari says:

    This woman is clearly retarded or needs to get some new fucking friends.

    She’s got a younger boyfriend who she admits is stylish, fashionable, cute, and able to hold a witty, or at least interesting conversation. A guy who makes every day happy for her. There are women who would kill to be in her shoes. Especially in Japan where the perception of a woman in her thirties being unmarried is not the greatest.

    There are women who have to settle for a lot less than “My dream guy, but with one hobby I hate”. Women who have to settle for “Any guy with one trait I kinda like”.

    I mean, hell… If he’s as awesome as she claims, she should be gloating to her friends. I mean seriously.

  • i really dis like girls like this… caring more about what others around you think and not of you own…..
    if you like it…. there shouldnt be any reason to stop liking it unless you lose interest…

  • if i were the BF i would dump her upon reading this post.Because the question is, does she really love you or does she love the facts that you have many wonderful features except a hobby that she questions. I love the criticism giving to her, she deserves it.

  • If I find a great guy I’m not gonna let a quirky hobby doubt my affections for em. While I can understand the massive peer pressure that’s immersed in Japanese society she comes off as extremely shallow to me.

    We’re not all like that..

  • This woman sounds UNSPEAKABLY shallow, I hate how a girl’s friends run her life. Still, knowing the kind of stigma, being involved with otaku places on a person in Japan I can sympathize a little bit. Of course, as an inexperienced 30-something year old woman in japan, she should be happy with whatever she can get…

  • hey, i’m a girl and don’t think dating an otaku means you’re worthless
    in my place usually otaku classified as a clever, elite and rich person because this hobby is rare and expensive XP

  • I agree with the people who responded to this woman’s post, and I’m female. It’s good to hear that at least someone knows what’s important in a relationship, even though I find it unfortunate that this woman didn’t realize what kind of man (a good one!) she’s got. Of course it’s probably more unfortunate for the otaku in question…

  • The comments made pretty much hit the nail on the head. Some shy 30+ woman is bitching about her apparently good looking, younger boyfriend. Here’s hoping reality sets in for her soon, her BEST chance is probably with an otaku anyway. She should be glad she at least got one that’s stylish and good looking x_x

  • Well, seeing it from her point of view and how otaku are viewed in japan(it’s a lot worse than many foreigners think), I couldn’t blame her for being shocked at this discovery. However, she should be grateful she even has such a man dating her, I mean she stated herself that she’s happy with him. And like many people said, if she has friends whom would look down upon her for that, then they shouldn’t be considered her friends at all.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    I’m sympathetic to this issue…

    It’s something the Sci-Fi/Fantasy fans (especially RPG heads) had to deal with until the 90s. Hiding the collection of “Conan” novels and comics from the girlfriend or wife, and woe to any who let one of the “Great One’s” books slip… Really, some people turned storage sheds into “Post-Bachelor Dens” to hide the “Shit” the wife made ’em throw out.

    That is, and THIS is, of course, the fruit of the “Modern women who seek to destroy men.” The combination of easy divorce laws and ’empowering’ women combined with retention and expansion of old laws out to “Protect women” gave them far too much power. In addition it filled them with a bunch of unreasoning expectations, the “Tetris” style of emotional needs where she needs something till its filled, then needs something else.

    It’d be impossible to please this woman, unless she married a “Rock Star” or “Rich Man”, someone far above her. Then, of course, she’d feel bored and start cheating or otherwise doing destructive things.

    IMO, they should go back to “Arranged Marriages” and AmeriKKKa should scale back some of it’s divorce laws. I’m for binding a man to his wife and kids, but she should have to think 10 times before she even tries to leave him, not just decides it’s time to leech off his labors and live out of wedlock with a non-producing “Outlaw” type.

    • Indeed. IMO, most of the reason so many women jump ship is that they’re “rewarded” with half a man’s money (and if he makes enough, alimony as well). If they scaled back the allowances, and winnings that divorced spouses were granted, I guarantee there would be far less divorce (and in the case of jointly owned properties, whoever pays for the house, gets the -whole- house, kids or not).

  • “He’s stylish and was introduced to me by a friend, but after finding out his true nature I’m really afraid people might think I’m the same. I wish he’d told me at the start he was an otaku.”

    WTF?! I don’t want to hear that jibba jabba from a gawdam christmas cake!

    And what does it matter what her other friends think? It’s not like he’s putting his otaku penis inside them, afterall.

    • Woa, I didn’t catch that detail. If that is true then she should be all the more grateful she has such a guy whom she feels happy with. Screw the fact that he’s an otaku! She can’t be so picky, especially when his character seems perfect for her.

  • Dam, This just makes me pop the question “are relationships even worth it days?” I’m not trying to get flamed here but seeing how were getting views of the dating scene in Japan makes me consider how worldwide things are going.

    But In all honesty I say this to the lady
    “Prove em Wrong! Show em you caught yerself a keeper!”

  • Fapping Time says:

    here’s the deal, if you are happy in a relationship, no matter who or what you’re dating, it doesn’t matter what other people think.


    most times they are just jealous ’cause you’ve found happiness…

    • i agree with this,since the relationship is only between him and her.And if they listen to anyone else,or especialy if she listenes to anyone else it can corrupt her mind.
      Relationship should be usually dealth with the person you are and not others.

  • Don’t stereotype this by being exclusively women.

    I’m 21, just began dating a cute, funny guy, but as soon as he went into my room and saw my yaoi collection and my anime action figures, he suddenly had no interest in me. >:

  • How stupid. Everything she said was stupid and ironic.
    If you ask me, the guy would be better off not dating a person with personal issues who prejudices somebody like that without looking at themselves first.

  • for being so shallow as to think that makes me want to say yes

    good lord have some self worth and pride if you care about him and he cares about they fuck everyone else(well no acctually fuck each other forget everyone else but you get my meaning) people who pass judgment are the worthless ones not those who spend their time enjoying them selves rather than critiquing how everyone else enjoys themselves.

  • This woman’s comments made my stomach turn. Sometimes I just wanna shout to the women of the world “What the fuck is wrong with being an otaku?!” It depresses how some women think. Is it really so wrong to actually enjoy something in life?! I know these women love to stress themselves out over things that don’t matter, but I like to try to enjoy life. SO WHAT IF YOUR BOYFRIEND’S AN OTAKU?! I WANT an otaku boyfriend! Cuz that’d be something I can relate to him about. I honestly can’t understand why it bothers them so much. If he’s cute and has a good personality why is the fact that he’s an otaku matter? Are you afraid you’ll lose to the 2d girls? You should because women like this bitch WILL lose. I absolutely can’t stand shallow women like her! I’m so incredibly lucky my best friends are also otakus and not one of these bitches. But it’s women like this that ruin 3d women in the minds of male otaku and it sucks! So my message to male otaku is that not all women are like this! There are some decent women out there!

  • She’s 4 years younger than me, she’s really cute, takes care of his hair and clothes – she’s stylish.

    she would talk about music, movies, the latest trends, and knew all about them; he was captivating so it was a natural choice to date him. With a younger girlfriend who’s really cute, every day was full of happiness for me.
    After 3 months, her true self emerged. she like twilight.
    He doesn’t look it, but he’s into the books and movies. I think he even likes edward.
    And on his desktop wallpaper he has gross twilight pictures – dark and emo teenagers.
    When I saw this, I was so shocked, I thought I’d cry!

  • I think that boyfriend of hers is not an otaku. Why? Because I am like him, at the very least. I am into fashion, I take care of myself, I go out on the weekend, I have a lot of friends, but I am also into anime, manga, and games. If she want to insist of him being an otaku, then we are definitely the type A, not the excessively obsessive type into anime and manga. It’s a hobby for us, but we see our real life and real people as reality. What’s wrong with him having a hobby like that. The way she described her definitely showing that he definitely is not the creepy type otaku. From my deduction, I think she is the weird or the creepy one.

    • That’s probably true in America but in a country like Japan things are different. As you might know, the Japanese does not want to attract attention to themselves, they just want to blend in with society. The term otaku in japan is more than just an anime fan. Its related to perverts, shut-ins, and other serious negative connotations. She most likely fears that dating an otaku might attract attention. Well this is what I think she is thinking.

      Personally, I think the boyfriend is more than worthy to date her but everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

      And I think the guy is more of type C. From the description of the wallpaper, it’s probably the same as the OP. And you know what demographic Lucky Star has…

  • facepalm to that woman because she think that she is normaal or think she self is perfect ???
    Think about it he will only cheat you on 2D girls.
    Who doesn’t hated to go shopping with woman ??
    example /to a cloth boutique she is trying the same blouse over 2 houres and you know from the start she would’t buy it ….

  • Sigh. Most of you miss the POV she is coming from. Remember, in Japan appearance is everything. This is the country where people have committed suicide because they “lost face” (were embarrassed by a failure of some major project they were in charge of, even if they themselves could not have prevented the failure in the first place.) This is a country where people decide what they like and dislike based on what their FRIENDS like and dislike. And to like something your friends do not is reason enough for your friends to drop you. Even the appearance of liking something, even if you do not really like it, is enough to drive off your friends. For example, someone starting a _rumour_ that a particular girl in an office is a whore is enough to get her fired from her job!

    From her POV, she is literally looking at losing all her friends, and the respect they have for her as a person, because her boyfriend is an otaku! That is the mental equation she is trying to balance. Unless, of course, his “otaku-ness” doesn’t rub off on her reputation. And that is her question. If her reputation suffers because she is dating an otaku, then she has to decide if the relationship is worth the losses, and disapproval, that she will suffer. If his otaku-ness doesn’t have an effect on her reputation, then, as far as she is concerned, she’s home free and gets to enjoy both the attentive boyfriend and the respect of her peers and superiors.

  • It pretty much sucks that women are allowed to judge men based on their hobbies, even if they’re decent looking, have a good paying job, a house, dress well and are lively and funny.

    I can’t recall an instance in which a man left a women because she was a fan of Twilight. >.>

    • @01:28 Anon: fuck this nerdy site? FUCK YOU! I’m an otaku, and I HAVE a girlfriend. Some shallow bitch you are for stereotyping all otakus as shut-in ‘hikikomori’s. Now go watch Densha Otoko or something so you can open your damned eyes.

    • I wonder what an anti otaku fgt like you is doing here xD If you want to be a fail troll do it somewhere else. If anything disgusts me I’d say it’d be you and that bitch xD Let me give you a tip: Go crawl in a hole and die in a horrible agonizing way. Wait I got a better idea. Be surrounded by otakus 24/7 xD Ok enough spam nao GTFO Fgt!

  • that’s like saying “I found out my boyfriend plays D&D or is a sports fanatic.” Which we all know is jock for “geek” ANY of us should be so lucky. That’s our perfect man right there! Even though I’m taken, we can do a three way thing…

  • A hot stylish otaku with what seems to be no social problems??? Hell I want her man!!! She should worry more about someone who appreciates him for being and stealing him away than her own social status. I hope he like men! I needs me a hot otaku man!

  • Today I found out my girlfriend is a bag-a-holic. I freaked out, she even has wallpapers of leather bags. What should I do? I’m afraid if my friends find out they will think less of me because of her..Pls help.

  • I’m a woman who wishes I too could meet a guy who was into anime and was ‘stylish and kind’.
    Bitch don’t know what she’s complaining about.

    Although if you look at it, otaku are all about self-depreciation and this goes for female otaku too (they’re called FUJOSHI for crying out loud. The name basically means ‘gross woman’…and male otaku frequently call themselves ‘dame ningen’. So if the women who are dating otaku are fujoshi, then yes, they are worthless, and damn proud of it 8D

  • My understanding that otaku is having a hobby, but more to the extreme. So how is that negative? Women in their forties are going nuts over Korean drama movies. does this make them otaku? You can argue this is a fad or trend. but like hobbies people will slowly lose a certain amount of interest over time.

    This women in her thirties is worried about her image.
    so is she dating the guy for herself or her friends? Maybe she should date her friends if that is who she is trying to impress.

  • Cheap woman indeed. Who cares about how her friends will think of her if they found out that her boyfriend is a otaku? If she really love him she wouldn’t care about these stupid stuffs.

    She seriously have to grow up, so what about having a otaku boyfriend? Geez.

  • “Hey I better break up with my decent stylish boyfriend who’s an otaku and go with a wife beater chauvinist pig who isn’t and happens to be a doctor so my friends can rate my worth higher!”

    Fuck that shit. If the guy was an obnoxious otaku that has low hygiene and little or no social knowledge then I’d understand, but this sounds like a good guy so why the gripe?

  • No probs here, I met mine at an anime convention. I married @ 32, wife was 30, what’s wrong with 30 year old’s? Are we considered ancient to teenagers these days?

    Anyway, she’s more the otaku & I’m the gamer. I wonder what our kids will turn out to be…well, guess I’ll find out in 5 years.

  • So he’s basically a well rounded individual who has all sorts of hobbies. And is just so open minded that he doesn’t also shun the anime fandom because of the stigma.

    I can’t believe the bias toward anime is this big after all these years.

    The irony of this is that the otaku stigma is based upon the idea that they care too much about animation and games or other some such. When in this case, it is she who cares too much about one of his many hobbies as a well rounded, open minded person.

    • Yeah, I find it hypocritical how some people find otaku worse than people who worship celebrities and brand names. They’re both bad when taken into the extreme, but if it’s only a hobby/interest, normal otakus still get it as bad.

  • Nice looking stylish AND he's dating a real woman.

    Hmm she can call him otaku if it floats her boat,, but he's so totally not otaku. Otaku don't date real women for starters.

    She should be glad he likes harmless hobbies. He could always be into gangs, drinking, gambling and other unsavoury habits.

  • Well, it’s her life, so she should make her own decision whether her boyfriend being an otaku is a relationship deal-breaker or not. Blaming her for her “shallowness” isn’t helpful, since everyone has the right to determine their own relationship deal-breakers. For some, it could be an abusive or unfaithful partner. For others, it could be a smoker. Or someone who is fat. Or someone who doesn’t bath for months.

    Anyway, she says she doesn’t have much experience in relationships, so she may not know she’s still in the lovey-dovey stage where the boyfriend appears cute, stylish, and all around perfect. And of course her boyfriend is on his best behavior too, since they only just started dating. You know what they say about salesmen being on their best behavior before the deal is signed.

    Maybe she should give her otaku boyfriend another chance. However, if this otaku fact is seriously troubling her willingness to continue the relationship, then they should both break up amicably. There are 128 million people in Japan. Surely there is someone suitable for either of them out there.

  • Consider herself more lucky that she didn’t find out that her boyfriend is a murderer or psychotic. That would have suck a lot.

    It’s just like education. People always tries to aim to get the best education to get the best degrees to impress other people like their friends but what they should actually be doing is live what they have now and be happy about it.

  • “Otaku or whatever, there’s no way anyone loses worth just by dating someone with a particular hobby. In fact, I think a woman who judges a man like that is a person of low worth in the first place.”


  • The problem is the more mental ill someone is the more the one thinks he is normal. So does she, but she is simply retarded. She is simply a normal general woman. That is one of the reasons why otakus like the 2D ones more.
    If you would i.e. meat a real “3D” asuka/tsundere type girl she would be simply a soulless retarded bitch. But the 2D one is sexy and gorgeous and with a soul 🙂

  • that’s really bs.

    on november 30 there was a poll posted on sankaku “Top 10 Partners You Don’t Want Your Child Bringing Home” and an otaku was as far as 22 place.

    on december 5 there was a note about the rising popularity of otakus since they tend to be honest, loving and sincere and a lot of women stated that they would rather have his boyfriend wank of to an action figure than cheating on her irl.

    and now this.

  • Honestly, the way I see it. There are so many people that think like this that it makes me sick.
    But it isn’t like we can do anything about them.
    She thinks that it is some sort of bad habit like drinking or smoking and that he purposely kept it from her.
    This sort of thinking is what is so bad about the world we live in.
    Just wish I knew more Japanese so I could reply to her post.

  • “My boyfriend is kind, I love him. But if my friends found out about him I get the impression I’d lose worth in their eyes”

    That is reason enough to continue the growing relationship. It’s not like being an otaku the same as having a history of stealing stuff or a bad family.

    Really, relationships are not for show and it’s a private affair don’t get into one if you’re just going to tell the world that you’re not single anymore.

    Already there’s that Huge plus in him and she has the nerve to think of what her friends would think about him being an otaku…really now!

    • I support your post~

      I guess girls like these want everything perfect in their boyfriend…. That way she can show every one her boyfriend. (braging if you will)…

      And if he has one thing she doesn’t like one thing, she’ll throw him away just like you would a defective product…

      *Sigh* talk about being objectifyed…

  • Dump her quick. She’s a Normfag.

    Despite being often generalized as disgusting, otakus usually happen the type of guy that’s really devoted to their soulmate. Given that he’s stylish, young and has a good look, it’s 100% ensured that the woman has no gratitude.

    And WTF? “Disgusting pink and purple haired miko”?

    • It’s harder to juggle more than one waifus than you think. Especially since most people gather numerous waifus, it becomes hard to give equal attention to everyone. If the 3D waifu becomes jealous, Otaku Canceller might be called upon.

      tl;dr. Polygamy is srsfknbizness

  • > If you break up with him youâ��d be doing him a favour â�� youâ��re a very cheap woman.â��


    Sometimes I feel that most women DO treat their boyfriends like trophies — they flaunt their boyfriends among their peers and feel superior to them. I know men do this too, but not to the extent that they find dating someone who’s considered ‘scum’ a degrading idea.

  • That desktop background she said she saw, could she have possibly seen Tsukasa and Miyuki~? 😀 …and “gross”?! WTF!
    Surely if she watches Lucky Star she’d be going “awwww” the whole time, plus she surely would perfectly relate with the series’ talk. BLARGH!!!

    • Then again, is said person really an ‘otaku’ in the same sense as the truly obsessed?

      If at all he just seems to be a fan of a few shows and knowing some of the insight detail but does not devote his life to it.

  • The woman should be happy about her boyfriend, as he’s not carrying the typical otaku look. On the other hand, I kind of agree to idea that the boyfriend should have told the woman that he’s otaku, considering they’ve been talking about their interests and stuff for 3 months. Both parties have done something wrong. But then again, a lover who sees the imperfections of his partner and despises on it is not a true lover.

  • So what ? he just like anime like billion of person in the world. Cosplay she said ? LOL so what ? do she think Cosplayer have aids or something ? LOL like if its easy to make an cosplay dress on the first place … I think she need to discover the world around her

  • Not worthed.
    Unless she can change the otaku guy.
    Otherwise when something happen, for example a fight, the otaku guy will run away from reality and go into 2D. It will only hurt her more.
    Especially when from the start that the woman really don’t have any interest in 2D.

    Final answer:
    Since the guy only have an anime wallpaper, I think the otaku level is still low. Just explain to him that you don’t like him as otaku. If he don’t want to change, it means that the guy is only a rich spoiled otaku that not worth anything. This guy will spend every dime of his parents and then lead a normal boring life without motivation for the future. Leave him immediately.

  • Whats wrong with dating otakus?
    On the other hand, shes 30+.. the culture in japan is rather different according to my japanese friends, women around that age is past the age for marriage and generally not a hot item nor ideal.

    why can’t she accept the guy, like the way he accepted her?

  • If he is classified as otaku, then she should dump him. Either he’s a fan of anime, or he’s an obsessed otaku. She would have been able to tell if she saw a miko pillow to sleep with rather than her.

    • yeah, she should really dump him, since that guy is not gonna give all his hard earn money to her, and use it partly for his hobby. now why would she want a partner that doesn’t let her hold the money?

  • I can somewhat understand her anxiousness. Caring about her appearance before other ppl, that’s what everyone cares to some degree. But in this case, it’s just paranoia IMO. From what she said, it seems all she cares about is having a bf that is a compliment to her appearance. If she’s going to be overconcerned like this, she should do herself and him a favor and breaking up with him.

  • “After 3 months, his true self emerged. He’s an otaku.”


    “But if my friends found out about him I get the impression I’d lose worth in their eyes.”

    Pick your choice: your partner, or your friends impression.

    • Marine-RX179 says:

      Yea…if interested in anime/moe is a “disease”, then so is women with blowing all their money on shopping/hunting for branded handbags, shoes, clothes which they toss aside after wearing them only once or twice to show off to their female friends to acquire/gain the so called ‘worth’ from those shallow women…when there are people starving around the world…

  • She’s already worthless by caring more about what others will think about her than about the boyfriend she “loves”. He’s kind, stylish, and younger than her. What the hell is she complaining about?

  • Well, Asian minds do work different then what westerners think, but if I were to put it this way:
    Anime is cartoon. Most people at age 30 or so wouldn't enjoy watching anime/cartoon much as otaku or kids. So otaku suddenly becomes mental sickness of sort. And in Asia, if you're labeled with Mental Sickness, you're pretty much doomed for life.
    Win~ (not really)
    I understand the girl, but at the same time, I don't, me being avid anime lover (people go far as calling me otaku, but I personally don't fit that subgroup) and that never interfered with anything in my life.

    • Don’t generalize it like that. And you are wrong. It’s more likely for a western culture to see animation as childish than an asian (at least far east asia).

      That woman is an idiot who know no better. If her boyfriend liked sport, then it’s ok? If he liked “normal” art, then it’s ok? But OMG! He likes a particular form of art! He is disgusting! I kind of hope she will dump him, for his own good.

    • Anonymous says:

      In response to this retard in the article

      We are all equally worthless in the eyes of god and the universe.

      Worth is a judgment of the person. A person may be a bum but that bum may mean the world to another person.

      She actually disgust me with how jaded and twisted she fucking is. It makes me sick. How dare she pass judgment, by what right does she have a scale saying who is worth more or less in the world.

      Man I can’t stand people that judge others it makes me rage like an animal. Been in a few fights because of it honestly.


      that stripper you see in the club and that wealthy business man next to her are the same value in this world. Your self delusions are the only thing that makes you see things differently.

    • i doubt she would know who Kousaka from Genshiken is.
      Besides, the otaku scum that she seems to have in mind are those shut-in types. she’s generalizing otaku which not are all those “scum”. she thinks he’s an otaku due to a wallpaper?

      • The last thing going through her head at that time…. aside from, y’know, the bumper…. would be ‘Fuck! I got run over by a clown car!’

        If she cared at all about her boyfriend, she’d be happy she had one, and stop crying about it. As it is, she’s kinda past the sell by date by now, isn’t she? <_<

    • I hate it when people judge others for what they like to do in their spare time. Its so fucked up. If she really “loved” him then she would look past all that bullshit in her head and fuck what her friends think.

      Speaking from experience I knew some people before that hung out with me because I drew, bboy, basically had a social life. But once they found out I was into anime and stuff they basically freaked out just like this girl. But thanks to that I made some REAL friends that accept me for who I am.

      • Anonymous says:

        As much as I understand the social conditioning of different cultures, It still pisses me off when I read such shallow tripe.

        I am glad that you found people who are “real” JSRF. They are hard to find, but worth having when you do.

      • Disgusting 3D pig. The minute you find out your bf is viewed as scum in society, you dump him?

        My god, no wonder you’re 30.

        We are who we are, and like JSRF, I found REAL dependable friends.

        I hope I find someone like Izumi Kanata…but doesn’t die at a young age ^^

      • It’s a matter of social status.

        Let’s say your mom works in the porn industry. Surely you wouldn’t mind, right? She’s just doing what she chose to do, right?

        No. You would be ashamed of your mom’s profession, as society looks down upon people working in the porn industry. If possible, you’d rather not associate with someone like that.

        In Japan, social pressure is much, much more harsh than it is over here. Otaku are really considered creepy by most of society, and by associating with them, you become a freak as well. If you associate with an otaku, or even become his girlfriend, prepare for strange looks and prejudice.

        I’m not saying she should drop him for being an otaku, but it isn’t as simple as you people make it seem.

      • Am I the only one that thinks this whole post is a troll?

        Guy acts normal but has an anime wallpaper, means he is unworthy!

        Someone just wanted to cause a ruckus and succeeded, I’m also fairly sure that the person who created this post is a guy 🙂

        • ^^lol. I’m hearing a flashback of myself. I used to think that way until I realized what one must and must not value in life. Though we may be sometimes obsessive, I consider myself an otaku and see no reason for a girl’s friends to see her badly if she dated me.

        • WTF!!!unworthy!?!?!?,,,do you even know what you’re saying?i do like anime,but somewhat leading/top in most of my subjects(except that darn french subject),that’s why i hate those type of people,do you want to know what i really want when i graduate?i want to be a scientist,create some virus and DESTROY who looks down to anybody,i turned into this because of my stupid classmates discriminating me because i was just an average person back then,now i im one of the top,i wont let that happen again,not to me,and anybody

        • What do you mean by unworthy? You mean all of us who are into anime are abnormal? I go to penn state, one of the top school in United States. I have a lot of friends and I am happy with my life. I like anime and suddenly I am worthless? I have an anime wallpaper and therefore I am worthless? A lot of girls actually like me, but I am still worthless because of that anime wallpaper. They know I like anime, as ONE OF MANY OF MY HOBBIES, but because of the anime wallpaper I am worthless? WOW.. Are you female? I bet you are a bitch on that.

        • *shrugs* Not really, I live in Mexico and people who watch anime are not looked down upon in the slightest. In the first place because it’s a RARE hobby, most people don’t have access to anime in the first place, and most of the fan subbing is Japanese -> English, not Japanese -> Spanish, and many Spanish speakers are not too good with English. Some of our cosplays are terrible though. For that matter, as long as you act ‘normal’ within bounds, I’ve never been rejected by the following “that guy is into anime!”. As a matter of fact, I’ve gotten one of my ex-gfs into watching anime, and now she’s a bigger fan than Myself.

          TL;DR: I don’t feel that being an otaku should detract the slightest from your appeal, unless you don’t bathe for 2 days straight+, or dress up like shit.

        • Like #Chris says, a woman want a guy to show for your friends. I’m already have a girlfriend like that. In private, she was the most perfect girl i already knows, but in public she avoid to date with me together with her friends, and one time, she ignores me completely in the street, and excusing with me later.
          What did I? Kick her out and date with one of your friends, that did not matter to date with me in her and her friends presence.

          Sorry for the bad english, google translator suxx.

        • Funny thing about this whole equation :

          She tells her friends, they make fun of her and say she should dump him.

          She regrettably dumps him, saying she can’t get over the fact he’s an otaku.

          She becomes miserable, having noone, and already being as old as she is with almost no dating experience.

          She gets over the otaku thing, goes to get him back, and discovers (way too late), that one of the very friends making fun of her, is now dating her guy. And “sympathizing” with him about what a bitch she was to dump him over something so trivial.

        • Women like this do not get nice clothes, nice boyfriends, nice apartment/house/car/etc to simply please themselves.

          They get these things to impress their peers above all else. It’s sad how much sway some people will let other people’s opinions hold…

          You can guarantee that if her circle of friends felt that violent criminals were a catch, then she would be trying to date them regardless of her own feelings in the matter.

        • Friends who disowned their friend for having a boyfriend who happened to be an Otaku in the first place. It shouldn’t even be questionable, then again it’s not exactly the same in all cultures, outside of Japan Otakus are viewed as a bit weird, even going to such extents like stalking the Kannagi artist, so I guess it comes down to the severity. Also culture wise as far as I knew, Otaku’s aren’t simply anime addicts in Japan, they are constantly associated with murderers and sociopaths, so whilst I don’t agree with it (the fact of leaving him for such a minor reason) from my P.O.V, I can still see where she’s coming from, though she shouldn’t in general give a flying fuck what her friends think.

        • DeathCrunch says:

          I’d agree that she’s a stuoid bitch and that theres a strange amount of otaku prejudice in Japan (considering the female nerds in English countries are usually far more in you face and obnoxious).

          But I’d hardly say I can blame her from freaking out seeing (presumably) fetish hentai on his desktop as her first indication of liking anime.
          Silly boy, the idea is to slowly introduce it and brainwash/pressure them into liking it. Worked for me lol.

        • The only time she ever mentions her friends is to say that they introduced her. Which means her friend thought he was a catch too.

          But there you have it guys:
          Outside Japan, you can get away with being Otaku if you look like Kousaka, but no girl in Japan wants to date anyone who likes anime.

        • i think she should care more about the way he treats her and less about how her “friends” see her. if they call her trash because her boyfriend has an interest that they do not share, they weren’t her friends to begin with, and are not worth having around. maybe it would be better to tell them and get rid of them if they reject you. then, at least you save yourself the trouble of having people who judge you around every corner.

        • Also look at all the affairs. A woman’s worth to her friends is inversely proportional to her worth to her boyfriend, and for that reason a doctor, pilot or celebrity will leave you locked in a relationship for financial reasons while your man will be jumping beds with women much prettier and more intelligent than you. Most women don’t like this.