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Nippon Ichi’s Last Rebellion “Worst Game of 2010” Candidate


Nippon Ichi’s newly released PS3 RPG “Last Rebellion” has already been awarded the dubious honour of “Worst Game of 2010” candidacy.

Even just looking at its gorgeous PSP-level graphics probably does do the game justice:


The entire game is dubbed exclusively in English (the Japanese version is subtitled in Japanese), as Nippon Ichi intends to unleash the game on the rest of the world in February and March.

Possibly the game is intended to do well overseas as an “anime RPG,” explaining the reliance on English dubbing (which Japanese users complained was unnatural, coupled with the Japanese dialogue at least).

Players report poor acting, bad graphics, usability problems, bad map design, a substandard battle system and a lack of balance. Just about everything, in fact.

A Nippon Ichi employee reportedly bragged that the game could sell a million copies.

For the sake of Japan’s gaming industry, it would probably be best if no further games vied for the title this year.

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  • English voice only? Bad idea. Wrong direction. If they were targting North American market, N1S core demographic likes Japanese voices.

    The graphics do look like they don’t meet ps3 standards but that’s not my main concern. Gameplay getting dinged in reviews is a big worry.

  • NIS….You fucking up.Make a game the everyone wants to play please.You can’t just rely on your early 2000’s establish fans and 500,000 units per game ship outs to MAKE THE GAME SELL OUT.New concepts that don’t call for 70 hr repetitive exploits of a revisitable portions of the game might be a good idea.They are so used to not every really have to design a game from the ground up that they once again said,”Fuck this,we don’t have to try hard on presentation.”

  • They’re doing it cheap.

    I’d bet even money that they got NISA to farm out the voice acting to the US voice actors over here who haven’t had a job since the anime market crash, who’d probably do the work for a fraction of the cost of even the least-recognized Japanese VAs. I’m sure I could have ADV’s voice actors read XKCD to me for pocket change.

  • The singing voice in the trailer somehow reminds me of the opening song of Goemon64 for the N64. Same singer?

    As for the game itself, I actually quite like the artwork and design. The English is not that bad, but it could be better of course. Know what, I think the game developers want to cut costs by hiring some English speaking part-timers, since Japanese voice-actors can be relatively expensive, especially the famous ones like, e.g. Rie Kugimiya. They don’t bother to include English subtitles to match the English (spoken) dialogues.

  • This proves how Nippon Ichi is a bad developer. All they can do correctly is rehash the same Disgea formula every game, and can’t even make significant improvements upon the genre. When they try do something else, they fail miserably, and even their first PS3 game was a ripoff. Paying $60 for a game that’s essentially the same as a PSP or PS2 game? No thanks.

    Only that Prinny game was good, since Platforming game’s aren’t hard to make.

  • It doesn’t seem that bad…but I guess I’d have to see a gameplay demo or something. I personally don’t mind the graphics, but if the gameplay sucks as much as the people claim it does, then maybe it isn’t worth paying for.

  • hwy does everyone complain. when they com out with an 8-bit remake everyone is happy, but when they use simple graphics on something thats not a remake everyones says fuck you this game sucks?

  • “The entire game is dubbed exclusively in English (the Japanese version is subtitled in Japanese)”

    so no dual voice than, no wonder this game will not do any better in the west, mos of NI fans used withhj dual voice game here(like disgaea),it is obvious that the japanese fans will not want to hear that crappy english dub, I wonder how come they use english dub for japanese

  • I’m not totally surprised that a company known for making a mostly 2D RPGs (even then, mostly strategy ones at that), didn’t fair so well making a ‘fully’ 3D aRPG for the first(?) time. . .

    Hopefully NIS continues the Disgaea series with improved visuals and camera control, and gets a new team to develop any other future planned aRPGs

  • OK! my first impression is either the art style is like that or they didn’t put enough effort in doing it in the first place.

    Sadly I would have to yield to the fact that graphics “IS” important especially if the game is designed on the PS3. If you were looking for a game with it’s charm lies in the gameplay, get a PSP, DS, Wii. Compared to PS3 and it’s hardware specification I would say this game is half-assed done with it’s graphics. Gameplay-wise, story-wise, mechanics and what-not are still on pending with my criticism.

    But in the end graphics are still just graphics, it’s just eye-candy, I still believe that gameplay/playability/”fun-factor” are still more important than graphics. Mind you graphics “IS” still important.

      • It’s a budget game. Priced at MSRP 40 bucks (in its target western market) and I’m sure less then that soon.

        I’m severely disappointed in no Japanese voice even in JP version (wonder why the song was not in English though), but I can overlook that.

        Considering that I’m an aspiring game developer and my modelling skill level is that of Half-Life 1, I’m also looking into this game from an academic standpoint… I’m sure some soft-tone shading will be able to mask the otherwise low level modelling done here.

        btw I’m not the same Anonymous of 22:04

  • If this was a PSP game, i’d understand. BUT PS3?! And the graphics are that horrid?!

    The devs must’ve been either lazy or rushing the game.

    I’d buy this game, but only in the $5 PS3 bin at walmart.

    • I agree that a game should be made using adequate power in each platform.
      But you’re wrong about it being “easy” to make the same game in a less powerful system. If the system has less resources to work with, they must be better used to achieve the same results. Instead, they can program less and faster to achieve the same results in a more powerful machine, as wasting resources with inefficient code is acceptable.

  • “Worst Game of 2010”? No, that title has already been claimed by Final Fantasy XIII and if it counts, Star Ocean The Last hope: International.

    Japanese gamers are just getting their panties in a bunch because this game uses an English dub track. And bad graphics? How come nobody complained about Disgaea 3 then?

  • I can’t say anything about the game itself, but the voice acting in that video clip wasn’t bad. No, I’m used to bad English dubbing in video games. Tales of Vesperia was above (the very piss poor) average and every breath from that game made me cringe. Even Nippon-ichi games are typically trash in this regard – I would have never beaten Disgaea (one of my favorite games) if I couldn’t at least turn the cut scene dialog to Japanese.

    That said, poor game mechanics and balancing is pretty par for the course for N1, unfortunately. It’s not that they’ve got their heart in the wrong place, it’s that they’re hit or miss and typically don’t consider repercussions of their design decisions to the logical conclusion. I love them anyway.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Reminds me of a goof-up someone made watching Anime for the first time, years back…

    “So, in Japan, the subtitles are in Japanese?”

    From the trailer the game doesn’t look half bad. How does it suck? The Monster/combat too tedious? The story too linear, or seemingly open ended but one tiny note unread derails the progress?

    The graphics are, seemingly not cutting edge, though they do seem to have good particle/3D map effects I haven’t noticed in PS2. Part of that is from a 3D engine working to try to be a good 2D one with 2.5D effects. A good start, but that’s an area that needs perfection.

  • I must say that the graphic is kinda unique .. a balance between 3D realistic with cel shading graphic. but unique != good.
    oh well, too bad we can’t have japanese audio with english subtitle

  • The decision of a company named “日本一” to target a game primarily at the west seems like a bad idea in and of itself.

    NIS has an incredible repertoire though, and they need to be proven unworthy, not the other way around.

  • >The entire game is dubbed exclusively in English (the Japanese version is subtitled in Japanese), as Nippon Ichi intends to unleash the game on the rest of the world in February and March.

    They’re doing it wrong.

  • “The entire game is dubbed exclusively in English (the Japanese version is subtitled in Japanese)”

    sweet sweet revenge. Now the Japanese know how we feel when we have to deal with English text *ONLY*. MWHAHAHAHAHAHA

    any way, on a series note, it seem that the Japanese are only upset because the game have English voice dub instead of what they are used to. That doesn’t mean that it is a bad game, in fact there is a chance that it will do well outside Japan (there is a huge non-Japanese speaking anime fans out there).

    any way, does that mean that this game was made in the west? or was it designed with western market in mind (think Afro Samurai)? Hopefully this will mean that more studios will try to release their games with English text (at the very least) from day one. This should help them expand their market while keeping their cost down (one development cycle that have English text as extra). If this happens, then we won’t have to “wait and see” if an English company would license the game or not and we will be able to import it as soon as it is out (think Ar tonelico III)

    • I would love to have my games with English text *ONLY*, as I like the japanese dubs for japanese games much more than the english stuff they try to force down our throats here. People should learn to appreciate games on the way it was made to be played. As much as I hate english dubs on japanese games, I would equally hate japanese dubs on american games.
      Games are a piece of art and entertainment as much as music is. You dont dub music for other countries, do you? Why should games?
      On a side note, if they hated english voices just because it’s different from what they usually have, you can bet square enix wouldn’t have made a good portion of their tweaked “international” games with dual audio for them.

      • your argument is strange, if you are to accept the game as it is because it is a work of art. Doesn’t that mean you should accept this game with English Dub since that the way it was made?

        you seem to be confusing dubbed localization with original development. In this case the game is originally developed to have English voice dub (same as Mass Effect 2), so what is the problem? Just because it targeted at anime fans, it must have Japanese dub otherwise it is not acceptable?

        any way, English text *ONLY* on Japanese releases does sound good. It will allow us to import the games and enjoy them as soon as they are released in Japan.

        • English/Japanese dubs aside, yeah, I totally support the idea of an english text add-on for the original release. Not only that, I think all the developers should add as much text translation options as possible for the release of any game, in any region, unless text is too much for the 25gigs discs. Makes the whole thing a lot sexier. Cheers for no region protection, expanding horizons.

        • I still think that people are over reacting to the English dub of the game, the opinion that “anime style games = Japanese voice” seem to be flowed to me. I do hope that this game will met with success, not for this game’s sake but for the sake of making the Japanese *companies* realized that there is a market outside Japan.

          if we try to look at Ar tonelico III, what is the chance of this title getting localized in the next 12 month? I’d say slim, and since the PS3 version will have to have English dub (Sony rules), that will make it even less likely that it will come out in the next 24 months. But if the Japanese company itself take the western market into consideration from day one, then this could mean that the title would have an English text add-on from the initial release. (small extra cost, but with high chance of reward in term of imports).

          P.S. I watched the youtube video and it seem to have good graphics for a low budget title. It’s graphics is far better then the At3 in my opinion (which is saying something). Any way, I already pre-ordered the US release from playasia and now waiting for it.

        • Seems my last reply failed.
          I based my argument on the fact that, to me, it seems painfully obvious that NIS made the english dubs only to appeal more to the western market (NIS america dubs are usually awfull), and not because it was fitting for the game (like mass effect 2). And thats a reflection from the fact people always want everything dubed instead of on their original form.

        • When games like devil may cry or bayonetta, or even mass effect as u said, are released with their original voicework in english, it usually is because the developers saw it as more fitting for the game atmosphere and style. That is nice, and it’s all good. But, to me at least, it’s painfully obvious that in the case of last rebellion, NIS made the game with english dub just to appeal to the western gamers as the great majority of them prefer to play the games in full english, and not because it was more fitting for the game atmosphere, potentially ruining what could have been a much better voicework. I could be wrong, but thats the impression it gives to me, specially considering NIS games always had good voice acting, very humorous and very fitting to all the situations.

    • I stated it above yours, hehe. They designed the game for the western market, particularly in the US and Europe.

      NISA forums said that, btw. That’s one of the reasons why the voices are in English only. ^^

  • well developers these days are making it easy they make a 360 or wii game then a year later they port it to ps3 so they can have an excuse for not having graphics using all the console potential, at least nippon ichi was honest and didnt put the users of wii or 360 to beta test the product.

  • When will people stop dubbing JRPGs, they never turn out good (KH is the only good one that comes to mind but that’s only because they used the original voices for the disney characters). I’m not trying to sound anti-dub, it’s just that dubbed JRPGs are far worst than dubbed anime, which is pretty confusing considering that the voice actors get paid more to dub a game than they do to dub an anime.

  • Such a shame… I was honestly looking forward to this. I tend to enjoy Nippon Ichi a whole hell of a lot more than Namco, or what Square has become.

    Oh well, guess I’m back to looking forward to nothing. God knows, there ain’t jack shit available when it comes to console RPGs.

  • Sir Romance says:

    I think the decision to use English voices was a good idea in terms of expanding their audience, as opposed to the emotional xenophobic tendencies of companies such as Minori.

    Of course, that doesn’t excuse a badly made game with poor graphics.

    • Your hypocrisy is amusing. You criticize minori for it’s “emotional xenophobic tendencies” (caused by a foreigner censorship group sticking their noses on Japan internal policies), yet you say its a “good idea” to expand the game audience by using english voices. I fail to see why can’t the western gamers play a RPG from japan with japanese voices. I fail even more to see why the japanese can’t hear a japanese game in their native language just so it can “appeal” more to the foreigner market. I’m sick of hearing this “we are the center of the world”, xenophobic and egocentric bullshit the western world (specially the U.S.) so dearly love.
      Learn to appreciate things as they are, not demand they change it to match YOUR taste.

      • Sir Romance says:

        I don’t want to sound nitpicky or anything, but you interpreted my message wrong. I was just commending them for doing something different and looking at the bright side, not demanding the Japanese change their spoken language in games to fit my taste. In fact, I would prefer to play Japanese games with Japanese voices and English subtitles, if given the chance more often. I’m more xenophilic than anything.

        Just trying to clear any misunderstandings. I also am annoyed at how the US expects other cultures to bend to their will.

        • The way you mentioned minori was very misleading, since I see their actions as only natural considering the situation with equality now, but I guess I interpreted in the worst way possible. I apologize for that. It’s good to see you share the same opinion as mine. I hope the game isn’t so bad and people are just exagerating. Considering all NIS games, it’s hard to believe they would do something to be tagged as “worst of 2010”.

      • A good idea would have been to release it in Japanese in Japan and in Japanese with English subtitles in English speaking countries. Not only is English voiceacting often kind of fucked, but it is just weird to see Japanese characters speaking in fluent yet badly rehearsed English.

        • Anonymous says:

          All voice acting depends on the quality of actors hired, no matter the language. Video games aren’t like film because the characters are 3d models, not people, that can be modified to look natural speaking any language the developer wants them to speak.

          Unfortunately, not everyone hires a cast that can rival past greats in the arena of video game voice cast talent like the Legacy of Kain series for example.

        • More than a good voice acting, bayonetta and DMC style and setting were perfect for a english dub. For a rpg from nippon ichi software, I can hardly think of a way to make a english dub sound right. I also take japanese dub and english text as my favorite match.

    • Anonymous says:

      It seriously looks like a last generation (as in PS2/GC/XBOX) cel-shaded game.

      It’s not like Nippon Ichi hasn’t dropped turds with similarly bad graphics onto the PS3, though. Disgaea 3 comes to mind, though it has really crisp looking high resolution fonts (!!!) and probably isn’t anywhere near as bad as this one in gameplay.

      • Yes, your logic really is flawed my friend, you see, a game looking like shit has nothing to do with how old it is, games like Warcraft 3, Diablo 2, Crono Trigger, Mario Bros, they all look good regardless of how old they are.

        This game looks bad, graphics are blurred, textures are horrible, if you’re going to try and make something like this at least put an effort to it. A game looking good has nothing to do with how similar to the reality it looks like, there are several Wii games that look better then PS3 games, and by saying that I’m not saying they look “closer to the reality good”, i’m just saying they look good, Super Mario Galaxy for an instance and Smash Bros Brawl, they look amazing and they’ll look amazing regardless of how many years in the future you look at them, whereas this game from this article will not.

        Sorry for the wall of text 🙂

        • So if sales numbers could your trying to tell me wii fit, the latest fifa and many liscenced movie games are far superior to any game I own.

          Disgaea 3 not selling well is obvious when most people slagged off its graphics before it was out. The gameplay disgaea 3 has is the most solid out of the lot of jrpg’s for the 360 and ps3.

          That being said this new game does look crap.

        • This game is now $40 preorder on Amazon, I don’t see that price drop being a bad thing. If they put any thought into the plot, I’m okay with enjoying someone’s world. Graphics mean nothing really. I went back and played Ark the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits and was utterly blown away with how the story was assembled. Its creative depictions outshine 95% of the games out there, and its animations were atrocious, graphics were decent for PS2 standard, yet the music was quite nice. Then I replayed Chrono Trigger and Earthbound and nearly cried at how wonderful the atmosphere was… again.

          All in all, the internet is full of spoiled little brats who lack any semblance of perspective anymore, and I say this being only in my mid-20s. If you can’t afford the games and are bitter, then get a better job, or just admit that you don’t have any imagination left. (inb4 ‘I shouldn’t need imagination for $60 as proof of my uselessness to humanity’)

        • Better marketing doesn’t mean a game will sell better. Maybe Sony should blame its poor marketing for the failure known as PSP Go? No, I know, the Wii has been able to trash both Xbox360 and the PS3 in sales simply because Nintendo throws more money at marketing! Genius!

          Fanboys will always make excuses how their chosen game is somehow better despite all indications that show nobody really cares about it.

          Maybe Nippon Ichi should hire you people. “Hey guys! If only we throw more money at marketing, Disgaea 3 would sell twice as well! No, really!”

        • @21:48 “look at disgaea 3 graphics, it’s snes level”

          I didn’t know the SNES could do textured polygonal maps and tons of sprites and effects at once with more than 265 colours without a crapload of flickering and lag.

        • to anon @ 00:49, can i help you enjoy that /snicker?

          Happy peanuts soar, over chocolate covered mountain tops, and waterfalls of caramel

          prancing nougat in the meadow, sings a song of satisfaction, tooooo the woooorrld.

          (the world)

          *that’s right

        • You can call Disgaea 3 better than most of the RPGs released all you want, but the sales numbers don’t agree with you.

          Blue Dragon, Tales of Vesperia, Star Ocean 4, Infinite Undiscovery, Last Remnant, Lost Odyssey all sold at least twice as much as Disgaea 3. The only RPG Disgaea 3 managed to beat is Eternal Sonata by a slim margin of 20,000 odd copies. Did I miss any other JRPG? FF13 is excluded, of course, since it would be insulting to compare FF13 to Disgaea. /snicker

          Since game quality is subjective anyway, it’s more accurate to say at least twice as many gamers would rather buy most other RPGs out there than Disgaea 3.

        • this game is from “nippon ichi”, makers of disgaea series, phantom brave, etc.

          disgaea was not known for it’s intense graphics but for gameplay and replayability, but putting graphics aside, i can’t believe that they went wrong in gameplay( assuming what was reported is true)

        • Lame examples are lame.
          About games, look at disgaea 3 graphics, it’s snes level, but the game wasn’t called worst game of the year and actually was very good, better than most of rpgs out there. So i’m pretty sure that this is called bad not because of gfx, but because of shitty gameplay

        • @anon 20:18

          My logic is bs? Have u checked how many comments are criticizing the graphics of the game? And how many even mentioned something about gameplay? Your “complete package” is something that is only achieved by big budget games. You can’t expect everyone to be able to develop games in beatiful HD graphics on a tight budget, low number of employees and limited time. That being said, we have DQ and SMT on the Ds now.

          @anon 20:41

          I can’t comment about the gameplay of something that I haven’t played, and isn’t 60 dollars the usual price for PS3 games?

        • How about this? Buy a car with a $500,000 price tag, an excellent setup that can beat most of the cars on the road right now, but an ugly appearance that does not look like a car at all. Would you buy it?

        • I think you overlooked this part:
          “Players report poor acting, bad graphics, usability problems, bad map design, a substandard battle system and a lack of balance. Just about everything, in fact.”

          The bad graphics are only the tip of the iceberg.
          The whole game seems to be a low budget project, but it was even pushed back 3 months and had a release price of about 75$. It’s 60$ at Amazon now.

        • ur logic is bs.

          its about having a complete package.

          You can argue its not all about graphics but in this day and age you expect better of a ps3 title and shitting over the horrible graphics is something we’re entitled to do as consumers.

          So stick your ‘its all about the gameplay’ happy go merry attitude up your arse.

        • People around 30 years ago played games that were composed of 256×240 pixels, with a couple of colors and 8bit sound. Back then it was a hit, and everyone loved it. Unless the human being eyes have evolved in the last 30 years, I think some people need to review their standards for graphics quality =). They are a bonus, not a necessity. GAMEs are about GAMEplay, if its not obvious enough.

        • This looks horrible. Especially for a PS3 game. In fact, Eternal Sonata looks better than this and it was released about 2 years ago… actually Crisis Core looks better than this and it was released on the PSP.

          It looks bad. Can’t talk about gameplay/story/balancedness cause I never play the game but judging by what I can see ‘character design & graphic’ – it’s horrid