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Kigurumi Terror Café Even More Terrible


The newest front in Akiba café proprietors’ war on the sensibilities of otaku and the general public is a kigurumi themed maid café, with patrons being once again served by 10 anime masked maids of indeterminate gender.


To add to the creepiness of the experience, the doller maids are forbidden from speaking and must remain silent – this is because “there is no person inside,” it is explained.

Visitors can take solace in the fact that the event is limited in duration to a few days. A previous kigurumi themed venue also opened in 2009, and some faces may be familiar…

Those hankering for more kigurumi action but not wishing for the hassle of visiting grotty Taito-ku and its cramped and over-priced cafés can see more than they ever might wish to in the various galleries of doller action previously published.


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