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Final Fantasy XIII Price Plummets


Game retail watchers can’t help but note that the price offered for second hand copies of Final Fantasy XIII has plummeted to about $15, despite the game initially retailing at almost $100.

Top second-hand game seller Geo’s price list shows they are offering a paltry ¥1,500 for used copies of the game, which was released at ¥9,240:


The same list shows the much older Perfect Tales of Vesperia to be worth more than twice as much as Final Fantasy XIII, with Geo offering ¥3,100 for it; indeed, there is no RPG being bought up so cheaply.

Low demand and high supply are presumably at fault here, for reasons which by now are painfully obvious.

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  • So let’s sum up the contents of the comments on this post.

    a) People needlessly apologizing for and/or defending the game blindly.

    b) People making reasonable arguments that are either neutral or slightly favorable towards the game

    c) People needlessly telling people in (a) and (b) to STFU because they’re blind little fanboys.

    For my part, 10 hours is a long fucking time. 10 hours is enough time to play Portal 2 and a half times over. 10 hours is enough time to finish a 10 page paper due the next day. And for most people, 10 hours is enough time to spend on a game that, when it doesn’t capture the attention of the audience, can be thrown out. And it can’t be denied that the game is really, really linear. What made the previous FF’s actually enjoyable was defeating the optional and exceptionally hard boss in a chest in an optional dungeon, exploring said dungeon, and coming out older but not necessarily wiser. Why? Humans are naturally curious human beings who enjoy the learning process through discovery. FF13 takes a lot of that away, and in the process, undermines at least a whole aspect of the game if not more.

    However, at the same time, people can like a game. For reasons that are probably similar to why people like Avatar, people happen to like the face-crunchingly popular series of FF. And what is there to it? I don’t believe there should be any reason to call out someone who plays the FF series as an “LOL WEABOO FANBOY” so long as they don’t shove their blind loyalty of the game into your face. The comments, to be frank, are needlessly angry and rude. Yes, it is the interwebz, but geez, lower the tone a bit and pretend to be intelligent.

    That being said, the resale price is fairly telling of how the FF13 is faring. You can’t really deny the facts there.

  • I have not played it yet, since it has not come out in America. Considering that most people here seem to have a decent grasp of English, I reckon most of us are either American, Canadian, British, etc. I suppose some people might have imported it, and I don’t know whether the game has English subtitles or not, but in either case, if English is your first language and you don’t speak Japanese, the primary experience of the story is not available yet. I really do hope, though, that all the people saying how terrible it is have played the game all the way through.

    One should also recognize that simplification and de-emphasis of traditional elements like towns, grinding for level, etc. is a significant trend in RPGs in general. Look at Mass Effect 2 for example. It’s very likely that they made it this way because they thought it would appeal more to American market, i.e., the oft-maligned “casual gamer”, who doesn’t want to sink 60 hours into a game. So while it may not be doing well at home, they might not be aiming for that market.

    Personally, even if the game is linear as string, if the string is a good 30 hours and I like the story (which I am probably more likely than many to do, as I’ve liked most FF stories thus far) I will probably be satisfied.

    • “So while it may not be doing well at home, they might not be aiming for that market.”

      It did do well at home. It sold nearly 2 mil copies.


      “Dengeki has released the results of a readers poll in which people voted for what they thought was the best game of 2009. A list of the top 20 has been published on their website and Final Fantasy XIII has managed to secure second place”

      It sounds just like any other FF game to me, either you love it, or you hate it.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Like I said: “Buy no game system under a year or so old”

    You can bypass the price, the expense, the flops and the “Miserable failures”…

    And with time, and low cost, even lousy games can be okay, though I won’t be getting this…ever.

    Take “Circus Maximus” for the X-Box…

    If I’d bought it for $60, shortly after buying the X-Box new and being scalped $400 for buying it in a deliberately slowed market (to limit supply to increase demand and hype it max) well I’d feel a bit cheated. The game is good, but it does have some flaws, if only they’d re-do it for 360…

    But, as a game I bought for $5 and a month later an X-Box for $40, WOW!!! Lotsa fun!

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree especially after buying Demon Souls and Assassin’s Creed 2 at full price only to play them a few times and then watch them collect dust.

      At least I got through Dragon’s Age a few times but I actually waited a few months for that price drop.

      As for Final Fantasy I have FF7, FF5, and FF9 (I only rented 10…) I played through 7 once and couldn’t be bothered to finish the others to bad SquareEnix won’t remake stuff like Dewprism, Vagrant Story, and Xenogears.

  • It doesn’t seem like the game is even worth making an International version of it. With all this talk of linearity and stuff, maybe it should have been called The Bouncer 2. It’s starting to remind me of it. Play the action movie indeed (No one said it would be as long as an action movie either).

    SqaureEnix should probably listen to the fanbase and remake VII already. Or even VIII or IX.

    Who knows, it might actually be worth playing when the price drops in a few months within coming overseas. Goes to show not to get so hyped about a new game just because it’s made by a popular company.

    Oh crap!!! Who knows what the hell they’re doing to Versus XIII?!?! I heard the battle system will be reminiscent to Kingdom Hearts, but it’s been so long since I’ve heard anything about it. Here’s hoping that’s not fucked up. But then again, maybe XIII is just a placeholder game for VS.13 but if it is, they’d doing a “great job” of it.

  • I get the feeling that there’s going to be big revisions for this series when it comes overseas.. or they’re going to delay it more here because of the poor performance it’s showing in japan. People overseas are also not nearly as forgiving as those who live in japan either.. especially when it comes to things like game reviews and complaints.

  • Still, we gotta wait for it to get translated and dubbed and everything. And the sheep in the other countries who don’t know anything about this game will get this game for $60 when it comes out.

      • If he has or has not played the game does not have anything to do with this statement. I could easily say that something which has less monetary value than it’s equivalent that is 10 years older than it is shit; if I bought a computer 10 years ago and found out that it’s now worth more than the computer I just bought last month then I am perfectly justified to say it’s shit, even if the computer is sat in a box unused. The market does not make something of equivalence but 10 years older more sought after than the current thing, unless the current is shit; it’s a simple fact.

  • Mitsuo Kubo says:

    One of my friends is insisting this is going to be the “BEST FF GAME EVER”. I told him that after a couple days playing he’s going to be saying how much he hates it.

    He also claims when anyone tells him it doesn’t look like it’s a good game that “everyone in Japan likes it, so it has to be good.”

  • FFXIII is shit prove me wrong.

    Oh look this dumbass says it’s better than X or XII.

    Yet that same retard doesn’t realize that those 2 games have way more content. Yes I’ve played FFXIII. Here I though XII was bad.

  • At least I know that I don’t want that game anymore. Next months will bring so many games, that this will save me some money for the other titles. For me the best FF titles were 3 aka. 6 and 9. Now I’m waiting for Yakuza. I really wait for FF 13 release so fanboys won’t be able to say “you don’t know what you are talking about” anymore and we’ll see if this game is as good as Famitsu says.

  • Losing more interest in Sankaku than I am in FF xiii with all of these needless and uninteresting posts… I got it about ten posts ago, Sankaku, the game isn’t having the best reaction. Don’t care anymore.

  • I hope the same thing happens here one month after the English version hits the market.

    I really want to play the game, but I made it my personal honorable principle to not support Square Enix nor his Imperial Hotness.

    I want to buy it used when the supply is bigger than the demand.

  • You know for me, when it switched over from Nintendo to the PlayStation, I stopped playing them. But for some reason, Final Fantasy 13 actually looks semi fun. As for me, it is the story that keeps me playing a game. I could care less about exploration, as long as the story of the game is overly entertaining, and makes you feel the emotions that the characters are actually feeling. So to that end, I would buy Final Fantasy 13. Though not at the full price of 96$. I would probably buy it somewhere closer to like 4500 yen.

    • The problem I have with this ‘I love the story’ thing is there’s things called books, these are almost free from a library, and tend to have much better stories than most games; maybe you should try them, they’re pretty cool. The advantage a game has to a story is making it feel more alive, larger in some way; a story can’t let you talk to the girl in the shop buying a potion for granny, or go do a quest that has no relevance to the plot; it allows you to explore the story in a way the linearity of a book does not. Final Fantasy XIII then is no better than a book, this book is just very long and not very interesting; however if you want to play the game, go for it, it’s your money you’re wasting.

      • the problem i have with ppl claiming FFXIII is no better than a book is you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about yet you insist on acting like you do.

        it has as much ability to explore the world of the story as any prior Final Fantasy (or any jrpg for that matter).
        in fact FFXIII probably has MORE to it to let you actually dictate the characters than any FF other than FFXII

        but people around here wouldn’t actually know that. instead they’d rather pat each other on the back telling each other FFXIII is nothing more than a visual novel and vapidly nodding to each other in agreement

        • If you can explore the world so much why is human interaction so limited? Why can I not hear what other people think? Why can I not hear useless pieces of knowledge that don’t effect the story at all? Why can I not even meet the guy selling me my items? Play Chrono Cross, and you’ll understand what I’m looking for; something final fantasy had never done very well tbh, but has allowed some enjoyment. As for visual novel, don’t you dare compare, you don’t get anywhere near enough ‘to let you actually dictate the characters’ to be anything like a visual novel; a visual novel puts you in control of the story, FFXIII does not do this, a good RPG let’s you explore the story in it’s finer detail, FFXIII does not do this.

          FFXIII has merits, but it doesn’t know what it is, and thus wastes them.

    • I guess I fall into the ‘poor and cheap’ category.

      But honestly, whats wrong with it?
      I don’t enjoy keeping a mountain of discs and boxes only to have them discarded years later when you start running out of space stacking them.

      You get to check the boxes and discs when you purchase them, its not like they are forcing you to buy the game items that are in poor condition.

      Also, I can resell them back again to the 2nd hand store once I’m done after a few months of playing at my pace.

  • This article is pretty misleading. It could be much more clear about who is buying the game for 1500 yen. I went on that site and couldn’t find it there for less than 5000 yen, even used. I quickly realized that of course, the site will buy the game from YOU for that price. Reading over the article without paying attention makes it seem like you can buy it for that price, as many people have thought already.

      • another FF fanatic that rying to justify the game..
        Honestly this kind of fans that make FF plummetting, they never question SE, only buy buy buy and buy any shit the SE offer as long FF brand in it!

        • ah, what it means to be a moron. you probably have barely played any of it, if you’re even telling the truth but you want to act like you know something.
          keep telling yourself you actually have a clue. you and the sheep are the only ones that actually believe so.

          “Why don’t you go try some cat poo? You won’t know if it’s tasty until you’ve tried it, right?”
          why don’t you actually try some intelligence, you won’t know whether its useful until you try it.

          the problem with morons like you is you honestly DO believe you know something.
          YOU HAVE NO F-ING CLUE whether FFXIII is good or bad or not
          you just parrot each other like idiots

          YOU KNOW CRAP
          i’d guarantee all of you talking as if you know anything have played plenty of linear games and found them to be just fine.
          the only reason you automatically rant about it for FFXIII is because you’d rather parrot each others negativity than really think about it for yourselves.

        • Of course you can have the opinion that the game sucks, that’s fine. But when you start saying that the game is terrible and the only people who could possibly enjoy the game are fanboys of SE then it’s just a load of shite based on nothing.

          If you are going to compare a franchises game to others, you compare it to others of the same genre or series.
          When multiplayer FPS fans review FF games negatively, there is no real surprise there.

        • Ah, what it must be like to be a fan-boy. I’ll admit I’ve not finished the game, I don’t have the will to keep playing it and I don’t think I’m even half way through; so apparently I can’t comment on it… Dang, and here I thought being so appalling that I chose cleaning my apartment over playing it was enough to say it’s not a good game, guess I can’t think for myself…

        • Stop putting a spin on things when you havn’t even tried them yourself.

          If you havn’t finished the game, your say has no merit as you are just going with the flow and proving your inability to think for yourself.

          Question SE if they deserve it, but this is one of the better games of last decade and pretty much the first good JRPG the console has had, and for that I am grateful to them for releasing it.

    • [quote]Will there ever be a positive FF13 topic on Sankaku?
      Or will they continue to use Chinese reviews and complain about it being linear in different ways over and over again?


      SanCon doesn’t like chinese sources, but it seems most reviewers were paid…

    • So, you want SanCon to be like every other damn websites and praise FFXIII? What the fuck is the point, then? Doesn’t this site exist to relay what goes on in Japan?

      FFXIII is a big branded Japanese game so it’s natural for this topic to be “hot” and of interest. If you actually looked around, we have many other “negative” topics on other games such as Bayonetta PS3 port, shady Namco businesses, etc. Notice how the website updates and follows up on previous articles. It just so happens that FFXIII is gaining a lot of negativity and shit keeps on happening. Don’t take it so damn personally.

    • Will FFXIII fanboys ever stop being proud blind sheep?

      I mean really the game fking sucks. It has nothing to offer. Your basically playing Africa at this point. I’ll take a fking FFVII remake FFVII fanboys been creaming themselves over for the past 5 years over this shit. For the simple fact that not only will FFVII will end up looking just a pretty as FFXIII, which at least has fking content.

      Though I guess making it multiplatform and available on the xbox 360 suddenly increased the amount of retards the FF franchise has under it’s belt.

      • will blind parrots like you stop posing as if you actually know anything?

        you clearly haven’t played the game if you think it has nothing to offer or is anything like Afrika.

        you’re just another parrot that reads forums then wants to act like he has a clue.

        and those that actually DO have a clue CAN spot you’re clueless a mile away.
        you’re not fooling anyone except the other parrot sheep.

        though i guess thats all people like you are really aiming for. the appearance of being in the know.

        • Aleast, FF fans can say one thing or another. Artefact post may not be news worthy to you.Aleast to me, I get a laugh out of this you may not like it or you do It won’t stop Artefact from posting it.

          Final Fantasy series sure was good. Its time Square Enix gets a new Franchise that would help them make money of course.

        • @22:17 Sounds like the person you’re quoting killed YOUR parents in front of you while pissing on your mouth and then shitting on your face as you passed out.

          So how does it like to be a blind sheep of shit? You obviously defend this game more than you do your own intelligence.

        • @21:33 So much hating! It is like the FF series killed your parents in front of you while pissing in your mouth. There will always be an audience for any particular game. Sometimes a good/mediocre story is enough to keep one person playing a game. Hell, Heavy Rain is coming out the end of this month and that looks like one giant QTE… a very sexy looking QTE.

        • @21:06 I have played the game. Like I’m telling you…it doesn’t offer much besides pretty visuals. The content is thus far the worst the franchise has to offer. The visuals is the best it has to offer. Maybe you should stop being such a blind fanboy or stop thinking that everyone hates this game blindly. Oh well proud blind sheep will always be blind and proud. Here’s hoping to the franchise ending up like shit so maybe you fking snap out of it.

        • Though FFXIII is nothing like Afrika, it has very little to offer more than the visuals, it was entertaining at first, and the battle system is interesting, but it gets tedious. I honestly prefer Afrika, but I’m not saying FFXIII is an entirely bad game, simply one which does not keep me or most people interested enough to give it any more of a chance than we would any other game on the market. If it had good motivation I may just have gotten to the magical half way point in which apparently the games stops being so abysmal (or at least as most fan-boys say), but if I don’t enjoy the game I’m not willing to put myself through it to get to a point where I do, that’s what having a girlfriend is for.

    • Sankaku is simply using facts and giving possible explanations for them, these sites you link both clearly use a single persons opinion, both of which differ from the norm. If I made a site and said I thought Deadly Creatures was the best game ever and someone quoted my site does not make it true. Giving positive opinions when most opinions and facts are negative does not make something good; if you like it good for you, I like Deadly Creatures, but I know that the sales where poor and the reviews mediocre, and that personally liking a game does not mean it’s necessarily a good game. Opinions are not useful, and though Arte clearly has an opinion, his opinion is both sculpted by facts, and only given as a possible explanation of facts, or the vast majority of people’s views.

      Also, how is it’s low price second hand saying it’s linear? It doesn’t, being linear is simply an explanation as to why the price is so low.

      • sankaku is a site with a high population of people who have little to no individuality; thus it is only natural to hate what the majority of people hate, having little to no experience of the actual event or activity in question.

        • @20:58

          You are the very definition of a fanboy.

          To you, such a great title like FF13 cannot possibly have any fault. If it has any, they are so inconsequential that no one should even consider mentioning it.

          Go follow the next fanboy lemming off the cliff.

        • 18:38 =
          then you have not played even halfway through the game
          or you’re just flat out lying about playing at all

          either way its BS comments like this that flood sites like Sankaku and the sheep are the ones that eat it up as truth without knowing anything about whether its the truth or not.

        • no, what’s riiiiight is the fact that none of you actually know what you’re calling out.

          few ppl deny the “negative parts” of the game, its just that people who have ACTUALLY PLAYED IT know they’re not that negative.
          the high negatively by in large comes from
          a) importers that don’t actually understand what they imported
          b) ppl that played 5-10 hours and felt they had enough to judge
          c) ppl who have played squat as are in fact just sheep repeating what they’ve read online because they feel thats equal to “knowing the game”

        • Riiiiight, because those of us who are actually willing to call a bad game garbage are the sheep, not the myriad of fanboys who flat out deny any negative parts of the game when they’re clearly present and frequent :1

          FF fanboys are as bad, if not worse than narutards.

        • gamingikari says:

          Or perhaps because we dislike Final Fantasy XIII because it’s as linear as a piece of string. Sometimes a spade’s a spade. I’ll admit I’ve had fun playing around with the battle system, but there is quite literally no exploration to the game.

          Either you’re advancing along the game path or I’m grinding along a section of the path. There’s no diversions, no break in the monotony of “Walk forward, enter combat, walk forward, enter combat, walk forward, enter combat, save, buy items and maybe upgrade some equipment, boss fight, repeat”.

          I watched my roommate play her imported copy and it was literally just that repetition.

  • gamingikari says:

    I’m not especially surprised. The game has little replay value and so a lot of the people who bought a copy are finished by now. Given the fact that it’d sold nearly 1.7 million copies before the end of 2009, you’ve nearly 1.7 million gamers in Japan looking at a copy of a game they’re probably never going to play again.

    The price is the store saying “Don’t sell us your copy. We don’t want it.” Gamestop does the exact same thing if they find that certain titles are being sold back to them too frequently.

    It’d be interesting to see what the store is selling used copies for.

    When the majority of the used copies get snatched up by gamers who haven’t yet played it, the trade-in price will go back up until the inevitable release of FFXIII Perfect Edition for Japan Only drops.

  • I sold my FF13 for a slightly better offer of $35 bucks recently.

    Why didn’t this come up earlier? Could have profited instead of burning a hole 🙁

    On the other hand
    Step 1. Buy from Geo’s
    Step 2. Sell $$$

    Too bad I’m already in the negative currently.