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I’d be perfectly happy having a sailor moon tattoo now. Some things are just classic. Besides, it’s about what the tattoo means to you, not everyone else. If it’s well done it’ll still be pleasing to the eye, even if it’s dated, so what.

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  • Serene Desolation in Japan’s Mountains:
    Makes me think of Fatal Frame 2. Sad it’s not being lived in anymore, seems a really pretty place to be.

  • Otaku Bukkake Gallery:
    Ewwww!! I’ll never be able to buy figures from ebay again with that thought in my head >.<

  • Father “Buried Daughter Alive for Talking to Boys”:
    @NoobsDeSroobs My own faith aside, You are aware that you Can’t prove a Negative right? Really Faith is a personal thing that people need to stop forcing on others. As long as a person can think rationally and are objective about what other people tell them they’ll probably do alright for themselves. Extremes on either side of an argument aren’t usually good.

  • Tokyo “Most Beautiful City in Asia”:
    Chicago is an amazing city and Vancouver is beautiful year round. London is an adventure and very easy to travel. I’ve yet to be impressed by San Fran but I know a lot of people who love the place. I would say Kyoto should be mentioned, but it doesn’t seem to fit with the heavily Urbanized requirement of the list. While I agree there are plenty of nice Asian cities that should be included, this list is not a bad one (Though everything I hear, Venice smells really bad and is sinking so…)

  • NieR PS3 vs Xbox 360, or East vs West?:
    That’s too bad about the 360 version being the only one released in the US. I’d probably check out both.


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