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Gonna colour it?

(Yeah the cross messed it up a lil)

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  • Bleach May End: “Final Chapter Starts”:
    err… no?

  • Azunyan Swimsuit Cosplay by Lenfried:
    Needs moar tanned Azunyan

  • “Haruhi Ruined Anime”:
    Ya think? Sure took a while to find out right now. Right after Haruhi, K-ON started to catch up, and now anime is all moe. WTF! And manly mangas ceased to exist anymore. You know what everyone think a manly anime is? NARUTO. What in the hell are people thinking!?

  • Top 10 Most Overrated Shonen Jump Manga:
    Toriko… really………… Its considered underrated as people currently are so into moe crap, boring as hell Naruto and “Just Finish the Fcking Fight!” Bleach. Heck those 2 should be up there! I guess they felt just because those 3 (include One Piece) are SJ’s most popular, they put Toriko on 2nd so they could get a nice paycheck

  • Top 10 Manga Girls, According to 2ch:
    No gallery for Alluka? damn thas evil. Anyways.. Weird huh… Haruna, a character that was portrait to be unpopular is actually considered popular.


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