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Incest Necrophilia: Boy Raped Grandmother after Killing Her


A boy who slew his elderly grandmother and raped her corpse in a sordid act of incestuous necrophilia has had his application for clemency rejected.

The boy, then a 14-year-old resident of Winnipeg, Canada, was in 2005 found guilty of murdering his 79-year-old grandmother by smothering her with a pillow as she slept. He then raped her corpse, spray-painted her genitalia and mutilated the cadaver with a knife.

He also saw fit to poison her dog with anti-freeze.

Police were called to the scene, where they found the boy lying on her bed, her house in disarray and her corpse shoved in a closet.

The boy received the maximum sentence possible for a minor after being convicted of first-degree murder – 6 years incarceration followed by 4 years of “open” custody in which he would be able to come and go from jail.

Now 19, the young man begged the court to begin his open custody some 2 years early, a move supported by his mother and probation officer, but opposed by his father, the victim’s son.

The judge was having none of it:

“I cannot ignore the seriousness of the offence he committed and his blatant, violently sexual behaviour during it. I truly commend (his) progress and his commitment to change … but (his) interests cannot and does not overshadow the interests of society.”

Doctors report that the boy shared fantasies of raping women who had “humiliated” him with them.

Via Heaven.

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