Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Graphics “Inferior to PS3”


Players given the opportunity to playtest the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Final Fantasy XIII side-by-side have been reporting the in-game graphics of the Xbox 360 version are noticeably inferior to those of the PS3.

Square Enix’s marketing activities, in the form of a touring bus, have given US fans the chance to play both:

From a real person:

I went to the Sunnyvale one today and got to play the 360 version. I am so very disappointed to see the difference in textures and detail of the 360 version vs. the PS3. =( I know it’s DVD vs. BD, but I didn’t think it would be that noticeable. My boyfriend told me it’s fine if I wanna stick with the 360 version, but he’s going for the PS3 one now.

From a game journalist:

Both PS3s and 360s were being used to show off the game, which was great as I was able to see both versions running side-by-side. As expected, the 360 version was noticeably less crisp than its PS3 counterpart, but it still ran nicely.

Additionally, the developers recently made an interesting admission:

It was easy to port to the Xbox. Porting to the PS3 is harder. The PS3 has more processing power but you have to do it properly.

The only difference reported previously was that the movies and sound on the Xbox 360 would be substantially lower quality in order to cram the game onto 3 DVDs – in-game graphical differences were said to be absent.

International fans planning to purchase the Xbox version are understandably dismayed by this, although at least it seems to demonstrate the game was not intentionally crippled on the PS3 in order to accommodate the port.

The US release is in March.

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  • I think I’ll wait for Eurogamer’s DigitalFoundry to review FFXIII before I cast my vote. Given almost all other multiplat games have superior 360 versions I find this review gravely suspect.

  • before starting a flame war
    i wanna make clear why the ps3 version superior

    Its not just because of the bluray format, well in part it is ;), but also because the ps3 can produce better graphics than the 360 in, thanks to the Cell, and HDMI 1.3

    Sony owns a big percentage of Square, and FF XIII was initially meant to be a ps2 title then Square Enix’s shift over to the PS3, and took one and a half year more to develop the game for the ps3 and use the CELL as efficiently as possible not just relying on the GPU chip like most multi-platform titles do.

    The ps3 CELL is capable of rendering graphics also, its kind of like GPGPU,it can do cpu tasks while it also performs tasks that are traditionally made by the GPU

    The Xbox 360 can do up to 4x MSAA via the built in graphics card. However, the PS3 has an NVIDIA card which really doesn’t do much in the post-processing department as it was initially intended to be left off the console. The Cell processor was originally supposed to handle all graphics processing, but due to concerns that it would be difficult for the developers to program on, a decision was made to incorporate a limited graphics card.

    The CELL processor for instance is capable of doing the post-processing work resulting in edge-smoothing beyond the capabilities of a 16x MSAA found on high-end PC graphics card. Sony’s intent was for the developers to utilize the Cell processors eventually leaning off the graphics card crutch. (Which is already happening with exclusive ps3 games like uncharted 2)

    The reason why all the Multi-Platform tittles look basically the same on both consoles, or sometimes have slightly better textures on the 360 is because the xbox 360 is easier to program, devs basically develop first for the 360 and the port it to the ps3, without using efficiently all the CELLs SPUs if they even use all.

    Because MOST of the multi-platform titles don’t even get close to using the full potential of the CELL efficiently, they mostly rely on the ps3 GPU which as mentioned before is rather limited, as it takes more work than just porting it from the other console, and that affects profits of 3rd party devs in multi-platform titles the mostly want to achieve an equal balance between the game in both consoles

  • “although at least it seems to demonstrate the game was not intentionally crippled on the PS3 in order to accommodate the port.”

    Nope, it’s pretty clear the 360 version is intentionally crippeled instead. Then again, I’ll still be playing my “remote backup” of the 360 version.

  • 360 and PS3 both can have fantastic graphics. It’s just how much effort the devs give it. Most games come from Japan and Sony is a Japanese company. It’s a national bias thing thing and everyone wants to turn it into a “your console sucks” thing.

    Bottom line is I’ve got both consoles so I can get the games I enjoy regardless.

  • “My boyfriend told me it’s fine if I wanna stick with the 360 version, but he’s going for the PS3 one now.”

    Who cares about her boyfriend? Why the hell did she mention him anyway, does she have to do whatever it is he says? God I hate it when other people have to rub this crap into your face just because they found someone who they can give/get BJs to/from.

  • “My boyfriend told me it’s fine if I wanna stick with the 360 version, but he’s going for the PS3 one now.”

    Who gives a fucking shit about the guy you’re giving blowjobs to you stupid slut! You just had to mention your boyfriend for no reason didn’t you? You’re probably going to be one of these people who are pregnant at 19, and then you’ll be all surprised when he leaves you, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw 🙁

  • David Macphail says:

    PS3 game better than a 360 game……..obviously! Just like every other release. This was to be expected, the 360’s tech is so last – gen that they’ve had to compress the audio and video beyond the point of recognition to make it fit on 3 DVD’s.

    PS3 owners can play the game from start to finish, 360 owners have to get up every 10 minutes to swap discs around…….LOL, oh dear.

    Also, whoever mentioned Mass Effect 2 is nothing but a diseased troll, ME 2 is:

    A – coming to the PS3.
    B – garbage compared to Final Fantasy.

    Anyone who thinks ME 2 is good obviously doesn’t know what an RPG is. ME 2 plays like a TPS, not an RPG. Calling Mass Effect an RPG would be like calling Ratchet & Clank an RPG.

    • you sir are and idiot, Mass Effect revolutionized RPGs this generation. So STFU before you wanna say something stupid again.

      Owning both the PS3 and 360 is a privilege. But dissing one game to make yourself sleep at night is just insulting. Sit in the corner Davey Cocker and let the real gamers talk

  • i dont think most people understand the implications of square releasing this on both platforms, sure the ps3 is superior then the xbox one visually but the point is if u have both systems then u go for the obvious choice. for people with an xbox they can get a version which will be equally amazing(why would u have both versions to compare side by side). anyways i have no doubt i’ll enjoy this on my ps3 but i have a sneaky feeling i wont enjoy it half as much as my recently purchased mass effect 2(jrpg’s have been mostly lousy this gen). In short own both consoles buy ps3 dont own a ps3 buy the 360 version simple no?

  • Looks like these quotes (from a NeoGaf poster and IGN PS3) have been taken out of context.

    Neither specified ‘in-game’, or whether they were really able to compare the same scenes simultaneously on the bus, and it looks plausible that they were only referring to the FMV if they’re talking about BD vs. DVD and crispness.

    Unfortunately FFXIII uses FMV a lot for scenes that look like in-game graphics but aren’t under the player’s control. If those are suffering from a resolution drop to fit onto DVD, it’s going to look like the 360 is having trouble with in-game graphics.

    Even if that’s not the case, it’s easy to describe flaws as though they are a virtue. ‘Less crisp’ could mean that the 360 version has better anti-aliasing and texture filtering for all we know. We need to see pictures, or the comments of someone other than a random forum user who can describe the differences properly without being vague.

  • I never understood my MS paid for this port in the first place.

    All this has done is showcase the inferiority of dvds and that BR is the superior format.

    The fact the ps3 version is better and then core FF fanbase is on the ps3 will just result in lop-sided sales.

  • lol…I recognize the game journalist quote from IGN.

    have the people on this site who hate the game actually played it and understood everything?..or at least most? I’m sorry but there are just too many crazy close-minded people on this site.

  • God fanboys do make me laugh.

    The 360 fanboys on here are now claiming that “Graphics dont matter, gameplay does” yet Im pretty sure if it was the other way around and the 360 version looked better you’d be saying “Take that Sony with your supposedly superior console”. Honestly you guys are jokes.

    Im a playstation person, owned a PS3 from launch. I make no secret of it and wouldnt own a 360 if it was given me for free, it just doesnt interest me. But Im not blinded by loyalty enough not to realise that its only been the last 6-8 months that the PS3 has become a viable contender in the market, with its new price tag and great line up of exclusives and Im I can honestly say that the 360 was probably the best thing for the gaming industry. Would Sony have done so much with the PS3 if they didnt have such competition? Probably not.

    Its time people realised we’re all gamers, regardless of system and we should be striving for better games across all platforms, not just our favourite system.

  • Haha this is obvious now SE would learn the fk lesson and bring us Versus XIII.This game fail becasuse it is port to gaybox or should i say failbox ? nevertheless its the fact.Suck to be you guys gaybox shit

    • The funny thing about Versus is that it’s a traditional JRPG in all but combat (and story, Nomura says, but he’s full of shit.)

      It’s advertised as a gaiden game but is far more like an original mainline FF than XIII is… hell, it even has a goddamn world map, which every RPG franchise but Tales has been phasing out in recent years.

  • Now people starts to hallucinate.. Yes, the progression is a lot more linear at the FIRST HALF (people tend to forget the first half part) of the game, which is a valid criticism.
    The battle system probably isn’t as good as previous FF, which is still a somewhat valid criticism (it’s more of a matter of taste).
    The story suck which is definitely a matter of taste (from the reviews most of them said that the story is actually good and the cast is one of the strongest in modern FF series).
    SE lazy? come on guys, lacking cities doesn’t mean that they aren’t doing anything. Again, most of the review said that the game is beautiful and they didn’t mention any repetition. Basically if you progress, you’ll see something new. It’s not like that they don’t create any cities thus you have to see the same scenery every time. And the fact they have deleted a lot of content do to game volume and overall balance, then how can anyone accuse them for being lazy?
    A lot of glitches? how many glitches to be found to be considered a lot? just compare it to a blockbuster game like COD and notice how many glitches FF13 have compared to short game like COD.
    Transforming summon? it’s kinda corny, but look at the Bayonetta body proportion critics but a lot people still love the game.

  • We all know them 360 fanboys by now…
    + back in 2007 they said hi-def was a waste of time. Funny how everyone wants a hi-def tv nowadays.
    + in 2007 they also said ps3 was dead by end 2007, said the same in 2008, oh and said the same in 2009. Funny how worldwide ps3 has overtaken 360 right now.
    + 360 fanboys laughed at the lack of ps3 exclusives back in 2007. Forward to 2010 and it seems 360 is flagging behind.
    + 360 vs ps3 ports always mentioned better on 360? well that depends on what games were compared. 360 fanboys always choose what thet want to hear. But beter on PS3 imo: burnout paradise, assassins creed 2, mirror’s edge, grid, modern warfare 1 & 2, Grand Theft Auto 4, Batman Dark Asylum, Madden 2010, Dragon’s age, Borderlands, Dirt 2, FF13, red alert 3, Red Faction… the list goes on and on.
    + and who the hell defends faulty devices?? seems only a 360 fanboy does.
    so basically 360 fanboys are thick as 5hit (and couldn’t predict the next number after 2). But as for the decent 360 owners I’m sorry you have to put up with them.

    • ….
      “Noticeably” means you can NOTICE it. This means that the difference isn’t small enough to push aside.

      So basically, “Why does this look better than when I play it at home?”

      “Oh, this is the PS3 version”



    • because, unlike pc which you can just push more horsepower by upgrading your pc’s hardware, you can’t just mod with higher res models or textures since it’s optimized to 360’s hardware, in order to play without framerate drops.

  • Well, 360 users now have the choice of buying the supremely linear Final Fantasy 13 with slightly inferior graphics or Mass Effect 2, which to this date has received 20+ perfect reviews.

    I also seem to recall someone criticising Bioware on this site. But here we have a comparison of Bioware vs Square, a battle of possibly the most prolific RPG designers east and west, and a comparison of Final Fantasy 13 and Mass Effect 2. And here we see that the only thing FF13 has over ME2 is its graphics.

    • Actually there are more parallels – ME2 has had most of the “complicated” gameplay elements removed leaving a basic cover-TPS with a moderately sophisticated story.

      The difference is that ME2 is still a great game even if it is a bit over-simplified (though Bioware are at least as lazy as Square with their 3 towns and 4 helmets).

      • ME2 has had most of the “complicated” gameplay elements removed.

        The inventory and skill systems have been made more manageable, streamlined to the point that they might initially appear too thin for a role-playing game. Keep playing, however, and you’ll begin to see strength and depth emerge as you further customize your squad. One of the biggest reasons why this streamlined approach to character customization works is the retooled character classes.

        – IGN

        basic cover-TPS

        Mass Effect 2’s third-person shooting action is greatly enhanced over the original, making battles exciting and violent, which befits the overall shift in tone.


        moderately sophisticated story.

        The true strength of Mass Effect 2’s story, however, is in how personal BioWare has made it. If you played Mass Effect 1 through to the end and still have your save data, this game will import your character and all the decisions you made. The central plot will not drastically change, but the experience most certainly will. Some old friends and acquaintances will return – and others won’t – based on decisions you made in the last game. Even the opening moments of Mass Effect 2 can be slightly different.

        The actions you take in the sequel only compound this feeling of personalization. By the finale you’ll have made so many decisions – ranging from simple things like whether you play as a male or female all the way up to those governing life or death – that the result is a game that is yours and yours alone

        – IGN

        3 towns and 4 helmets

        -Just as an interior designer works from a collection of complementary and contrasting colors and textures, so too does Mass Effect 2 draw from a consistent set of hues and architectural touches. Deep reds and glowing indigos saturate certain scenes, making them richer and more sinister; eerie fog limits your vision in one side mission, while rain pours down upon you in another. Subtle, moody lighting gives certain interactions great impact, such as one scene in which your troubled, tattooed teammate appears as a black silhouette. The visuals are a superb melding of art and technology, with only a few animation hitches that stand out because most aspects are consistently excellent. The fantastic musical score and sound effects do more than their share to enhance the production, working the deeper end of the sonic spectrum and communicating tension and weight without getting heavy handed or manipulative.

        – Gamespot

        Laziness is relative. The amount of effort Bioware put into mass effect 2 is plain to see, just as the amount of effort Square put into the cinematics and graphics of FF13. In that sense, I would say Bioware is at least as hardworking as Square as both of them put an incredible amount of effort into their game. Square just put that effort in the wrong places.

        • Im not saying its immune to criticism. Im merely illustrating the fact of differences in opinion. Whether you take notice of the quotes doesnt bother me in the slightest. But what is clear to see from these quotes is that many people, including myself, happen to disagree with much of what you said. I respect your right to have your own opinion, but its also my right to disagree. And by the looks of it, I am not the only person that disagrees. That being said, I still stand by my point of bioware being hardworking and not lazy. Its just a case of quality over quantity.

        • You could spew Famitsu quotes at me about how amazing FF13 supposedly is, I wouldn’t take any notice of them either.

          The quotes you bring out are particularly risible – there is no depth at all to the character classes, just 3 different skills for each.

          The game is now a total TPS rather than an RPG of any kind (I’m not saying this is a bad thing).

          Most of what you quoted about the story is actually false – who died or romanced you has no effect on the sequel at all, it is the same for all characters. There are some severe problems with the main story (it is designed to head straight into ME3 with no resolution. for starters), but the character development is superb. The actual universe is slightly hackneyed in some ways but generally good.

          You can’t rebut the fact there are only three tiny towns and four helmets and three pieces of armour for each slot, along with three linearly upgradeable weapons for each type, because it’s true. Bioware dumped customisation and exploration in favour of the rest.

          I did say ME2 is “great.” That does not render it immune to criticism or critical appraisal however.

  • I think to actually test this the people judging it would have to be unaware of which version was which. You’d expect the PS3 to look better since it has much better technology, so there would be a confirmation bias in that direction.

    For example, in one study wine tasters were given two bottles of wine to taste, one cheap and one expensive, and they all said that the expensive one tasted better. However, the experimenters had filled the two bottles with the same wine in advance.

    • Errr didn’t you read the comments?
      “My boyfriend told me it’s fine if I wanna stick with the 360 version, but he’s going for the PS3 one now.”

      A person was going to get the 360 version but now he has changed. Take your confirmation bias and GTFO.

  • i own the ps3 version got it at launch.
    a while ago i started taking japanese language classes around the time it was first anounced to be multi platform. i sold my 360 and bought a ps3. needless to say i have played it off and on when i have time. the game is breathtakingly amazing. anyone who thinks for one second that square enix cant create somthing amazing hasnt played this game though on a hdtv. its amazing but like final fantasy x is liniar (just like 10) for me i dont mind i loved 10 and i love xiii my all time fav was 8 but this one is on par with that. (thats newer generation 6 is and will always be the best ff game ever) anyways…

    so 360 release at that time ment 18 month exclusive on said system. i was like FU”# that i am not going to sit around for 18 months while 3fix me players get to enjoy the game. so i bought and imported the first print of final fanatasy xiii.

    playing it was fun but then i see all this fucking crap here about how ff13 sucks how its a swindle hate hate hate hate. when its just not the case. the storys amazing the changeing charectures is alot like in final fantasy vi how you had to swich partys. it felt more intense then ANY final fantasy or other game i have ever played. to the point where i was not only yelling at the tv and crying with the charectures but i was also sweating and stressed at points. the game made me feel more emotional connections then any game ever has. final fantasy xiii is one of the best of the siries. and 360 dosnt deserve a port. in all seriousness it should be a ps3 exclisve because quality would have to be compromized to get the visuals what they are on the ps3. for size reasions for system preformence reasions.

    ps3 is better then 360 hands down. and this game shows what happens when you code for each hardware and dont cripple one to be “as ok” as the other.

    i dont invest in crappy ports on ether system. if companys want my monay they better give me a fucking pollished end product.

    i expect to dump money into pay content for xiii to further show my support of this fine product.

    • Similarly, I cannot fathom why people give Square-Enix so much praise, even when they make crap games and crappier movies. If someone finds fault with FF13, then the fault must surely lie with that person’s ability to appreciate good games. It’s like Nintendo-ism, worshipping Miyamoto so much that he can say or do no wrong.

      If some Square-Enix developer were to send a twitter about how he just crumpled a sheet of paper and threw it into the wastepaper bin, some bunch of fanboys will no doubt praise what a graceful perfect arc the crumpled ball of paper flew before it landed with such a rich, dynamic crisp in the bin.

    • Not just this site, you moron
      anybody with their right mind intact would criticize this game out of its shitty story and lolwut gameplay
      -except you maybe, still glorifying FF title while the makers now don’t understand what FF means and don’t grasp FF’s value-

      • Most of the reviews where the people could actually understand japanese have so far been giving the game high grades over all as far as I have seen. With the exception of one chinese reviewer who gave it a 4/10 which seems a bit of compared to all the rest.

        Just because you have fears concerning the end product and are annoyed by interpreted design desigions, don’t rate a game you have not played yet ok 😉

        It’s not quite fair to say it’s a shitty game when you have basically nothing to back it up with.

      • You’ve never played the game.

        Furthermore, I find it laughable that people think JRPGs normally have real gameplay outside of combat.

        Virtually everyone I know who HAS played the game praises both its battle system and story; the only people I’ve noticed complaining are ignorant fanbrats who feel an overinflated sense of entitlement and Sankaku Complex, which is a tabloid and heavily exaggerates facts in order to generate more traffic.

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    “The only difference reported previously was that the movies and sound on the Xbox 360 would be substantially lower quality in order to cram the game onto 2 DVDs – in-game graphical differences were said to be absent.”

    Lol. Arte, can you make up your mind already, is it two or three DVDs for 360’s FF XIII? They don’t even say it at Wikipedia, so a source for this would be appreciated (it could even ship in four discs, for all I know).

  • Yeah, we know the story sucks and you can’t basiclly do nothing aside from what you’re supposed to do and that characters have been the same for the last 5 years and that programmers are lazy enough to leave A HELL LOT of glitches… but hey!, look at that rock!, it’s SO real and High Def! that’s why you should buy it!.

    • “programmers are lazy enough to leave A HELL LOT of glitches”

      When programming you don’t leave glitches; you don’t find them and don’t know they’re there, and you can’t fix what you don’t know isn’t there. Though this isn’t a excuse to leave out adequite testing, they do try their best, now modern warfare 2 programming is lazy as fuck, almost weekly a major new glitch is found.

      • Some programmers are, to various degrees, lazy (the bad kind, not the smart kind) or careless.

        Quality has to be built-in; it cannot be added-on after the fact.

        I’m sure there are conversations which go like this:

        Manager Rob: “Is that code done yet?!”

        Programmer Alice: “Not yet, I’m still–”

        Manager Rob: “Is there ANY way you can get it done faster?”

        Programmer Alice: “Well, THEORETICALLY, I could pull all the QA tests and assertions, and not write any new ones, but I really do _NOT_ recommend that, because code quality will suffer, we’ll have more bugs, and–”

        Manager Rob: “I don’t care. Do it. According to the spreadsheet, this module you’re working on is supposed to be done by this Friday. I make my report to the Product Board at 3:00PM Friday. You like working here, right? You’re going to have this done by Friday, right?”

        Programmer Alice: “I’ll have it ‘done’ by Friday.”

        Manager Rob: “Good, that’s what I wanted to hear.”

        (one month later…)

        Manager Rob: “Why does this module have so many god-damned bugs in it?!”

        Programmer Alice: “Excuse me a moment; I really need a bio-break. I’ll stop by your office in five minutes.”

        (… in the ladies’ bathroom)

        Programmer Alice: “%#$&*@#! mother-fuckin’ %#!@$&*# rat-fuckin’ #!$%@*%@ Jesus-fuckin’ #@!$!#&*@#$#$%”

      • “Though this isn’t a excuse to leave out adequite testing, they do try their best”

        Try their best?, TRY THEIR BEST?, TRY THEIR BEST!?

        HOLY FLYING JESUS THE JEW!,did you even scroll down the main page or at least read the right column with news like “” IS THAT THEIR BEST!?

        GLITCHES exist mostly because 2 causes, programmers are LAZY enough to NOT review whatever the thing they are doing and when they “finish” they all go like “it’s fine, nevermind checking it again” OR as you say, they don’t kind of know there is a glitch, so the programmer who is being paid for making a GOOD job and actually his ONLY job is doing it WRONG!

        • Wow, so the programmers at SE not only have to do the programming, but also the level design, game scripting and testing? Bollocks.

          I say the programmers did a bloody good job on the code. The fault most likely lies with those newbie game level designers who got the job because they were cheaper to hire. And when they couldn’t figure out how to use the Crystal Tools’ editors, they then blame the programmers instead (the *tools* were too hard to use).

          Sigh, programmers often work the hardest, but are also the first people to get (wrongfully) blamed.

        • Yes I DO, but you’ll agree with me that we’re human and can make mistakes, and some of this glitches are quite small or a game can have a REALLY small glitch, yep, programmers fault, but beacuse it’s only a tiny glitch and the only one on the game then it’s really not a problem… problem comes when the game is delayed over and over again, suppose to be “tested” several times and worst of all, THEY MAKE A FULL SCLAE PROPAGANDA FOR IT and they finally present a very glitchy and boring game. Problem here is basiclly this: If programmers want to do a good game, well, I don’t really care if they delay it (like Blizzard almost always does) or whatever, as long as the final result is great, then it’s fine.

    • It’d be hard to enjoy a movie if the quality was grainy with poor camera work, it’d be hard to enjoy a book if the handwriting was sloppy, why is there so much scrutiny when the same is demanded of video games, another form of entertainment?

      Even if the graphics aren’t striving to be groundbreaking, it’s no excuse for them to be well below par either.

      • because people throw hissy fits and fanboys fight over the least important little details like graphics

        to all the people who think graphics come before anything else: go play a fucking fmv game from back when cd-rom first came out. most realistic graphics in the world(actual recorded video)
        the gameplay consists of pushing the right buttons at the right time to not die

    • Well,if the only thing that make FFXIII good doesn’t matter,then i don’t think you’ll buy the game…

      music:meh (they didn’t even include the crystal theme ffs!)
      char:we got a bitch,a lesbian with a spear,a stupid loli,a hero-wannabe-failatvertythingtho,a angst teenager and a guy with a chocobo in his afro
      battle system:copy paste and make everything seem new by adding some tweak to it=AWESOME NEW BATTLE SYSTEM NEVER SEEN BEFORE OMG THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!….not
      explora–…oh wait,there’s none ahahah!
      graphic:nothing to say here,it’s pretty,aaaaaaand that’s all.

      of course this is just what i (and almost everyone who isn’t fanboy enough to worship the game after playing it…) think,you might still enjoy it…

      they should have made a movie instead of making a game,it’s the xenosaga syndrome all over again and at least xenosaga had city…

    • Because people don’t play games anymore they play consoles, see the hate the wii gets, I will admit it doesn’t have many good games, but there are a handful of fun ones and anyone that’s “hardcore” immediately flames someone who says anything good about it and calls them a casual, revealing their gigantic faggottry.

    • No shit.

      Sony fanboys look for shit like this. FFXIII was labeled a shitty game after release in Japan, who cares about it…right?

      WRONG. the PS3 graphics are better then the 360s, NOW it’s something to consider and compare and NOW it’s a topic the fagboy Sony fans want to distribute. Pathetic.

      Enjoy your graphically superior shitty game..

      • Um god of war 3 O_o. uncharted 2 >_<. and to all the haters little big planet.

        psst if you do like LBP try bomb field by computer virus (i didnt make the level) its hella fun with 4 players trust me.

      • You mean they couldn’t brag about their:

        – superior hardware (Not talking about graphics here (although Uncharted 2 proves those are superior too). I’m talking about blu-ray, built in wifi, better HD support, lower failure rate, and a quieter system, among other things).

        – better exclusives (I’ll admit, 360 had the better lineup until 2009 happened. Then 360 had an assload of it’s exclusives jump ship and only released 6 exclusives in ’09 to replace those lost compared to the 16 exclusives Sony released – and those are only counting first party releases. Not 3rd party exclusives like Demon’s Souls or non-beta games like Sigma 2).

        – free online (Live has a better online service but it’ll cost you $50/yr. PSN is free and all you really miss out on is Party Chat (which, granted, party chat is amazing, but not worth $50)).

        – and the fact that they don’t nickel and dime you by forcing you to buy overpriced first party accessories? (I paid $40 for a 500gig Hard Drive in my PS3. Why do I have to pay $100 for a 120gig Hard Drive for my 360?).

        Funny, ‘cuz those are the reasons I use my PS3 more than my 360 now. I’m sure everyone will thumbs down this ‘cuz, “Oh hey, look! Sony fanboy! LOL!” but everything posted here is the truth – Other than your preference of exclusives, nothing I stated was an opinion. It’s all facts. 360’s hardware is worse than the PS3s, online service isn’t worth $50 when the competition gives it away for free, and MS totally rips you off for accessories.

        And after MS only released 3 retail exclusives in 09 (ODST, Halo Wars, and Forza 3) and only 6 altogether (Shadow Complex, Splosion Man, and Trials HD for Live), they really didn’t do a good job at having “all those games!” 360 fanboys brag about, especially after they lost so many of their exclusives after their contracts with 3rd party devs expired.

        The only 3rd party love the system got was GTA4 DLC (which is coming to PS3 now – look it up) and L4D2 which is only “exclusive” if you count “not on the PS3” as exclusive. Meanwhile, Sony *alone* put out 16 exclusives for the PS3 and then had 3rd party exclusives like Sigma 2, Demon’s Souls, Critter Crunch, and others.

        So yeah, keep shit talking Sony about how they “finally” have something to brag about. Meanwhile, I’ll be playing Heavy Rain, MAG, God of War 3, Gran Turismo 5, White Knight Chronicles, and about 15 other exclusives lined up for the PS3 this year. But hey, at least the 360 has better anti-aliasing on like 10 multiplatform games! You still got that going for you big guy.

        • Do some research. The slim’s hard drive is interchangeable.

          How is paying $100 for wifi better than paying nothing?

          PSN is still free….

          You are right though. Your fanboy ignorance is pretty amusing.

          If it wasn’t for the fact that Sarah Palin might be patrolling these posts, I’d call you an R word.

        • Sony already plans to start charging for online one way or another. Now that more than 10 people own one, the PSN is being crushed under the weight and Sony has to toss in mounds of money to make it work.

          PSN wont be free after 2010.

          Exclusives… Sure, the PS3 ones look good, but most of them are boring, unimaginative and generally kinda lame.

          You get interactive ‘Cant lose unless you’re quadrapalegic’ Interactive Indiana Jones and then some awesome Dragon’s Lair year 2010… yay?

          Built in wifi… Ya, G wifi. Lulz. I’ll pay my 100$ to get my wireless N set up and running. PS3 will have to do it sooner or later too.

          Hard drives.. Cant switch those out in the slim. Gonna have to pay out the nose for those soon too.

          Sony made a lot of ‘mistakes’ in their initial design, in that it allowed people to add too much, and get too much for free. You’ll see them flip that around and start charging for everything just like Microsoft. Of course, then the fanboys will just go on about how Sony ‘cares’ about them or something stupid. It’s a business.

          Finally: “I’ll be playing Heavy Rain, MAG, God of War 3, Gran Turismo 5, White Knight Chronicles”

          Heavy Rain is terrible. I’m sorry, if you like that kind of thing, you have at it. MAG is dull and repetitive, and no where near as good as socom or Planetside. GoW3 will be nice, but inferior to Bayonetta to anyone but the simple or the fanboys, as the system is just far more complex mechanically. GT5… ya, it’ll be the same as GT.. GT2.. .GT3… GT4… ..Oh wait, all of them. The mechanics never change. WKC? Holy shit that game is bad. All these years of hype and it’s terrible. The online function is the only thing that saves it from utter terrible-ness.

          360 gets /console exclusives/. The PC market is incredibly small comparative to what it used to be, and especially compared to modern console numbers. So yes, that L4D? still an exclusive. Because its a console.

          And on that note, I’ll place Alan Wake vs Heavy Rain, I’ll put just about any game on the 360 vs WKC (Vesperia alone blows it out of the water. But you could choose a lesser RPG if you want.) I’ll choose Halo: ODST or Reach over MAG any day. Or, you know, just load up planetside and play some 300 man games or something. You know, what its been doing since like 10 years ago.

          Dunno, fanboy ignorance is amusing, but still ignorant, and still incredibly odd. PS3 and 360 offer different things, but where the PS3 is /now/ and where it was when it launched are completely different. The Slim does not allow HDD replacement like the old discontinued models. Sony cannot afford free PSN. Both companies are ramping up their lineup (And honestly 2009 was poor for MS exclusive wise, but I’d wager its mostly because the PS3 has been such a non-challenge for so many years that they were getting lazy.)

        • I played Mass Effect 1 and 2 on Xbox 360.So be lucky you guys get to play Mass Effect 2 on PS3 and lets hope It doesn’t have any Problems. Already, Mass Effect 2 is selling more then 2 Million copys.

        • TehBoringOne says:

          Since Namco said they have no plans to release it outside Japan… So for the rest of the world, Vesperia is a 360 exclusive…

          Unless you and many others start bitching at Namco…

          I’d do it too, but I haven’t been much of a fan of the Tales series for a while…

        • this is why these stupid xbots fail so hard, I lmao at that game lineup.

          stupid kids, leave figuring out which console is better to people who know what they are talking about.

          btw PS3 crushes the 3fixme.

        • @ anon 14:16, I didn’t forget it. I said everything was fact *EXCEPT* your taste in exclusives. Depending on what you prefer, you may find the 360 to have slightly better exclusive titles. The main point I made when talking about exclusives was that is was no longer, “360 has so many exclusives!” and “PS3 ain’t got no games!”. The 2 arguments people always try to bring up which are now completely irrelevant.

          Fact is, a lot of the 360’s exclusives are kinda crappy. Now, I’m not saying Gears and Halo suck. I’m talking about all the crap that kinda sifts to the bottom of 360 exclusives but pads their numbers. Shit like Full Auto and Rumble Roses XX. And when it comes to GOOD 360 exclusives, it seems 360 fanboys count “any games that aren’t on PS3” on their list. Mass Effect 1 & 2, Gears of War, L4D 1 & 2 . . . None of these are 360 exclusives – They’re “not on the PS3” exclusives.

          So when you get down to games that are on the 360 and the 360 alone, you’re not left with a lot. Halo 3/ODST, Gears 2, Lost Odyssey, Ace Combat 6, Forza, PGR, Crackdown . . . And I’m talking about good, AAA games only on the 360. There’s been some more high budget releases on the 360, but they fall flat and suck: Magna Carta 2, Infinite Undiscovery, Banjoe Kazooie N&Bs, among others.

          Everything else worth mentioning – Bioshock, Ninja Gaiden 2, Braid, Castle Crashers, etc – all went multiplatform, and other notable “exclusives” as mentioned above, are available on the PC.

          People’s memory only seems to recall the state of things when they happened. Did the 360 have a ridiculously good lineup in 07? Yes. Was it still respectable in 08? Yes. Is it the best exclusive lineup still in 09? No. With the majority of their AAA lineup also available on the PC and a lot of their backlog jumping ship, it doesn’t leave the current 360 with a lot.

          Compacted with this is the fact that many console owners consider multiplatform games, to belong to their “primary” console (i.e., the console they use the most). So when you say, “Uhm, the PS3 has more 80%+ reviewed exclusives than the 360. Statistically they have the better lineup.” They still say, “PS3 just ain’t got that many games! My 360’s got Modern Warfare 2, Halo 3, Assassin’s Creed. What’s PS3 got? Uncharted? Killzone? I need more than that.” etc. as though those games are only for that system.

          I’m merely speaking the truth (statistically) about the 2 consoles. Yet if you defend Sony then, “ZOMG! Thumbs down the Sony fanboy! LOL!” ‘cuz obviously saying anything positive about the PS3 and negative about the 360 makes you a fanboy.

          As I wrote in the past, the only reason the 360 is succeeding 1/2 as well as it is, is simply because they launched it cheap and people decided to stick around because of people they knew on live and their gamerscore. If people didn’t WANT the 360 to be superior in their minds because of ties they have with the system that makes them feel obligated to prefer it, then I think people would be seeing a lot more clearly.

        • all 360 ever had was halo and gears. gears is great. mass effect came out on pc. halo is a way past overrated. ODST was just more of the same and the halo RTS sucked. now microsoft cant get off halo’s $@#^ and make new IP’s, so have fun playing another 100 halo games. besides that what other great exclusive 360 games are u talking about… kameo? lol

        • um… the only because the 360 didnt had as much exclusives ’09 doesnt mean that the exclusives it had already are gone and forgotten. The 360 still has a better lineup than the PS3 – or lets say they’re finally equal. Matter of taste anyways.
          That’s actually a fact you’ve forgotten :/

  • This isn’t particularly surprising though

    this game is turning out to be such a disappointment

    it too bad the focus too much on graphics instead of gameplay now and they can’t even do that right =C