Final Fantasy XIII Linear “Since Towns Were Too Much Work”


Interviews with the Final Fantasy XIII development team appear to have yielded some surprising revelations, including the admission that the game’s notoriously linear structure was due in large part to the trouble inherent in designing towns in a “high definition” manner.


The revelations come by way of developer interviews and other information published in Square Enix’s official Final Fantasy XIII production “mook” (magazine/book), Final Fantasy XIII Scenario Ultimania.

Some of the most interesting points are paraphrased below:

The game’s linearity was just because depicting towns and so on like we did before was impossible to do on an “HD” console – it was too much work.

Nomura had hardly anything to do with it; he just did character design and commercials, not even the intro or movies.

The game was designed with DLC in mind but we don’t actually have any planned.

It was easy to port to the Xbox. Porting to the PS3 is harder. The PS3 has more processing power but you have to do it properly.

Jumping was manual at first and you could jump onto the titans.

You used to be able to avoid enemy attacks in the field using the analogue stick, but due to difficulty considerations it was canned.

The battle team came up with the transforming summons. The art team was dead against them.

“I was thinking this time we would make it completely story-centric” – Toriyama.

By now it is clear that the decision to adopt an extremely linear and heavily simplified design is by far the most controversial one made by the developers.

Learning that it was due at least in part to the hassle of designing cities with good graphics suggests Square Enix may be severely out of its depth, particularly considering most world class developers have no trouble designing games with cities aplenty.

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  • BlacK_NekO says:

    well that sux i bought the game….they should have just made another Final -fantasy movie -crisis core-☺
    i guess i should finish it since i bought it

  • I keep reading all these comments saying nothing but bad things about FF13, but i’ve been enjoying it since it’s launch and yes, it’s linear in comparison to older ff games but it’s different, pretty, and it’s fun. yes i said fun, and isn’t that what a GAME is supposed to be!?

  • when i got about 6 hours into this game i thought to myself “everyone is gonna verbally rape this game and every person involved with the making of it” and i was right..i also agree with every negative word u guys r sayin bout this game..what the fuck were these ppl thinkin..this shit is just terrible i am so tired of run down a road, jump over something(automatically i might add) then fight 5 or 6 dumbass monsters and repeat for 3 discs. jesus i feel fucking robbed by square enix.. i mean seiously im pissed that i was stpid enough to buy this when i had my doubts in the first place. why are the goddamn bosses so hard i have right now on disc 2 a max hp with lightning 780 yet im having to fight bullshit bosses with 130,000 hp like aster protoflorian..BULLSHIT!!!! i want to finish this piece of shit only because i started the damn thing i dont believe in quiting a game for some reason. guess i have gamer values and passion for games..something it seems square enix dosent have so much of these days.
    does neone remember a game called E.O.E eve of extinction for ps2??…well final fantasy 13 is an hd next gen remake of that piece of shit..y dont we just make final fantasy 14 a classic “GO RIGHT!” game. That would probably be an improvement over this fucking blackhole of a fucking game. THIS WAS INDEED MY FINAL FANTASY..(good pun there hahaha)FUCK YOU SQUARE ENIX!!!!

    p.s Final Fantasy 8 was the best..thats just my opinion tho

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve actually finish a majority of the game, only need to finish some side quests, and it’s amazing. The linearity of the game isn’t a problem b/c the flows well. It’s not completely linear btw. The last two chapters allow you to start the sides quests and it’s at that point you get a chance to see just how huge this game is. You guys all forget that FF has always been linear. The world maps just gave to illusion of freedom but all you were doing is moving to the next town. Besides having that many towns wouldn’t have worked anyway under the circumstances Lighting and her crew were facing.

  • Hi Everyone
    I have played most ff games and played ff11 (online)
    Had a 75 whm, Blu75, Thief75 and so on…..

    I played the above game for over 3 years on-line, the graphics were not great by a long shot, and the storyline was complete twaddle really, the only thing that kept me playing was i liked discovering new places and fighting the old nms, and having the choice of places to lvl up.

    KEYWORD. CHOICE (please take note Square Enix)

    So if choice is taken away from the latest ff game, then in my mind it no longer says what it does on the tin and should not bear the title of a ff game.

    Although yes i will buy it! If its crap well that will be my beautiful dance over between myself and Square Enix.

  • As one who has yet to play the game, I deem myself unfit to rate it for now. However…

    One could have taken the game as what it is and not what it could have been, but then again, the developers might as well create a brand new series instead of following up with an existing but acclaimed one. To continue a series with a new installment is to adhere to the traditions that had made it what it is now, methinks.

    By revealing the not-so-well behind-the-scenes direction and details of dropped ideas and crucial elements of the series, SE really shot their own feet there.

    …OR~~ could this be yet another case of developers forced to cut corners to meet deadlines whilst not biting “the hands of those who feed them”?

    FFXIII: Putting the “in-” in “famous” FF?

  • I don’t think it’s fair to call Square lazy. What may have happened was they got too ambitious and focused too heavily on certain game aspects, and once they finally realized they had overlooked other rpg features ff fans had come to expect in the titles it was too late to make significant revisions.

  • It seems to me that these days japanese games generally seem technically very inferior to western games barring MGS4. In this generation I can’t think of a single japanse game that has wowed me, be it graphics, gameplay or story.

  • How many years did they ahve to work on this? How many people were working on this? Sorry, but it was too much work is an excuse I expect for a 7th grade kid giving an excuse for why he didn’t do his homework.

    • David Macphail says:

      What do you mean? Do you mean because the 360 has last – gen hardware and therefore is easy to create a sloppy 2 – hour game for? I don’t think that’s what Squeenix wanted to create…….

  • Lol at bandwagon haters who have probably not even played this game yet.
    FFXIII is more than fine, the best FF release since the ps1 titles imo.
    Why is now suddenly the time to complain about linear gameplay in this series? Why didn’t you do it with FFX? That game actually deserved it, this one does not.

    • Hearing you say that FFX deserves it more then FFXIII obviously tells me that you yourself haven’t played FFXIII yet.

      If you’ve actually played the game, you would realize the linearity in FFXIII is shoved in your face compared to past FF games.

    • David Macphail says:

      You couldn’t be more wrong. FF X was the best Final Fantasy game ever created. Also, FF X DID have towns, so i don’t know why you’re using it as a comparison.

      I’m not dissapointed that the gameplay is going to be linear, being linear is what made FF X so great. What bothers me is the reason S – E gave for not including towns – “Too much work.”. I’ve gotta say, if the devs are willing to cut out an aspect of the game just because they’re too lazy to put the necessary hours in that doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

      • Yes, badly-designed towns. I can keep myself in towns in previous FF games, but FFX is the only FF so far that has the most boring, sleep-inducing towns imo. It was just torture walking through them and they hardly serve any uses except as a excuse to give the character’s a break.

        But hey… Haters gonna hate anyway. Besides, does XIII even look badly-designed and unenjoyable?

  • the release time postpone coz they wanna sell ffvii ACC

    they think they would sell more with this tactic?

    SE goes worst from ff-x

    the world map like shit

    you can play more in world map in psx

  • I know everyone is thinking “Those guys are lazy and still can only do this shit”, but I can’t agree with the comparation “considering most world class developers have no trouble designing games with cities aplenty.”

    We are talking about an RPG (OK, CG Movie), where, each city has lots of people and detail.

    At the PS2 time, we had standard resolution, and so, couldn’t get so much detail, that’s why all models could be a little “squared”, after all, you couldn’t really see the details.

    But now we are talking about the Dreaming PS3, with real graphics and super powers, we expect best graphics for the best resolution.

    I believe everyone here know that, RPG’s cities are usually full of people, and what would happen to our real graphics if those lots of people were to have so bad quality, because all the town and characters already take most of the processor power, that’s high, but not infinite. So, saying doing cities are too much work is already including an all set of variables.

    Most FPS with real grapgics have just a few characters, and the 1st person view limits to much, so you don’t even need a model for yourself. And other game’s towns just don’t need all these realism, or else, they are the same as the FPS configs.

    But whatever, I agree that SE are just shit, that are probably trying to destroy their eternal rival FF just to sell more Dragon Quest. They are making FF with epic stories, but without the most cliche part of almost all the saga. The love story (with exceptions of FF I~III and VI, the latter still had love with secondary characters [only if you were to think as Terra as the sole main char, or Locke would take FF6 away from this exception, as he pairs with Celes]).

    There’s still FF Versus XIII and Agito XIII. From the trailer, maybe lots are thinking will be awesome, but I can’t think that it’s just another good trailer, with shitty gameplay, and Agito, this one, I think may the best one, or should I say, the least worst one, as it’s not done for FullHD Graphics.

    But I still think they should foresee that before doing such a shit…

    • You haven’t seen FFXIV yet have you?

      It may not be MGS4, KZ2, FFXIII graphics quality, but it look GREAT!!! It has towns, you can explore the world, dungeons, and all that good stuff.

      Sure, FFXIV is a MMORPG and doesn’t have voice acting and cut scenes like the main FF games do, but I find it hard to believe that SE can’t pull off something like XIV developers have accomplished but at a much smaller scale.

      They put way to much focus on the cinematics in FFXIII, when they should have put more focused on the gameplay. They’re suppose to be making a game here, not a movie.

  • Back in the days technology never got in the way of quality.

    If dealing with graphics is too complicated they could just lower their standards but make sure that the gameplay, the real meat of the fucking game, is good.

    This is both pathetic and sad. Square is a big company but its clear that even the big guys have trouble filling up all the data and putting the hardware to good use.
    When Sony and Microsoft say that this generation will be longer its because it needs to be longer, otherwise its either wasted hardware that can´t be used or an almost irrelevant upgrade.

  • Title : Final Fantasy XV
    Genre : SLG
    Release : 2016

    a game with epic storyline and awesome graphic

    FFXV Programmer:
    we want to have a battle system, but the design team says impossible to design such things. We’re too lazy to code things such as cities, let alone dungeon, but we need 6 years to produce this game.

    FFXV Designer: OMGWFT, we can only create 3d rendering and background with a nice quality only, we’re too lazy to design a hell whole of the monsters as well, but we need 6 years to produce this game.

  • Given the storyline of FF13, it wouldn’t really make much sense for the characters to be relaxing in a town at any point in their journey.

    IF you don’t understand what I’m referring to, then congratulations! You too are judging a game without knowing anything about it. Take a gold star.

    • I know what you’re talking about. That they’re all l’Cies that have to complete their focus in a certain amount of time, or they turn into cie-corpse. At the same time, they’re being hunted by the Sanctum. So they have to hurry up.

      But that’s a bad argument. Sorry. Try again. They could have still added towns and not made the game so extremely linear devoid of content.

      It’s a bad excuse too cause relaxing at a town doesn’t mean it has to affect the flow of the story.

  • So, like all the comments in the other FFXIII-related news here, 99% of the posters are gullible anti-FF fanboys who are probably underage and didn’t play the game, therefore making all comments useless and biased.

    The game is fucking great. It’s a shame you guys couldn’t play it yet. It’s just sad.

  • The thing is, I already knew that it was out of laziness. Some people will defend this game and say that it was the developer’s decision to make the game linear for the sake of telling a good story but I always knew that there had to be more than that. What a great convenient excuse, if that were the case. I’m glad this interview came up. Straight from the horses mouth.

  • When they say too much trouble, they are lying, just to hide the fact that those stupid japanese are too lazy to actually design a town. A monkey could run a company better then anyone in that retarded country.

  • So basically they were too lazy to figure out how to make the game properly. Besides, figuring it out would take too much time, which would prevent them from getting tons of money ASAP.

    I’d ask, “How many people are actually going to buy this game?” but…people bought Endless Eight DVDS. People will buy anything.

  • Isn’t square enix like a huge company with lots of capital? And not to mention the fact that final fantasy is their Main title? But it wasn’t “too much work” for them to design towns, and make the characters more interactive.

    Wow, that’s sad. Considering the fact how much money they made, but sadder that they couldn’t make the game more interactive, and invest more money into it because it was “too much work”?? Truly sickening.

  • Hm, so the cat is out of the bag, eh….

    Too hard to make towns?! It’s your fucking job to figure out how! That’s just a bad work ethic. You’re getting payed (by us ultimately) for you to put some effort in what you chose to do with your lives, not to slack off and give us story over everything else (which you admitted yourselves)! That’s just a cop out, plain and simple. If you wanted to make and exclusively story driven game, make a goddamned Visual Novel, not an RPG! You’re developing in a genre of game where you’re expected to have both a good story and well thought out, good gameplay. By focusing on story, Square is just doing half their job, and giving the middle finger to all the rest. This complaint of making towns being too hard is inexcusable on their part as programers and developers. They should hold themselves to a higher standard than this. What happened to being proud of what you work on, and putting a serious effort into what you call your profession!? Jesus Christ….. -_-

    SquareEnix…. you…… you suck for this. You really do.

  • well final fantasy X was also a straigth line it had only about 3 or 4 towns, but to say it was because too much work, its just an stupid excuse for not doing it, then i have to expect this to be like heavy rain with a little more button presses.

  • Well, if you look at all those games with “Big towns” like assasin’s creed etc, then start looking at the details of things, and then look at the details of things in FFXIII, the barrels in assassins creed is actually a hexagon.
    You see, this is not a programming issue, but a graphic one, it would be very awkward running around in a really great looking scenery, and then entering the town of PS2 ish graphics, due to the size and amount of characters that would have to be rendered.

    Ever wondered why graphics can’t be like they are in FMVs? It’s because that is prerended, and when you run around it town it isn’t, so you have a set limited amount of triangles of details you can use. (everything is made up of triangles)
    That’s why the characters in assasin’s creed look so shit, because, theres not enough resource power to render the characters in as good graphics, along with having a huge city.

    With final fantasy titles, these graphic resources have generally been largely focused on the characters, and somewhat on the scenery, a sudden degrade in this to add a city would be awkward.

  • Square’s developers should talk to Bioware’s developers. This is just an uneducated opinion because I haven’t played both, but I’d be willing to bet that ME2 absolutely kicks the shit out of FF XIII.

    • drunkspiderman667 says:

      i doubt that, besides ME2 can hardly be called a rpg from what ive heard and seen. its now just a rps(role playing shooter).

      ok i like bioware i loved nwn and dao. BUT there games are far from being non linear. they just have the right balance and there own style of game play.

      people need to get off this “its a interactive movie” bs because all rpgs are interactive movies, hell even most shooters are interactive movies. theres nothing wrong with this i like it as long as the gameplay and storys good whats the problem?

  • anyone seen the extra features ‘making of’ video that came with final fantasy 12? when they interviewed the developers, they all had this respect for the final fantasy series – that it was the pinnacle of the genre and there was no way that they would allow it to be seen as anything else. the result was a carefully crafted, wonderfully detailed game.

    apparently that spirit did not carry over into 13. with games like assassins creed 2, demons souls, uncharted 2 dominating the ps3, square enix is just getting their asses handed to them. they better step it up for 14 and 15…

    kinda reminds me of kyoani/kadokawa screwing around in endless eight – yea they still made a lot of money but the long term detriment to their brand name has already cost them big.

  • So they create a new game engine, Crystal Tools, specifically for development with HD consoles and PC, but they’re just too lazy to do it?

    It’s obviously not impossible as the FFXIV team didn’t seem to have any problems creating gorgeous towns.

    The only good thing I’ve seen come out of FFXIII is Fanille art.

  • Console “RPG” gamers want linearity.

    I remember once being finally able to convince my hardcore FF fan friend to finally sit down at my PC and give Dragon Age a try.

    After 15 minutes, he complained,”This sucks!” When I ask why, he replied,”I don’t know what to do. There’s just too much choice in this game”

    He couldn’t even get past the character generation part, let alone the Origins quest. Even after guiding him through character creation and showing him a bit of the Origins quest he said,”At least back in FF I know what I have to do”

    • Console games are not games anymore. They are disguised Disneyland rides where the developers hold the players’ hands and guide them down scripted event A, B and C. From time to time, the developer will sprinkle FMVs and make it all look very exciting.

    • Or it could be because once you play one Bioware game you’ve played them all. The stories and world are nice, but mechanically speaking, the gameplay is effin boring. Oh god, reskinned NWN2! Which was just reskinned NWN, which was just reskinned IWD2!!!111 FANGASM!

      Same could be said of Bethesda games. They are all droll ripoffs of the original games like Arena and Daggerfall, but by this point they are just so humdrum that it’s not worth playing.

      JRPGs are no exception to this, most are pretty damn similar too, but at least there is some driving linear force pushing you through the story and not just letting you futz around and get bored (I can count more people who have put about 40+ hours into Fallout/Oblivion/DA:O/ME who have never beaten the game, just because they got tired of wandering around and lost interest.)

      It really isn’t about the game being ‘difficult’ or ‘too many choices’, its that the game wears out its welcome by simply letting you putter around and do nothing. Go to a club or a convention and just walk around doing X, Y and Z without ever going to whatever the main event is, for about 5 hours, you’ll usually just get bored and leave without even bothering. Same problem here.

      • However, in Dragon Age, if you have no idea what you wanna do, just open your quest log and you will have something to do. Or click any NPC.

        The gameplay of any Bioware game does not change much. However, Bioware sells its games by storytelling, characters and dialogues. In fact, half of Dragon Age is nothing BUT dialogues and making choices which would affect the outcome in the end. Isn’t this what makes a role playing game a role playing game? Interactions, adventuring and making decisions and having to deal with the consequences?

  • drunkspiderman667 says:

    i dont understand the whole open world BS. people say dragon age is “open world” and “non linear” but ive played this game repeatedly and thats not true. now fallout 3 was sorta non linear but not in a good way.

    its as simple as this if a game is non linear you lose the challenge and the story. being able to jump around all willy nilly is not the way to make a good rpg or any game for that matter.

    please explain to me whats so fun about having to run around aimlessly for 2 hours in fallout 3 trying to find crap? why not just be pulled through some deep story telling and action? im sorry i just dont get it..

    also these “open world” games are far too easy. i mean fallout 3 is almost pointlessly easy even on the hardest mode. see when a game is linear you can have whats known as “set pieces”, these battles can be the true high point of a game f done right. but in open world non linear you get crappy AI enemies with a scaling aspect of some sort. thats why there too easy.

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    I didn’t play it, but I’m mostly sure Blue Dragon has towns and it is a high definition game…

    Also, all the other reasons are grade A hilarious, Square Enix should cut the charade and go work in Hollywood.

    • LOL
      You really compare the crap graphic from Blue Dragon with FF13?ROFL

      FF13 is one of the best looking games out there

      Do you also compare Pacman with Uncharted 2 because the Xboxlive/PSN Game is also in HD?

      • ChaosAngelZero says:

        Learn to read, fag:

        “The game’s linearity was just because depicting towns and so on like we did before was impossible to do on an “HD” console – it was too much work.”

        You telling me the crappy towns and cities of Final Fantasy X, X-2 and XII are “impossible to do on an “HD” console”??

        That’s just fucking hilarious and the fact that anyone believes it is a testament to the average JRPG player’s stupidity! I mean, fuck, how do these guys manage to say these things and go out in public?!

        Seriously, Squeernix: cut the crap, move your stuff to the movie FX industry, you won’t be needing to tell such blatant lies there! There’ll be no more intrusive “games” between you and the half-assed stories and absurdly expensive CG cutscenes you like to do so much, you have my word, you will be happier!!

  • *Middle finger* BECAUSE IT IS TOO MUCH WORK? WTF is wrong with that lazy attitude? I mean, they are paid to actually produce, design, and develop a good game! And this is the first time that a game developer literally said,”OMG… It’s too difficult and too much work and we are too lazy to do it. Screw it! Let’s just make it simpler will ya? I mean, the customers will forgive us because we are square enix and the game is final fantasy right?” WTFFFF??? Usually when games go bad, it is the incapabilities and budget issue. This one is human issue. Do they get training when hired?

  • The time of games like Final Fantasy has passed, and that’s what the problem is. They simply lack the tech know-how to keep up, and rather than hire manpower to help them… they would rather release subpar games with an equally subpar experience.

  • I dont get what people are so picky about. so you read “it sucks” therefore it is? without yourself even touching it only seeing reviews and screenshots oh and the odd bit off youtube. wow very easily judge- oh bayonetta must suck due to low frame rate and a 5-10% lower graphics therefore it sucks even though it has the exact same content. well if you dont like it – even without playing it- then you dont buy it that simple dont need to shit out crap for those who still thinks this game will be good- would actually have a heart attack if someone finally said something positive about the game from some who actually has played it not from all you guys who i doubt even seen the case for the game let alone the gameplay

    • Completed during the 1st week of release, maxing out almost everything beside Platinium Trophy and all 5 Star battle ratings in the 2nd week. The so-called epic story is not even up in comparison with visual novel ports such as Tears to Tiara.

      Zoom in to the characters and see the edges and pixels and you will realize the so-called stunning graphic is in fact, stunningly horrible.

      Now that we read the post, we know that the battle system WAS quite epic because we USED to be allowed to move freely in the battle field. The battle system is so retarded that a defender will AUTOMATICALLY roam around your Attacker and Healer taunting monsters to do frontal AoE damage on the entire team.

      I bought my PS3 with the original intention of enjoying FFXIII, but it ends up to be the worst game on my shelf.

      It sucks.

  • “The game was designed with DLC in mind but we don’t actually have any planned.”
    What a team.

    “The battle team came up with the transforming summons. The art team was dead against them.”
    I’m with the art team on that one.


  • LunamariaHawke says:

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  • You guys really aren’t thinking when you post your unjustified opinions. I hope you realize that those who know better don’t usually post comments, but those who know nothing are the ones who post like mad.

    Final Fantasy 13 is slated to be the greatest game in video game history. Do you really think a few towns is enough to throw away the amazing story, fierce combat, peerless graphics, and a franchise that has done more for you on every level through the years then your willing to admit?

    Ask yourself that question truthfully and see how foolish all these comments are. Truthfully, I prefer a little linearity in my games. Too many games come out with the “wide open” idea nowadays.

    • “Final Fantasy 13 is slated to be the greatest game in video game history.”

      No… It’s not. People who think like this are FF fanboys. It’s not going to set the bar for anything. If anything, the game will tell game developers what NOT to do when making a RPG.

      “Do you really think a few towns is enough to throw away the amazing story, fierce combat, peerless graphics, and a franchise that has done more for you on every level through the years then your willing to admit?”

      What makes you think the story is amazing? As far as I’m concerned, some of the characters only help sell the weak story that they’ve created, thanks to technology today being able to make the characters look and act more believable. The story itself is not epic, broken, bad pacing, and when you think that something is going to be expanded upon… well it doesn’t. You’re left with unanswered questions. The ending is anti-climatic and just ends. When you find out who the real hero of the game is, you realize that everyone else was never important to begin with, yet Square stressed that all characters are important. In a sense they are, but they were basically used. Also, the villains in this game will not be memorable. Those who think Jhil is the main boss will be very disappointed as you only see her a couple of times and never get to fight her.

      The concept was a good idea and had great potential. But the writers and fucked it up.

      Combat is the strong point about this game. However, Square decided to ditch all the other important elements that makes an RPG, for a more story-centric game instead. So it’s all about the cut scenes in this game. It’s evident that they wanted to make a movie instead. Hell, the game feels more like a cinematic action game then a typical RPG.

      Because of the extremely linear nature of this game, of course the graphics look great. Half the things they wasted their time modeling on won’t be seen and noticed by the player and last I checked, graphics don’t make a game. To make matters worse, you can’t back track (only Pulse and Eden). When you think about that, you realize that Square wasted some time modeling unnecessary things.

    • I thought your post was going quite well until your claim of “Final Fantasy 13 is slated to be the greatest game in video game history” betrayed you for a member of Square-Enix Defense Force.

    • How about NON-LINEAR? Bring the Role Playing back to Role Playing Game?

      Hell, even Half Life 2 gives you alot of branching routes to explore and one hell of city and town to walk around in. And how about GTA? You got to walk around in a huge city!

      It is very justified. RPGs are usually about exploration and adventuring. Take it all away and you might as well be watching a movie. In fact, Final Fantasy 13 is much better described as an interactive movie than a role playing game!

  • Lesser people might give all kinds of excuses, but Square-Enix developers actually have the balls to honestly admit their shortcomings.

    As for the “we wanted to do X, but it was too difficult”, this sort of thing is very normal. All developers have a list of things they thought would be cool to do, but could not include it in the game due to various constraints such as money or time.

    However, now I know who to blame for the stupid transformer summons. What crappy ideas!

  • All this complaining they do about work, maybe they should take some hints from Kojima’s team on MGS4. It was VERY story centric, but still had large areas/cities/towns fully realized in HD. Oh well, at least we still have Demon Souls, and Dragon Age. Not to mention Mass Effect 2 just came out, I think I’ll be getting that instead of FF XIII.

    • i bought 2 copies of that game, one on pc and one on ps3. you gotta think, it’s their job to design levels, whether or not a player takes time to appreciate it is the gamers choice, not the developers.

  • they already did the work. all they had to do was spread the building models in a spaced out area instead of in a straight line. but seriously, would it have hurt to hire a few more 3D artists (over a year or so) when the brand and name Final Fantasy has so much to live up to?

  • Remember Final Fantasy VI? When they stuffed that thing fulled than a girl at a bukakae taping. We had what 14 characters? 2 Worlds? Took advantage of the SuperFX chip with a new 3d roaming ship? 15 or 16 cities? that CHANGED in each of the worlds?
    The throw on the fact that each character had it’s own type of special ability?

    Those days are gone. Square is dead. It is now known as Squarenix and all it wants is your money. Making it an actual joy and a challenge to play would have pushed back the date. That would have put FFXV back even further. They don’t care about games. As long as they put out 1 every two to three years then that will keep there pockets full.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Let’s see:

    There’s this game called “Assassins Creed” that makes me want to break my own rule (1), it’s walking through a virtual Medieval town with tons of characters, NPCs, crowd mechanics… And they even are making a sequel that makes that look simple…

    Morrowind… Baldur’s Gate… Any MMORPG…

    But all that time, art and money imitating imitators or pushing the “Fantastic” just a bit more past “Suspension of Disbelief”… Tell me, how much “Suspension of Disbelief” do you need to enjoy a Final Fantasy game? That of a hallucinogen user, or a “Fursuit Lifestyler”…?

    Like I said… Too tired, woke up too early… Look at earlier comments on FFFailures…

    1 – The don’t buy “New” gaming systems, wait a few years one…

    • @Barbarians of Gor

      Oh, big man talking shit on the furries. Mmhmm, yes, it’s so easy too! Everyone’s doing it after all, and doesn’t it make all the sad lolicons feel a little better; to act like they aren’t the weirdest kids on the block?

      Fuck. For Gods Sake people. Judge not lest ye be judged; time to quit dumping on other peoples joy.

      FFVI is the best one ever. They started going downhill with 10, that’s when this whole “graphics trumps story” business came along. Redunculous.

      • Any game that does anything close to “simulating” a city is smartly doing a shit ton of the same exact thing, tricking you into believing that it is a real town. I am stubborn about this, and anyone who cites a game that “does it properly” has been tricked through-and-through. If all I could do was half-ass making a city from the original vision, I wouldn’t do it. Better to leave out a half-assed attempt than leave it in the release to annoy gamers to no end.

    • oh yeah Assassins Creed/Mass Effect 1 and 2 had huge fully alive, interactive cities. Yet SE says its too hard this too hard that. SE needs to learn with the way gamers are picky these days SE can’t afford to fuck up like this. SE really didn’t come out with games while making FF13 so what in the fuck were they really doing since it seems they cut a lot of corners. Making it look good isn’t anything if the gameplay is annoying and the overall experence seems shallow…

        • Assassin’s Creed shouldn’t be compared to Final Fantasy in terms of the use of cities. The whole idea of free-running is incredibly reliant on map layout, so a lot more game play focus called for intensive work on the cities.

          As far as my stance on FFXIII… well, I don’t think it will be as good as the past FF games, but I think the majority of people are just fearful of change. Boo hoo. If you really don’t want to try something new, don’t, and maybe if sales bomb they’ll realize they need to go back to their roots. It’s a money game, people.

    • I’d prefer to think that they are saving their energy when they was making of FFXIII so that when they finally release it, they will have plenty of energy left to start counting our money.

      Damn lazy ass studio….

  • i never thought they would actually admit that.

    it’s obvious that todays games with “zomg processers out the ass” and “supper hd graphics” they’re giving up on actually making the game worth while. i like my rpgs non-linear over special lighting effects on the wet streets.

  • They did this in FF12 as well. Rabanastre is the only town that is fleshed out with any real depth. All other towns had very linear set paths, all narrow walkways that you couldn’t have a lot of room to explore – the one path to get through districts of significance.

    So, yeah. fuck you, Square.

    • Ho ho, aren’t we the master of obvious. That’s the whole point. People were looking forward to this game. They followed its development through the years and now their deeply disappointed at the results. It’s only natural people want to vent their frustration.

  • “The game’s linearity was just because depicting towns and so on like we did before was impossible to do on an “HD” console – it was too much work.”

    Doesn’t sound impossible, just sounds like they were too lazy. How many years did they spend making this game again?

    • actually most ppl that actually played it say the story’s pretty good.
      ppl that understand squat in japanese or are just flat out lying (if you read the “details” they report on the game) are the ones generally spreading the tale that the story sucks. them and ppl that mindlessly repeat them.

      • And yet, some people who have played the game and know Japanese say it’s one of the weakest things about the game. Broken, bad pacing, unanswered questions, not epic, and some interesting ideas that don’t go anywhere or never get expanded upon.

        In the end, it boils down to what kind of stories one likes.

      • It’s all a matter of opinion too. Apparently some people liked X’s story, but I disliked the main characters, so any emotion that it was trying to invoke was completely lost on me, ’cause I could care less what happened to them. So maybe some will enjoy it, but I wouldn’t have bought any of the past 11 games for story alone, so I can’t really put any faith in this one being better.

    • The fact that they have to work on FFXIII’s Xbox360 port is the reason. Xbox360 already has 4 cds without cities, plus add a couple of cities, free roaming and summons = 6 cds minimum. Basically SquareEnix is trying to be fair. Which is a bad thing.

      • …You, sir, are a bit of an idiot. The actual in-game data including all scenarios isn’t even the size of a dual layer DVD and that’s probably with poor optimization. The /majority/, a good 4/5ths of the data, is all FMVs.

        This has nothing to do with the 360 and everything to do with them just wanting money and not caring enough about the end product to warrant the huge time investment.

    • designing towns was too much work for them. running through linear levels with no real goal is too much work for the gamer. they are getting paid for their work. i gotta pay them to do the work… I don’t think i’ll be paying for their third rate game. try again square.

      • Amen to that. I know I like to ride on Square-Enix for their questionable practices these days, but some of the blame also lies with this progress of technology and massive reliance on graphical power.

        • “I think we should be glad for advances in graphical power. Just imagine if there were no progress beyond the PS2. Games would be easier and quicker to develop, and the market would be full of the same kind of games.” -anon

          This whole statement is wrong on so many levels that it made me laugh.

        • I think we should be glad for advances in graphical power. Just imagine if there were no progress beyond the PS2. Games would be easier and quicker to develop, and the market would be full of the same kind of games.

          Anyway, hasn’t SE learnt already about making pretty looking stuff with no substance?

      • They can always return to 8/16-Bit. I’ll be waiting. (And meanwhile buying/playing 8/16-Bit games.) Don’t know about others but I don’t like my games like my movies. Movies for watching, games for playing, yep, This is how I like it.

        • The SNES FF games all looked great. So what they’re not in HD? As long as they’re appealing enough, it really doesn’t matter, and if simplifying the graphics makes it easier to develop the other, more important aspects of the game, then you’re going to end up with a much more enjoyable product.

    • Yeah what a load of bull.

      They just kept giving in to laziness in the end.

      This can’t work? oh screw it then.
      That can’t work? Oh never mind.

      Oh wait, other than the stuff we cant do, like the main gameplay, everything’s pretty much done! I think we should just sell it as a epic story!

      • Anonymous says:

        Lmao, I couldn’t agree with you more. I was anticipating this game from the moment I saw the first commercial, even pre-ordered and everything only to discover that all my favorite elements that made FF FF were all but gone. The story wasn’t all that bad, but game play was like have a baby and then a stroke at the same time.

      • wow… you know, as a fellow programmer i can’t help but feel shame. This may not be my field (game programming) but all I know is that if I ever had the opportunity to work on something with this much prestige I wouldn’t give a fuck how much work it would take, I’d still get it done anyway. The other departments can kiss my ass cause they’re going through the ringer anyway whether or not I’m the program manager or just someone lower on the list

        ARGH! really pisses me off how much “trash” nowadays gets their hands on degrees, bachelors, masters, etc so damn easy. I liked it better when the trash was weeded out in the first term of schooling… i miss those days

        • Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous 12:01//01/02/2010 :
          No, we don’t think its easy.. Ive worked on several games, and while its hard, its absolutely possible to make a decent game in a year or two.. Now if you factor in that they had 5 years, a shitload of money that they could have used, its hard not to blame them (most likely execs) for doing nothing with the game.. Also : 40minutes of HD animation ? Sure, no problem, if i get a dev team for myself aswell.. It dosnt even have to do shit whith dedication, its a job too, nobody said any of the devs like it (tho i hope they do).. ..
          Remember that it wasn’t one person who made all the graphics, but an ENTIRE team of artists! Oh yeah, and 200hours of work for 60hours of gameplay.. Well, 5 years amounts to a lot more than 200 hours ;)They had 5 years for getting their shit together, and in the end we’re stuck with something rather disappointing..And regarding “not the only project” Usually game devs work on separate projects, until their part is done,after which they move on to the next one.. Now having played “The Last Remnant” Also from SE, i gotta admit its pretty disappointing game too.. Insane amounts of loads, graphics aren’t exactly worthy of a x360, and IMO the game should have been in development 6months more, and released under the ps 2.. :/
          If they cant get their shit together, they will loose every single fan they ever had thanks to the original classic FF games :S

        • geezes u ppl think its so easy to program a game, i mean yes they had time to make the game…but its not like its the only project they had to do. u guys talk of them being lazy asses when u dont even how much determination and patience to create such high def-ness. i bet 80% of u all wouldnt even be able to make a high def 40 minute 3d animation w/o it loosing its quality( meaning laziness cuz if it looses quality its most likely ur laziness) and/or u BSing it and/or u getting tired of it, and thats just the animations… u would still need to do 60+ hours of gameplay..which would take another 200+ hours….along with the pressure of like millions of fans going down ur back to release the game already like they did. besides if u were true fans u really wouldnt care…ppl would be glad that another FF game came out…i kno i would.

          Pretty much.

          Note that it’s “too much work”, what I take to imply means that “the execs wanted to observe a schedule that would not allow us to do this and that, and so it was dropped.”

        • If I remember well. Didn’t Squeenix can/sacked/booted/dismissed/fired/pissed-off a substantial portion of it’s workforce?

          Perhaps they first fired some of their many workers, then went to the others: Hey! Make our game now you bunch of asswipes!

          But then realized too late they didn’t have enough people to work their…

          No, no, it does sound like laziness. And stupidity. Might be a design choice, but it’s a design choice to avoid any hassle that could arise in the goal of making a truly groundbreaking game filled with, I don’t know, innovation maybe?

          Hmm… The word innovation coined with a Final Fantasy title… I don’t remember having heard that since… Oh, how long ago was it?

      • Actually, S.E. sucks completly isn’t the company it used to be, and S.E. should just die already.

        The funny thing is how many stupids payed for this SHIT (true shit) and now they are complaning when thanks to it, they could do just a shitty game.

        S.E.: “Who cares? Those fanatics will buy even shit!”

        • TehBoringOne says:

          I agree… 5 years of development is HALF a fucking decade. If they churned out this interactive movie that they try to pass as a game, it’s not just because of the deadlines imposed by executives, but because of a shoddy direction, lack of agreement among the people in the staff, among many other things.

          If this is the way Square Enix is going to produce games, then I’m never buying one of their titles ever again, until they change their working practices.

          That said, I think that this reception by the people buying, not making reviews, is something good, actually. It should come to show Square Enix and other companies that observe the situation that such things are not well received by the consumers who are forced to pay the full fee for a product such as this.

          I wanted to buy Final Fantasy XIII, not Advent Children 2. I don’t care if the story is absolutely epic, the graphics awesome and the music an aural orgasm. In the end, I want to play a game.

          Maybe this is why Nomura says there isn’t going to be a FFVII remake… The staff might be unfit to make it… But that’s just speculation on my part.

        • its not strictly true though, SE is a big company with plenty of available staff to work on different tasks, plus plenty of other companies under their umbrella they could outsource from. FFXIII took a very long time to develop, by far enough time to have included these more advanced features, but it just speaks to me of poor use of time.

        • Keep in mind that the teams of people working on this game are given very, very strict deadlines along with very massive amounts of work. Its the producers who are to blame when stuff like this happens. They promise x thing by x date and then throw money at the workers and expect the impossible to get done.

          Having said that (because I’ve worked for similar companies), I have no intention of playing the game.

        • From interviews about FF XIV:

          Yeah, we used stick figures because drawing actual characters would be too much of a hassle. They move really fluid, don’t they?

          The soundtrack is some midi stuff from 1990. It’s quite good, why compose something new?

          The background graphics are scanned pictures we got from a kindergarden contest. They are so cute!

          The programming was a lot of work, we had to edit NES code to work on the PS3. Why can’t the PS3 be compatible to NES? Making games would be so much easier.