Tetsuya Nomura: “Final Fantasy VII Won’t Be Remade”


Top Final Fantasy designer Tetsuya Nomura has rebuked fans of the series hoping for a PS3 remake of Final Fantasy VII, telling them he thinks the project won’t happen and that they should count themselves lucky if Cloud is recycled as a guest character in future titles.

Rumours of a remake of Final Fantasy VII, considered by many to be the highpoint of the series and by far the best selling, have long circulated, but all have been denied despite Square Enix going so far as to release a tech demo teaser featuring such a remake:

Now Tetsuya Nomura, famed as the character designer who projected the series to fame, scotches hopes of such a remake:

“There’s always talk of a FF7 remake amongst fans, and many seem to be looking forward to one, but I don’t think one will be realised.

But maybe Cloud will crop up in other titles as a guest character? You never know.”

Square Enix, attending to the wishes of fans as ever.

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  • Well the way I see it, they’re going to have to remake this game. At some point at least. Square enix has been going downhill for quite some time, and I think that ff7 hd will be their ticket out of bankruptcy if it comes to that.

  • Anonymous says:

    ff7 needs to b remade think about it. the profit will be alot more than wut . especially currently got for 12 and 13if u put DLC in the ff7 remake. who wouldn’t want a new weapon 2 fight


  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    They must find a way to break free of Final Fantasy VII, and that will most probably not happen since it was an unprecedented event. Read here: http://socksmakepeoplesexy.net/index.php?a=ff07

    “I don’t think Final Fantasy VII is overrated. Ten years later, it’s still the game every JRPG tries to be. It actually broke the genre. Final Fantasy VII is now to JRPGs what Street Fighter II is to fighting games: a standard that can’t possibly be met. The successful JRPG will be the one that manages to break as much ground, sell as many copies, and stir up as much of a popular and critical tidal wave, and that’s about as likely as Street Fighter IV resurrecting the American arcade scene. It’s probably not going to happen.

    Ignore the hype. Final Fantasy VII isn’t perfect. Don’t expect perfection, because you shouldn’t anyway. For better or worse, this is one of the titles that helped push video games into their current identity crisis. It was a forward stride in the evolution of a genre and a medium, and the next step will occur when the genre is able to get past it. Square Enix: DO NOT REMAKE THIS GAME.

  • Personally I think square is being really stupid by not releasing a remake of FF7 for PC, Ps3 and X360, SO many people want it, and FF7 was the highest selling final fantasy game so far. I just don’t get it, other than graphics they could bascally use the same game and add some stuff to it, maybe voice acting (preferably with a way to use japanese VA in the US ver of the game since we all know how shitty dubs tend to be) and they would have a multi million selling hit on their hands, If they were going to release this, i’d honestly buy a ps3 or x360, or just upgrade my pc for it. It’ll make up for how much fail ff13 has been. I just dunnp wth is up with square lately. Would be a easy money maker, and most of all almost all FF7 fans want it.

  • I dont get how remaking ff7 could be in any way bad…i mean seriously when some 1 says final fantasy the first thing that comes to my mind is cloud…or tifa…or both. like they already made a movie and a game with such graphics would probly shake the foundations of the game market.

  • That’s it. This just cemented my decision to not buy Final Fantasy XIII. I’m not going to give money to a company that’s going to cater to the mainstream audience over their (so far) fans.

    Square-Enix -> FUCK YOU

  • FFVII the best rpg i’ve ever play

    FVIII… just short term rpg

    FFIX… dumbass char, very2 bad drawing, retard drawing of char, especially 2D raw char

    FFX… to easy to play. Squaresoft staff, to lazy to make FF world

    FFXII… copy paste from starwars? no brain at all

    FXIII… even monkey can play this game

    well love chrono cross too

    go to hell square enix

  • *sigh*
    square enix only need to make graphics better..
    they have the story the characters and the whole gameplay-system Oo so it would be finished in no time and they would make a lot of profit.

    well, FF XII wasn’t that bad at all <_< only the story sux.. thats all

    I haven't played FF XIII yet cuz I'm living in germany. but I'll play it for sure when it's out in march.

    btw…I think FF Versus XIII will be as cool as FF VII!
    just wait till it comes. I'm sure it will be one of the best FF games ever.

    • This makes me wonder just how long this series will go on for… Doesn’t extending it out to, oh I don’t know, FFXX just seem ridiculous? We are up to FFXIV, the sequel to FFXI, it’ll be out this year, and I’m sure FFXV will be used, but just how long will it continue?

  • Of course not. It’s all many of us have been asking for for the last 13 years, so why should they do it?
    In fact, Final Fantasy has been Square’s biggest failure. They planned for the first one to be their final hurrah, hence the name. This failed, and they ended up making billions off the series. Now, with FF13, they’re back on track and ready to sail into obscurity. I say good riddance… if they don’t make another TWEWY, they have really nothing more to offer me.

  • gamingikari says:

    Yeah… “We’ll never ever make the game again, promise!”

    Yet the first they did upon getting the rights to the Lufia series is perform a Nomura-tastic reboot. Honestly, part of me is looking forward to the Lufia remake they’re doing, but the other part just wants them to move on and make new stuff like I’ve been waiting for for over a decade now.

    Yet Final Fantasy VII is sacred? Bullshit, you remade half of it with behind-the-scenes crap with Crisis Core! If it was half as sacred as you pretend, the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII would have consisted solely of the movie and a sequel game.

    But Squeenix won’t leave it alone, Nomura. Sorry pal. Your first creations are going to be the sacrifice you have to make sooner or later. Get ready to redesign the shit that kicked off your career, fucker. I know it’s something you don’t want to go back to revisit, but the fans do… And let’s face it, Squeenix fans get what they want.

    Why do you think so many Final Fantasy games have been redesigned? At best, you’ve got a Final Fantasy VI remake standing between you and your first love.

  • For me, FF7 is the destruction of everything I liked about old-school Final Fantasy games. I’m not a great fan of the FMV-whoring, angsty, pretentious, shallow template FF7 set.

    So yeah. I’ll be happy with an FF6 remake. Now feel free to thumb me down.

  • I would be lying if I said I didn’t care about a remake of FFVII. I would love to see it remade. But I would rather see Square just end it now … rather than continue to destroy a wonderful series, they should just move on to something new. Maybe one day in the future they can revisit Final Fantasy. But for know they should just let the legacy go while it still has a good name. Anyone who says FFVII wasn’t one of the best and most influential video games of all times is just blind. R.I.P. FFVII

  • My Final Fantasy VII from my heart and memory shall not be stirred.
    I love the game for what it was and, just like you accept people around you pass on with time. Final Fantasy will forever be the first RPG game that made me so happy, sad, angry, amazed and excited.

    I rather want Final Fantasy VII to be kept a dear memory than remade again.
    Zombies aren’t good looking but remade games mostly suffers from that impact it gets when you see it’s not as good as you remembered it.

    Many fans will kill for a remake but I’d say Final Fantasy VII died as the pride of Squaresoft.
    FFIX is a good game though, but it didn’t make me so close to a game as FFVII did. Heck, even those square fists they had in FFVII isn’t part of the memory, nor the lack of voice or such fancy effects we have today. All those things where made up inside you. THAT’S the one and only real and perfect remake you can get.
    Atleast… That’s the best remake I’ll ever see of Final Fantasy VII.

    May you rest in peace dear Fantasy.
    In our past.


  • I’ve never understood why VII is seen as the high point in the series. I agree that it was a high point in terms of sales, but I personally feel VI was a better game all around. I’m not saying VII was bad though, on the contrary, it was quite enjoyable.

  • I don’t know, I didn’t think what he said was so bad. All he said was he doesn’t think that a new FF7 will be remade, and that Cloud may reappear somewhere else. He didn’t sound “scorching” to me, and he didn’t say fans should “count themselves lucky if Cloud is recycled”. This article is phrased in a way that makes Tetsuya Nomura sound vindictive or something, when to me it just seems like he’s sharing his honest opinion.

    I mean, it sucks that it won’t be remade, but the let down as paraphrased by this article makes it feel much worse.

  • if you think about all the objects and detail in every screen in FF7, then its easy to see why it won’t be made nowadays- it would take 6 years to completly redo all of that in 3D. most games nowadays recycle objects and backgrounds like crazy (Dragon Age!) Now think of the giant mecanical hand in the ruined area after you get Aerith. you pass it by and never see it again, yet it would take days to make.
    Sadly, FF7 is damned by its own excellence.

  • Well of COURSE Square isn’t going to re-make FF7, they’re too busy hashing out bullshit like FF13.

    This is a company that, in its hayday, was synonymous with proper fantasy, and a winning formula for role-playing gameplay. Since that time, it has been a pure slide. We have a company that has NO INTEREST in what it’s fan’s really desire, and NO INTEREST in the fact that they had a winning formula they have completely discarded. Every time one of these schmucks at Square enix blame the game formula for the crappy sales of the games, they don’t bother to realize its because they keep fucking with the formula so much. If you want Action RPGs, get Star Ocean, that system actually works, if you want a real RPG, you use to be able to get Final Fantasy. NOT ANYMORE. Their games are lame, their formula is corrupt, game over.

    Anyhow, who the fuck cares about FF7, that at least came out in the 3D era. I’d rather see a 3D remake of Final Fantasy 6. Why? Because it had story. It had contents. It had elaborate characters and an explorable world! There was a lot to do and see, and many hours of content and unlockables. This was, imo, more of the epitome of the Final Fantasy games than FF7 is, granted FF7 was a great game.

    But again, Square doesn’t care, because Enix doesn’t care. We’re stuck with shit. Fuck this. I’m abandonning square-enix, and putting all my money on Companies like NIS and GUST

    • Do you realize that asking remakes is asking SE to stop producing new games? making remakes again and again are one of the thing that made SE the shitty company it is now.
      Btw, FF6 had a pretty simple story, but i agree about the characters they were really good.
      But the problem with FF6 is tha same as FF6: why not leaving the game for what it was? A new FF6, like a new FF7, would be different from the original but at same time won’t have as many new ideas as a new game, not to mention it could be a complete failure.
      The compilation of FF7 was horrible enough, stop butchering the old legends SE plz. And start making GOOD new games, without stupid metrosexual characters if possible. A SD tale like in the old times.

  • Most fans want a remake because the graphics are one of the few things holding the game back anymore. Loading times are slow, battle is slow, moving around environments is glitchy, prerendered backgrounds would look worlds better modeled in 3D, etc. They could make the summon animations skippable, or at least shortened. The FMVs could look more like AC in terms of realistic expressions and environments. They could remove the duplicate item glitch. They could offer an increased difficulty setting.

    Purists don’t want a remake because they think SE will ruin the game. I don’t see how a graphical makeover with additional content could ruin it.

    Other people think FFVII should die. But there would be no benefit coming out of that, besides the fact that people would calm down about it. Except that wouldn’t work because gamer fanboys cannot calm down about ANYTHING because they feel it is their God-given right to have all video games cater to their tastes. I have to wonder how many of the complainers actually A) Buy video games, and B) Play them. If they do not do both, they should not complain, because they have no stake in the industry.

    • “Purists don’t want a remake because they think SE will ruin the game. I don’t see how a graphical makeover with additional content could ruin it.”

      Sure, that’s all they NEED to do. It’s certainly all most FF fans WANT them to do. But given SE’s track record for remakes…they won’t stop there. They’ll make “improvements” all over the place.

      The gameplay will probably be simplified to the point of removing almost any semblance of strategy. The bosses will probably also have their stats jacked up, causing most of them to become points where you have to stop and grind for an hour or so. Because as any current SE knows, grinding=QUALITY GAMEPLAY, and we have to have at least a hundred hours of it.

      And any “additional content” will almost certainly be (A)a pointless waste of time, (B)nonsense that doesn’t gel at all with the rest of the story/game, or most likely (C)both. And of course, their current localization team will probably “fix” the old translation by sticking in lots of obscure Shakespearean English words that most people don’t understand at all (particularly the localization team in question).

      I think the DS “improvements” of FFs three and four are probably the most blatant examples of Enix trying to turn classic Final Fantasy games into boring, Dragon Quest-esque grind fests. It’s a pity they can’t seem to figure out the reason FF became a much more successful series is because it was NOTHING LIKE Dragon Quest.

  • Fine. I’ll keep my money then.
    It’s not like I was spending it on Final Fantasy 13, either.
    And trust me, I was really looking forward to FF13.
    But I don’t like the reports on how linear it is with tons of cut scenes.

    Please give me a real RPG again.

  • I actually hope they don’t remake VII until all this moe shit is out of Japan’s system. I can see them totally ruining all the female characters. Indeed, maybe they’re holding off on rebooting VII because they fear screwing it up.

  • I love the original, everything about it, including the now outdated graphics. The artistic vision in the original is part of what makes the game so great. An update to that would just help put the nail in the coffin for this series.

  • I think they make a wise decision. I just played FF7 a years ago and although i agree it is a great game, there are some parts of it that are too childish for today standard (like Gold Saucer game). If they remake it, that would certainly be the main problem (keeping or changing them will deal damages to it). so i think think they better keep it as it is 🙂

  • I thought FF7 could benefit from some revision, like more characterzation for Aeris, but artistically, it’s the right decision.

    Though I’m suprised they’re not rushing to whore FF7 out further like they already have with terrible movies, sequels, prequels, and side-stories.

  • Maybe the need to be going Bankrupt again before they actually attempt to put out a quality hit again. Cause that’s how the first final fantasy came to be and quite honest I think some of the Old NES games would seem Fantastic with more features and 3D the anime.

  • To the fine user humorously named Dr_Faggot (of which I am certain is a male, but I digress), you truly do not deserve the negative voting for your reply. And while it is only a mere -0.2, the very fact that it exists merits a statement of sorts.

    I say this not because I fancy your tastes (although I do), but that your brief message conveys how this medium is judged with raging subjectivity and most importantly how intolerant everybody else is. Judging you, Dr_Faggot, on your subjective announcement is quite ironic indeed wouldn’t you say?

    And to all of you who will no doubt crucify me on this wonderful turf in cyberspace…haha, you certainly must be right.

  • They just wait till the 360 is completely dead,so they can make the game with no limitations for the PS3.
    This is Nomuras baby – He never would like to see it screw up on the retard console with its awesome 5000 sold copies worldwide because only shootertards are playing on the 360.

  • Good job losing alot of money, oh people with no sense.

    Thou I still have a hope it might be remade many years in the future, when virtual reality will be all around. Classics that make such a huge marks in history of media doesnt go away that easy.

  • Maybe they’re holding the true remake already in progress.
    Or maybe they just don’t have the ca$h.
    Or maybe they know form starters that the new version won’t shine brighter than the original.
    Or maybe they think of a remake of their greatest game as a last resort against bankrupcy and don’t feel desperate enough to try.

    This whole thing makes me want to throw my ps3slim, which I went indebted to buy [cost me 1900 BRL], out of my 4th floor window, and then dive head on to catch it in mid air…

  • People need to calm down. They have made enough stuff evolving FFVII (Too much in my opinion). They made Dirge of Cerberus (horrible), they made crisis core(Decent game), Advent Children(Such a horrible movie). I think them not doing a remake is a good thing. They probably realized that even though this series made them alot of money in the past, it is not good enough to release a remake to the game.

  • no one can deny that, if they made a remake of FF7 they would make a substantial profit considereing how many people were wanting it in the first place and all the fans Dissidia and Advent children brought in
    Sega is basically was doing the same thing with sonic hey guys do you want sonic with his new friend ?
    90% of the Fans : ummm… not really no we were fine with the original 3-4
    Sega: Gotcha fans, 3 new characters coming right up oh and a fan fic story line to go with it alright

  • I lol’d.

    They remade FF1-3, ported Tactics with improved graphics/gameplay to the PSP, made that retarded Tactics Advanced, with a sequel no less, a needless sequel for FFX, Dirge of Cerberus, Revenant Wings, etc.

    But they won’t even consider the notion of remaking arguably their best game, Final Fantasy VI, and the game that made them insanely rich, Final Fantasy VII.

    I can’t imagine they’re doing it to keep the purity of the game or some nonsense, since they have proven they’d do just about anything for a profit. Square seems to be intent on making bad decisions. If you’re going to remake and make sequels to your games, here’s a thought: Do it for the ones that are actually above mediocre, which seems to be pre-FFX.

  • This must be one of many ways Square intends to remind us fans that the golden age of gaming and blissfully innovative story telling found in their titles has long since died.

    However like the naive square fan that I am; I’ll continue to hang on to that last bit of hope that a PS3 remake of this game will one day be delivered to our gaming community.

  • Terrific. They’ll make a shitty sequel to the game, along with all manner of prequels, and they’ll even make a fucking movie, investing millions of dollars of effort and untold hours to put all of these together, but they won’t actually remake the goddamn thing when that’s all the fans wanted in the first place.

    It’s like they have a list of shit that will alienate their fanbase they need to go through before going under.

    • This was translated from Japanese. He doesn’t say “for the time being” at all:


      Literally: I am not thinking it will be realised.

      You could argue about the nuances of such translations, but there is definitely no explicit time limit expressed here.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Like I said:

    For creative direction they need to hire, and give high control/influence to:

    1. An established “Indie” game maker.
    2. A professional “Storyteller” who can truly play on the nature of “The Story” itself.
    3. A philosopher.
    -optional but recommended-
    4. Hire Amano back. Have him do his earlier very detailed work versus his more modern minimalist work, but hire him if you have to shell out lots and have him work in depth with the first three.

    The stories they make are “False”. Just dry retellings of “The Heroes Journey” done again and again for profit. The mega hits they’ve had have been more an ‘accident’. FF7 was a hit because it really touched people on love, growing up and the consequences but necessity of doing the right thing. It had action and humor and exploration but also a greater goal. Hate to say it, but there’s only so many times just “manga babes” and exaggerated swords and mega-monsters work.

    But, give it to a real innovative creative team and it’ll work wonderfully. What they need is to make the story “True” again. Oh, they can still have it “Beyond the Fields we know” but if there’s enough of the “Eternal Story” in it done right, it’ll be another mega-hit/classic that like FF7 people still want to this day and at least would keep the company afloat in ‘echo’ versions if they went back to “Multi Level Outhouse management” which seems to be the case… Well, that’s probably unfair, standard AmeriKKKan pessimism. It’s just possible they are simply too huge and become a “Disorganized intelligence” that runs on rules and individual managers doing their thing without communicating or truly thinking.

    Way I see it, they’ve got a few more “Chances” before the flops deflate them and they either go bankrupt or just pack the bags and go away… Their current run seems mediocre at best and with the “Tunnel” horrible at worst. Since their current direction is lackluster at best, why not spend the same money on an innovative project.

    • nice speech but frankly FF7’s success was FAR FAR FAAAR simpler than that.

      FF7 was a hit because the vast majority of westerners had never played a jrpg, nevermind a Final Fantasy, until FF7.

      it was new and jrpgs became the newest fad.

      it was what rogue-likes (at the time known only as diablo-clones) were for western fans a few years before FF7 hit western shores, and what the shooter/rpg hybrid (and wrpgs in general really) is for the mainstream gamers today.

      it is as simple as that.

      it didn’t touch on anything that hadn’t been touched on earlier or hasn’t been touched on BETTER since.

      but ignorance colored opinion up to FF7
      and nostalgia colored opinion after FF7

      • Barbarian of Gor says:

        ——it didn’t touch on anything that hadn’t been touched on earlier or hasn’t been touched on BETTER since.

        Oh, yeah, they got better graphics and DickGirls and the adventure is a “long tunnel” yeah, they do better and better (and still suck) while people look lovingly back to the classics, that’s not their fault.

        RPGs have two problems. The first as a storyteller myself I know too well. Fictional stories, especially the narrow “Fantasy Adventure” are at risk of being a dry ‘re-telling’ of “The Heroes Journey” so they can start out good (if the market’s been down, then they get re-released) but then can lose steam. Only so much “Enchanted Tedium” you can take before you want to be the “Dark Overlord”, kill the elves, rape the elf women, then sodomize and cook the hobbits for dinner.

        However, some stories even fictional work because they touch on things. Robert E. Howard’s works live on because he was so passionate writing them and put so much of himself into them. Robert Jordan has had some good success with his “Wheel of Time” series by putting in a good mythic quality to it and other issues that rang with readers. The “Great one”, Jon Norman, put a lot of his philosophy into his books. Not just the women issue, but things like “How should a Man live?”

        The second issue, and I’m no real expert on this, is that I’ve heard that Japanese fictions have become redundant. They started imitating each other – giant robots. Big Drills. Lolita Schoolgirls. “What would Freud say?” And while that perhaps was competition, the imitators started imitating the imitators that imitated the imitators. So all the “Fantastic” elements got overbalanced and out of place. Now, as an outsider, the stuff seemed very exotic and interesting, but someone in the culture might think it dry and boring. I mean like “Culdcept” and “Monster Collection” which I both like a lot, but I’ve never played the Dreamcast game for the former nor know about (card, videogame?) for the latter.

        So, I think my ideas are pretty dead on. But don’t worry, they’ll probably not listen to them, then in a few years we’ll be hearing about Square’s collapse. Along the way, I’m sure I’ll hear about one mockery after another.

      • Or it could be even simpler and it was just a really good game. I played other JRPGs before FF VII and was still blow away when i played it for the first time, and even if other fans played 7 before any other RPG doesn’t make it any less of a good game.

  • Nomura is displaying an uncharacteristic level of wisdom here.

    Never listen to the fanboys. They don’t know what they want until it’s given to them.

    A FFVII remake would be completely redundant. FFVII already exists, AND is available via PSN if you can’t get hold of a working PSX version and compatible console. The fanboys like FFVII, and being spectacularly unimaginative as they are, can’t think of anything more to clamour for than the same shit again, except perhaps darker and edgier.

    • He’s also short-sighted, considering that releasing a revamped version of FF VII would be like installing a money printer right in his own Square-Enix offices.

      The project would be an insane profit. He’s retarded for throwing that away.

      • It’d be the same thing if Nintendo remade Ocarina of Time; any remake of an insanely popular game would rack in so much profit for the company in question.

        I will never understand why they don’t do this.

  • this is disappointing,

    one of the problems I have (as a new *gamer*) is that many of the older gamers talk/write/comment about those old titles as being a “good game that you must play”. But those are old school games that can’t be that much fun for the new gamers. Old graphics that was made on a very limited system.

    A remake of those “big hit” titles would give them a revenue from the new gamers (and even the older ones) who would want to play those hits. Especially when the *new* game depend on the *old* game (or have a heavy reference to it).

    that being said, in this one instance, I did play FF7 and did enjoy it. And I would pay for a HD remake of this old game. As long as it is a remake and not a port. Give me the pouncing Tifa tits, and make the whole bloody game in 3D.

    I tried recently to play Half-Life and have to say that it was really disappointing. Which might be why “Black messa” (spelling) is being made. If Black messa sales well, then it might convince some of those other publishers to remake their older games and save on game ideas.

  • Lucky Channel says:

    Still I don’t trust anyone connected to the PS3 anymore. They always say no we are not gonna do this patch, the PS3 slim doesn’t exist, etc. Even though it is square/Enix it if it plans to be a PS3 title I can’t trust them. Still I was sad when Geno wasn’t allowed in Super Smash Bros Brawl because of Square.

    • I’m glad someone besides myself has a healthy feeling of doubt towards taking these guys at their word. Kind of like how they promised 4 games based around FF XIII, and I haven’t heard anything of the other titles since almost a year ago.

      It’s my opinion that if squareenix sniffs a big enough profit, they’ll damn sure remake FF VII

      • they never promised exactly 4 games around XIII, they only said they planned for multiple games. they announced multiple games.
        FF Versus XIII
        and FF Agito XIII

        and of those 3, if you haven’t heard any news in over a year YOU just haven’t been listening as hell, there was news about Versus earlier this month.

      • I hate it. People like him can’t even see how great idea would remake be. Personally i didn’t bought a game in years. And all that accounted i would grab a remake like its the greatest thing evaarr.

      • profits? I think making the FF7 remake will reap in more revenues then FF10 and 10-2 combined… Seriously, all you need is some people to do the artwork, and the models. You don’t even need a story writer at all cause the you have the story there already, which would also double to cut production cost. And I’m pretty damn sure lot of people would buy the remake, even IF it had EXACTLY the same story, game play, etc etc with JUST better graphic.

        • but overall it’ll be a great gamble on SE’s part why not try to remake FF7 and overall just have to clean up the designs and add voice off dubs for the cast. besides that the remake is basically a Cut and Paste job

        • Actually, everything except of the storyline would have be redesigned, and even the script would probably need to be slightly altered. Certain things would have to be cut, and as they said once before, if they would do this they would need the entire crew gathered to work on this.
          Also, materia system was horribly broken, and taken to certain degrees which I very much doubt was intended.

          You would have to redesign every area, but care to do it for the same feel and idea, because you have this product you care for, and the fans care for, and recreating an experience is more difficult than creating it the first time.

          You have all these expectations, and often it’s better put to the side than to create it and ruin a product.

        • FFXII was ok? No it fucking wasn’t
          It was trash, just like (unfortunately) XIII looks like it will be
          Hopefully Versus will have something nice
          X was the best by far (in my opinion, though I haven’t played them all)
          They need to go back to some old turn based goodness instead of trying to revolutionise the battle system, do that with a new series not a popular one they’re now murdering

        • i have an original first edition of the NTSC release of final fantasy 7 in mint condition(still has the playstation underground application inside). i have no intention of buying a psn version. but i would break down and buy a full ps3 version. just so i could see all the same sights in 3d.

        • Meh, hoping the remake of Final Fantasy VII is like hoping for the sequel of Chrono series…it will never happen.

          see Chrono series? SNES and PS version they had (Trigger and Cross respectively). PS2 version? noooo they don’t, only because of office politics. the same will happen in FF 7 since both sakaguchi and uematsu already out of Square Enix, and it would be like why there were no chara from FF 6 and 9 in Kingdom Hearts.

        • I’m currently playing it on my ps3 🙂 I was well chuffed when I found that they had it on PSN.

          Also, the fact that there’s not gonna be a remake isn’t exactly news. The FFVII Tech-Demo is like 3 y/o and SE officially denied any remake-intentions at the time it was released.

        • “they should count themselves lucky if Cloud is recycled as a guest character in future titles.”

          read the quotes, not Artefact’s words. The way I see it, Nomura politely rebuked the rumors.

          Still, I can’t read the Japanese site, so meh.

        • Why would they want to invest $20-40 million in remaking FF7 when they can just rerelease the PSOne game on Playstation Network and still have the top selling game on it? They don’t even have to spend a penny. Just upload it on the servers and watch the cash flow in.

          Also, there’s really no point in remaking anything from the PSOne/N64 era onward just yet. They’re not even “retro” by this point. Just old titles we played only a few years ago. That’s like saying, “Man, that GTA3 game sure was great and totally revolutionized the way we play sandbox adventure games! They should totally remake it!”.

          You’d think to yourself, “Uhhhh, why? Just buy it on the PS2. Besides, they’re still making GTA games. Pick up the newest one.” Granted, the FF series shakes things up with every title so it’s not quite the same, but the point still remains.

          There’s really no *need* for them to remake FF7 when the original is widely available and still holds up by today’s standards. Polished graphics and voice acting isn’t going to make a huge impact on how we play and experience it. Sure it’d probably make tons of money and be pretty fun to play, but it’s not *needed*.

          While Square Enix hasn’t had the best business sense lately and has been churning out rather underwhelming titles, that’s reason for them to remake games that are barely released 10 years ago.

        • I hate them for this, whether they remake FF7 or not, even if they didn’t do it on principle of it being a classic, they could at least do it for this generation to appreciate such an awesome story at least… It would sell well, everyone wants it, and i find it hard to believe that they could be so retarded as to NOT remake it even on money standards, it would probably outsell most of this generation of games, so i have no idea what they are thinking at all. And…

          “they should count themselves lucky if Cloud is recycled as a guest character in future titles”.

          Fucking insult, not to mention this moronic statement is true, lightning is essentially a female Cloud, which they admitted to themseleves, even her name is tastament to this fact, so he can eat his fucking speech of bullshit.

  • Final Fantasy Fans are one of the dumbest groups of people ever to exist. Thank God they aren’t planning a remake of the game, seeing as remaking such an overrated game is a waste of resources and manpower.

      • Just because they are fans does not make them the dumbest group of people. Final Fantasy allows for anybody who plays it to take something away for themselves. They are good enough games that most people can enjoy, and at the end of the day, isn’t that what matters? However, if you would like to pursue your point, why not give some evidence of your claim (I’m aware of the comments around me haha)

        That being said, I don’t see how the first guy who replied proves that you’re a douche and why you warrant a death penalty. I hope you’re aware that ‘congene’ is not proper English.