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Louise Sex Scene Excites Fans


The 18th volume of Zero no Tsukaima has brought Louise and Saito together for some very intimate action, with the fantasy love comedy the series is famous for giving way to pink fiction.

The passage with the action:

“You show me yours.” Saito’s face reddened as he shed his parker and cloak.

They faced each other, clad as they were at birth. They stretched out their arms and embraced each other tightly.

…<eye-wateringly sentimental filler redacted>…

After a long kiss, Louise felt something odd press against her. Looking down, seeing what it was, she flushed red. But with a determined expression, she spoke:

“… will you do it?”

Saito grimaced briefly and bit his lip, then smiled.

“No, it’s ok.”

“You don’t want to? But you’re a boy…”

“T-There’s no way I wouldn’t want to. But it’s too early. There’s a lot I have to do first. And…”


Presumably the pair will be going the rest of the way in future volumes (doubtless by way of a series of similarly half-cocked encounters), a canny way of drawing their protracted tsundere relationship out even further if ever there was one.

Just what effect all this has on Louise’s all-important “first-hand” status is not clear, but Saito’s reputation for unmanliness wherever his mistress is concerned is apparently well deserved to say the least.

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