300 Anime Songs – True Otaku Can Identify at Least 270!


This epic compilation of “anison” (anime songs) spanning 2005 through 2008 has proven exceptionally popular on NicoNico Douga, serving as a sort of otaku litmus test, with its creator claiming thusly:  Recognize over 270 anison and be advised your life is over – You are an Anime Otaku!

Disabling comments by clicking the captions box in the lower right might be a good idea, as the video is often covered by an endless stream of numbers as viewers keep count of their score.

The video unsurprisingly has a long runtime, clocking in at over a half hour, so it would likely require a good burst of otaku spirit to make it through the entire length in just one sitting:

The four years covered are arranged like so:

No.001-020 = 2008

No.021-130 = 2007

No.131-230 = 2006

No.231-300 = 2005

The end of the video has a word from the video creator thanking viewers for watching his never-ending medley, as well as a brief word on scoring:

“In average, I feel that if you know over 270, or 90%, you are an aniota (anime otaku), while something less than 200 should be a beginner otaku.”

The songs are for the most part readily identifiable to anyone who has been watching a good amount of TV anime this decade, so perhaps the given numbers are not too far off the mark.

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