K-ON! Tsumugi Branded Pickled Radishes


Starting next month, hungry otaku will be able to dine on Tsumugi-branded takuan (沢庵), or a pickled daikon radish food usually served in flat, wide slices that bore enough resemblance to Mugi’s luscious eyebrows to be referenced in an episode of K-ON!

What is takuan, you might ask?

It usually looks something like this:


A type of tsukemono (Japanese pickled dishes), the Tsumugi variety will be made by the well-known producer of prepackaged pickled goods, Tokai Tsukemono Corp. and should be available for sale sometime in February, as the poster above promises.

Neither an exact sale date nor even an approximate price has been revealed as of yet, but certainly any devoted otaku can look forward to another moe-styled addition to their kitchen menus.

Incidentally, the poster includes the dream scene of Yui’s that made the takuan reference from the show, in the middle-left next to the pink text that reads:

~Mugi-chan’s Eyebrows~  This is really Takuan♪

Combine this with a similarly themed product, such as Rei Ayanami Ramen, Clannad Curry, or Aoi Nishimata Moe-Rice and it would truly make for a decadent otaku meal!

Via Livedoor.

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