Winter 2010 Anime OPs


A compilation of most of the latest season’s OP sequences, this article might prove useful to those that are still searching for new shows to add to their current anime line-up, or should at least provide some entertainment to fans of the frenetic, typically genki sequences that have graced anime series for decades…

Please note that the list below is nowhere near a complete line-up of all the OPs of all newly airing shows, but just a collection of the most notable series that have reasonably high quality OP videos online.

Sora no Woto

光の旋律 / Hikari no Senritsu
By: Kalafina

The Sora no Woto OP delivers some lovely animation quality along with an equally enchanting song to go with it, although the the nearly completely static animation of the girls and backround art do make it rather subdued for an anime OP.

Watch for the highlight starting around 1:06 of all the main girls conveniently pre-bent onto their knees, with Kanata even giving the viewer a coy glance over her shoulder.

Ladies Vs. Butlers!

Love x Heaven
By: Seiyuu CVs (Character Voices)

This OP gives us a good look at the show’s luscious female character roster, done in studio Xebec’s easy to identify Kanokon style.

Look for the permanently erect nipples visible throughout the girl’s seifuku for the entire sequence.

Omamori Himari

押しちゃうぞっ!! / Oshichauzo!!
By: AyaRuko

Studio Zexcs ‘s offering gives another us a good dose of ecchi done in a colorfully moe presentation.

The size of the oppai presented by Lizlet and Kuesu is indeed impressive, but likely loses out to the next show’s OP…

Seikon no Qwaser

By: 飛蘭 / Faylan

Considering that this is the show that provides us with the spectacle of huge oppai breast feeding, this OP strangely doesn’t show us much of the girls, instead being one of the most action-heavy sequences this Winter season.

Hidamari Sketch Hoshimittsu

できるかなって☆☆☆ / Dekirukanatte☆☆☆
By: Seiyuu (Yui, Miyako, Hiro and Sae)

This version of the OP that aired with the third (this week’s) episode appears to be the final full version, including freshman newcomers Nazuna and Nori to the Hidamari Apartments in all their loli-moe resplendence.

Studio Shaft certainly made it the best looking of all Hidamari OPs so far, although determine the catchiest song from all three seasons is likely just a matter of preference.

Nodame Cantabile Finale

Manazashi Daydream
By: Yuu Sakai

The third season of yet another series, Nodame’s final season’s OP is once again definitely the best looking so far, although the song doesn’t quite match up to the sheer exuberance of the original season’s first OP.

Pardon the subtitles, finding an uncropped raw version proved to be a challenge…

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

LEVEL5 -judgelight-
By: fripside

This is cheating – this show does come from last season, but it did recently start a new OP so its inclusion might be semi-justifiable…

This second OP probably ranks a bit further down for most viewers compared to the first OP, but is still nice to look at.

Watch for a lightning quick cameo by Index and Touma at 0:39!


裏切りの夕焼け /Uragiri no Yuuyake
By: Theatre brook

Durarara!! has a rather unique, stylized OP that’s somewhat reminiscent of the Baccano, and should be appealing to fans of more action-oriented J-Rock OPs.

Excuse the mirrored video making everything nearly illegible – most uploads of this OP online are so modified in an interesting method of getting around copyright violation…

COBRA The Animation

Cobra The Space Pirate
By: サシャ アントニス (Sasha Antonius?)

This OP is certainly the most unique of the entire season, with its decidedly old-school character styles and English language lyrics sung by an actual English speaker.

It almost reminds one of the air of an old James Bond opening, which is appropriate for the show as it is part of the classic series’ 30th Anniversary celebration.

Hanamaru Kindergarten

青空トライアングル / Aozora Triangle
By: Seiyuu CVs

The OP for this kindergarten slice-of-life comedy series is mainly included because of the seeming oddness of the makers behind the show – it comes from famed studio Gainax and is directed by Seiji Mizushima, the director of Gundam 00 and both original Fullmetal Alchemist.

Anyone that was present at the Anime Expo 2009 Gainax panel following the Gurren Lagann movie screening might remember Mizushima introducing this show and mentioning his concern of just how he was going to live up to Gainax’s history of lovely bishoujo schoolgirl fanservice in a show that mainly features preschool aged schoolgirls (!).

Dance in The Vampire Bund

フレンズ / Friends
By: Aiko Nakano

Speaking of loli service, the OP for vampire loli show Dance in the Vampire Bund is a beautiful enough spectacle to earn mention both here and in a previous article. This one is a highly recommended watch, as Mina’s odd dance is something hard to get across with just still images.

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