Sankaku Channel 3.0


Sankaku Channel, now with nearly 700,000 images, has received a wide variety of significant upgrades to both site and server, detailed below.


Navigation now uses an “endless page,” with new thumbnails automatically loaded in as the window is scrolled down, making browsing large numbers of images an easy and intuitive process. The page can be scrolled until no more images are left to display.

This can of course be readily turned off by using the option in the sidebar; links to traditional pages are placed in the sidebar to aid navigation or serve as bookmarks.

Voting & Popularity:

The scoring system has been revised – now scores are based on a five star rating, divided by the number of votes to give a proper average rather than a simple absolute score. Score also now takes into account factors such as favouriting and number of views.

This should allow the most well received content to rapidly surface, making it much easier to find items of interest.

It is apparent that users of such voting systems tend to give high votes for items they like and refrain from voting at all on items they dislike or are indifferent to – voters are asked to balance their voting if possible.

Additionally, the top rated posts from any given tag or search are now displayed at the top of the first page of a query, along with a link to full ranking of posts by score.

Large Images:

Some images may be available at file sizes and resolutions far larger than most would desire, and at sizes which may strain both browsers and connections. A reasonably sized preview is now always displayed by default, with the larger version linked from the image itself. Details of file sizes and resolutions are displayed in the sidebar on the left.

Server Upgrades:

The site also now resides on a new, more powerful server, running on faster software, and shares the same network connection as the main site itself – previously there had been complaints of poor routing, so this relocation should fully alleviate that issue.

A considerable variety of less conspicuous additional features have also been upgraded or added – these can be discovered readily enough through normal use.

Further upgrades and refinements are expected to continue.

As usual, any comments or feedback are welcome; otherwise by all means proceed to the server proper.

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