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Final Fantasy XIII Tentacle Rape Manga Begs Forgiveness


Gaming rag Famitsu has issued an apology for publishing “inappropriate” depictions of Final Fantasy XIII in a manga it serialises, though many suspect that in fact Square Enix is upset that the rag failed to earn its advertising payments by being sufficiently worshipful to its properties.


The grovelling apology:

In the manga in question there were certain inappropriate depictions involving Final Fantasy XIII. To our readers and those affected we offer out apologies for the many inconveniences caused.

With Famitsu’s reputation for journalistic integrity in the face of lucrative advertising revenues, many understandably suspect that Square Enix is simply upset that a lowly gaming rag would dare to “parody” one of its games.

Amongst Japanese gaming media Square Enix also has a reputation for godly arrogance and being extremely “difficult” – one publication famously opted to mosaic out the company’s displays (in the distant background) in its photos of a gaming expo rather than risk possible issues.

The already supine Famitsu might well be on the receiving end of such treatment too.

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