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Schoolgirl Skirts Doomed: 80% Support Trousers


Recent survey results seem to suggest that skirts may not long remain a part of the archetypal Japanese school uniforms, with 80% approving of trousers, which have been gradually making inroads into school uniforms in recent years.

The survey of attitudes to school uniforms amidst men and women aged 20-50 drew varied results.

Regarding the issue of trousers making their way into female school uniforms, 37.8% “strongly approved” of trousers for girls, 40.3% indifferently approved, yielding a total of some 80% supporting trousers over skirts.

The division of opinion between the sexes on the issue is fairly pronounced: 88.4% of women approved of trousers versus 69.8% of men. Older age ranges were more likely to support trousers.

Reasons given for preferring trousers varied from “because it’s cold” to “as a precaution against chikan.” Reasons such as “there’s no reason to limit the choice to skirts” and “it’s better to wear trousers than end up wearing something under your skirts.”

Those demanding schoolgirls remain skirted offered up such dubious reasons as “you can wear tights or leggings so there’s no need,” “it’s not feminine” and “skirts are cuter.”

86.8% of respondents reported attending a school which had a uniform, a perhaps unexpectedly low figure. Of these, over 60% reported “liking” the uniforms in some capacity, with 11.5% greatly enamoured of them.

Actual schoolgirls were not included in the survey, but in general it seems they approve of skirts, often the shorter the better; it should also be noted that it is actually head teachers (and the school uniform fashion industry) who have the final say.

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