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Capcom: “No Votes for Foreigners!”


Capcom has been banned from 2ch for spamming political messages decrying the possibility of affording non-Japanese residents representation in Japan’s democratic processes, a measure which looks set to pass despite howls of opprobrium from 2ch in particular.

Repeated posts of the following missive were reported as being abusive, causing 2ch’s coven of moderators to issue a blanket ban on the domain in question (, as is standard practice.

12 名前:名無しさん@3周年[] 投稿日:2010/01/12(火) 15:32:42 ID:+EqKOmno
東京都神社庁 1月24日 必着
外国人参政権に反対する会・全国協議会 公式サイト 1月20日 必着


“Nobody takes any notice of online petitions so please send them letters, or it’ll pass!”

The poster’s details:

名無しさん@3周年<><>2010/01/12(火) 15:32:42 +EqKOmno<>★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★<>
<>Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727)

Network Information: [ネットワーク情報 ]
a. [IPネットワークアドレス]
b. [ネットワーク名] CAPCOM-NET
f. [組織名] 株式会社カプコン
g. [Organization] CAPCOM CO., LTD
m. [管理者連絡窓口] IY016JP
n. [技術連絡担当者] IY016JP
p. [ネームサーバ]
[割当年月日] 2002/08/08

Capcom, or at least an employee using company computers to post to 2ch rather than do any actual work, apparently feels strongly that letting non-Japanese permanent residents vote in local elections represents a dire threat to the nation.

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    • See the all imigrants in America.
      They have suffrage? No? Can you tell to me why?

      If you want to satirize Japan with this commentary, give to all humanity in anywhere in the earth the right to vote and being voted in your country, with no restrictions.

      Sex, religion, Black, White, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow….
      These have no value to decide if this persons have right to vote or not.

      If you have loyalty on the country what you are now, where you borned and some bureaucracy (naturalization.).

      That is what counts to decide if you have right to vote or not.

  • I love how pissed off everyone gets about this. I bet at LEAST half of you don’t even live in Japan. And besides, it’s talking about permanent residents. Meaning, people who aren’t technically citizens; but just happen to live there.

    • Ye gads, you’re a dense one.

      First of all “AT LEAST half”? No shit, Sherlock. I doubt even a tenth of the people posting here live in Japan, if any at all. What difference does that make? Does one need to live in Myanmar to be against the junta there?

      Also, you’re completely missing the point and probably haven’t done any research on this matter. You think people who live there, work there, pay the taxes, but don’t have official citizenship shouldn’t vote. Now, normally, this wouldn’t be a huge deal if it wasn’t so ridiculously hard to get official citizenship. THAT is where the problem lies.

    • You don’t know but in Japan have REALY HUGE AMOUNT OF FOREIGNERS, at majority of chinese and korean.

      Chinese and Koreans hate so much the japan.

      Well, Thinking the vote as a key, for who do you will give the key of your house?

      For someone very friendly and what you have confidence?
      Or for someone what would like to see you dead?

      • If someone was living in my house, working for me, and paying the rent on time, then I sure as hell would give them a key even if they don’t like me.

        Seriously, how many terrorist attacks has Japan had by zealous Koreans/Chinese?


    This cannot be stressed enough, this bill is meant to allow foreigners WHO HAVE NOT BECOME CITIZENS not only voting rights, but the right to partake in government offices.

    I don’t understand why everyone’s so butthurt about being left out of the Japanese government when A. half you don’t even there, and B. Not even your own country allows it.

    • It is about permanent residents being given the right to vote in LOCAL elections. It is NOT about national government, nor the right to be candidates for office.
      Citizens of countries Japan does not have diplomatic ties with (i.e. North Korea) will not be given the privilege.

      • Permanent residents are permanent RESIDENTS. They live there, they work there, but as they have not yet become a citizen, their status is on the level of an immigrant. Which means, why the heck are they getting to vote?

        Still, being a citizen in Japan, no matter how hard that is, cannot change preconceptions based on physical appearance. If they’re racist before, it’ll take years/generations to change that notion.

  • Interesting that the link in that post by the Capcom employee is to the Tokyo Association of Shinto Shrines.
    The Shintoists have made a stance now against foreigners voting (and married couples having different surnames).

  • I’m noticing that some people have their legal terms wrong. This is talking about letting a “legal perminant resident” able to vote. This is different than a naturalized citizen. “Legal Perminant Resident” means you are NOT a citizen, you just can live in a country you are not a citizen of. In the US, the more common term for this legal terminology is a greencard. Just because you have a greencard, doesn’t mean you can vote, it just means you won’t be deported for staying years on end, and and you pay taxes to support your government. You must be a citizen, naturalized or otherwise to vote, and thats true in the US too. I feel that if you want to vote, you should become a naturalized citizen. It weeds out those who actually care about the country, and those just in it for their own financial benefit (In the US at least, people who don’t have citizenship yet but are actively trying still count in the former catagory of careing. Those who are just content with a greencard and aren’t trying for citizenship at all are what I mean by just careing about their paycheck).

    HOWEVER, in Japan, it seems that the government makes it very hard to naturalize, meaning you could be actively trying and spend many, many years in Japan with just a Japanese “greencard” (hell, there are so many cases like that in the states, expecialy in my hometown of New York City). But, instead of letting “Legal Perminant Residents” vote (which I believe shouldn’t be happening) the Diet should focus on making the naturalization process easier, therefore rendering the need for “Legal Perminant Residents” to vote null and void.

    • Try as they might the government is not going to be able to make the average Japanese see a non-Japanese as “Japanese.” The conceptions of citizenship (which is essentially legal concept only in Japan, as you can only really be born and raised Japanese) are quite different. Residency is the only way they will enfranchise any immigrants.

      • I do realize this, and what I stated above is only an idealized solution. The base problem is that the cultural and legal definitions of a citizen in Japan are often crossed, and one in the same in many people’s eyes.

        Maybe I shouldn’t be talking, coming from a country with no real racial or cultural traditions of it’s own, and from a city where a good deal of it’s residents are either 1st generation immigrants or “fresh off the boat”. Maybe I would think different if I had centuries of directly traceable history behind me. Maybe I would feel different and instead of being 4 ethnicities in one person, I was purely one race, and I actually had a language, a culture, and a strong tradition behind me, so I actually felt like I had a place to belong. Maybe, in essence, we Americans are the weird ones, the odd men out. And we are the ones who actually need the reality check, when we think everybody else needs to catch up to us.

        Maybe, maybe not. Maybe these are just idiotic what if’s, dreamed up by an overly indulgent 18 year old who feels like he was disanfranchised for some stupid reason, even though he was brought up well enough. Or maybe, I’m on to something, and what I’m saying is worth something.

        You be the judge.

        • Well, I’m glad someone understands why the United States is very unique in regards to its cultural diversity and its history. Or rather, its conglomerate of “histories” combined in a cross-cultural storybook of sorts.

          Either way, only citizens should get the vote; immigrants and permanent residents need to become citizens to vote. It’s not really driven by xenophobic intentions (though I’m sure it is), but rather common sense.

  • I read about it.

    Japanese opinion is this
    “If you want suffrage, get naturalized!!”

    Yes. Japan gives suffrage for naturalized foreigners.
    (Naturalized I understand something like as “becoming japanese”.)

    This law, what I understood, is about give suffrage to non-naturalized foreigners.
    that means, you can vote despite you being foreigner and not naturalized.

    This maybe problem if have some troublesome neigborhood.

  • Unsurprisingly, they are the same people who made this.

    Let me just read that aloud for those on the blog and not the forum.

    This game is for use in Japan only.
    Sales, export or operation outside this country may be construed as copyright and trademark infringement and it strictly prohibited.
    Violators are subject to severe penalties and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    So basically, even though Japanese games and movies are about as expensive as it gets in the world, they don't want you importing them and likely paying more, as much as they don't want you pirating.
    If has no economic benefit for them to promote this message, and yet, it's right up on there on their Japanese games.

  • i guess the reasone could be that if foreigners vote it might result in a permanet ban for things like hentai, fanservise and everything else that a foreigner might find disturbing in some way.
    But who knows….

  • To all the idiots that thinks “foreigners should be allowed to vote because it’s their natural born human-rights” bullshit, think about this way……

    LOOK AT ALL OTHER COUNTRIES THAT DID THAT. The UK? Well, theres the loli ban. Ban on this, ban on that. The USA? Well, theres the frequent censorship, you end up with your soccer moms, your FCC, and those bullshit. You start getting more black people, and fat people, and all sorts of other ethncities into japan…

    Do you REALLY want jpn to end up like all other countries?? I like Japan the way it currently is BECAUSE of it’s unique-ness (I know, that’s not a word…).

    Not EVERY country have to be like the US you know. Let other countries run the way they want to. Jpn is the way it is now because they were able to isolate themselves with too much foreign influence.

    Hell, just look at what happens when FOREIGNERS do get a hold of Japan for just a while, look at the Rapelay and Equality Now fiasco. Look at the relationship between the US military and the neignboring villages.

    • Aren’t the soccer moms the white middle class church going sort? And those ban on this and ban on that, ban on loli are the sort who clings to conservative values. Those who want to preserve their cultural identity are likely conservatives and white in European related countries. of course there are the progressive banners who want to ban things for being pc.

      Japan can do what it wants but find someway to be less insulting in their discriminatory practices.

    • You really think foreigners were the reason for the loli ban in the UK? I’m pretty sure the natives disagreed with loli too.

      The USA is practically the land of the foreign, look how many native Americans (or “Indians”) are left. Blacks are the problem? No, look at the white blight.

      Allowing Japan to isolate itself from other countries will fuck itself over. It has fucked them over before, and it sure as hell will fuck them over again if they try.

      If your country significantly lacks diversity (ie. next to none), soon enough, the chick that you’re banging could be related to you in some way.

      Oh wait, maybe that’s why Japan is so fucked up and likes incest so much. I mean, they have isolated themselves before.

      • Don’t justify Japan’s willingness to stay Japanese with racist intentions. It’s just the same as Britain’s wish to stay English, France’s wish to stay French, and Russian’s wish to stay Russian.

        In other words, get out.

      • Vote is power to change the ideal of nations.

        If you give the suffrage for foreigner, it is giving to foreigner the right to change the nation what he is living at moment.

        “Japanese dont have right to decide how the culture of japan will be!! This deserves for foreigner!!”

        The problem is:
        The obtain of suffrage will be piece of cake on japan for non-naturalized foreigners. Easy mode.

        In USA, you have to get the GREEN CARD and go to ARMY. Lunatic? No. It’s “CAVE’S LAST BOSS”!!

  • There’s a difference between an undocumented and a hard working guy moving to the country, pledging loyalty to that country, paying taxes for his property, and accepting the new country as his home.

    Not allowing people who live in the country, are loyal to it, and are part of the tax base keeping the elderly alive to vote is bullshit.

    If all of the foreigners left you’d have to create all senior citizen construction company.

  • Just what we need Muslims in Japan voting half Japans GDP should go to Hamas or something. A country’s first responsibility is it’s OWN people, then it’s nationals then the rest of the world

    • It really depends on its definition of “own people” and the country said definition is applied to.

      But for Japan, I can understand its xenophobia, as its previous experiences by history were never really positive. If it hadn’t been for the US effort to rebuild the country, Japan would probably remain closed to foreigners to this day.

      Besides, the United States was never really the “Land of the Free” until roughly 300 years later. And even then, it still hasn’t fully lived to the ideal, though it is closer now than yesterday.

  • When you consider how Britain has gone to hell with all the Muslim/Black immigration I fear for Japan.

    It is simple mathematics. The Totalitarian Muslims use democracy and immigrants to infiltrate and take over countries from the inside. Religious people/stupid people then have many more children than the native populous.

    And the society goes to hell.

    Allowing immigrants the right to vote would be fine if they are secularists – or at least highly educated.

    • Ah well, guess we’ll see each other in hell. I’ll be in the 5th layer, drowning or gouging your fucking eyes out, but it’s actually not personal. Drop by sometime.

      Know what would solve the problem? Educating the Muslim kids there are so damn many of, so they can make rational decisions on their OWN, regardless of however mentally stunted their parents might be. Hate the sin, REDEEM the sinner. Or at least the sinner’s children. Curiously, a competent education system would also solve the problem of the stupid people as well. Shock and down.

      But I doubt humanity will stop being collectively retarded in time, so society inches closer to hell it is. Fuckin’ A

  • Fuck Capcom! Non-japanese are people too!! With all the things that go on in japan, like the deportation of that poor girl’s family back to that shitty 3rd world nation while she’s basically stuck in japan and is japanese for example, or the dipshits at 2ch who support this as shown in I think it’s time for japan to do away with this archaic xenophobia bullshit.

    Japan doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word “racism”, but I believe by informing capcom of the atrocity of their japanese wing which they’re spreading their racist propaganda maybe they’ll get the message that this behavior isn’t acceptable for ANY society.

  • When I visit Japan I don’t want to see any black or darker people, I just don’t want to look at that subhuman trash. Go back to africa, west asia, mexico or whatever craphole you came out of, stop defiling civilization with your presence.

  • Well, who is gonna vote when the Japanese all die out? All that’ll be left are the foreigners, cause at least those guys have libidos….

    As for naturalized citizens getting the right to vote, imagine this :

    A person who has no idea what the capital of the country he lives in is allowed to vote. A person who doesn’t know how many provinces are in his country, allowed to vote. A person who cannot even name the previous president is allowed to vote.

    Guess what, most of the natural-born citizens of many countries are like that. Consider it as Tommy Jefferson once said, it is the “tyranny of the masses”. So why not balance out the outright stupidity by allowing people who worked to gain naturalization the right to vote?

  • I don’t get this shi**. Once someone pledges to a country, they should get pretty much all the rights that native citizens get. I mean they love that country enough to live there for the rest of their lives why shouldn’t they have a say on who is elected to govern. It seems to me pretty cut and dry. Their efforts to try and stop this is even a waste of time and money. I am wondering if someone on this board is actually against naturalize people not being able to vote. I think I saw one or two but if so please try to justify your self, please.

  • Kyon Theorist says:

    I almost hope this doesn’t pass. I’m not usually angry about another countries politics, but this is so dumb on the part of the public that I hope it doesn’t pass. A friend of mine is now a permanent resident and it took him forever to get that status. He was treated like crap by a lot of businesses too at first, had to have his wife do almost everything. If they intend to get immigrants to help with their population and economy problems, they’re going to need some amount of incentive for people to go there.

  • Japan’s sex industry is horribly racist, 99% of their blowjob bars (pink salons) have no gaijin policies.

    It’s a sad fucking country when a foreigner can’t even pay for a blowjob.

    I seriously hate japan, the country is fucked up, thats why I can’t stand all these western japonites that hangs on sites like this one who worship everything japanese, wait till you’ve been discriminated against and you’ll soon lose your pro japan dick sucking attitude.

    Come to London, where I live. If you want sex they don’t give a shit where you’re from as long as you have the money.

  • This reminds me why I left japan and choose to work as a translator in my own country.

    Japan is just too backwards thinking and xenophobic for a foreigner to want to live there.

    I knew a girl who was born in japan but her parents were korean, despite speaking fluent japanese she was treated like a foreigner and considered an immigrate.

    People need to stop sucking off japan, the country is so fucking racist.

  • I don’t see what difference it would make by letting permanent residence folk to vote. It may not be a fully democratic government type of a deal there in Japan but as has been proven here in the USA that most of the voters do not vote for the good of the country as it is. Who ever is the bigger mobster or con artist or the best at selling out the community almost always gets elected no matter who votes. It could actually help get people in office in Japan that never would have had a chance which is probably who theses people saying no to foreigners wanted to get in in the 1st place.

    This has been going on for a number of years.

      • I think people might be trying too hard to appear “more rights for everyone everywhere” because they have some unconscious belief that giving everyone more is how everything should be. I’m not saying that this is bad. It is just that whenever discussions like these come up anywhere, everyone always cries out for more rights when they would have been just as content without the rights they never even knew was available a few moments before. I don’t believe there is a real NEED for these changes to be made. And it will most definitely not affect most of you who will probably forget all about this in a couple of days if not sooner. Now while I say there is no need for the change, I am not saying that having the change is bad either. I personally don’t think it matters all that much. Japan does fine with its current system, and I doubt allowing non-citizen permanent residents to vote would benefit Japan or hurt it. I can definitely understand where changing the system could cause fear as well. Japan has done very well for themselves with what they currently have (though the economy is not good, neither is a lot of the world). Many people would be hesitant in changing what is the norm and had worked. Plus, allowing more parties to more rights sometimes doesn’t turn out favorably. Now that is obviously just an extreme. It most likely won’t lead anything like that, but its kind of like asking a parent something and always getting the worst-case scenario. The parent in this case is the overly cautious Japan. I kind of went on and on with my thoughts but what I’m basically saying is that Japan probably doesn’t need to allow permanent residents to vote but it wont hurt them to allow it either. Besides having residents that feel better about themselves with there new rights(no matter how insignificant their acts are) and others seeing Japan in a better light (because that is going make everything alright), it is almost a useless argument. One last thing, I think people need to get off their “high horse” with their superficial belief that they are doing great things by supporting something they wont remember and probably don’t care about. I’m sure more than a few people felt great about themselves typing about how rights should be handed out, and what internet superheroes they were in saying it without caring about the issue. I’m not saying ALL of you are doing it, but I am willing to bet all that many of you did do that. And plenty of you will try and bolster your own belief in what you say just in defiance of what I wrote regardless, and then reprint what you said before with your new-found confidence and belief in your own words. That is if you managed to make it to the end of my rather long post. lol

  • Japan is a baskedcase. 20 years ago it was the envy of the world. Now two decades of misguided Keynesian voodoo has meant the country is defacto bancrupt.

    Public debt is approaching 250% of GDP, and the aging population will soon become net sellers of goverment bonds. When that happens ka-boom.

    Who would even want to help rule this madhouse.

  • How would you feel if naturalised immigrants started undermining the state for the sake of simply want to belong to their old state which they should no longer have any attachments to for you are now to be loyal to your new country and nobody else.

    That said, the Japanese should really drop democracy completely and let the conglomerates rule.

    • Based on your writings, you seem to think that ‘foreigners’ voting to change *anything* in their new country of residence (Japan) would be “undermining the state”.

      Do you think ‘foreigners’ would use their newly-acquired power-of-the-vote to pass to send in bulldozers to smash up your shrines (that’s currently the responsibility of corrupt Japanese politicians and construction companies), confiscate your swords and guns (that’s currently the responsibility of the Japanese government), create special agents to check your residence for valuables and spy on your life (that’s currently the job of the Japanese police and the eighty-gazillion surveillance cameras already deployed in Japan), ‘steal’ your culture (you already export much of it), and oh, gods know what else?

      Let go of your fear, young grasshopper (it’s so relaxing when you do).

      The U.S. has given naturalized citizens the vote for years, and it’s caused no problems.

      • I don’t know about anyone else but I would rather nobody in a country have guns. No need to protect yourself with a gun if nobody else has one either. Yes someone somewhere will probably somehow be able to procure a gun, but I hardly find that enough of a reason to allow everyone else have a gun as well. This is hardly the main point of your topic but it is something I think Japan has right. Plus, I would hate to see people like Equality Now allowed more ways to come in and change things.

        • Guns are there for people to protect themselves from the government, and for people to protect liberty and rights if they are endangered. This is the only way for citizens to protect from the tyranny of the government.

          “You know why there’s a Second Amendment? In case the government fails to follow the first one.”
          — Rush Limbaugh, in a moment of unaccustomed profundity 17 Aug 1993

      • Yes, the u.s. ist that kind of place where it doesn’t matter who you vote for. In the end it’s predetermined by people in charge who will be next or what will be happening next.

        I’m no japanese, but even I can see why they don’t like giving such privileges to foreigners. It’s just wrong, foreignes should at most work in the country and then leave. By no means should they be allowed to reproduce, as it will only fuel conflict. There is a saying in my country: “Big fences create good neighbours”. The neighbours may come to visit, but they aren’t allowed to stay forever.

      • If you become a citizen in Japan you can vote, this is local government votes for permanent residents (who aren’t citizens). The reason they don’t just become citizens is because it can take over a decade for the government to decide you’re worthy of being called a Japanese citizen.

    • well that is a democracy, they are obligated to give the right to vote to their naturalized immigrants, and the thought of naturalized immigrants rising up to undermined the system is ridiculous. For that to happen you would have to have a completely totalitarian government system that oppresses and denies the rights that a democracy offers or have a unified populous that is SO ethnocentric that they would revert to middle ages idea of isolation which would hold back japan rather than make them prosper. NO nation can survive being isolated and ethnocentric.

      • Or someone who doesn’t believe in democracy, religious freedom and religious freedom could immigrate to your countries in large numbers… idiot. But yes, most immigrants to Japan believe in democracy and human rights.

        • USA does a good job on making new people moving there feel like they belong but USA it self is a nation built by all kinds of people that moved there not so long ago. USA is a multicultural nation. Also they haven’t got any real culture that they will be afraid of ruining.
          They are a modern nation with very little history. Japan is an old nation with a strong culture and way of living. Also there existence isn’t built on different foreigners building the nation, so as an old country with a specific kind of people for many years it’s more natural for them to be not so accepting to new strange to them elements.

          Europeans are probably trying to balance this out. They are not as friendly as the US but a lot more friendly than Japan despite the big history many countries have. Still they haven’t found the magic solution since they often have problems with minorities, racism and displeased foreigners working as poor labor.

          When you have a strong culture, heritage and a body of people it’s only natural that you want to protect it because that’s who you are. It’s like the soul of your country. It’s hard for you to change who you are and maybe you don’t even want to if you like who you are.
          USA is just a newborn, it’s still growing and forming, it doesn’t have an ID yet, so it can accept everything.

        • a little more complex than that… people are thinking in a paranoid protective way with their economy and culture…

          IMO, depriving foreigns from any rights is crap, but even i strongly going aganist this, i have to recognize they have their reasons

          Japan is an aging country, and way too well educated to handle raw work… so they need extra hands for less specialized jobs… it is totally wrong, but… well… it is happening

          but what if the immigrants that came looking for an oportunity and end up in “lower” jobs starts to control the politics? they will want a better lifeand then, a productivity crisis rise…

          Besides, japan have a population proud of their past and culture… there is some resistance in accepting big cultural differences, and foreigns always bring that…

          USA and other american countries were mostly “free” and “young” nations so they’re more inclined to accept foreigns.

      • Kind of what I already had in mind, though it’s fairly to see where their fears are coming from. Just look at the havok groups like equality now seek to unleash (basicly attempting to kill free speech). I guess those are just the risks taken with democracy though.

    • Japan is not democratic in any way. Their Prime Ministers are chosen from competitive pressures by the majority party. Banks and big companies have more political influences than the average voters. And yet, the majority of ordinary citizens don’t give a serious issue on the politics.

      Just because it has an elective parliamentary system, this doesn’t mean that it is democracy.