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Sony Delays PS3 Motion Controller


Sony’s rather suggestive PS3 motion controller, uncharitably thought by many to be a shameless knock-off of the Wiimote and Project Natal, has been delayed.

Sony’s bosses put it thus:

“So as to ensure as broad a spectrum of customers are able to enjoy the controller, we have decided to delay release until autumn 2010 to ensure a broad variety of titles are available.”

This appears to be a coded admission that Sony has been lax in developing enough party games to support sales of the device.

Sony’s 2010 “killer lineup” for the controller is as follows (some without firm titles yet):

Ape Escape


“Machi Suberi”

“Sing and Draw”

“Champions of Time”

“Motion Party”

“The Shoot”


Mr. Pain


Hustler King

High Velocity Bowling


A powerful lineup indeed.

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