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Mother Seduced 12-Year-Old 200 Times


A mother who had sex with a 12-year-old boy nearly 200 times has been arrested; she was found to have kept a diary of her encounters, with each of 191 times the pair had sex marked off with a star.

The 36-year-old unemployed single mother, a resident of Middlesborough in the UK, began the relationship by seducing the boy with alcohol, and then proceeding to have regular sex with him over a 10 month period, sending her own son away where necessary so the couple could go about their business undisturbed at home.

Reportedly the woman kept a diary detailing her encounters with the boy, with each time the pair had sex marked with a star – 191 in all. It is said that for his 100th successful performance she bought him a pair of trainers.

Rumours of her being pregnant with the boy’s son soon circulated at the boy’s school, and soon the authorities became involved. The boy had also apparently been bragging to his friends online about his mature girlfriend, making it only a matter of time before the pair were uncovered.

In her first court hearing, she admitted ten counts of inciting a child into sexual activity. She is due to be examined by psychiatrists as there are concerns she is suffering mental illness.

If convicted she faces a possible “indefinite” prison sentence to stop her terrorising the public with any further boy sex. The local community has reportedly already attacked her home in anticipation of her being branded a child molester.

Via the Daily Mail.

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