“I’ve Become Your Slave”: Sexiest PSP Game Cover Ever


Acquire’s hot gladiatorial action game Kentoushi: Gladiator Begins has attracted attention for the sort of cover seen more often on adult DVDs than on PSP games.


The cover above is apparently a special for promotional use only, featuring an actual AV idol said to be something of a gamer. She has previously appeared at gaming events cosplaying a gladiator:




The game itself does actually allow the creation of a wide variety of scantily clad Amazons for use in gladiatorial battles online or off, although the PSP format naturally limits how curvaceous they can be.

Kentoushi is available internationally now, albeit a rather less alluring choice of packaging.

The English marketing blurb is rather prophetic all things considered:

“Get into some true action, and learn what the word masculinity really means.”

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