Seikon no Qwaser “Director’s Cut” 100% Uncensored


Breast sucking anime Seikon no Qwaser was previously broadcast in heavily censored form, but the recently streamed “Director’s Cut” version is in fact 100% uncut.

The initial airing of Seikon no Qwaser on anime streaming site Anime One has drawn quite a substantial amount of attention, as the so-called “Director’s Cut version” appears to actually mean the fully uncensored (and presumably eventual DVD) version of the episode that was painfully censored when it aired on terrestrial broadcast networks.

The episode is not yet viewable free of charge on Anime One, but the following animated GIFs should help reveal the show’s oppai pole abuse and milk-sucking in all its uncensored glory:

(Click to view the animated images)



If you only see one of these GIFs, make sure to click on the one directly above; the quivering nipple is quite the treat…



The Anime One page for Seikon no Qwaser is available via this link, but this particular episode is not free, unlike many of the site’s offerings, and requires a charge of ¥105 for 7-days of access.

Whether or not this uncensored “director’s cut” will be the same version that will appear on station AT-X’s broadcast is still unknown, as the notoriously ecchi-friendly all-anime cable/satellite station will not air the first episode until January 26th.

If AT-X merely airs a slightly less censored version than what we have seen thus far on other stations, the first chance to view a high quality version of the series will only come when it receives its DVD release, an unfortunate if effective marketing technique that we have seen with some frequency these last few years.

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