Otaku Queue 25 Days Early to Meet Queen of Tsundere


Otaku desperate to meet with tsundere seiyuu queen Rie Kugimiya in her first visit to Taiwan are said to have staked their places in the queue a staggering 25 days prior to her actual arrival.

The otaku in question are queuing in anticipation of Her Highness’ January 27th arrival at the 2010 Taipei International Book Fair, having begun on the 3rd in order to be absolutely sure of gaining the all important audience, thought to be a record.

By the 13th 20 people had established a small camp at the site, with the Kugyuu-maniacs joined by other less eager strains of otaku.

Organisers are said to be concerned about disruption to other uses of the space, and police are ready to warn them should the supplicants become a nuisance.

Rie Kugimiya’s presence is believed to be the only cure for a thankfully rare condition known as “Kugimiya-byou,” or “Kugimiya Disease,” also called Kugimiya Virus Hypersensitive Cerebral Corticalitis, known to result in uncontrollable glossolalic utterances, most famously “kugyuuuuuuuuuuu.”

Via The Liberty Times.

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