USA: Chinese Jewelry “Poisonous”


The USA has condemned Chinese manufacturers for responding to a ban on lead in children’s toys by replacing it with cadmium, potentially even more toxic.

The US recently attempted to effect a ban on the import of poisonous toys, imported from China and frequently containing high concentrations of lead, but the response of Chinese manufacturers has simply been to substitute lead with other toxic heavy metals, rather than actually stop using toxic materials altogether as was presumably desired.

The US government’s top consumer watchdog, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, was outraged by recent media reports that cheap jewelry for children, sold at such stores as Walmart and supplied from China, was found to contain as much as 91% cadmium.

They warned parents against buying metal jewelry for their children in no uncertain terms:

“I have a message for parents, grandparents and caregivers: Do not allow young children to be given or to play with cheap metal jewelry, especially when they are unsupervised.

We have proof that lead in children’s jewelry is dangerous and was pervasive in the marketplace. To prevent young children from possibly being exposed to lead, cadmium or any other hazardous heavy metal, take the jewelry away.”

The retailers concerned have withdrawn the offending items from sale, but imports are unaffected, and naturally China’s factories continue to uphold their famous reputation for quality.

Democrats were quick to jump on the China-bashing bandwagon:

“It is just despicable that a manufacturer anywhere, in this case in China, would use something that’s known to be poisonous to children and put it in children’s jewelry to save a few bucks.”

Cadmium has long been known to be highly toxic, usually as an industrial pollutant; Japan’s notorious “Itai-itai disease,” a condition which killed and deformed thousands for many decades, was found to be caused by cadmium contamination.

It seems the complete lack of scruples displayed by Chinese manufacturers, and the willingness of American consumers and retailers to place price before safety, is truly a match made in hell.

Via AP.

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  • Is there anyone else out there thinking that China actually wants to reduce the population and effectiveness of other countries by exporting poisonous goods? Just recently(and maybe even now) they tried to start a war with the small country of Japan(small when compared to China). Maybe this is just some strategy to increase their chances of winning the 3rd great war?

  • Anonymous says:

    Think of it this way. Without China engineering great buildings out of trash and mass producing toys out of toxic waste, who would we poke fun at? Life would become so much boring. I guess we could concentrate more attention into bashing sea shepperd and equality now.

  • I really hope America gets its manufacturing jobs back. It is getting tiresome to have imports that are low quality. It’s not so much a China thing, it is a money thing. Companies need to stop putting their greed ahead of safety.

    With so many things stamped “Made in China”. It is hard to even find something that isn’t made from there… something as simple as a pencil has the stamp.

  • kajunbowser says:

    Moralfaegottry from Dems completely justified here. Cadmium is definitely more poisonous than lead. Hopefully, this spurs my country to actually make cheap jewelry ourselves. We must stop the Chinese jewelry makers from turning American kids into r-tards (even faster) w/ their jewelry and painted toys.

    But, then again, they do own nearly $1 trillon of our debt, so…

  • 您说的倒好听
    is there sbd forget china is a developing country?

  • I find it quite sad that so many products are made in China. Its no wonder people poke fun at goods that are made in China or feel questionable when it is.

    If there’s a laptop made in China and one made in Japan with the exact same specifications and price, we all know that 90% of us would take the one made in Japan. Like the previous Chinese guy said, a lot of them are uneducated and you can’t blame all Chinese folks for what a bunch of idiot manufacturers. That’s true.

    So why not do something about it? Where’s your mighty Chinese communist government with all those big portraits of your dear leader? If your government can devote so much time to hunting down and executing civilians trying to spread “dissent and trouble” (aka DEMOCRACY AND RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS), surely they can devote a quarter of that money to tighten up factory regulations right?

    Its the Chinese people’s own fault for their bad reputation. Of course with 1 billion of you guys there, its gonna be hard to start picking names.


  • 关于你们对我言论的议论
    BECAUSE OF profits?
    yes,they do this
    in our society.
    it isn’t emergency.
    it is usual
    this dirty society make us become more and more selfish.
    here is lack of education,so their only way is cheat us,also you,we always feel afraid,because we don’t know what will happen china,an old woman fell,no body will help her,maybe you just think we are cold blood,but infact,this old lady just fell by herself,nobody knocked her down,if you help her,you will be to blame for this phoniness accident,is it unbelievable? I think so,this is my to tell you;china is complex,but you must remember ,it didn’t means all chinese are suck,i’m so sorry that chinese make you feel so unsatisfactory

  • 关于你们对于我的言论的评论
    政府总是在查这些BAD company

  • It is the companies that sell these products who are at fault. China only makes these because these big companies (who probably know what goes into these toys) want something cheap regardless of safety towards children.

    If the dirty american companies gave a shit about its customers, and didn’t buy them, they wouldn’t be produced.

  • This looks like an attempt to poison massive amounts of people
    note to self stop buying cheap trinkets for my baby cousins that are made in china
    The only heavy metal i want in my toys is gold xD

    • I don’t wanna buy that but some parts are really made from China that the worst part for being defective. Melamine in dairy product, garbage bridges… Bird flu, can’t wait what china will do.

  • US children are so spoiled…
    You can’t give them cheap toys, you can’t give them cheap food, you can’t have sex with them…

    In China and India children play with crap far worst them that, eat all sorts of shit and get fucked left and right and still almost half of the people in the world are in this two countries…

  • “complete lack of scruples”

    Chinese are never known for scruples, for every Chinese with integrity, there are 9 more downright unscrupulous or will be when no one keeps them incheck.
    It is kinda sad but that is how things were/are, China’s history is one which Chinese screwed themselves over n over again

    “price before safety”

    Euphemism aka

    Free Market Economy and International trade

  • It disgusts me that international organizations are more concrned with tht fictional child rights than real kids being poisoned.

    I am of course refering to all the anti loli bullshit and the way china just keeps denying regulations with impunity.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Tariffs, trade barriers, buy AmeriKKKan… Demand AmeriKKKan, sell AmeriKKKan, make AmeriKKKan… All these chairborne rangers masturbating into the flag and reading about Lot and his Daughters in the bible should be for that, at least.

    Really, the “Slave made goods flom amiable, venelable Cathay” cost the same or more, counting bribes to officials and the cost of transport. It’s that the Capitalist Pigs get “Tax Breaks and Subsidies” and that they are in a tax funded war to degrade the “Middle Class” that it makes any sense. Doubly so if they enforced the same laws they set for truly 100% AmeriKKKan manufacturers.

    It’s been said, life, history, the world is a tragedy for those who feel and it’s a comedy for those who think. It is truly tragic and funny how easily AmeriKKKa could reverse its slide into oblivion and how even those who think they are on “Top” are hurting themselves more than those they rob. (in terms of overall and long-term lost wealth/power) Hopefully, my SeaSteading project will go big, and we’ll be able to re-conquer AmeriKKKa and make it part of “Oseana”. Then we’ll liberate Britain and call it “Airstrip One”…

    • Are you kidding? China would annihilate ground troops. If they wanted to hurt China, they’d have to try WMDs, but I’m sure there are a few more tricks up their sleeves than satellite-frying lasers. China’s army itself is not one to fuck around with… they’re massive.

      • Modern US spy sats have optics that block blinding by lasers.
        Best route might be to smash them with kinetic kill weapons.

        As for US vs Chinese forces the US navy and airforce probably could completely destroy the red airforce and navy in just weeks.

        Chinese armor and conventional forces also may not last long against US airpower and armor.
        But occupying China would be nearly impossible and extremely costly.
        A human wave of soldiers with rifles would be next to useless against smart weapons.
        Heck it didn’t even work well back in WWII when Japan used it against US marines.
        They refereed to it as squandering their forces.
        It’s an extremely foolish way to use your forces.

        Instead if the PRC forces are smart they’d use the same tactics used by the Vietcong and switch to guerrilla tactics.
        Soldiers would blend into the civilian population.
        Let the enemy think they have control then pester them with hit and run attacks.

      • Wake up to reality.

        No one has satellite frying lasers.

        Question everything you think you know about China, it’s military and how capable it is since you made, and obviously believe, such a ridiculous statement.

        • I simplified, but I’m certain they have lasers that will blind spy satellites, and warheads that could take one out. I have also used an assortment of the shittier export versions of arms that the Chinese army uses, and they’re well capable enough. With merely a large number of men with rifles, they could put American troops landing on their soil in a world of hurt.

  • Its just like the high school rich family with dumb kids beating up a poor family with smart kids so the rich family gets their dumb kids to 1st chair and 2nd chair in band class and the top cheerleader spots. Then the poor family with smart kids has to spend the year in the hospital trying to get their kids to recover.

    China is doing this on purpose to make sure any one in the future is taken out ahead of time so China can appear smarter and over run the world.

    • Like it was said above, you don’t even need to put the thing in your mouth to be poisoned. And Cd isn’t fatal through limited exposure. However it does have long-lasting and even permanent negative effects.


  • I recently received a gift in the form of a mug during Christmas. I was told the mug cost around $13 or so and the mug itself was on sale, so let’s say $20. The mug itself is made from the USA, hence the rather hefty price tag. I’m pretty sure I can find a near Chinese equivalent for less than a fraction of the price, but I don’t think I’d want to sacrifice quality over quantity; in this case saving a few bucks on a mug with questionable build quality.

    Maybe I’m just being paranoid with Chinese-made goods, but I steer clear of any consumable Chinese goods and reserve my Chinese-made purchases on electronics; though not like I have any choice given that most electronics nowadays are assembled in China.

    I’m amused that Americans fail to see that Chinese manufacturers obviously cut corners to lower prices. Guess the people here just expect top quality for a cheap price…

    • Some Americans presume the lower cost is due to cheaper labor, and some Americans just don’t care why it’s cheaper.

      As other posters have pointed out, suppression of information combine with corruption to produce this sort of reesult.

      It’s the advantage and disadvantage of mass production and mass markets: things can be made much more cheaply (without taking shortcuts), but refusing to put in a five-cent-cost safety part, or using toxic materials, times millions and millions of units add up to so much god-damn money that corruption occurs frequently (and I mean here in the U.S., not just in China).

    • What do you expect when you buy cheap stuff. If it’s cheap, than there is a reason it’s cheap. Being Chinese, I’m not proud of what my country do(I laugh at them) but end of the day, it’s the Americans that are buying them, giving them the money, which encourages them to continue to make them. The idea is to cut the top of the chain off(consumer/retailers) so those company go bankrupt. And yea, terrorist really should learn a bit or two from China, cause it seems China manufactures does more damage than terrorist these days(America I think does the most, but I’m not going to include them since we are talking about China).

    • tsk tsk 如果你们也‘深受其害’,你们应该有责任来防止这些事情发生吗。你们中国人太自私了。Yeah, I’m not from China btw.. =.= shouldn’t you guys have the responsibility to stop these things from happening the first place? You guys deserve the criticism because you’re too selfish in the first place

    • Google translate:
      Thank you for always all the way to undermine us.
      However, it
      We ourselves have suffered,
      You buy things in China is your bad luck 啦.

      This anon speaks the truth. The present situation is the result of lack of free speech, corrupt officials, and above most, capitalistic values.
      But hey, who would have guessed that a system which places profit above all could lead to criminal abuse.

      • China has suffered greatly for this and other byproducts of industrialization. That’s what amazes me the most – I could see it if they were just screwing over the rest of the world to gain an advantage. It would be unethical and brutal, but to harm their own people so commonly and so callously… it’s unthinkable. These factory owners would stab their own brothers in the back just to make a bit of coin.

  • I could have sworn that heavy metals like cadmium and lead had proper uses in electronics and are quite valuable for that. Why waste these valuable metals by putting them in childrens toys, etc. when you could use them to make useful stuff?

    Also, 91% cadmium? That’s pretty damn pure. I should buy some just for that. Not sure what I’d do with all the cadmium, but I’ll think of something.

    • It’s used in rechargeable batteries such as nickle cadmium cells commonly found in power tools.

      It does not have the energy density of lithium but they are robust cells and are capable of supplying very large currents which is why they find use in tools.

    • Cadmium used to be used for light detectors; the element’s resistance would change depending on the amount of light present.

      Lead and tin were and still are used in solder; but non-lead-based solders are currently used in many electronics manufacturing plants (“ROHS-compliant”).

      Selenium used to be used in high-power rectifiers (diodes).

      Gallium arsenide was the basis of cutting-edge, high-speed electronic devices during the 1980s.

      Industries are trying to move to less-toxic alternatives, if only to avoid bad press.

      In the major metropolitan U.S. area where I live, I’ve noticed the electric company has at one substation, replaced the big, heavy, nasty polychlorinated biphenyl-laced cooling oil-based transformers with samller, much-more-efficient transformers (which don’t need metal cases, heat sinks, or even fans, as the older ones did).

    • psycholoner says:

      Cadmium is an unwanted toxic byproduct. Its probably not worth very much. Its also banned for the use of almost anything electronic other than batteries. And according to wiki, the highest concentration was 91%. Most of it was 10%.

    • Artefact, you are so wrong as the xenophobes americans who hate the “otaku-weeaboos”, hate a country is dumb, you are dumb.

      You dont need hate china do love the japan, stop of be a dumbass.

    • lol this reminds me of the time i tried to convince my friend to stop eating lead from his mechanical pencil in elementary school. after seeing news that chinese jewelry has lead in it i knew since i was in kindergarden but it took months to convince him to stop. i had to get our science teacher to tell him to stop eating lead. cant be too poisonous tho… he grew big and strong and is the tallest guy i know.

    • no.its true actually.they put melamine in milk so the protein detector that detect N atom will have higher reading.and now that change lead into cadmium as lead has been banned.i lolled,China

    • Doesn’t the blame fall equally onto Walmart for both importing these items and putting them onto their shelves without consideration to their consumers’ health, and without proper inspection?

      Don’t be so quick to blame china. they just provide the cheap shit, america is the one that imports them. no one tells you guys to buy them

      • I can see it in the headlines now. “China poisons worlds water supply. Half of the worlds population is wiped out. Those left on the critically acclaimed message boards of the world renowned website Sankaku Complex, have these words of wisdom to share. ‘I don’t think China is at fault at all. I mean, no one forced the people to drink the water. It was their choice'”

      • Proof that Walmart is an evil evil corporation that should be boycotted.
        But cadmium in jewelry that’s just extraordinarily stupid and or evil on the part of China.
        You usually have to actually ingest lead for it to be harmful but cadmium is not even safe to handle.

      • You sir, are an idiot…

        Walmart doesn’t do any product testing. They are a retailer. The product manufacturer is responsible for testing.

        So if the jewelry is from Mattel, then Mattel is responsible for testing.

        But that is beside the REAL point here and that point is….

        WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU PUTTING CADMIUM into children’s toys?!?! You don’t need any special testing, you just need to NOT PUT POISON INTO THE TOYS IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE.

        Stupid ass corrupted fucktards. That is the Chinese for you.

        • Yes, I’m saying people like to complain or play the blame game and want to be better than others. Just watch the japanese. They don’t have a lot of outsiders who they could insult in their country, so they invented this bloodtype-thing. (I’m not to sure how exactly it works, but I know there are bloodtypes that are better than others.)

          I once read an article from some philosoph about the fullfillment of wishes and how every fullfilled wish wouldn’t make actually happy, but make the person sad. It’s because people don’t actually want those wishes to become true, they just want to wish something. It’s like kids wanting something they can’t get. Just because they can’t get it, they want it badly. (Or like with woman and married guys.) But if they fullfilled this wish, they wouldn’t become happy, it would just leave a hole of some kind and make them sad because they lost something. They lost a wish. It’s like that with happiness, too. We all want it badly and strive for it, but getting it would surely make us sad. I’m not talking about some happiness in your life, but about achieving total ‘happiness’ for all your life. It would finally get boring.

          There are lots of stories about this, like young kids from rich parents who couldn’t wish for anything do drugs or stuff because they are bored with their ‘happy’ lives. As a matter of facts it’s the process of running after your dreams that is the most enjoyable. Finally achieving your dreams will leave you with the aformentioned hole.

        • hm, so you’re saying people inherently want to complain? Personally I think it’s because people can’t obtain happiness that they complaint and resent. Can you elaborate on your view on that?

        • Well, yes Artefact. This is also one of the reasons why communism wouldn’t ever work. People aren’t cut out for it. Most of us need to stay above others or at least try really hard to believe in it. Filthy chinese, filthy pagan, filthy otaku and so on…

          Most puzzling is btw that the people who would actually benefit from something like (real) socialism are the ones who destroyed it two decades ago in east germany. The sad thing is that happiness for everyone actually breeds anger. After all, what should I do everyday if there wasn’t anything to voice my complaints over? A pretty dull life, I’d say.

        • Agreed again Chen, Communism as an ideology is great. Unfortunately human nature makes it impossible for that to work. China and other nations have proven that to the world as they gravitate towards capitalism.

          Oh and to 13:55 15/01/2010, Chen is making insightful arguments with valid reasons, the only one that trolled in here’s you.

        • Actually the idea of communism is something pretty, but sadly no one ever put it into practice and probably no one ever will, because it’s like, whatever we write on our flag, it’s still the same type of people under it.

          btw @ 13:55 15/01/2010: The 03 actually refers to nothing, but it makes STRG+F so much easier, as I don’t always get ‘kitchen’.

        • Why? Because cheap toys sell. It’s called capitalism, deal with it or vote for communism. (Capitalism really needs this kind of thinking, it wouldn’t be capitalism anymore if people wouldn’t rip off others or care for their fellow men.)

        • Though it’s not a good reason by any measure of morality or ethics, it’s because China produces a shit ton more cadmium than any other part of the world. As a result, it’s pretty dang cheap over there, and since it looks like any other silvery metal, it would come as a benefit to the money-grubbing cockfags who run these cheap jewelry factories.