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Strike Witches + K-ON! = Sora no Woto?


The result of otaku mental calisthenics, this trio of images attempts to profile the moesome 1121st Platoon of Sora no Woto, already considered K-ON! descendants.

The logic involved might seem a bit sketchy at times, but as always, there is never a bad time to look at images of anime girls, so a closer look may be in order…

This first image comes via 2ch, but apparently hails from 4chan:


For the sake of easy identification, we’ll refer to each horizontal row from top to bottom with the letters A through E.

One 2ch poster did comment, “Gaijin can’t tell Asians apart very well, eh?”, but the comparisons seem apt enough, especially if one focuses on the Strike Witches and Sora no Woto basic character roles in their respective shows and not just their appearances.

The top row A is well-done since Kanata Sorami’s role in Sora is practically identical to Yoshika’s in Strike Witches, while her character design looks more like Yui’s.

B is also excellent for the same reasons as for Row A, with C and E being a bit further off the mark.

Row D is interesting, as it takes note of Perrine’s tsundereness and slightly brusque initial attitude towards the show’s main character and combines it with Azunyan’s basic twin-tailed appearance to result in Sora’s Kureha Suminoya.

In general, the Sora no Woto girls go well when compared to the two other shows above, given their uncanny resemblance to the Keion-bu, but with the military unit dynamics of the Witches’ 551 Joint Fighter Wing.


(Please note the marker near Tsumugi – perhaps a warning to stay away coming from a jealous husband!)

Tsumugi’s putative husband mixes in several other shows into the comparison, making it probably less accurate but still entertaining.

Row A is puzzling, as Aria’s Akari doesn’t immediately come to mind with either the Witch or Kanata. Row B is a bit closer, with Aria’s Akari and Saki’s Yumi somehow combining to make Rio.

Row E must be the funnest of the new sets, with the given pictures of Nagato and Chiaki Minami combining well to form Sora’s sleepy mechanic Noel. Plus, Noel shares Nagato’s general kuudere nature, so that’s another point.


This final one is even more Undine heavy, including Aria’s Athena in Row E, but is even more confusing than the last image above.

The intended use of this image must just be to ogle pretty anime girls, so please feel free!

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