Sega: “We Won’t Fix Bayonetta on the PS3”


The PS3 port of “multiplatform” witch fest Bayonetta has been decried as a travesty with long load times, inferior graphics and a host of other deficiencies, but the hopes of those awaiting a patch have been dashed with a flat denial from Sega.

Sony’s eventual response to fan complaints about the state of the game on the PS3:

“Sorry but we can’t change anything at the loading time of this game.

I think isn’t possible that a patch can change this.”

Can’t, or won’t?

Platinum Games is doubtless reassessing the wisdom of outsourcing the PS3 port to Sega, a decision which soured the hyperbolic esteem in which the game is held with a note of acrimony.

Perfect Bayonetta is available on the Xbox 360 now.

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