Final Fantasy XIII – Zetsubou Shita! “It’s Just a Long Tunnel!”


Final Fantasy XIII detraction has reached its zenith with the game being lampooned for its extreme linearity in seminal satire Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.


“They spent 5 years making huge dungeons which in the end were whittled down by superiors and marketing… Now it’s just a one-way tunnel!”

The diagram below:

Development Department – “I’ll bet today’s kids can’t clear it like that!”

That the game has been dumbed down into an excessively linear “CG movie player with RPG elements” has been the major bone of contention amongst fans and even a few commercial reviewers, although it seems likely the game will continue to be a great commercial success even as it is a critical failure, thanks to the overpowering Final Fantasy brand.

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