Strike Witches USA: “Winning The War On Pants!”


Funimation’s impending English language release of top not-pantsu anime Strike Witches, complete with dub, has attracted note for its campily effected attempt to explain the central premise of the series, visible below:

The famous “They’re not pantsu so it’s not embarrassing!” slogan of the series seems understandably to have not survived translation intact.

The English version, a two disc box set containing the entire 300 minute series will be due at the end of March, at a price sure to make Japanese fans apoplectic with rage ($45, versus 6 DVDs at about $70 each in Japan).

The official site resides here, though sadly Funimation insists on making it inaccessible to anyone not in God’s chosen land.

When asked about the matter of censorship, Funimation confirmed that it will be completely uncensored and identical to the decidedly raunchy Japanese DVDs – expect to see more later.

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