Seikon no Qwaser Massacred by Censors


Much anticipated breast sucking magical power bondage anime Seikon no Qwaser has been broadcast in a state which has fans aghast, with all the oppai abuse replaced by a variety of awkward zooms on character faces and backgrounds.

The gratuitous breast abuse promised in the preview (animated gifs below; enlarge to view) was completely expunged in favour of shaky zooms on anything but the breast sucking action which is the major premise of the title.



A few flashes of panchira and some jerkily animated but resolutely clothed breasts are all that remains.

For example, this is all that can be seen of the scene in the bottom right of the above image (where scar-shota is engaged in some nursing action):


Some complain that it is all but impossible to understand what is going on thanks to this overzealous censorship, as any explanatory dialogue or even helpful noises have been removed too…

In retrospect, the content seen in the uncensored preview undoubtedly had no chance whatsoever of being broadcast uncensored even in the dead of night; just why studios and stations insist on broadcasting titles in a state which seems only to antagonise their DVD buying target demographic is something of a mystery.

Those not intent on waiting for the DVDs can at least take solace in the fact that a number of other stations are due to broadcast the anime, several with reputations for making uncensored broadcasts.

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